Even after uninstalling and re-installing adobe, I still get this error message every time a new window opens. How do I cure this: Windows cannot find '(see details below)'.

This started immediately after I updated the Adobe Reader for the first time. Here's the file name: C:Documents and Settings\Terrel B\Application Data\Moxilla\Firefox\Profiles\gfl6v9u5.default\extensions\{E2883E8F-472F-4fb0-9522-AC9BF37916A7}\chrome\content\getPlusPlus_Adobe_reg.exe

I think there might be a bug in FF18. After the upgrade, I would also get the error message and couldn't open any site, though using "No proxy" worked I believe. Turns out I had something set under network.proxy.socks (and network.proxy.socks_port) (leftovers of tests done a while back) and even though they shouldn't have been used (I believe, FF17 didn't & I'm using "Use system proxy settings") they obviously were, leading to the problem.
Just resetting those 2 options fixed things for me, and I didn't have time to look into it more, but there might be a bug in there somewhere...
Maybe try checking under about:config if you have any proxy settings set (that you don't need/use) (You don't seem to have any set, but I can't recall if they were visible in the Preferences window or not for me...), and if so reset them. Or just look for any (network) options not using its default value... (Assuming, as it did for me, that running FF18 with a brand new profile works fine.)

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