Excel freeze panes on WEB APPLICATIONS

Hi Experts,
Does anybody know how to implement something like the "excel freeze panes functionality" (freeze columns headers on top of the pages) for web applications?
We are using BW 7.0 (SAP Netweaver 2004s BI).
Thanks in advance.
Best regards,

Hi Raphael,
   Did you check the Analysis Item Properties, you should be able to define how many Data Columns to be displayed, I dont have my system now but i think you can set a Web Property for this, or you can simply write javascript function for this
SAP BI Consultant

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    I'm using ActiveX to create an excel spreadsheet and fill it with data. Is it possible to use the excel freeze panes command from Labview and if so how ? I want to keep the column/row headings in sight so I was hoping to use freeze panes which I could setup straight after the wroksheet is created. Anyone got any ideas?

    Dear Eli,
         You are posting a followup to discussions almost a decade old!  Consider starting a New Message and asking your own questions.  Among other changes since LabVIEW 7 is the Report Generation Toolkit has been vastly improved (it now uses Report Objects, very cool), making it possible to do a lot of things with Excel Workbooks without ever needing to use ActiveX (and it is pretty fast, as well).
    Bob Schor

  • Office Web Apps Server June 2013 Cumulative Update Excel Freeze Pane and Hide/Un-hide Feature Missing

    I have recently updated the Office Web Apps Server to the June 2013 Cumulative Update (KB2817350) which was published with the new features that allow rendering of freeze pane, hide/un-hide the excel worksheet and row/columns, Header
    Row Snapping, Sorting, Data Validation and Autocomplete. i have followed the TechNet article (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/jj966220.aspx)
    to update the office web apps server. Current setup is a SharePoint 2013, SQL 2012 and Office Web Apps server. All server are installed on Windows server 2012.

    Sorry to inform you that these new features are specific to cloud Excel Web App in both SkyDrive and Office365. There is no update available for on-premise Excel Web Apps installed locally
    yet. Thank you for your understanding.
    Miles LI TechNet Community Support

  • Freeze Panes in Web Dynpro Table

    Dear all,
    How r u ?
    Is it possible to Freeze Columns (panes) in a Web Dynpro Table ?
    Kindly let me know any way this could be made possible.
    Best Regards....
    Sankar Kumar
    +91 98403 47141

    Hello Harish,
    Sankar want to know, Suppose i have a table having 20+ column and i have set scrollableColCount by 10. so 10 column will be visible in starting. Now if i scroll it 1st column will hidden and 11th will be visible.so on..
    Now we want that 1st column should be visible all time. Like Freezing of first column and rest of all should move.

  • Embed navigation pane into web application

    Hi all,
    at fist I thought it should not be too difficult to embed the navigation pane of the Webhelp output into an HTML-based frontend appication. After all, WebHelp uses frames and the entire navigation pane is a frame too - but evidently it is more tricky than I thought. Has this ever been attemped?
    It would be nice to integrate the TOC and search into the web page. Calling topics into a new window is supported by the TOC entry properties and should be achievable by modifying the search function as well.

    Hi ,
    With the help of Go url we can embed obiee with web based application .
    Just check the below link
    OBIEE 11g:
    for obiee 10g

  • Freeze panes in Web Template

    the Web Layout contains a lot of rows. My customer want that the panes are frozen after the Header, so that he has always the Header Text. Is there a possibility to do this? I was informed that the functionality maybe can be set up with html coding. If this is possible does somebody have this Coding?
    Thank you very much for any help in advance.
    Kind Reagrds

    Hi Doris,
      We have also been stuck with this problem without a resolution. Kindly do update us with the solution if your code works!

  • What is the numbers equivalent of excel "freeze pane"?

    I work with detailed spreadsheets where it is most helpful to keep a few rows at the top and a few columns to the left stationary while I scroll through the rest of the data. Can you tell me what the Numbers equivalent of that is?

    Thanks. I'm new to Mac (20 years of IBM thinkpads) so I definitely appreciate the help. Could you tell me how to provide feedback to Apple in the best way to get their attention? Thanks again.

  • Not opening the excel workbook from web application

    I am trying the load excel work book from web application and have configured the http authentication while configuring the ADF Secutity. It is asking for the login (weblogic/weblogic1) while load excel workbook, but throws the following exception/error. Please let me know how to resolve this.
    ADFDI-05530: unable to initialize worksheet: Sheet1
    and details are:
    ADFDI-00108: user session required
    The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized.
    UserSessionRequiredException: ADFDI-00108: user session required
    Source: adfdi-datamanager
    at oracle.adf.client.windows.datamanager.servletrequest.SyncRequest.BeginResponse()
    at oracle.adf.client.windows.datamanager.servletrequest.TamperCheckRequest.InternalCallSyncServlet()
    at oracle.adf.client.windows.datamanager.servletrequest.SyncServletRequest.CallSyncServlet(Boolean retry)
    at oracle.adf.client.windows.datamanager.ADFBindingContext.SendSyncServletRequest(SyncServletRequest request)
    at oracle.adf.client.windows.datamanager.ADFBindingContext.CheckForTampering()
    at oracle.adf.client.windows.datamanager.ADFBindingContext.PreSyncServletTamperCheck()
    at oracle.adf.client.windows.datamanager.ADFBindingContext.SyncModel(BindingContainer bc, String contentType)
    at oracle.adf.client.windows.datamanager.BindingContainer.ReloadMetadata()
    at oracle.adf.client.windows.datamanager.BindingContainer.LoadMetadata()
    at oracle.adf.client.windows.excel.runtime.DIWorksheet.Initialize()
    WebException: The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized.
    Source: System
    at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse()
    at oracle.adf.client.windows.datamanager.servletrequest.http.ManagedHttpResponse..ctor(HttpWebRequest request)
    at oracle.adf.client.windows.datamanager.servletrequest.http.ManagedHttpRequest.GetResponse()
    at oracle.adf.client.windows.datamanager.servletrequest.SyncRequest.BeginResponse()

    Thanks for your quick reply. I have tried giving permission to all the page definition for the test-all role. But still I am getting the following error.
    [JpsAuth] Check Permission
    PolicyContext: [UI#V2.0]
    Resource/Target: [getSubjectFromDomainCombiner]
    Action: [null]
    Permission Class: [javax.security.auth.AuthPermission]
    Result: [SUCCEEDED]
    Subject: [null]
    Evaluator: [SM]
    [JpsAuth] Check Permission
    PolicyContext: [UI#V2.0]
    Resource/Target: [sessiondef._FDMApplicationVO_0_DynReg_com_hyperion_aif_gl_common_setup_userinterface_pageDefs_regFDMApplicationsPageDef]
    Action: [view]
    *Permission Class:     [oracle.adf.share.security.authorization.RegionPermission]*
    *Result:               [FAILED]* Evaluator: [ACC]
    Failed ProtectionDomain:[email protected]
    CodeSource=file:/C:/Oracle/Middleware/oracle_common/modules/oracle.adf.share_11.1.1/adf-share-support.jar Principals=total 3 of principals(
    1. JpsPrincipal: oracle.security.jps.internal.core.principals.JpsAnonymousUserImpl "anonymous" GUID=null DN=null
    2. JpsPrincipal: oracle.security.jps.internal.core.principals.JpsAnonymousRoleImpl "anonymous-role" GUID=null DN=null
    3. JpsPrincipal: oracle.security.jps.service.policystore.ApplicationRole "test-all" GUID=48AD91A06D7511DFBFDBE5A03915DD7D DN=null)
    (java.io.FilePermission \C:\Oracle\Middleware\oracle_common\modules\oracle.adf.share_11.1.1\adf-share-support.jar read)
    (java.net.SocketPermission localhost:1024- listen,resolve)
    (oracle.security.jps.service.credstore.CredentialAccessPermission context=SYSTEM,mapName=*,keyName=* *)
    (java.util.PropertyPermission line.separator read)
    (java.util.PropertyPermission java.vm.version read)
    (java.util.PropertyPermission java.vm.specification.version read)
    (java.util.PropertyPermission java.vm.specification.vendor read)
    (java.util.PropertyPermission java.vendor.url read)
    (java.util.PropertyPermission java.vm.name read)
    (java.util.PropertyPermission os.name read)
    (java.util.PropertyPermission java.vm.vendor read)
    (java.util.PropertyPermission path.separator read)
    (java.util.PropertyPermission java.specification.name read)
    (java.util.PropertyPermission os.version read)
    (java.util.PropertyPermission mds.store.filesystem.path read)
    (java.util.PropertyPermission os.arch read)
    (java.util.PropertyPermission java.class.version read)
    (java.util.PropertyPermission java.version read)
    (java.util.PropertyPermission file.separator read)
    (java.util.PropertyPermission java.vendor read)
    (java.util.PropertyPermission java.vm.specification.name read)
    (java.util.PropertyPermission java.specification.version read)
    (java.util.PropertyPermission java.specification.vendor read)
    (oracle.security.jps.service.policystore.PolicyStoreAccessPermission context=APPLICATION,name=* getApplicationPolicy)
    (java.lang.RuntimePermission stopThread)
    (java.lang.RuntimePermission exitVM)
    Call Stack: java.security.AccessControlException: access denied oracle.adf.share.security.authorization.RegionPermission/sessiondef._FDMApplicationVO_0_DynReg_com_hyperion_aif_gl_common_setup_userinterface_pageDefs_regFDMApplicationsPageDef/view java.security.AccessControlContext.checkPermission(AccessControlContext.java:323)

  • Freeze Panes Functionality

    I am required to develop a report that has a large number of columns. For readability the first 3 columns must remain frozen during horizontal scrolling (much like excel freeze panes).
    So far I have achieved this with two regions with different column sets from the same report displayed next to each other, This way I can make the right hand report region scroll (<div> tags in the Header & Footer of this region)while leaving the left hand report static.
    This leaves me with a problem where I need to link the pagination of both report regions. I am trying to change the SQL on the right hand report to only return the records displayed in the right hand region, my SQL for the right region Looks something like this but does not work:
    I believe it is because I am trying to reference a region as a list which I cannot do or am doing wrong.
    So my question is "Is there a better way to do this and how?"

    wow, it would cost your company so much less if your users can just download into Excel and do the fancy stuff there.
    Next they are going to ask you for more Excel-like functionality.

  • Excel's Freeze Pane Property  in RTF template for XML Publisher Report

    Hi all,
    I have created RTF template and it's output type is Excel.
    I want to apply Freeze Pane Property of Excel in rtf template so that it can be applied to Excel Output.
    Please let me know any information regarding this.

    I am looking for the same functionality. Did you ever got answer for this?

  • Freeze Pane Property of Excel in RTF template for XML Publisher Report

    Hi all,
    I have created RTF template and it's output type is Excel.
    I want to apply Freeze Pane Property of Excel in rtf template so that it can be applied to Excel Output.
    Please let me know any information regarding this ASAP.

    This is the Oracle Reports forum. Better post this in the BI Publisher forum.

  • Can you run multiple Excel Services Applications against a single Web Application?

    I have been struggling with this one for a while now, hopefully someone can help me understand what I am missing...
    I have a single SharePoint Farm.  This farm runs multiple Web Applications & the Service Applications.
    1. SharePoint Only Server with Multiple Site Collections (http://sharepoint.com/...)
    2. MS Project Server with Multiple Site Collections (http://pwa.com/...)
    3. My services applications all exist on the same farm.
    I was under the impression, and believe that I validated this through testing and from this site (http://blogs.office.com/2009/11/16/excel-services-in-sharepoint-2010-administration-improvements),
    that you can only run a single Excel Services Application against each unique Web Application.  In essence, I can run one Excel Services Application against the SharePoint Only Server, and another Excel Services Application against the MS Project
    Server...  However, I can NOT run multiple Excel Services Applications against the different Site Collections within the MS Project Server becuase it is only aware of its "default" Excel Service Application. 
    ie. I can NOT do the following:  ExcelServiceApp1 for
    http://pwa.com/SiteA & ExcelServiceApp2 for
    Is that correct?
    If that is not correct, then I must be missing a way to specify a different Excel Service App for each Project Web App Site. 
    Some other solutions that I think may work, but would really appreciate if someone could validate:
    - Create multiple Project Server Service Applications for each instance of PWA/Excel Service? (but wouldn't this still have to use one of the two WebApplications and cause the same limitation?)
    - Create a new Web Applciation for each PWA/Excel Service?  (ie.
    http://pwasite2.com; http://pwasite3.com, etc.)
    Thoughts/suggestions are very greatly appreciated!!!

    Hello Trpy2k
    I have not done what you are doing and I assume that you are using project server 2010.  However, you answer lives in PowerShell.
    The New-WebServiceProxy show that you can create a new proxy by spacing a URL and not a web application. The default proxy from the web application is directing to the default excel service.  If you need another excel service, you must specify another
    proxy and this may do it for you.
    Also, don't forget the Secure State service and that each excel report will need this configured, that is with the assumption that the other excel service requires different authentication.
    PS.  This question may get a better answer in the SharePoint forums.
    Michael Wharton, MVP, MBA, PMP, MCT, MCTS, MCSD, MCSE+I, MCDBA
    Website http://www.WhartonComputer.com
    Blog http://MyProjectExpert.com contains my field notes and SQL queries

  • Table Header in freezed pane when exporting SSRS report to Excel

    I want table Header in freezed pane when exporting SSRS report to Excel.
    Can I have the table header of tablix be present in freezed pane of excel.
    Vivek Singh

    Hi Vivek,
    Please refer the following thread.
    may be u get the answer.
    How to freeze header pane in SSRS

  • Excel with contents in web dynpro for ABAP application

    Hi Experts,
    I have excel file (example "http://xxxx/test.xls") with contents in remote system. I want to incorporate this excel file into my web dynpro application. For this I used Officecontrol UI element and set the following properties for Officecontrol
    1. datasource : binding with context attribute DATAS(xstring)
    2. document type : ms_excel
    I wrote code the following code in WDDOMODIFYVIEW method.
    data :   content TYPE xstring,
               url TYPE string VALUE 'http://xxx/test.xls'.
        text           = url
       BUFFER         = content .
    wd_context->set_attribute( name = 'DATAS' value = content ).
    while running my application, I getting excel without contents and with one message "SAP IOS". Please suggest how to display excel with contents in view of my application.
    Can any one help me.....
    Thanks & Regards

    sridhar vadaga wrote:
    > Hi Experts,
    >     text           = url
    >    BUFFER         = content .
    > Thanks & Regards
    > Sridhar
    I think you are overestimating the power of the SCM_STRING_TO_XSTRING function module.  By supplying a URL as the value of the input text, it isn't going to magically go read the content from the remote location and convert that to a binary string.  It is going to take whatever value you supply in th importing TEXT parameter convert that to binary.  In other words it is literally converting the string http://xxx/test.xls to binary.  You will need some other mechanism to read the content from the remote location into ABAP memory before you can process it.  You will need to use the CL_HTTP_CLIENT class or call some sort of web service to retrive the content.

  • Can pp col headings act like freeze pane in excel

    Hi.  We run 2012 enterprise.  Can co headings on my pivot table scroll as freeze pane does in regular excel?  How?

    Hi, your Situation is as follow?:
    You have a powerpivot model, and a pivot-table based on this PP data, created with Excel 2013
    Now you want the Pivot-table columns to freeze if you scroll down the Excel sheet?
    IMHO you can't do this because Excel has no Feature to freeze Pivot-table column, but can freeze columns of Excel table objects
    You can get PP data into a Excel table object by creating a DAX Query, see:

Maybe you are looking for

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    Hi All, Which are different connectors available for KM? Apart from below list      Windows File Server      Web Servers (HTTP)      WebDAV compliant servers (MS Sharepoint, MS Exchange Public Folders, LiveLink)      mySAP PLM DMS      SAP Knowl

  • PHP Rounding Up Issue

    Hi Chaps, I have an SQL query that calculates a word count multiplied by a fixed figure: "...$pricegross = ($row_rsInvPending['projanalysis_total']*$row_rsInvPending['costbase']);..." Then use a bit of php code to round up the figure to 2 decimal pla

  • URL to call JSP in EAR file

    Dear All, I have created a WAR file which contains a JSP. Then I created a EAR file and included the WAR in the EAR. Then I deployed that in WAS. My problem is that I cant invoke the JSP. Basically the URL which I have given is not working. Applicati

  • RFC - Calling Function Module in a local Windows Program (.exe) on user PC

    Hi Gurus ! Has anyone ever tried to call a local program on the user side through RFC ? Actually, this programme should allow the use of function module from ABAP programs. Indeed we want to use some device locally installed, here a device to pay usi