Excel page numbering

Could anyone please tell me how to change a page number in the middle of the excel sheet without effecting to exisiting page order.
if the exisiting page numbering oder is page 1 to 100
i want to add additonal page after page number 60, the new page number is 60A.then page 61 (exisitngin page) not to be changed.
Any advise please.

I'd ask them over here.
Regards, Dave Patrick ....
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  • Page numbers incorrect after conversion from Excel to pdf

    Page numbers incorrect after conversion from Excel to pdf
    ""This above link (thread:834599) is from a case back in 2011 that claims to solve this problem, but it does not solve this problem. I think that customer only cared about having continuous page numbering, not discrete page numbering per sheet.
    I still have this issue in Acrobat XI and MS Office Professional Plus 2010. I keep upgrading to no avail. This regression has resulted in a huge time drain for me. If you fixed it, please explain how I can get my hands on the resolution.
    Previous versions of Excel and Adobe Acrobat enabled flexibility around the "Page #" of "Number of Pages" (Page &[Page] of &[Pages]) token, depending on context and usage. The "# of pages" token could represent EITHER the number of pages in the workbook OR the number of pages in the tab/sheet, depending on how you generated the PDF:
    You could select "Selected Sheets" and then select all or some of the individual sheets in the workbook, and the PDF would honor the discrete numbering of each of the sheets, so the first page of each sheet was p1 and the "# of pages" was the number of pages in the sheet; not the number of pages in the workbook; or
    You could select "Entire Workbook" and the PDF would honor continuous page numbers across all sheets, as a single document.
    Now, it only honors the total number of pages in the workbook, regardless of the method you use to publish to PDF: saving as PDF, printing to PDF, using "createPDF" from Acrobat plugin to Excel's menu ribbon; selecting all sheets, some sheets, or Entire Workbook; automatic First page number or "1" under Page Setup > Page> First page number. (This last option, btw, does restart every sheet at p1, but it hardly makes sense if the total number of pages is still the total number in the workbook instead of the number in the sheet.)
    I spent a lot of time trying each which way that the blog posts recommended and have tried this on multiple versions of Excel and Acrobat now.
    NONE of these time-consuming experiments gave me what I wanted.They all insist that "Page #" of "Number of Pages" (Page &[Page] of &[Pages]) is the total number of pages in the workbook or the total number of pages in the selected sheets combined.
    The numbering are correct in Excel Page Layout.
    The same issue happens when using LibreOffice calc. (Although, I never tested with Libre Office before, so I don't know that it ever worked).
    The workaround now is to create PDF for each spreadsheet one at a time, and then compile them using the Acrobat combine/binder feature. All alternatives are extremely time consuming and tedious. It used to be automatic. This is a major regression that has gone untreated for over a year now, maybe two years.
    My task takes infinitely more time to complete than it did with previous versions of Acrobat. That means that days are added to my project, when the functionality used to enable a quick pdf generation that was ready for review, now I have to do this very manual time-consuming set of steps to generate a draft. As the project has grown and more tabs are added, my pdf-generation task takes that much longer. We require lots of drafts. It used to be easy and fast. Now it is hard and time-consuming.
    In my opinion, the problem is not Excel; it is Acrobat because it was introduced with an upgrade in Acrobat, not an upgrade in Excel. The problem was introduced in Acrobat 9 or 10. Please provide a patch or add-on or something.

    If you are setting up the page numbers in Excel, the resulting PDF would display the the page numbers created in Excel. On Excel 2010 support page, (http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/excel-help/insert-and-remove-page-numbers-on-worksheets- HA010342619.aspx#BM2) is stated the following "tip" which indicates by default Excel 2010 starts numbering each tab with 1. Exel's workaround tip is below - 
    Set a different number for the starting page
    Tip   To number all of the worksheet pages in a workbook sequentially, first add page numbers to all worksheets in a workbook, and then use the following procedure to begin the page number for each worksheet with the appropriate number. For example, if your workbook contains two worksheets that with both be printed as two pages, you would use this procedure to begin the page numbering for the second worksheet with the number 3.
    On the Page Layout tab, in the Page Setup group, click the Dialog Box Launcher next to Page Setup.
    On the Page tab, in the First page number box, type the number that you want to use for the first page.
    Tip   To use the default numbering system, type Auto in the First page number box.
    Also helpful in the same section is the note on viewing page numbers. To see if the page numbering dilemma originates in Excel make sure you are using the Page Layout View see below:
    Hide All
    If you want numbers shown on pages when you print a worksheet  you can insert page numbers in the headers or footers of the worksheet pages. Page numbers that you insert are not displayed on the worksheet in Normal view — they are shown only in Page Layout view and on the printed pages.
    Overall it may be easier not to create the page numbers in Excel but instead create then in Acrobat using the Headers and Footers option in Acrobat.  I hope this helps - it sounds like a frustrating issue you are experiencing.

  • Page numbering from an Excel file

    I would like to use a list from a csv excel file for page numbering.
    For example instead of having the pages numbered 1,2,3,4,5,6..... I want them to be labeled one, two, three, four, five six....
    I have tried using a data merge from the master page but that doesn't work when I have pages already in the document.  For each page it produces multiple pages. If I have 100 numbers in my page number list - one to one hundred - then 100 pages are produce for each page in the document producing hundreds or thousands of spreads.
    In short I don't have a clue what I'm doing, HELP.

    P Spier wrote:
    Put placeholder frames on the master page where you want the numbers to appear. Thread the one on the left to the one on the right. Apply a style to the paragraph marker that includes a "Start in Next Frame" Keep Option so only one number will appear on each page, even if the frame is larger than necessary.
    How do I
    Apply a style to the paragraph marker that includes a "Start in Next Frame" Keep Option ?
    P Spier wrote:
    Place the .csv file into the placholders by hovering over the frame area with the loaded Place Gun (the cursor should change to surrounded by parentheses), then hold down Shift + Alt (Opt on Mac) and click inside the frame area. Your list should autoflow to fill the frames on any existing pages, but not add any new ones. This will not work if you have pages with a different master interspersed, though.
    I manage to get that to work it took me a lot of time to understand that one has to load the frame in the main pages and not the Master page.
    I see one can only fill the frame if it is empty on the master frame. Is there a way that I can add symbles on the sides of the numbers so it looks something like the below example with out including the symbles in the excel file.

  • Pages & Numbers vs Word & Excel

    I've seen many threads on this subject and wanted to add my own observations, which may help someone trying to make a decision on which suite they may need. Personally I use both since they have different strengths and weaknesses. I haven't worked much with Keynote or PowerPoint so I'll skip them.
    I work in a WinXP eviroment so Office is what I use 8-5, mostly Excel and Access. At home, I'm a freelance photographer and custom print designer. I've done sales flyers, restaurant menus, advertising, and custom graphics. I've done a lot of custom marketing materials for my work and always fire up my Macbook, showing off what a Mac can do better than any Windows software we have.
    iWork is predominantly a typesetting suite. If the end result is to be printed, then iWork really has the better tool set. Pages is easier to work with than Word for working with text boxes, images, backgrounds, and imbedded spreadsheet tables. I find it more intuitive and the tools make more sense, and it's a true WYSIWYG from sceen to printer. Numbers is easier to work with than Excel, again for printed output. Tables and graphs can be moved around to create a more flowing presentation. I also love versions... being able to go back to a previous version is a huge timesaver if a particular layout is not working out. Another plus to iWork is Pages and Numbers for iOS at $9.95 each. I can sync files to the cloud and have access to them on my iPhone anywhere anytime.
    If printing is not your goal, or you need to share or collaborate, then Office is the better suite simply because the files will transfer virtually seamlessly between Mac and Windows versions. Many university professors also require .DOC and .XLS files for assignments, and Word has better tools for footnotes, bibliography, and table of contents, and as many reviewers have noted, will handle 100+ page files better than Pages. As for Excel, Numbers just can't compete when it comes to power number crunching on huge spreadsheets. Numbers is great for a budget, grocery list, or pie charts, but if you need to set up complex arrays, multi-point statistics, heavy calculus or physics equations, or need to graph a wormhole, Excel is your tool. For iOS devices, I'd recommend DataVis Documents-To-Go ($9.95 or $16.99 for Premier on AppStore) to work with Office files on your iPad or iPhone.
    Amazon has Office Home & Student for $99 single license, or $117 for the 3 user family pack. iWork for $79, $99 family pack. There are free alternatives to both such as OpenOffice but I'm not getting into that debate. I've used OO but I don't like it's interface and the way it works. It's just not Pages or Numbers.
    So, for my personal workflow, I prefer iWork for in-house documents, letters, simple spreadsheets, and anything that doesn't need editing outside. For simple documents, I'll just export to .DOC format and check it in Word before emailing or uploading. I share PDF's for printed output that needs approval and I use Office for collaboration files. I actually use Software McKiev's PrintShop 2 ($69.95) for more complex layouts like flyers, business cards, labels, greeting cards, custom envelopes, and advertising graphics. I try to use the best tool for the job since I've really never found a Swiss Army knife suite that does everything well.
    If you're a student or writer and need tools for footnotes, TOC's, bibliographies, heavy calculating and graphing, then you'll get better mileage out of Office than iWork. If you're working more with the presentation of information in a printed format, then iWork will probably be easier to get the output you're looking for. Businesses can easily use both as I do.
    Both suites have thier fans and haters... all I'm saying is they both will do the job, just some jobs are easier using one or the other.

    Well first Congrats on your new Mac!
    Honestly its going to be a personal choice... I use iWork at home and for personal use, but I have to use Office for Mac at work. I personally believe iWork is easier to use and seems to be more reliable.
    Next thing: Mail or Outlook?
    Well I love Mail I would say Mail all the way. Super sleek look and really easy to use.
    Now you are asking for an individual breakdown... so here it is:
    Excel vs. Numbers: Excel
    Pages vs. Word: Pages
    Keynote vs. Powerpoint: Keynote
    So I would suggest using iWork and Mail.
    Wish you Best of luck!

  • Why iCloud only allows store documents created by Pages, Numbers or Key Note ? How can I "iCloud" documents created with Word Mac or Excel mac??

    Why iCloud only allows store documents created by Pages, Numbers or Key Note ? How can I "iCloud" documents created with Word Mac or Excel mac??

    Oscar66 wrote:
    Why iCloud only allows store documents created by Pages, Numbers or Key Note ? How can I "iCloud" documents created with Word Mac or Excel mac??
    iwork for ios accepts for upload and also happily opens all your Microsoft office files, from Office97 standard doc/xls/ppt to the 2011 versions of docx,xlsx,pptx and various other of these format extensions.
    Notice : the upload feature in www.icloud.com is only active if you in fact own these apps on your iPhone/Pad/pod. it is not a feature of iWork for the Mac ( iwork09 ) which itself is not icloud capable at all.

  • How can I exchange my pc created documents on Excel, Word, and PowerPoint with my mac and my Pages, Numbers and Keynote created content with my pc?  I need to create and edit between both.

    How can I exchange my pc created documents on Excel, Word, and PowerPoint with my mac and my Pages, Numbers and Keynote created content with my pc?  I need to create and edit and exchange between both types of operating systems.

    Your Windows system will not open any Pages, Numbers or Keynote documents. No applications exist for Windows that can open those formats. You will need to export your documents in Word, Excel and PowerPoint formats, respectively, before you'll be able to view and edit the documents on your Windows system. The iWork documents can natively open Word, Excel and PP documents, though there are limitations on what can be imported (for instance, Numbers does not support all possible Excel functions). Consult the documentation for the relevant iWork application for details on importing and exporting.
    If you are asking how to get the documents from one system to the other, then there are several ways to do that, including file sharing, using an external drive (hard drive, USB flash drive), or emailing the documents to yourself. Which would be best for your situation I can't say without more details about your usage.

  • How to insert page numbers in word

    I know how to insert page numbers that appear 1, 2, 3 etc.
    But I want to display:    1 out of 6,   2 out of 6,  3 out of 6  or similar - i.e. to have the TOTAL number of pages shown.  I can do this in Excel - is it possible in Word?  Or Pages??

    Thanks for the fast, 100% right-on reply!  (And I looked, googled… no luck)---
    I believe I can do this in PAGES, too-----
    REALLY REALLY appreciate the fast and perfect reply--- (I know this is not strictly a "Mac" issue - and nonetheless I got super help from you and appreciate CT's reply too!)
    Saturday 8 June 2013

  • How to add page numbers in Numbers?

    How to add page numbers in Numbers?
    Is there a simple way like in Excel? Thanks.

    In Numbers '09, use Insert > Page Number
    Place the page number in a page header, and it will appear on each age when in Print View and when the file is prnted.
    May have changed in Numbers 3 (current version).

  • Pages numbers paiste problem

    Unlike prior versions of Pages and Numbers when paisting Numbers cells into 5.01 Pages the cells loose formating requiring manual expansion.  Cells only paist into 1 page then disapear disregarding page breaks. This problem has rendered both applications unusable for my contract preperation.

    Apple has removed over 90 features from Pages 5, and similarly many from Numbers 4.
    http://www.freeforum101.com/iworktipsntrick/viewforum.php?f=22&sid=3527487677f0c 6fa05b6297cd00f8eb9&mforum=iworktipsntrick
    Pages/Numbers '09 should still be in your Applications/iWork folder.
    Archive/trash Pages 5/Numbers 4, after Exporting your files to older versions or Word or Excel, and rate/review them in the App Store, then get back to work.

  • Pages, Numbers, and Keynote files as attachments in emails

    Why can't I attach a file to an email unless I export it to Word or Excel?
    If I create a file in Pages, Numbers, or Keynote and save it to my documents, I can't attach that file to an email. It says the file cannot be attached. If I go back to the file and export to Word or Excel, It will attach to the email. How can I fix this?

    Are you using Apple's Mail app?  Are you composing the email using Apple's Mail app and then trying to attach a file?  Are you using current versions of Pages, Numbers, Keynote (Pages 5.2, Numbers 3.2, Keynote 6.2)?

  • Exporting PDF document to Excel.  When I export a PDF document to Excel containing lists of  people the Excel page shows all the names on  one line several inches deep instead of on separate lines which makes editing impossible.  What am I doing wrong?

    Exporting PDF document to Excel.  When I export a PDF document to Excel containing lists of  people the Excel page shows all the names on  one line several inches deep instead of on separate lines which makes editing impossible.  What am I doing wrong?

    Murray is right. Padding (and margins) is added to the width. However, when using percentages, you should never use figures that add up to exactly 100%.
    Browsers need to convert the percentages to pixels. Because pixels must be whole numbers, some percentages are rounded up, which results in the final element dropping down below its neighbours. With percentages, it's much safer to use values that add up to 98% (99% often works, but 98% is safer).

  • Can we add page numbers to ALV Grid Control.

    Hi All,
    1.My requirement is to display page numbers when we down load the list in to EXCEL.
    Can we do this in ALV Grid Control.
    2.Can we display the page numbers in the SAP Query,when we down load the out put list in to the EXCEL.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Seshadri G

    Hi Seshadri,
    No, it is not possible to print the page number when you download the list to EXCEL. Because in ALV grid the report output is display as table contorl and this data can not be divided into page when you download to EXCEL.

  • How to get the page numbers of a word/mpp/execl doc using Java?

    I meet a problem in Java programming. I want to get the page numbers of a Word/MPP/EXECL/PDF document. For exmaple, if a PDF docment have 10 pages, I need get the 10 . How to get it using Java?
    Please advise me as soon as possible if you have any good suggestions! Thanks!

    There are several good tools that allow you to access COM objects from Java. Here are two of the better ones:
    Both of these tools will allow you to access MS Office products (including Word and Excel) via COM interfaces.

  • Absolute and Section Page Numbering (ID CS3)

    I'm laying out a book (over 800 pages) that's split into sections. The client wants each section with its own set of page numbers as well as an absolute page number running throughout the whole thing. How do I do this without doing it manually? I've tried everything I can think of but I either end up replacing the section numbers or having two sets of section numbers on the page. Thanks for any help on the matter.

    For the section numbering, use Auto Page Numbering, and apply sections accordingly. For the absolute numbering, create a master text frame that you could flow a list of numbers. For an easy way to create the list, see this thread:
    Robert Levine, "Excel numbering and data merge" #1, 28 Aug 2008 9:38 am

  • Logical page numbering in SDK

    Does somebody know of a way to retrieve the logical page numbering of a page in the SDK? I'm using the IAC OLE interface in VBA for Excel, and I'd ideally like to go to the page specified by it's logical page number (section numbering), something like:
    Set AView = AcroAVDoc.GetAVPageView()
    However the only option appears to be to supply the page's absolute number to the GoTo function. I'm not afraid of using another interface if its available to me, but from all my research I can't turn up anything describing what I'd like. From what I can see, logical numbering only exists in the Acrobat application.
    Sombody asked a similar question in another forum but it wasn't answered, I'm hoping this is a better place for it:
    Thanks in anticipation, Andrew

    Actually I can get the page labels (logical numbers) using the JSObject interface getPageLabel function on the document, then open to the absolute page number. This way it looks like the hyperlinks are going to the logical page numbers.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Mac MX 2004 modified file time wrong

    When I save a file in Dreamweaver MX 2004 (on an Intel Mac under OS X 10.4.10), it sets an incorrect "modified" date/time: the date/time of the file as viewed in the Finder, or on the website after PUTting the file, is 10 hours less that it should be

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