Excellence examples and PhD in Dashboards / Business Intelligence Interface

Very quick query,
I've been inundated with queries from UK&I members that have been interested specifically in the use of Excelsius as a means to raise the 'wow' factor when looking at Web Intelligence, BEX, ERP and even using Excel in classes but increasingly there is a trend both to treat dashboard design as a discipline in its own right and also to see if any research has been conducted in the area...
Two elements stand out. Firstly is there a body of work that doesn't fall within the remit of 'graphic design' or the visual arts that refers to dashboards but focuses on the impact that dashboards have on the quality of interpretation or even misinterpretation of information. Secondly - does anyone know of PhD level studies that have been undertaken looking at dashboards and the interpretation of serious analyses conducted using dashboards and in particular any research into how such dashboards can affect such analyses?
There is clearly a great deal of interest in the visual appeal of Excelsius but there is certainly a trend to see how that visual layer interacts with the quality of data beneath...
All the best
Martin Gollogly
Director, University Alliances
United Kingdom, Ireland and Benelux

Hi Martin,
One popular theory frequently used in this context is cognitive fit theory.
The website http://www.fsc.yorku.ca/york/istheory/wiki/index.php/Cognitive_fit_theory provides a list of IS articles that use this theory. Most do not directly refer to dashboards, but some may be helpful..

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    Which edition of SQL Server 2008 you had installed? Is it SQL 2008 Express? If yes, then make sure you had installed it with Advanced Services:
    If you had installed SQL Server 2008 from a CD or Media, then you can run the installation media, and make sure you had selected BIDS as an option, along with Management Tools.
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    Hope this helps...
    Chaitanya (http://twitter.com/chmediko)

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    What kind of data are you reporting on?  There are several different types of BI products, such as SSRS, PerformancePoint, and PowerPivot.  Each of these has its pros and cons.  For example, if your data is not in a cube, then PerformancePoint
    is not very useful.  Here's an example blog from Microsoft, which explains a bit of this.  As a consultant, a typical conversation about getting started with BI and dashboards usually lasts about 2 hours.
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    Or maybe publishday.xml has something wrong in this,
    I suspect <Update></Update>
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    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
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    Ensure that you have placed the XML template under {OracleBI}/web/msgdb/customMessages folder.
    Oh I tried to in, and same problem..
    Also, i believe you are on or
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    but still i am getting below error:-
    An exception occurred while rendering a Web control. The following diagnostic information might help to determine the cause of this problem: Microsoft.PerformancePoint.Scorecards.BpmException: The filter no longer exists or you do not have permission
    to view it. PerformancePoint Services error code 20700.
    Can anybody suggest me how to resolve these error.
    And the dashboard is looking like below:-

    Hey Surbi
    I'm facing the same issue, actually restored a backup of the BI site collection into a different web app (on the same server) but get the same errors as you!
    Looking into it the connection to the report or filter (whatever artefact it is) needs to be refreshed so technically the report doesn't exist as far as the performance web part is concerned!
    However when I re-attached the web part to the filter or report I got a different error... 'This data source no longer exists'
    So basically I found I had to re-create the reports and filters etc in Dashboard Designer... to re-create the dashboards. I did one page and don't want to spend months re-doing them!
    Anyone come up with a way of preserving the web parts references to performance point items and the items connections to their data source in a restore of a site collection?

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    I am trying to access Business Intelligence Dashboard and it is prompting for a username / password. I have the administrator username/ password however it is not allowing me to login. Which username / password should i use to access the dashboard page.
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    i think you are new to OBIEE.
    let me say something about it.
    OBIEE has mainly two components on which users can work.
    1.RPD. (Designing and syncronization from Database comes under this).
    2.Presentation. (Dashboards,Answers and all other reports to the end user for analysis.)
    What ever you have designed in the rpd of OBIEE can be viewed in Presentation.
    To access rpd go to OracleBI/server/repository and click on your rpd.
    the default path of the rpd is (OracleBI/server/repository).
    You have many rpd's find the correct one.
    you have to configure it for presentation.
    it is a long process.
    If you are using 10g you can login with user_name :Administrator and password :Administrator or empty.
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  • Difference between charts in Excel and Business Intelligence

    Hi, i work with Desktop Intelligence
    When i work with Excelfiles as a source for a report with charts i get different results from time to time.
    When i use 3 rows and 10 columns (can be any other number of course) where the first row are the columnheaders
    and i turn this into a simple bar chart i should get 10 pairs of bars.
    Instead i get 2 pairs of 10 bars.
    Anyone any idea as what the possible reasons to this phenomenon could be?
    (i would have attached an example, but i can't fins this option here?)
    Edited by: Erik Murk on Oct 22, 2009 2:55 PM
    Edited by: Erik Murk on Oct 22, 2009 2:56 PM

    ok, could you give me a clue where to place it?
    I couldnt find anything more specific then Business Intelligence, but that could be a result of being dutch;
    lost in translation..

  • Business Rules and Business Intelligence in Java CAPS 6

    Dear All,
    I have two doubts.
    1. Is there any way to add a Business Rule component and write Business rules in Java CAPS 6? As you may know, this is possible through eInsight in JCAPS 5.1.2.
    Is this feature readily available in Java CAPS 6? If yes, can you please let me know where it is?
    2. Are there any Business Intelligence tools in Java CAPS 6? If yes, what all things we can do with that?
    With warm regards,

    It sounds like you are talking about a Rules Engine - not necessarily a Business Process Manager..
    Also it depends on what you mean with "rule".
    The approach I mentioned previously about IDS-Scheer's Aris meant that a Business Process is modelled in Aris - that is the focus is on the business developer. However the actual implementation of the business process would need to be developed by a Developer. Likewise if a change is performed in the Business Process it would need to be retrofit into CAPS for implementation.
    When it comes to Rules Engines, Sun has a partnership with Yasu. Yasu have implemented their Rules Engine as a JBI SE, which would work with the JBI part of CAPS6, OpenESB or Glassfish ESB. More infor can be found at:: http://www.businesswireindia.com/PressRelease.asp?b2mid=12735.
    I am not aware of any explicit "business intelligence" functionality in the CAPS -suite.. Looking at the Jasper Suite however, the CAPS suite does have ETL functionality, no built in reporting, but a Master Data Management System (http://developers.sun.com/docs/javacaps/products/sun-mdm-suite.jsp), which I belive could assist decently when it comes to data quality and data source prioritization concerns.
    When it comes to Jaspersoft there are examples of how to build a CAPS6 JBI BAM solution using Jaspersoft's IReport (Netbeans Plugin), which in turn uses JasperReports.

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    I have a departmentalized site collection for my company on SharePoint 2013. The IT Department handles service requests via the portal. These service requests are stored in a document library as InfoPath forms. I've created a Business Intelligence site
    to measure and assess the performance of the IT department in handling service requests.
    So far, I've only been able to create a data connection to the SharePoint library where the requests are. However, I'm not familiar with the Dashboard Designer's interface, controls and functionalities. Most of the documentation and tutorials online apply
    to only SharePoint 2010 or an Analysis Services template (which to my knowledge works only with SQL databases). What I'm seeking is a guide to creating a complete dashboard for a SharePoint List (2013).
    Can anyone point me in the right direction?

    Well there's this book:
    However, if you don't have to use PP, then I'd suggest not using it. You can create an Excel Workbook that connects to the library and create a dashboard from there. 
    Andy Wessendorf SharePoint Developer II | Rackspace [email protected]

  • Oracle Business intelligence Suite Ent. Edn and Server enterprise edition

    I would like to know difference between Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition Plus and Oracle Business Intelligence server Enterprise Edition.

    Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition Plus is a comprehensive suite of enterprise business intelligence (BI) products
    that delivers a full range of capabilities—including interactive dashboards, full ad hoc queries, proactive intelligence and alerts,
    enterprise and financial reporting, real-time predictive intelligence,disconnected analytics, and more.
    The suite is composed of the below components
    Oracle Business Intelligence Interactive Dashboards.
    Oracle Business Intelligence Answers.
    Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher.
    Oracle Delivers.
    Oracle Business Intelligence Plug-in for Microsoft Office.
    Oracle Disconnected Analytics.
    Oracle Business Intelligence Server Enterprise Edition. As the foundation of Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition Plus, the Oracle
    Business Intelligence Server Enterprise Edition generates queries optimized for each datasource, appropriately aggregates them, and presents the results to
    users within a familiar Web browser via easy-to-use dashboards and reports.
    The Oracle Business Intelligence Server Enterprise Edition also includes parallel query execution engines, memory management, and high-throughput
    data connectivity adapters to allow highly efficient data sourcing and aggregation that minimize data retrieval time. This highly scalable platform
    with clustering and caching capabilities is the heart of what drives the other suite components. Multiple servers can be clustered to provide session
    replication and automatic failover capabilities. The Oracle Business Intelligence Server Enterprise Edition delivers mission-critical performance,
    scalability, and reliability.

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    HI All,
    Can anyone explain the difference between HR Analytics and Daily Business Intelligence for HR to me?

    Oracle Daily Business Intelligence (DBI) for HRMS provides information about your workforce and your human resource management processes. It is a comprehensive reporting solution that provides workforce analysis, and workforce distribution. Built on the proven Oracle Human Resources suite of transactional applications, DBI for HRMS provides executives and Human Resource line managers with a daily view of the enterprise workforce using the HR Management dashboards.
    Oracle Human Resources Analytics provides organizations detailed analysis on HR programs and workforce performance. It integrates
    critical data from across the enterprise value chain transforming information into relevant, timely, and actionable insight.
    Check http://www.oracle.com/us/products/057353.pdf
    Both are for Reporting purpose.

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    Can someone answer the following questions about these 2 roles:
    Business Explorer
    Business Intelligence
    It appears the BI Role above has the Business Planning feature, but Business Explorer does not.  Other than this, can someone explain the difference and why 2 seperate roles?
    Also, if we give users the Business Explorer role, we do not want them to see the Bex Broadcasting tab that comes by default.  Is the only way to avoid this is create a copy of this standard delivered ivew (contained in the Business Explorer Role) and remove this tab?
    Can anyone share thoughts or experience with these 2 different roles and modifying?
    Thanks,  Mark.

    Business Explorer role is from 3.5 and BI role is new in 04s.
    You will have to create the copy and remove the unwanted iViews from the new role.
    You can set permissions at iView level (permission to specfc users for broadcaster iView) but it will be hard maintaining it.

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    can anyone help me that what is the difference between oracle business intelligence and discoverer.
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    Not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but
    also google gives some pretty good responses if you throw in "Oracle Discoverer" or "Oracle Business Intelligence" :o).
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