Exception in BPM

Hello Dear Community ,
I have an asynchronous scenario using BPM and it's working well.........
I inserted a Container operation and Control using Michal's Blog "Alerts with variables from the messages payload (XI) - UPDATED" /people/michal.krawczyk2/blog/2005/03/13/alerts-with-variables-from-the-messages-payload-xi--updated to send an alert and it worked well too.
I move the Container and Control Steps to an Exception Block.....but when mapping error occurs It seems to be that the Exception isn't caught and the alert is never send...
I did next steps:
- I inserted a block and I entered the exception "runtime".
- I add an exception handler branch and I entered the exception "runtime" in the   exception handler attribute.
- In the transformation step I entered the exception "runtime".
- I moved the Container operation and the Control step into the exception branch.
My doubt is if I can catch any exception in the BPM. In this case the mapping error was due to a bad index using the substring function.
Or is it necessary to throw the exception explicitly in the mapping ?.
thanks a lot for your help.

First, check whether your BPM instances have "COMPLETED" status in SWWL (or SXMB_MONI_BPE, but SWWL is simpler; don't delete any instances though ).
If there are any instances with "ERROR" status in SWWL, then your BPM is having problem before that and is not even getting to the exception throwing step.
You can double click the BPM name in order to go into technical workflow (and from there you can check which steps executed with errors).
If all the instances are ok, make sure that the exception branch was not executed.
Go into the BPM technical workflow and check which steps were executed. Make sure that the steps in exception branch were not.
If they were executed, then the problem is with your alert. Maybe it was not defined correctly.
If they were not, then the problem really is in exception throwing.
Which exception did you expect to happen? Are you sure it had happened?
Get the payload which is used in Transformation Step (from SXMB_MONI message which goes into BPM) and test it in Message Mapping (or Interface Mapping) test tab.

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  • Control step for exception in BPM

    i am tring to learn exception in BPM.
    i inserted this Send step (Synchronous) in exception branch in block. and then inserted control step in exception branch.
    i created Errorsend as abbreviation on exception in block.
    and assigned this to system error under exceptions in send step. and then defined on Exception handler,
    and now <b>i could not define anything</b> on exception in control step for action as Throw Exception, i am not looking at Throw alert.
    i made receiver jdbc error and also mapping error in intentionally. when i see sxmb_moni, i can see jdbc error as normal process like not using exception branch.
    i would like to complete exception branch and control step for finishing touches.

    send step is for synch and jdbc,,,
    abaproxy to jdbc (sync)
    i made receiver jdbc error intentionaly. can i send back exception log to sender system program or send email to someone?
    when have you been using this function in bpm? if i am not right way.

  • How to Throw/Catch Exceptions in BPM

    Hi All,
    I've seen a couple articles that talk about how to Throw/Catch an execption in a BPM. My question has two parts:
    1) RFC Call: I was able to catch an Fault Message in an exception step when calling an RFC (Synchronous Interface). What I wanted to do is use the fault message (exception) and store it in a DB for later review.
    2) IDOC: I'm sending an IDOC to R3 from a BPM. The send step is enclosed in a block w/ an exception. The send step is throwing an error (IDOC adpater system error), but the exception is never thrown. My question is: when the error occurrs at the adapter level does it still throw an exception in a BPM?
    Thanks for any tip/advice/anything!

    Hi Fernando,
    1) Define a send step in the exception branch.
    2) If u send a IDoc from R/3 to XI and the IDoc adapter is running to an error of course there cant be an exception in ur business process. Usually the IDoc adapter sends back status back up via ALEAUD. In case of success IDoc should have then '03', if the adapter cannot send anything the IDoc should remain at '39'. U should send a ALEAUD in case of exception of BPM switching to status '40', in case of success to '41'.
    Regards, Udo

  • Exceptions in BPM

    I want to use Exceptions in BPM.
    In my block step I have created the Exceptions like Exceptions1 and Exceptions 2 etc.
    Now let us say if my Sender system is down then I want to use Exception1  or if the request is Bad then I want to use Exception2, how to handle it.
    Or if there is any blog that narrates about the Exceptions in BPM?

    Hi Mohini,
    You can go thro' this blog:-
    I hope it helps.

  • IDOC send step not running with exception in BPM?

    hope this is a simple question, but we are running with a problem here which is not answered well in SAP help or sdn. Possibly I didn´t find the right blog.
    We created a BPM with a send step (IDOC receiver) in a block (after a receive step starting the BPM) (That´s simple so far!).
    The send step (async IDOC) in the block is connected in its attributes in field "system error" to an exception branch defined in the same block.
    In this except.branch the process should send back to sender system a message via RFC and the last step in this exception branch is to interrupt the proces.
    But now we tried to do a test. In this test we modified the receiver address of the send step (IDOC reciver) so that the receiver could not be reached, which results in a system error in SXMB_MONI (Service unavailable).
    But this doesn´t work. The BPM starts the send step to the unavailable receiver, SXMB_MONI shows a system error step, but then the BPM continues with the next step after the block without starting the exception branch.
    Any idea why the exception branch is not called?
    Best regards

    Hello again,
    we are one step further now.
    We did the same with an RFC instead of the IDOC send step.
    Same result:
    The service is not reachable. So the step results in an system error.
    But as we could see in the monitoring SXMB_MONI the block with the exception and this send step (RFC) is passed before the step gives back this error!
    So it looks like connection problems do not trigger an exception?
    Any help is welcome!
    Best regards

  • Assigning Exceptions in BPM Integration Process

    Does any body have an idea regarding how to assign an exception in the control step.
    I want to raise an exception in the BPM
    Thanks in advance

    If You still have the question unanswered then:
    1) In a surrounding block you must define names for exceptions.
    2) In the control step you can then pick one of defined exceptions...
    3) For the surrounding block you must add "Exception Branch" from block context menu and assign it to the same exception.
    Then You can handle the exception there.

  • Interface mapping test successful, throws exception in BPM

    We are having a problem with an Interface mapping which works when
    tested in Integration Builder, but throws an Exception when it is part
    of the Transformation in a BPM.
    The scenarion is such:
    1. The sender calls the outbound interface using a web service.
    2. XI uses the input and passes to the Integration Process
    3. In the BPM, a LOGON message is built to call the web service as
    specified by an external web service . The input and
    output messages are just a single string, in which the other XML is
    4. XI receives a response from the web service call
    5. XI Extracts the sessionId from the response and combines it with the
    initial input (Step 1) to create the query for the query message in
    the web service.
    It is in Step 5 where the transformation fails, with an Exception in
    the DefaultTrace.trc as
    Runtime exception occurred during execution of application mapping program com/sap/xi/tf/_MM_LogonResponse_PropertySearchRequest_to_ExternalRequestSOAP_: com.sap.aii.utilxi.misc.api.BaseRuntimeException; RuntimeException in Message-Mapping transformation: Cannot produce target element /ns0:Messages/ns0:Message1/ns1:EXTERNAL/REQUEST. Check xml instance is valid for source xsd and target-field mapping fulfills requirements of target xsd
    MESSAGE ID: com.sap.aii.ibrun.server.mapping.rb_MappingRuntimeException.EXCEPTION_DURING_EXECUTE
    com.sap.aii.ibrun.server.mapping.MappingRuntimeException: Runtime exception occurred during execution of application mapping program com/sap/xi/tf/_MM_LogonResponse_PropertySearchRequest_to_ExternalRequestSOAP_: com.sap.aii.utilxi.misc.api.BaseRuntimeException; RuntimeException in Message-Mapping transformation: Cannot produce target element /ns0:Messages/ns0:Message1/ns1:EXTERNAL/REQUEST. Check xml instance is valid for source xsd and target-field mapping fulfills requirements of target xsd
    I have extracted the data from the initial request (step 1) and the
    logon response (step 4) and using these I have tested the Interface
    Mapping. There is no problem with this and the tests are successful.
    From what I can see, because the Response field in the LOGONResponse
    contains more XML tags, XI must be parsing it and assuming the tags are
    tags in the message, and not just the string, thus it is complaining
    that the XSD types do not match. This extra XML Parsing does not take
    place in the Interface Mapping Test.
    I have put the response into a User Defined Function which just has one
    line "return new String("Hello")" and that fails. However, if this UDF
    does not have the Response as the input, it does not complain.
    Please advise.

    You will have to use specific replacements for you xml tags if it is coming as a paramter
    replace '<' with &lt;
    replace '>' with &gt;
    for eg: I want to pass <TakeIt>200</TakeIt> as value to Element <A>
    Mapping won't work if it is passed like
    a) <A><TakeIt>200</TakeIt></A> - Wrong
    Instead the replace the angle brackets
    b) <A>&lt;TakeIt&gt;200&lt;/TakeIt&gt;</A> - Correct
    While testing the mapping in IR (a) will work bcoz the test tool will convert it to (b) format. Check the xml source in test tool.
    So ensure the web response is like (b)

  • Problem with RFC exception in BPM

    I have created control step for RFC exception. Assigned the alert catagory and given alert message.
    i have below steps:
    Transformation-control-send RFC-cancel process.
    while trying to test i changed ip address of rfc channel and tested but i am not receiving any alert but messages are getting stucked in BPM with error -
    permanent error in message proccessing
    could you please suggest how to trigger rfc execption

    refer  BPMPatternReqRespTimeout for triggering exception.
    Basically you might change the sequence of steps as follow
    Create Block with deadline branch where you use control step to trigger exception and have another branch exception handler  and in that branch you have transformation and senderror.  This will help.

  • Handling Java Mapping Exception in BPM Transformation step

    Dear SDN members,
    I have developed a File to File scenario using BPM as follows.
    Step 1:
    Sender file adapter picks the file from FTP server and using file content conversion mapped to XML structure.
    Step 2:
    BPM will recieve the XML payload , immediately in the block a transformation step is called with an interface mapping. In the interface mapping a Java mapping will be executed with certain data validations on the XML payload. If found any invalid data is there a suitable excptions will be raised . Here the transformation step should be catch the error and control should be sent to exception block to place the recived file as a error file.
    else if the transformation is executed with out any issues, the file will be placed in success folder.
    But in the transformation step, though java mapping thorwing exceptions, the control not going into exception block, instead it is continuing to next step i.e the file is placing in the success folder.
    Can anybody tell me, how to handle the exceptions raised in java mapping in the BPM transformation step?
    I have refered all the SDN blogs, forums related to this issue, but could not able to find the answer. Please help me?
    Thanks & Regards
    Vijayanand Poreddy

    Hi Abhishek,
    Once the file is picked from FTP server then sent to BPM,
    the BPM steps
    Step 2:
    Block Starts
       ---Block Start: New Transaction
       ---Block End : New Transaction
       ---Exception : Error
    Step 3 
    Inside the Block
    Transformation Step
       --Interface Mapping: <IM Name>
       -- Check box ticked for Create New Transcation
       -- Exceptions
          --System Error: Error
       --Source Message: Message recieved in Recieve Step (Step 1)
    Step 4:
      --Source Maessage: Output message from the Transformation Step
    Block End
    Inserted a Exception Branch for Block
    Steps inside Exception Branch
        --Throw Alert
       --Alert Name
    In the above scenario
    The transformation step is not throwing error even my interface mapping going to error. The same transformation step if i place outside the block next to recieve step, then the transformation step is throwing error and BPM stops the process.
    Also, when transformation is inside the block, i have used the exception handling on the send step inside the block. here it is throwing error as the source message payload is empty. because in the preceding transformation step the interface mapping is failed due to which there the target will not be filled. But even though it is not entered into exception block.
    Vijayanand Poreddy

  • Notify user about Exception in BPM

    I am doing a scenario using BPM async-sync-async bridge (File-RFC-File).
    Now we want to notify user about any exception that occur at R/3 side.
    Can we use Fault message to notify userabout any error occured at R/3 side?
    Or is there any other better way to send notification to user?
    Thanks and Regards,

    have a look at this Thread
    Send notification in XI
    useful for you ...

  • Capturing actual JDBC exception in BPM

    I have a scenario wherein i am inserting data in sql server syncronously using the xml insert structure.
    I have a BPM in place to do error handling, so that whenver any exception occurs, exception branch is executed,
    however, in the exception branch am not able to detect wht the error was. Like was the error related to connectivity or related to DB that something failed because of BD constraint.
    How can I trap the actual JDBC error in my exception handling..

    As you are using BPM and the call is Sync,you can get the response back if everything is fine. If not it will throw exception.
    If you want to detect the Application errors, one option is using Stored Procedures in the DB side, so that it will respond you back with insertion failed bacause of duplicate entry etc...
    If you want to handle , exceptions for connectivity issuses, you can make use of ALerts configured for JDBC adapters.. So you can create the Alerts like that.
    To know more-
    Hope this helps

  • Throw Soap Exception in BPM.

    Hi All,
    My scenario is Soap->XI->BPM->RFC. I get a soap request in synchronous way with Request and Response messages I Map my request to a RFC and If there's any application error or mapping error I have to send SOAP fault exception to my Soap Sending system. But I don't see any option in BPM to throw soap exception only thing I can do is to map my errors in the soap response and send it to soap sender.
    But my Soap sending system needs soap fault not a response message when any errors happen.
    Please let me know if anybody has this same situation and how to handle it.
    Thanks in Advance,

    Hi VJ,
    I have to use BPM as I am doing other stuff in my BPM. In my BPM I am catching mapping exception and then I have to send this to Soap Sender in SOAP fault message and in abstract interfaces we don't have option to give fault message types. Also, I am using S/A bridge and I have to close the brige in order to send some response to Soap Sender.
    Is it possible to send soap fault when we close the S/A brige by send step.

  • Trigger an exception in BPM ( Control Step )

    Hi everyone,
    I have a BPM which has a switch with three branch, one of them has a transformation to generate a mail structure and a sender to send the email, now I need throw an exception after send the email, I have think use a control step to do it, but I don't know how use the control step to throw an exception.
    Could someone please help me?
    Thanks, in advance.

    Please refer to the following url
    Also refer to the example scenarios in the Design: Integration Builder.  For example
    <b>Software component</b> SAP BASIS
    <b>Software component version</b> SAP BASIS 6.40
    <b>Namespace</b> http://sap.com/xi/XI/System/Patterns
    <b>Integration Scenarios and Integration Processes</b>
    <b>Integration Processes</b> BpmPatternReqRespTimeOut

  • ** Throw Exception in BPM - Webservice to JDBC

    Hi friends,
    I am doing Webservice to JDBC scenario using BPM. I am doing insert data in backend system oracle table by passing inputs from WebService. After insert data in table, JBDC returns the response to web service thru response variable 'insert_count = 1' like this. When I try to insert the same record, that is, employee no as primary key in my table,  XI throws an error 'ORA-00001 - unique constraint' in Addtional . We have to pass this information to Web Service. How will we achive this ?
    Presently in our BPM design,
    1) Exception property of the block as 'Error'.
    2) Inside Block, in Sync Send Step (BPM -> JDBC) specified 'Exception/System Error'  as 'Error'.
    3) Inserted one Exception Handler Brach. In this Brach, inserted one control step. In this step, itself we put a Control Step, the action property of this step is 'Throw Exception'. Here , what we need to set for the 'Exception Property' ..?
    Kindly help me friends.

    Hi Mahesh,
    I refered those scenarios. But, our requirment is we want to take 'Additional Text' option from SXMB_MONI and map to WS source structure one element.
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?><!-- Call Adapter --> <SAP:Error xmlns:SAP="http://sap.com/xi/XI/Message/30" xmlns:SOAP="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/" SOAP:mustUnderstand="1"><SAP:Category>XIServer</SAP:Category><SAP:Code area="INTERNAL">PL_TIMEOUT</SAP:Code><SAP:P1/><SAP:P2/><SAP:P3/><SAP:P4/><SAP:AdditionalText>TIME OUT REACHED</SAP:AdditionalText><SAP:ApplicationFaultMessage namespace=""/><SAP:Stack>Timeout condition of pipeline reached
    Could you kindly help me ?

  • Database Exception in BPM 10GR3

    Hi all,
    I have a database column which is a date which converts into Time when catalogued inside BPM 10GR3.
    When I execute a query i.e.
    query = "INSERT INTO test_table( CREATION_DATE,) VALUES ('" + Time.now() + "')";
    implName = "testDB";
    result = DynamicSQL.executeUpdate(sentence : query, implname : implName);
    I get the following exception:-
    fuego.components.SQLException: [BEA][Oracle JDBC Driver][Oracle]ORA-01830: date format picture ends before converting entire input string
    Any idea how to resolve this exception?

    The issue is that the Time.now() (i think) has a ' character in it... which will end your passed variable in the sql string... (ok that didn't come out well...) anyway Try this... use the 'inParameters', and it should handle escaping the apostrophe...
    params as Any[]
    params[] = Time.now()
    query as String = "INSERT INTO test_table( CREATION_DATE,) VALUES (?)";
    implName as String = "testDB";
    res as Int = DynamicSQL.executeUpdate(sentence : query, implname : implName, inParameters : params);HTH,

Maybe you are looking for

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