Exchange Applications between differents repositories

Hi everybody!
I'm doing a test with Designer
I'm trying to work in one environment, builting diagrams and others, and after that export the work to other environment that means other DB with other repository instance, but it's not working at all.
Had anyone have a any problem like this one? Does anyone can help me with this subject?
I've already used the utilities Export and Import utilities, but the process get nuts...
Thanks a lot and best regards,
Marcos Vinicius

Good luck with that. A V440 uses SCSI internal drives and a V480 uses FC-AL internal drives. I think swapping drives will be quite impossible...

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    I'm working on an Application where I use background task for handling Bluetooth communication. For that, I'm trying to exchange messages between foreground and background tasks when the Bluetooth device sends
    something and want to notify the foreground about it. Similarly, I want the foreground to send messages to background when the user activates something. I've started doing that using event handlers but it is not reliably working. Looks like the problem is
    coming from the synchronization between these two tasks. I found the class BackgroundMediaPlayer which does what I really want , except controlling the media player. What are the options of doings that?

    Hi Rob,
    Thank you for your reply. So in this case, I guess each process shall keep reading the file and see if there are commands to be processed. Is there a way to raise an event when the content of the file get changed? Are there existing file handling classes
    that support this?

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    What is the easiest way to copy an application between two Macs? I originally installed a graphics program on my old eMac G4, then used the Migration Assistant to transfer it to my new iMac G5. I then reinitialized the old G4 and didn't bother to reinstall the graphics program, but now I would like to have it on this machine as well and I can't find the original install disk for this application. Complicating matters is that the machines are now in two different places, one at home, one at work. This is an expensive program, so I would hate to have to buy another copy and am kicking myself for not being able to find it. Thanks for any help...

    If you can't find the original install disk for the program, contact the program vendor. Some may offer you a replacement disk for a nominal fee. And be sure to follow whatever license agreement you have for the purchase of that software. If it can't be installed at both home and at work, and you can't afford another copy of that program, you may want to seek a cheaper alternative.

  • EXCHANGE SUBPARTITION between two Partitioned tables

    DB Version:
    We have :
    Table A(Range-List Partitioned):
    Partition A1 -> Sub-Partition S1A1 and S2A1
    Partition A2 -> Sub-Partition S1A2 and S2A2
    Table B(Range-List Partitioned):
    Partition B1 -> Sub-Partition S1B1 and S2B1
    Partition B2 -> Sub-Partition S1B2 and S2B2
    I would like to EXCHANGE SUBPARITION A.S1A1 with B.S1B1, and S2A1 with S2B1 and S1A2 with S1B2 on. Which means, how do I exchange subpartitions between two similar tables?
    The following statement does not work...
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  • How to prevent re-login when switching in the application between different module in

    How to prevent re-login when switching in the application between different module in
    Please help me to figure out this or resolve this issue?

    Be sure to check that your Remoting Container service is running. If it is not, restart the service, and if it goes down again, check the event logs.
    Make sure that the AuthenticationBridgeService is enabled in your EnvironmentSettings.config, and the remoting container user is configured using the SetupAssistant.
             <ConfigInfo configChildKey="key">
                   <add key="UserID" value="@@VAR:[email protected]@" />
            <!-- Set the following services isActive flag to 'true' or 'false' -->
             <RemoteServices configChildKey="name">
                     port="@@VAR:[email protected]@"
                     isActive="true" />
    If the Remoting Container Service fails, please contact Support with details from the event logs.

  • Exchange of rate difference issues invoice verification!(Emergency!)

        The SAP version is R3/30F,  I have some issues like this:     
        We do the good receipt to a purchase order with currency USD(the local currecny is RMB) in Aug,and reverse the good receipt in Sep,and then do the good receipt and the invoice entry in Oct,When entring the invoice in Oct,the system creat a exchange of rate difference with USD currecny ,the amount is just the reverse USD amount(the RMB account divides the exchange of rate)subtract the first good receipt USD amout,Why dose the exchange of rate difference happen?
    Detail example as below:
    the purchase order amount in USD: 500 and the currency of the purchase order is USD
    exchange of rate in Aug:6.5, exchange of rate in Sep:6.8,exchange of rate in Oct:6.75
    the first good receipt amount in RMB::3300=500*6.5
    the good receipt reverse amount in RMB:3300=500*6.5
    the second good receipt  amount in RMB:3400=500*6.8
    there is no USD amount displayed  in good receipt document,just RMB.
    the exchange of rate difference amount in invoice verificaion in USD(the currency of the invoice is USD):11.11= 3300/6.5-3300/6.75
    We think the exchange of rate difference should not be created here.Can anyone give some sulutions?Thans in advance.


  • How to exchange data between loops?

    why can't I exchange data between loops? it is esiest explained by looking at the attached example......... hope you can help me out!

    Falkpl covered all bases for parallel loops that both run at the same time. This was probably the spirit of the original question even without seeing the diagram.
    Steve.Briggs wrote:
    The easiest way to exchange data between loops is to simply wire the data going in. 
    A wire creates a data dependency between the two loops. Dataflow dictates that a diagram object will (1) start executing once all inputs contain data and (2) will only produce data on the outputs once the entire object has finished.
    This means in practical terms that if there is a wire going from loop A (output tunnel) to loop B (input tunnel), Loop B must wait until loop A has finished. If you have wires going from loop A to B AND back from loop B to A you create a deadlock and broken code. You cannot "exchange" data between two parallel loops using wires.
    LabVIEW Champion . Do more with less code and in less time .

  • Synchronize data between difference locations, help me !!!

    Hi gurus,
      I want to synchronize data between difference locations, I used merge replication function in SQL server 2000, but after run, my SBO can't to use publication database and subcripber database. Pls tell me why and how to solve it !?!? Or anybody have another method for the synch, pls give me. Thanks for any idea !!! I'm using SBO 2005A

    Hi Andy,
    What you are trying to do is not allowed. As you have already see, the result database could be non usable.
    There are several options for this scenario. For example:
    1- Use Copy Express to copy data from one location send it to the other and insert it again using Copy Express. You could try to make it automatic.
    2- Use SAP B1i . You have a document about it here. You have also a new forum about it:
    3- Some integration tool such us Magic IBolt which lets you compose the relations betwen the different locations. This looks like a good tool, but must be paid.
    Deciding between this options (and any other I haven´t mention) is not an easy work.
    Ibai Peñ

  • Problem exchanging values between a Servlet and Thread???

    Hi Everybody,
    I have got a problem exchanging values between a Servlet and a Thread...
    The actual thing will go like this
    I take a request from JSP which is served by a servlet..
    A thread is invoked in the servlets into which the parameter values taken from JSP page is sent...
    In between the thread needs to be suspended for a moment, relieve the control back to the servlet and then come back with the new values modified in the servlet...
    How is this achieved?
    Please give ur suggestions regarding this...
    Thanks in advance

    I really have no clue how you can use URLConnection to do that!
    Could you please explain in the following scenario how it can help me as an alternative solution to the following:
    Non-Servlet A continously running & saving to some prop regularly
    --> servlet B reads prop file regularly --> display continously on a jsp file
    I wish I could do a servlet A --> servlet B-- > display jsp scenario but I do not know how to have servlet A continously running while keep the servlet B interacting with the jsp.

  • Home Sharing Purchased Applications between 2 Different Ipads

    By using the Home Sharing feature I have shared Ipad applications between my Ipad and my wifes's Ipad. The first app was a purchased app and it works fine on both Ipads. However, when I shared other purchased apps they do not load when they are selected on the Ipad. Can someone confirm if you are suppose to be able to share purchased apps and if so why they will not launch when selected on the receiving Ipad?

    My wife and I have two ipads and share an itunes account. I beleive that is the "supported" method of doing it. You are purchasing the app, not for use on one device, but on all your devices.
    This allows you to upgrade and keep all purchased apps on the next device.
    We pick and choose, but can have the same apps across both ipads wihout problems this way.
    We have not attempted the Home sharing method as of yet.

  • HT4889 I want to transfer specific applications between macs.

    I want to transfer specific applications between macs but Migration Assistant doesn't offer that option.  Any suggestions?

    If the apps were downloaded from the App Store, you can re download on all your other authorized Macs for free.
    How to re download apps from the Mac App Store:
    Open the App Store. From the menu bar click Store > Sign In
    Click Purchases from the top of the App Store window.
    Select which apps you want to re download. Then right or control click where you see Installed  then click Install.
    Make sure and use the same Apple ID used for the original purchase.

  • Criteria for dividing an application between multiple WARs

    What criteria are generally used when deciding on the division of a large application between several WAR files?
    I'd imagine that an eBay wouldn't put their entire web application into a single WAR. But I am unsure of what they would consider when deciding how they would split up their application.
    As each WAR file has its own context under the web server (is this correct?), I have the feeling from looking at a few tutorials (and seeing what's in the address bar) that it's to be split up by function (e.g. contexts paths for /register, /checkout, etc)
    Though the above doesn't seem like I'm interpreting their intentions or this concept correctly. If somebody could please help to explain the guidelines behind such a decision, that would be highly appreciated.
    Thank you for any explanation you can provide.

    bravebuddy wrote:
    Thanks for the reply. We are using cookies and all of the WAR files are under the same domain. The issue is when the user moves from a page in one WAR to a page in another WAR, the session data does not transfer with the user (the get a new session).Yes, I already understood the problem. Did you on your turn understood my answer "This is forbidden as per the Servlet specification" ?
    Is it correct to assume the only way to do this is to set up a persistence layer to hold basic session/user information that is accessible from all WARs and then use the common JSESSIONID that they all share (since they are under the same domain) as the Primary Key?It´s not the only way, but one of the ways, yes.

  • How to share/exchange songs between two iPods?

    I would like to know of a way(s) to share/exchange songs between two iPods (synced to two separate computers).

    It's possible to share between two computers but not two iPods, change the settings for the pod to manual > Edit > Preferences > iPod.

  • Exchange notes between different iCloud accounts

    I have created a collection of notes with the Notes app on my iPad. How can I transfer these notes in a simple way to the Notes app on my wife's iPad?
    More general: How can I exchange notes between different iCloud accounts?

    You can have multiple iCloud accounts on the same device, but one has to be the "primary".  Any secondary account(s) you add will support things like Mail, Contacts, Calendar, and Notes (but not things like Safari syncing nor Find My iPhone for that account).
    So if your wife does not mind you having her iCloud account set up as a secondary account on your iPad, you could then copy a note from your account and paste it into a new note in her account.
    Alternatively, just email the note to your wife (right from within the Notes app) and she can copy and paste the information into a note on her device.

  • How do I share applications between accounts (ie Skype)

    Not sure how to share applications between accounts?  If I load Skype to my account for example, how can my wife see and use that same Skype account without having to have her own?

    There are two aspects to this ... 1) where you install the Skype software on your Mac and 2) whose ID you use to login to Skype.
    1) You should always install software in the root /Applications folder.  This is the default installation folder for nearly all software.  Installing in /Applications makes the program (app) available to all user accounts on your Mac.  If you install the software in any other folder (especially a folder inside your own user account), it will usually limit use of the software to that account only.
    2) After installing Skype as I indicated above, if you want your wife to use her own user account on the Mac, but sign in to Skype with your Skype user ID, all she needs to do is log into her account on the Mac and then open Skype and sign into Skype with your user ID & password.

Maybe you are looking for

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