Exchange rate over ride not possible

we have for a certain date the exchange rate defined in TCURR as GBP->USD @ .50448 for usage type "M".
But for few entries we want the exchange rate to be a different value. When we enter the document via FBV1 - we put the amount as 200 GBP (company code currency) and the exchange rate as 1.620 and save the document.
But when we look at the document the amount in group currency (USD) is being calculated at the older exchange rate from TCURR table and not from the one we entered on the screen.

Found the answer.

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  • ERROR in MIRO : An exchange rate type is not defined for country IN

    When I try to enter the invoice received from the vendor, I am getting the following message.
    An exchange rate type is not defined for country IN
    Message no. FF802
    Can anyone provide me a solution for this?

    This is the explanation given in note 974619 for the above error message
    When you post an FI document, the system issues error message FF 801 or FF 802.
    Other terms
    Plants abroad, FF 801, FF802
    Reason and Prerequisites
    You use the 'Plants abroad' function.
    See Note 882132 for more information about this.
    If the 'Plants abroad' function is active, additional fields appear when you maintain the country global parameters (transaction OY01, table T005):
    - Country currency       (Field WAERS)
    - Exchange rate type     (Field KURST)
    - Net discount base      (Field XSKFN)
    - Net tax base           (Field XMWSN)
    You must maintain the fields 'Country currency' and 'Exchange rate type'.
    Otherwise, the system issues error message FF 801 or FF 802.
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Exchange rate type M  not  picked in  FB60  foreign currency entry

    My  local  currency is   USD.  I   have  defined  exchange rate  for   ' USD  and  EUR   '    for  exchange     type  M and  type  EURX.  
    In  FB60,  system picks  the  exchange rate  defined  for  exc. type EURX,   but   I   want it to  pick  exch. type M.
    Also i   have  set   exch type  M  in  docu  type  KR.   Still  it  does not  pick   exc type M.
    Pl  advise

    I am thinking that most likely you have specified EURX as Alt. ERT (alternate exchange rate type) for exchange rate type M for the currency pair USD:EUR in IMG node 'Define Translation Ratios for Currency Translation" (T Code OBBS).  Remove it and retest FB60; it should pick the M rate.

  • Exchange rate difference is not coming

    Dear proffessionals,
    1) I have created the PO with Ex.rate 35.65 ,not fixed
    2)GR Completed for the Po.
    3) While parking an Invoice in MIR7 wrt PO,and entered the Clearing date as
         3 months back date.I am getting only K & S but not "M'.
    4) Material price maintained as mvg avge price.
    But before giving the PO number I have given manually Currency as USD and current exchange rate and Clearing date as 3 months back date KSM is coming correctly .
    Pls explain me what could be the reason.

    Can you check PO document date in header - whether exchange rate has been maintained at that time?
    If it was 3 months back dated, then if you do invoice with same date system should prompt exchange rate. And also check Gen settings -> currencies -> Enter exchange rates once.

  • Exchange Rate amount is not calculating correctly in iProcurement

    Hi All,
    The exchange rate is mismatching when i create a requisition in the iProcurement ( version).Please find the below test case and suggest me accrodingly.
    Example: on 06-May-09 and 07-May-09 i have create a requisition in the iProcurement with the currency as BHD (Note: Our functional currency is USD). The exchange rate is defined from USD to BHD is .377 and this rate is fixed for the entire month.
    The requisition created in the following manner:
    Requisition created in 06-May-09:
    Line #1 120 BHD---the exchange rate amount in USD is 318.22
    Line#2 20BHD---the exchange rate amount in USD is 53.04
    Total : 371.25
    Requisition Created in 07-May-09:
    Line #1 120 BHD---the exchange rate amount in USD is 318.30
    Line #2 20BHD---the exchange rate amount in USD is 53.05
    Total: 371.35
    Form the above test cases can any one help me why the requisition amount is slightly chagned from 371.25 to 371.35 even though we are using the same conversion rate (.377)..plz help ASAP , this is an very urgent for ME.
    Edited by: kevin329 on May 7, 2009 4:53 AM

    check whether you have maintained the exchange rate settings also check whether price is maintained

  • Use Current Exchange Rate from the Exchange Rate Table itu00B4s not working

    Hi Experts:
    Working with manager user, Iu2019m trying to create a Goods Receipt PO through the Draw Document Wizard, but the option u201CUse Current Exchange Rate from the Exchange Rate Tableu201D it is not working, it does not bring me the USD exchange rate of today defined in  the table;  it brings the USD exchange rate from the base document (AP Reserve Invoice), and Iu2019m not allowed to change it. What should I do?. We are working wih SAP Business One SP01 PL06. Thanks

    There is a SAP Note related to your issue, have a look at this.
    ...For companies using the Continous Stock System feature, there are three additional scenarios in which the row Exchange Rate will be copied from the base document regardless of the calculation method chosen in the 'Draw Document Wizard':
    a) Goods Receipt PO -> Goods Return.
    b) Goods Return -> Goods Receipt PO.
    c) AP Reserve Invoice -> Goods Receipt PO.
    Hope this helps,

  • Exchange rate type P not getting picked up while executing KSUB-Plan Assess

    We have Exchange rate type "P" maintained in SPRO in Maintain versions for the Fiscal Year 2010, but even then when I execute KSUB, it posts with Exchange rate type M.
    Has anyone faced this issue? We want it to pick up P and not M.

    Hi, set it here IMG-Controlling-Cost Center Accounting-Planning-Basic Settings for Planning-Define versions-Maintain Settings of Version in Controlling Area    then Setting for each f. year , double click on current f.year

  • Exchange Rate Date is not Upating for non-catalog request types in iProc

    The Exchnge rate date is not updating for some non-catalog request types in iprocurement ( version) and this happening only for some request types only.
    can any one help what could be the reason.

    Hi Venkat
    i suggest you to go thru the dev guide ..... but to answer your question i would say....
    **** It looks like "Define Information Template" form only accepts Independent Value Sets and not table based Value Sets (thatinvolve SQL statements).
    Well in OAF to display a dropdown list all you need is a query .. so one can write a query to extract the values from a independent value set .... but the same is not possible with table type value set instead you can use the same query used to define the table type value set .
    You can create a LOV (one with flash light) even with a independent value set ....
    To create a LOV you need a View Object(query which will fetch valid records) and a Public Region (to display)
    if you ahve these then you can achive the requirement thru personalization
    if the VO and Region are not present then you have to create them .......
    Once you are thru the dev guide please go thru the link below which shows adding a lov to an existing page thru personalization....

  • Exchange rate in PO not updated according to OB08 definied

    I have a problem to retrieve the updated exchange rate, I defined the exchange rate in M exchange rate type from time to time, but when I create the PO, it always used the old exchange rate, is the exchange rate configuration only uses OB08 and OB07?  did i miss anything else?  please advise!

    This is related to SD query. pls put in Sales & Distribution blog and get immediate reply.

  • Selling Exchange rate type is not picking while billing

    We have maintained Exchange rate type B for selling and the same was assigned in customer master as well as the RV document type. While raising sale order system is picking the B rate from OB08 table, but at the time of billing system is taking the M rate. Where do i set a control to pickup only B rate? Can anybody help me on this.

    Ideally at the time of billing, exchange rate type is picked up from the document type (RV in your case). However if the rate is picked up for standard exchange rate type, check if there is user exit being called for exchange rate type.

  • Gmail Push (exchange) as Default Account not possible?

    I initially set up my gmail account as regular on my new iPhone 4 but noticed that it took forever to get messages (15 minute fetch is not fast enough for me).
    Tried setting up Gmail as an exchange account instead, but I can't select any of my exchange accounts as my default account. Any way to change this!? I'm not interested in my yahoo account being the default on my phone

    Well it actually seems that push isn't working at all.....hmmm
    Any ideas?

  • Is it possible to have one central user defined exchange rate for a project

    When i create deliverables for a project. It asks for an exchange rate type. On entering user i am prompted to enter an exchange rate.
    Is it possible to use the exchange rate setup at the workplan level for all deliverables rather than entering the rate at each deliverable.?

    The exchange rate value you set in the workplan is only used for converting planed amounts entered in foreign currency. There is no standard functionality to configure a default value for USER conversion type.
    Could you further elaborate on the business requirement? Why do you use conversion type as USER for events, and not a centralized conversion type managed on the GL daily rates?

  • Exchange rate difference not getting posted to KDM account during MIGO/MIRO

    Hello Gurus,
    I have a purchase order with many line items. For some of the line items, the exchagne rate difference between the date of MIGO and the date of MIGO is taken to the KDM account. But for some other line items, it is not being taken the KDM. For such line items, the value of the GR/IR account in the local currency is different from MIGO to MIRO. Due to this, the GR/IR clearing is not happening automatically.
    Do you have any idea, why the system is not taking the different to KDM for some line items and taking it correctly to KDM for others.
    The only difference that I noticed between these 2 line items was
    In case where the KDM account is determined, the GR was done for only one line item
    In case where the KDM was not determined, the GR was done for more than one line item.
    Thanks in advance for your replies
    Thanks and Regards

    Hi Venkatesh,
    I suspect that in your system may be the setting in OMRW is not activated. If the CCurr indicator is not activated for respective company code. Please refer to the information from note 980402 :
    After you implement this note, you can use Customizing transaction OMRW to make settings for the new logic for each company code and each currency (the first local currency and two other material ledger currencies, if the material ledger is active). If the CCCurr indicator (V_169P_PK-KDHW) is set, this activates a new logic for calculating the exchange rate difference (KDM amount) in the company code currency (first local currency). As a result, the system also generates KDM lines for purchase orders with account assignment and for purchase orders with MAP materials in inventory management and in invoice verification if required. If the material ledger (ML) is active, you  can set a corresponding indicator for additional ML currencies.Bear in mind that the system performs a 1:1 cancellation for the KDM line in the cancellation transactions.
    If the indicator is not activated, then the new logic for calculating the exchange rate difference is not active.
    I hope this helps.
    Ravinagh Boni

  • Exchange rate diff. accts are not defined for account 16145110currency INR

    Dear SAP Gurrus,
    I am facing a problem while making  payment against invoice, receiving payment against invoice, clearing advance payment and  advance receipts through T-code F-53, F-28, F-44 and F-32.  System is allowing me to select the invoices against which I want to do the clearing but when I go for simulation I am getting the following error -
    ' Exchange rate diff. accts are not defined for account 16145110currency INR'.
    When I click on the error message the performance assistant gives methe following details:
    Exchange rate diff.accts are not defined for account 16145110 currency INR
    Message no. F5062
    The accounts for posting the exchange rate differences could not be determined. For the specified G/L account and the specified currency key, no corresponding exchange rate difference accounts were determined.
    System Response
    The system cannot generate the exchange rate difference posting.
    By pressing ENTER, you achieve that the document is reset to a status without automatic posting. In another window, you can complete the default settings for exchange rate differences and post the document afterwards.
    My client is local. Even the local currency is set to 'INR'. There is no foreign currency involced while making invoices, payment and receitps.  Eventhough the system is giving me error.  As a result I am not able to clear open items. Please give me some feasible solution so that I can clear the open items.
    Thanks in advance
    Shreyas Wani

    As you said, you are not maintaining any Exchange rate differences, It may not be required a Exch rate Diffrences account.
    Please check whether you have created any Group / Parrallel curencies etc in co.code level.
    Please go through the notes 209580 / 89531, hope it helps you.

  • Exchange rate type not defined for country

    Hi All,
    I have noticed an error message during testing of postings using tax codes. The error message nbr is FF802 (Exchange rate type is not defined for country XX). When we are testing postings on accounts for which tax code is ignored (not relevant) it is ok. Could you please let me know where exactly we have settings and how it is related to the tax codes ? I have never seen that connection previously.
    Points will be rewarded afterwards.

    Hi Tomasz,
    The exchange rate types are defined at country level in General Settings and the company codes with that country can access that. Normally the exchange rate types are defined as M, P, B and G. M is for average rate and is used in FI,  while P is for planning in CO.

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