EXP-00091: Exporting questionable statistics

Dear Friend,
I am using Linux Database and Windows database, the problem now I am facing while exporting data from Linux which is imported from windows oracle database dump file.
when I am exporting I am getting this error
EXP-00091: Exporting questionable statistics
and shows
Export terminated successfully with warnings
Now exported file I am importing from Linux to windows and getting this error
Connected to: Oracle9i Enterprise Edition Release - Production
With the Partitioning, OLAP and Oracle Data Mining options
JServer Release - Production
Import file: EXPDAT.DMP > c:/aa.dmp
Enter insert buffer size (minimum is 8192) 30720>
IMP-00010: not a valid export file, header failed verification
IMP-00000: Import terminated unsuccessfully
Oracle User

>>because I exported dump from oracle10G
Then you use the exp 10g version, right ? To move data DOWN a version(s), you need to export using that lower versions EXP tool and using IMP that lower version tool.
Take a look at this below?
Exporting Data From Release 10.2 and Importing Into Earlier Releases
Export From      Import To      Use Export Utility For      Use Import Utility For
Release 10.2      Release 10.2      Release 10.2           Release 10.2
Release 10.2      Release 10.1      Release 10.1           Release 10.1
Release 10.2      Release 9.2      Release 9.2           Release 9.2
Release 10.2      Release 9.0.1      Release 9.0.1           Release 9.0.1
Release 10.2      Release 8.1.7      Release 8.1.7           Release 8.1.7
Release 10.2      Release 8.0.6      Release 8.0.6           Release 8.0.6
>>EXP-00091 is still remain.. you said I have to chang ethe NLS but I am new to linux
I think that there is no problem ... but you can use also as I said before the statistics=none clause, but remember that you need to use the exp 9i version ...

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  • Error in Export "EXP-00091: Exporting questionable statistics  "

    when i execute export on server having RAC DB R10g R2 on Linux 4 it return error , nobody has changed it's characterset .
    C:\>exp hst/hst file='/home/oracle/expdat.dmp
    About to export specified users ...
    . exporting pre-schema procedural objects and actions
    . exporting foreign function library names for user NRI
    . exporting PUBLIC type synonyms
    . exporting private type synonyms
    . exporting object type definitions for user NRI
    About to export NRI's objects ...
    . exporting database links
    . exporting sequence numbers
    . exporting cluster definitions
    . about to export NRI's tables via Conventional Path ...
    . . exporting table TABLEA 0 rows exported
    EXP-00091: Exporting questionable statistics.
    . . exporting table TABLEB 0 rows exported
    EXP-00091: Exporting questionable statistics.
    Kindly Help be ho can i fix this error
    Thanks in advance

    You wrote:
    CAN THIS ERROR CAUSE BIG DESASTER TO DB IN FUTUREThe error message EXP-00091: Exporting questionable statistics just warns you that the statistics
    were exported but these statistics may be not useable.
    So, if you have to import these Tables, you may have to collect again the statistics of these Tables.
    It's not relative to this problem but why don't you use DataPump (expdp/impdp) ?
    Please find enclosed a link about DataPump, it's much more powerful than the classical export/import:
    Best regards,
    Edited by: Lubiez Jean-Valentin on Feb 6, 2010 12:56 PM

  • Error while exporting a table - EXP-00091

    I am doing an export of a table. The table has 1000838 rows. After the export is completed,
    when I checked the log - it said
    Connected to: Oracle9i Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production
    With the Partitioning option
    JServer Release - Production
    Export done in US7ASCII character set and AL16UTF16 NCHAR character set
    About to export specified tables via Conventional Path ...
    . . exporting table FIDA_LABEL 1000838 rows exported
    EXP-00091: Exporting questionable statistics.
    EXP-00091: Exporting questionable statistics.
    EXP-00091: Exporting questionable statistics.
    EXP-00091: Exporting questionable statistics.
    Export terminated successfully with warnings.
    I looked in the Oracle error messages document and found this out ---
    EXP-00091 Exporting questionable statistics
    Cause: Export was able to export statistics, but the statistics may not be useable. The statistics are questionable because one or more of the following happened during export: a row error occurred, client character set or NCHARSET does not match with the server, a query clause was specified on export, only certain partitions or subpartitions were exported, or a fatal error occurred while processing a table.
    Action: To export non-questionable statistics, change the client character set or NCHARSET to match the server, export with no query clause, or export complete tables. If desired, import parameters can be supplied so that only non-questionable statistics will be imported, and all questionable statistics will be recalculated.
    And this how my export command looks like -
    exp vincent/passphr query=\"where state in \(\'MD\',\'CA\',\'WI\'\)\" file=$EXPDIR/fida_label_9i.dmp tables=vincent.fida_label
    Ofcourse, I am using the query clause because I really need to and it has always worked when we were in the Oracle 8i environment. We recently moved to the 9i. And this happens in this 9i version...
    And I certainly do not want to specify the import parameters to ignore the questionable statistics as no changes are desired in that area...(my hands are tied..).
    What could " a fatal error occurred while processing a table " mean? And how can this be traced and troubleshooted ? Or how can I find out if any row errors occurred ? And if required, how do I check the character sets and other likes ?? (I have no idea in this area)
    Thanks. All I needed was to get around this error. Your suggesions/responses would be highly appreciated

    What version of Oracle 9i are you using? Do you have a standard 'NLS_LANG' environment variable set on client's machines? Or do you set it to different values on different machines?
    Here is one of way you could get around it.
    Could you specify the export parameter 'STATISTICS=NONE' while exporting the table data?
    Try this and see.
    If this is successful, you could use the import utility as usual. You could always compute or estimate statistics on the table after import.

  • Exp 00091

    while exporting full database like
    ]$exp file=fulldb.dmp log=result.log full=y
    user: / as sysdba
    i am getting exp 00091.
    is there any problem with this. or can i continue.
    thank you!

    Yes there is a problem with that.
    1 You didn't look up the error in the online documentation,
    and you dididn't post the error message when posting here , so others have to look up the error on your behalf . As a minimum effort in troubleshooting on your side you should ALWAYS look up the error and post the one line error text here, and there are no excuses for that.
    2 You didn't search this forum for the error
    In short: you should reconsult the Forums Etiquette post which states 'Consulting documentation is highly recommended'
    Using a search engine -what you should have done in the first place- provided me with
    Exp-0091 Exporting Questionable Statistic
    Sybrand Bakker
    Senior Oracle DBA

  • EXP-00037: Export views not compatible with database version

    kindly help with this error. We have already run catexp.sql but still that is not helping, we are still getting the same error.
    we are exporting 8i db.
    Export: Release - Production on Thu Feb 21 14:34:25 2008
    (c) Copyright 2000 Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved.
    Connected to: Oracle8i Enterprise Edition Release - Production
    With the Partitioning option
    JServer Release - Production
    EXP-00037: Export views not compatible with database version
    EXP-00000: Export terminated unsuccessfully

    Does this apply to you?
    Error: EXP 37
    Text: Export views not compatible with database version
    Cause: The Export utility is at a higher version than the database version
    and is thereby incompatible.
    Action: Use the same version of Export utility as the database.

  • EXP-00024: Export views not installed, please notify your DBA - Please help

    I am trying to export from a client machine.
    exp system/[email protected] full=y file=db.dmp log=exp.logBut I am getting error,
    Connected to: Oracle9i Enterprise Edition Release - Production
    With the Partitioning, OLAP and Oracle Data Mining options
    JServer Release - Production
    Export done in US7ASCII character set and AL16UTF16 NCHAR character set
    About to export the entire database ...
    . exporting tablespace definitions
    . exporting profiles
    . exporting user definitions
    . exporting roles
    . exporting resource costs
    . exporting rollback segment definitions
    . exporting database links
    . exporting sequence numbers
    . exporting directory aliases
    . exporting context namespaces
    . exporting foreign function library names
    . exporting object type definitions
    EXP-00008: ORACLE error 942 encountered
    ORA-00942: table or view does not exist
    EXP-00024: Export views not installed, please notify your DBA
    EXP-00000: Export terminated unsuccessfully
    This happens while exporting from a remote client machine. When I export from The machine where database resides, there is no problem at all. Why tis happens?

    May we know the database version of your exported and imported database ? I believe that , you trying to import into lower version of database. If yes, then loging as a sys and run the script $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin/catexp.sql .
    hare krishna

  • EXP-00000: Export terminated unsuccessfully

    When Im perform export it terminated unsuccessfully with bellow message,please clarify why is this
    EXP-00008: ORACLE error 1555 encountered
    ORA-01555: snapshot too old: rollback segment number 3 with name "_SYSSMU3$" too small
    EXP-00000: Export terminated unsuccessfully

    I'm going to assume you are running an older version of Oracle? 9i? And/or that you use manual rollback segments?
    I've had that error before when running an export because my export was running for longer than the database was keeping the undo blocks that I needed to read from. Our export was running for 6 hours, so you need to ensure that it can have a read consistent view of the data as of 6 hours ago. If using automatic undo management, which I would recommend, you can set the undo_retention to 6 hours.

  • EXP-00002: error in writing to export file  EXP-00002:   EXP-00000: Export terminated unsuccessfully

    Dear All,
    . . exporting table
    0 rows exported
    . . exporting table         
    0 rows exported
    . . exporting table   
    0 rows exported
    . . exporting table     
    1040 rows exported
    . . exporting table             
    CDM_INCIDENTS </code>
    EXP-00002: error in writing to export file
    EXP-00002: error in writing to export fileerror closing export file /archive/weeklybkp/export/loc2/sd-04-Sep-08-55.dmp
    EXP-00000: Export terminated unsuccessfully
    I got the above error.It only backup 2Gb after that the above error came.Please help me.

    following link can help you out.
    Check the solution section.

  • Basic Exporting Question

    My main question is a very basic exporting question, but here is a super-condensed explanation of my big-picture goal for context:
    Large (~450 MB) aiff on CD --> trim w/ Quicktime --> small (~16 MB) MP3 in iTunes
    I would like to take an audio file (aiff) that is approximately 450 MB and export it from Quicktime and in doing so, reduce the file size and convert it to MP3. When I simply try to export it, it doesn't ask me about what size I want, nor does it give the option of MP3 formatting.
    I have figured out how to reach my goal, but it's a mess. After I make my trims in QT, I have to:
    1. select "share" instead of "export".
    2. It asks me what size I want and I select small.
    3. The file is then exported as a Quicktime movie into Mail and the size is reduced from 450 MB to about 20 MB.
    4. I then have to "right-click" on the attachment in the email that is created,
    5. save the attachment,
    6. discard the email,
    7. import the file into iTunes, and
    8. create an MP3 in iTunes to finally arrive at my goal.
    This seems like a ridiculously convoluted process to change a large aiff to a small MP3 and put it in iTunes. Any suggestions?

    Thanks. I guess the basic answer to my question is that it can't be done in one or two fell swoops. The problem is that it starts on a burned disc, and I need to make edits to it before it ends up in iTunes (to be eventually used in iWeb). I was hoping to avoid juggling back and forth between iTunes and QT. I either would have to send it back to QT to do the edits after -->iTunes-->mp3, or import the large file from the CD to QT, make the edits, save changes, import large file to iTunes, convert to mp3.

  • Exporting question #53427

    I read through exporting questions for over the last year, but I came away more confused than ever. Here is my problem (which others had, but I'm looking for the quickest solution):
    I made a 3 hour video on iMovie 8 only to read about its limitations afterward. I used information I found on some post to download iMovie 6 and then export my iMovie 8 project to it for its finalization.
    I tried to export the movie LARGE size and it took 6 hours only to end up with the message error -2125.
    I then tried to export to Quicktime, but it was scheduled to take 30+ hours.
    Is there an easier way to get the iMovie 8 project into iMovie 6 in order to complete it?
    (As a side note, I have a 2003 copy of Final Cut Pro which I have not installed. Would this be worth installing on my MacBook to transfer the project to that?)
    Thanks as always.

    Pete Abred wrote:
    .. I was wondering if you know how how I can divide my 3 hour movie into 3 dvd's when I burn the project. ..
    iDVD accepts projects of up to 120min.. so 2 DVD would be enough, allthough ≤60min allow the best quality in iDVD ..
    iM mastermind Dan Slagle answers your question on his site:

  • Expdp(datapump) or exp(orignal export).

    i do not have xmltype in my tables or views but in stored proc i do have for processing xml.
    so should i use expdp(datapump) or exp(orignal export).
    yours sincerely
    Edited by: 944768 on Apr 1, 2013 4:53 AM

    xml ... ?That one I have no idea. Try it and see. Test and verity your result. Know what to expect, and don't be surprised if you ... find something you were not expecting.
    connected to a schemaOne does not connect to a schema, connections are opened to a database instance. A schema is a collection of database objects.
    entry form but no body is using it ...That is an entirely different subject, try a google with the search terms rdbms acid test.
    In oracle, the only session (connection) that can "see" updates is the updating session. No other session may sees those changes until the transaction is committed to the database. Until the commit, all other connections see the "before" value.
    Queries that begin before other transactions commit see the before values, oracle keeps the old value in undo. So an export will "see" the values committed as of the time the export begins.

  • EXP-00024: Export views not installed, please notify your DBA

    Dear OTN Forum,
    I applied the patch to the database
    after the patch was applied I create a new database using the configuration assistance... every thing was ok until I made an export. The error EXP-00024 was showed!
    The questions is:
    How this could be happen if no errors was showed during the database creation process?
    and the most important:
    Can I run the catexp.sql script withouts problem once I've created the database and insert too many data into it?
    Please any comment about it..I need to make an export backup!
    Best regards,

    You probably created a database from a pre-defined template, these templates are useless after applying a patch as these templates are actually the pre-configured datafiles ect.
    You will need to apply the patch to the database you created or...re-create the database custom.

  • File Export question and ID3 Tags

    First question, have tried using Apple's recommended method of using QT Pro to export movies as "iPod" but when attempting to sync to an iPod get an incompatible file format. What is the "right" export option?
    Secondly, on one file I've imported it into iTunes then set all the ID3 fields to my liking, then uploaded into iTunes U but the fields are incorrect. I've tried deleting the file from iTunes U several times and re-imported the file into iTunes and set the ID3 fields and still nothing. Any suggestions on how to get my file up and hold the ID3 fields info?

    If you've been having ID3 issues with MP3s, that was recently corrected (well, just the album art thing, everything else worked as far as I know). I've had bad luck with third party ID3 tag editors, so we are recommending people do it through iTunes.app
    Since you are already doing that, I'd be worried that my site was set to overwrite the tags (this is an option). If you're the admin, you can check it, otherwise you can ask them.

  • Standard Midi File Import/Export Questions

    I'm having some trouble with Standard MIDI files, in that, after exporting them, and importing them back into another Logic project to test them, some of them will split/demix. That is, instead of one MIDI region appearing, it imports as two MIDI regions, with the notes of the part split between the two regions (the notes seem to split according to velocity, not note value).
    Here is my question related to this:
    Is it possible to export a Standard MIDI File for each "part" in a project, rather than one SMF for all the MIDI files in a project? (i.e., create one SMF for each software instrument track)? This is what I'm trying to do. The reason is that I'm trying to prepare and save some MIDI files to include with the audio files in a remix pack, and, since it's likely that the various remixers will be using different DAWs such as Cubase, I'm assuming that a SMF that includes all the various parts might not import into their program correctly. Is my assumption wrong? I.E., will most DAWs, like Cubase, etc., correctly import a SMF that includes all parts, and upon import split those parts correctly?
    I'm following all the instructions for "Saving Standard MIDI Files" from the Logic Pro manual, except that I am not merging all the different instruments' MIDI regions together; I'm only merging each individual parts' MIDI regions.
    Message was edited by: trobert225 - I accidentally posted before I finished the question.

    Well I think the problem is solved. There was a conflict between Logic and iLife 06. I bought a new computer this week and had to load everything into it. I decided not to put in iLife 06 yet including Garageband and all the jam packs. I loaded all the new .caf files off the Logic DVD
    I opened a midi file and all tracks loaded with Logic instruments. the problem was that a lot of the instruments had been erased somehow or over written by Logic studio. Now I believe they are all there and things are working as they should

  • How to export question

    Quick question, I recently upgraded from FCE 2 to FCE 3.5HD. Before, when I was done with a project I would just export the sequence to Compressor and it would launch Compressor and have the sequence loaded in Compressor. Now with FCE 3.5, when I export my sequence, it launches Compressor, but it is blank. I do not know how to get me finished sequence in there....any help would be appreciated....

    Export your movie as QT-movie, non-self contained or self contained (bigger file).
    Open compressor and import the file.

Maybe you are looking for

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    Hi My macbook got stolen but luckily I had a lot of my movies stored on iCloud (there's 4.8Gb of iMovie data up there). On my new macbook none of the movies appear in the theatre however, cant find out how to access them.... Vic

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  • ExecSQL throws NullPointerException in large jobs (Oracle)

    I'm processing a loop with execSQL calls on a Oracle database. My program works fine, but after 15 minutes (= about 90 loops) it always terminates with a NullPointerException from the execSQL call. Is there any time-out for the database connection ?