Export QuickTimes freeze and skip while playing back

I’m new to Motion, and growing concerned. I’ve purchased and learned Motion for a specific job. I’ve built some very cool elements with many layers. I’ve grown accustom to the slow performance, skipping etc. while working on the project. That’s ok.
What concerns me is exporting. When exporting Draft or Best versions, most all the time the movies freeze or skip while playing back, either in QuickTime or Final Cut Pro
When exporting I select Export, as QuickTime Movie, using current project settings
I’m using Motion 3.02-HDV 1080-60i project, 10 seconds long
4x 2.5 Ghz G5
5 GB Ram
I would appreciate and advice or tricks to be able to export a decent version of what I’ve built.

Andy, thanks for your help.
I have 30 gigs available on the hardrive. The file exports are usually less than a gig. I have a GeForce 6600 card.
When I select export setting from “current project settings” it uses the Animation codec and plays with freezes and skips. But with in that video that does play well, it plays very clean and clear.
When I change the export to 1080i60 at best quality, I’m guessing it uses the HDV codec? It does play back with out the skips and freezes. But it looks like **** with horizontal lines in titles stripes etc.
Is there a way to make the 1080i60 video playback clean?

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  • Exported movies freeze and won't play.

    Whenever exporting an iMovie project, (i'm using iMovie HD, although I do have iMovie '08, and if i'm correct, the problem started when I tried using iMovie '08.) the finished movie's video will always freeze about halfway through, while the audio will continue to play. This happens regardless of what I am exporting it as (mpeg, .mov, .avi, etc.). Anybody else have this problem and/or know what to do about it?

    I have had that problem, and worse in that it wouldn't export at all, if my iMovie is composed of many, many clips or has many added audio clips.
    My solution is to 'share' as quicktime, full-quality, resulting in a quicktime movie of my iMovie. I then open a new iMovie project, import this new quicktime movie and export that back to my camcorder. It works perfectly!
    I also will use the new iMovie with the quicktime movie in iDVD if my original iMovie stutters or skips on playback.
    You will have to redo chapter markers as they do not 'share' to quicktime.
    The only caution is that you need enough free drive space to create the quicktime movie. It should be smaller in GB size than the original iMovie as it keeps only the footage actually in the timeline. If the quicktime version plays ok, you can delete the original iMovie.

  • Importing issues with Final Cut Pro X. Green flash and twitches while play back

    Hello, I'm having some importing issues with Final Cut Pro X and I can't find any solution whatsoever. Perhaps my importing settings are wrong?
    Anyways, I've done a lot of recordings on eye TV and HD PVR with some videos that are about 3 hours long. I exported them into H.264 files, which turns them into mpeg-4 files with AAC audio. Then I import them into final cut pro X and I notice it takes a long time for them to render the videos and I notice that there are some green screens and twitches while I play through the video.
    Here is a screenshot of the green screen that I'm talking about:
    Could it be my 2 video graphics card that is causing this kind of issues? Or is there any solution to fix this?
    In the past, I've used iMovie 09 and it worked out perfectly. However, the new iMovie 11 is terrible because it automatically optimzie my 3 hour long videos into making the importing process to (144 hours long to import). Is there any way to get iMovie 09 back or am I stuck on dealing with this Final Cut Pro X issues?
    More information:
    My Hauppauge HD PVR settings are set to custom. Video Constant Bit Rate, the average bit rate: 13.5 Mbps. The audio is AAC.
    My project settings for video properties is set to custom, 720P HD Format, 1280 x 720 Resolution and 30P Rate. The audio and render properties is set to custom, audio channels is stereo, audio sample rate is 48kHz and the Render Format is Apple ProRes 422.
    I export the video as a quicktime movie. The export setting is H.262.
    The summary of the export is:
    File type: Quicktime movie
    Estimated size: 397GB
    H.264, Width and height: 1280 x 720. Framte rate: 30 fps

    My Hauppauge HD PVR settings are set to custom. Video Constant Bit Rate, the average bit rate: 13.5 Mbps. The audio is AAC.
    My project settings for video properties is set to custom, 720P HD Format, 1280 x 720 Resolution and 30P Rate. The audio and render properties is set to custom, audio channels is stereo, audio sample rate is 48kHz and the Render Format is Apple ProRes 422.
    I export the video as a quicktime movie. The export setting is H.262.
    The summary of the export is:
    File type: Quicktime movie
    Estimated size: 397GB
    H.264, Width and height: 1280 x 720. Framte rate: 30 fps

  • Quicktime video freezes/pauses/skips while audio continues at normal rate.

    So here's my problem. I used a Canon Vixia to record some AVCHD footage of my band playing at a gig. I imported it into Final Cut Pro 7 using Log & Transfer. I edited the footage just fine (very simple cuts to remove unnecessary footage and add some title overlays).
    However, upon being exported, whenever I opened the .mov in Quicktime, the video would pause, freeze, or skip while the audio continued. Then the video would move extremely quickly to catch up to the audio. It has done this exported as ProRes 422 (LT), Apple Intermediate Codec, and H.264 (I used Compressor to get it into H.264). The only program to play without any skipping/speeding up was VLC, and there was some heavy pixelization/grey screens going on.
    Upon a whim, I uploaded one of the clips to Facebook. It still played the skips for me, but I had friends tell me that it played perfectly for them. I used a different computer, and sure enough, not a skip in sight. Going back to my computer, it still played the skips/speed-ups. They are present in Facebook, YouTube, Quicktime (both 7 and X), MPEG Streamclip, and during preview by pressing spacebar with the file selected.
    I'm running this on a 15" Macbook Pro (Early 2011 model) with Snow Leopard (10.6.8), 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5, and 4 GB of RAM.

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    Use the SLOWEST possible burn option your burner will allow in Encore, since it is much better to take a bit more time burning the disc than it is to burn "fast" and have a disc that won't play
    Set the VIDEO portion of the transcoding options to a Maximum of 7,000 so your burned disc will have a better chance at playing in desktop players (which support burned discs, if at all, only as an "after thought" of the DVD specification)
    Use AC3 or PCM audio transcode settings for best player compatibility (some discussion of MPEG audio not being supported by all players, especially for NTSC discs)
    Buy and use Taiyo Yuden (or Verbatim?) brand blank discs
    Read this
    ENTIRE message
    Concerning Replication
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    About Authoring and Playing a DVD
    Discussion of
    Peak Bitrate
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    Bit Budget Calculator

  • While playing back a video file the sound goes sort of like an echo and stopping the video and playing back again it sound great, the video is recorded live with an AJA system and plays fine on the units;any clue to what is going

    While playing back a video recorded on a AJA system we transfered it to the macbook pro played it with quicktime works great and sometimes it sounds like an echo same file track and it plays fine on the aja system.Tried it on another macbook pro and it did the same issue.Any clue to what is going on.Thank you.

    Thank you supermacmom!
    I have the LifeProof case for the iPhone5, and I remember the instructions saying that any protective screen cover should be removed before enclosing the phone into the case, but I left mine on with no ill effects.
    But I should have taken off the back protective film, which was covering the video mic!

  • I updated to IOS 7 on my Ipad 2 and now videos will not play, they freeze and skip and will not play.

    I updated to IOS 7 on my Ipad 2 and now videos will not play, they freeze and skip and will not play.  Can anyone help?

    Try this  - Reset the iPad by holding down on the Sleep and Home buttons at the same time for about 10-15 seconds until the Apple Logo appears - ignore the red slider - let go of the buttons. (This is equivalent to rebooting your computer.) No data/files will be erased. http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1430
    How much Available storage space do you have?
    iOS 7: Help with how to fix a crashing app on iPhone, iPad (Mini), and iPod Touch
    http://teachmeios.com/help-with-how-to-fix-a-crashing-app-on-iphone-ipad-mini-an d-ipod-touch/
     Cheers, Tom

  • Any way to export anamorphic SD QT that will play back 16:9?

    I haven't posted for a while because FCS2 has been working great. However one thing has been nagging me for quite a while and I wonder if it's a gap in my FCP education. When I work in SD 16:9 projects (either DV NTSC or DV50 Easy Setup), I often export to QuickTime Movie as "self-contained" .mov's before dealing with clients about output formats. However, because these are now 16:9 anamorphic clips, I can never get QuickTime Player to play them back at the Desktop level in the right aspect ratio.
    Is there any way to flag the QT so that the QT Player can play it back properly?
    For instance, if the next step is making a DVD, the same QT Movie can be imported into DVD Studio Pro, and all I have to do is to identify the track as "16:9 letterbox" and it'll play back in DVDSP in correct aspect ratio. Am I correct in thinking that the QuickTime Player still doesn't allow me to do something this simple after all these years?

    That is strange ... I just ran the test again. Heres the steps I tested.
    First, I created a DV PAL anamorphic sequence in FCP 5.1.4 (QT 7.4.1)
    Then I added a 10 second color matte to the sequence (Video Generators>Matte>Color)
    Finally I exported the timeline in using 3 different methods:
    1) Export >Quicktime Movie w/Current Settings, Self Contained
    2) Export >Quicktime Movie w/Current Settings, Recompress All Frames, Self Contained
    3) Export >Quicktime Conversion >>Quicktime Movie >>>DV PAL, and specifying specifically that the aspect ratio was 16:9
    1) Movie played 4:3 in QT Player ... enabled "Conform aperture to: Clean" and it played 16:9
    2) Movie played 4:3 in QT Player ... enabled "Conform aperture to: Clean" and it played 16:9
    3) Movie played 16:9 in QT Player ... "Conform aperture to: Clean" was enabled already
    So I've just tried to see if I can force it NOT to work...
    4) Export >Quicktime Conversion >>Quicktime Movie >>>DV PAL, and specifying specifically that the aspect ratio was 4:3
    4) Movie played 4:3 in QT Player ... "Conform aperture to: Clean" was enabled already.
    So the only way I can seem to make this not work is if I go out of my way to tell QT that its NOT anamorphic and that it really is 4:3 ... then QT Player takes me at my word.
    Odd that you're not seeing this. I wonder if its version specific?

  • Tv shows freezing and skipping

    I have been downloading and watching the TV show Top Chef from the iTunes store and while watching the last several episodes the video and audio will freeze and skip. Can anyone tell me what is going on? and how do I fix it? PLEASE!!! I found two topics about this one was marked answered and I tried what they suggested and it did not work the other was posted back in Nov. and has had no responses.

    You have to contact iTunes customer support.
    They'll give you a new download or credit your account.

  • 60gb ipod photo keeps freezing and skipping through songs

    I've had my 60gb ipod photo for almost a year and it keeps freezing and skipping through songs and sometimes it won't respond to a reset. I have to let the battery run down in order to use it again. I have restored it several times and it seems to keep happenning at least once a week.I have the latest software for it. Is there any thing else I can do?

    - Reset the iOS device. Nothing will be lost
    Reset iOS device: Hold down the On/Off button and the Home button at the same time for at
    least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.
    - Unsync all music and resync what you  want
    - Reset all settings
    Go to Settings > General > Reset and tap Reset All Settings.
    All your preferences and settings are reset. Information (such as contacts and calendars) and media (such as songs and videos) aren’t affected.
    - Restore from backup. See:       
    iOS: How to back up
    - Restore to factory settings/new iOS device.
    -  Make an appointment at the Genius Bar of an Apple store.
      Apple Retail Store - Genius Bar

  • Adding markers and info while playing

    I recall seeing a marketing bullet about how you could now add markers and info during playback on FCP6.
    I can't figure out how this actually works, if it does.
    Is there a way to drop a marker while playing back AND add info into the dialog box that normally pops up if you hit the tilda twice?
    Can't find ANY info about this.

    That is a feature of FCP 7...not 6.

  • Hi Def video is jumpy and will not play back smoothly in FCPX

    I have the latest version of Final Cut Pro X only an older, but fully compatible IMac, and have a new Panasonic AG-Hmc 40P video camera. I have shot video on my Gro Prop Hero 2 and the playback of the unedited video is perfect, but as I scroll through the unedited footage shoot by the Panasonic, the video is jumpy and will not play back smoothly. The video plays perfectly on the the camera in play back mode, but in FCPX it is junk.
    Do I have an incorrect setting that is doing this? I adjusted the palynack in preference but that made no difference.  I need help?

    There's a hidden feature in Mac OS X Lion that you can use to convert your video footage to Apple ProRes with very little effort and to the right specifications...
    Bring your video footage into your desktop or hard drive and then select all of them, and then right-right click on one of them to bring up the options menu... select ENCODE SELECTED VIDEO FILES. Mac OS X will take care of the rest for you automatically.
    If this option doesn't show up, make sure to install those codecs I recommendad earlier...
    ProApps QuickTime Codecs v1.0.1

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    Anyone know why the music has these little "click" skips while playing?  I'm playing on a mac pro with Yosemite and hard wired high speed 150 Mbs connection.  It's like the music has these tiny fast interruptions in it when playing.  It seems to have happened only recently.  Perhaps this is spotify encouraging me to leave for Apple's new service?  

    Is app nap enabled? https://community.spotify.com/t5/Help-Desktop-Linux-Mac-Windows/App-Nap-and-OSX-10-10-3/m-p/1160650

  • Link ambiguity while playing back

    Oats version 12.4.0
    I have two links in my page with same name,
    I recorded script fine.
    While playing back it is clicking same link again and again

    Remove all unwanted attributes from XPath , say href etc. Then replace or with and in XPath. Give text attribute and index attribute in XPath. This will solve your issue for sure.
    If you face any difficulties in doing this, paste code of both links here, so I can help you to modify

  • Hi. Quick question I am working with Panasonic GH3 footage and it is playing back in slow motion?

    Hi. Quick question I am working with Panasonic GH3 footage shot using .MOV wrapper with their IPB 50mbps and All-Intra 72MBPS codecs and they are playing back in slow motion in Sg CC. The footage works fine in PP CC and I have no clue on how to fix it. Is this a bug or do I a have a setting wrong some place?

    Yes it turns red this is silly PP and AE have no problem with playback for these codecs. So it is indeed Sg not handling the codec correctly and not my system?
    What if I transcoded it to something else other than the previous what would you reccommend?
    I was going to transcode to ProRes but 5DtoRGB does not work on Windows with GH3 codecs.
    What is the correct time warp seting under clip properties? I screwed with it and forgot the default setting.
    Is there a way to reset Sg back to defaults settings globaly. I tried to many settings trying to fix the playback and may have left something in the wrong state.

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    I know I am not addressing Apple here, I would like to do so, but I don't know how to reach them. I just want to share my experiance and would like to know did this is because of my 3G iPhone problem, or all 3G iPhone will having the same phenomena like me? I had try to reset the phone, but it is not work. But I found a way to increasing the speed, it is switch to Airplane Mode. But if switch iPhone to Airplane Mode then only able to speeding up, then the iPhone will became an Ipod Touch and not anymore an iPhone again.

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    I imported 10 min of DV from my Sony HC96 camcorder to iMovie 6. I selected a video clip and split it using cmd-T but the extracted audio clip below it did not split. How can I split both the video and underlying audio clip so I can drag the edge of

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