Export to Excel Action in MS SSRS Report not exporting all data in Report

I have developed a complex Report that has many expandable nodes in a table format. The report works fine.
However, when I export the Report to Excel using Actions --> export to Excel, only the data in expanded nodes is included. The data in collapsed nodes is not included.
I am looking for approach to include data in expanded nodes in Excel Export. The expanded data can be expanded in Excel.
Any help in this regard will be appreciated.

Hi Abhijit PS,
Per my understanding you are experiencing the issue with the excel report which have add the drill down action, after export to excel only the expanded nodes included and the collapsed nodes is not shown, right?
Generally, if we expand the nodes before export to excel then the excel will display the expanded details row and keep collapsed the details row which haven't expand, but we have the toggle "+","-" on the left of the Excel to help
control the expand and collapse, when you click the "+" you can expand the collapsed notes to see the details rows.
I have tested on my local environment with different version of SSRS and can always see the "+","-" as below:
On the Top left corner you can find the "1","2", this help to control the "Collapse All" and "Expand All".
If you can't see the "+","-" in the excel, the issue can be caused by the Excel version you are currently using, and also excel have limit support of this, please provide us the Excel version information and the SSRS version. You
can reference to this similar thread:
lost collapsing columns when export to excel
Please try to export other drill down report to excel and check if they work fine, if they did, the issue can be caused by the drill down action you have added in this report is not correctly, if possible, please try to redesign the report.
Article below about how to add  Expand/Collapse Action to an Item for your reference:
If your problem still exists, please feel free to ask
Vicky Liu

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  • Crystal Reports not displaying all data

    We have a simple report pulling from 3 tables on a sql server. For some reason, data from one table does not fully display. The table is called Referral, and we have some clients that have a Referral record tied to them. Out of a report of 20 records, we will have 3-4 that won't display the referral data (even though I can see it in the database), but the other 16 records will. If I go into the database, and change the data on one of the non-displaying referral records and save, it will start displaying. If I then change the data back to the original, it will also display. Being new to Crystal Reports, I don't know if this is a Crystal issue or a problem at the data source, but thought I would put it out here in case someone is familiar with this problem. Our Crystal Reports version is 2011.

    This could be either table join problem in your crystal reports designer or when you are linking the tables it is unable to match the records.
    -- Go in Crystal reports designer and refresh the report and go in Database Menu--Show SQL query and copy the SQL and run the same at database end and check.
    Also you said you are able to see all records at database end, if you are extracting data through SQL you can very well copy that SQL in crystal reports under 'Add Command'  option and create your report.
    You will find Add command option under your Database connection while creating a report.

  • SSRS Matrix not showing all the entry for a Column Groups

    I created a Matrix in my SSRS report and for some reason if the COLUMN GROUP has more than one
    entry it only shows the first one and not the second or consequent entries.
    I opened a question in SO and here is the link:
    All help is appreciated.

    Hi SiKni8,
    According to your description, you have a matrix report. If a user has more than one start date and end date, you want to put all those start dates and end dates into one single row for this user. Right?
    In Reporting Service, for all data fields textbox appearing at intersection of rows and columns, the matrix will use Sum aggregation function by default. If the data can’t be calculated by aggregation function, it will return the first one of records. This
    is the reason why you only get the first start date and end date for each user. In your scenario, it is impossible to append more columns at the end of the matrix without setting column group. And we can never append columns dynamically based on the numbers
    of the records. So for your requirement, we find a workaround which we think is the most related to the answer you want. We use custom code to get both StartDate and EndDate, then return them as string. After that we append those strings and put the whole
    string into a cell. Your case has been tested in our local environment. Here are steps and screenshots for your reference:
    Put the custom code below into your report:
    Dim Num As String = ""
    Dim tempstr As String = ""
    Function AggregateString(Title as String, StartDate as String, EndDate as String) 
    If Title = Num Then
       tempstr = tempstr + "(" +StartDate+" , "+EndDate+")  "
      Num = Title
      tempstr =tempstr+"("+StartDate+" , "+EndDate+")  "
    End If 
    Return tempStr 
    End Function
    In our sample report, we created a matrix based on your description. It looks like below:
    In textbox next to [Title], put the expression below into it:
    Ps: In our report, we set the type of date as string when creating table and dataset. If your date type is different, use Cstr() function and convert it into string.
    Save and preview. The result looks like below:
    Matrices (Report Builder and SSRS)
    RunningValue Function (Report Builder and SSRS)
    If you have any question, please feel free to ask.
    Best Regards,
    Simon Hou

  • While working in Material Master, Before exporting to Excel need to know the count of listed items in SQVI Reporting

    While working in Material Master, Before exporting to Excel need to know the count of listed items in SQVI Reporting

    Major documentation is at https://service.sap.com/installmdm.
    In the "Installation" section, you can find information about predefined object models (e.g. Product, Business Partner). For "Vendor" information, please check under "Previous Releases (ZIP Files) > MDM 5.5 (SP03) Installation Guides > SAP ERP-MDM Field Mapping and Check Tables.xls.

  • Regular Report Not Returning All Rows

    On APEX version Using latest versions of Chrome and IE. I found some threads that discussed this aspect some, but not to the extent that is helpful to my situation.
    I know it is crazy to have APEX return 40K+ rows on a report, but I have a need to do so. I need to return that many rows from a table so that an APEX page can be opened via Excel and then have an Excel macro run over the report results and import all 40K+ rows into a worksheet. As I said, that's crazy, but the decision isn't mine. :-) We have the macro working and it passes parameters to the APEX page and imports data from the APEX page.
    Also, the report has 14 columns on it, not that many.
    Given the requirement above I have a regular report page that only has the report and 2 page items on it. The page items contain values that are passed via Excel and are then used in the WHERE condition of the report. Using the same WHERE condition, when I run the SQL for the report outside of APEX it returns 46,840 rows. I have the both the Number of Rows and Maximum Row Count settings set to 50000. And, I have the Pagination Scheme set to Row Ranges X to Y of Z (with pagination).
    When I run the page and enter the selection criteria the report only returns 15,500 rows. Yes, that's a lot rows. And, it takes about 5 minutes to populate. But, it doesn't return ALL of the rows. Also, the pagination suggests that all rows were returned because it reads - row(s) 1 to 15500 of 15500. I have changed the pagination and max rows settings a lot to see of it's just a matter of having the correct report setting. I've yet to find a setting that will cause the whole 46840 result set to be returned.
    It may end up that the report selection needs to change in order to return fewer rows. But, regardless of that why isn't APEX returning the complete result set now? And, is there a way to force it to return the complete result set regardless of the size?
    Any suggestions are appreciated.
    Thanks, Tony

    cloaked wrote:
    Thanks for the response. Yup, you're correct. Downloading to a CSV might be better. I've set reports up that way many, many times. I have even developed pages that import from a CSV into APEX using PL/SQL, years before it was an APEX feature. I initially set the report up to allow it to be downloaded, but the user doesn't want it to work that way.
    The worksheet will be used by a lot of people in our accounting department and they want the process to be as simple as possible. Right now Excel opens up the APEX page, logs into the application, passes parameters to it for the month and company, hits the Select button, waits on the report to build, then automatically imports it, and finally closes the page. It is quite slick. Yes, it takes 5 minutes to run, but the user is OK with that given what the automation provides.
    So, in order for the automated import to work properly all 45K rows need to display on one page, without pagination. I currently have pagination on the page simply to determine if APEX is returning all of the rows.A process of this nature might work better using an export: XML or export: CSV report template, which won't go anywhere near pagination. When a page containing a report using these templates is requested APEX sends the report results in XML or CSV format rather than rendering the page. This should be faster, avoid complications with pagination, and be easier to parse in Excel.
    Previous thread along similar lines: +{thread:id=2285213}+

  • Crystal Reports Cross-Tab Report not showing all available fields

    I am running CR2008 against MS SQL Express.  I have several tables with fields and data in them and can create standard reports to show all the data in all the fields.  However, when I try to create a cross-tab report, only some of the fields appear for me to choose from.
    I created a standard report with all the fields I needed in my cross-tab report and ran a preview.  Everything was there.  I then added a cross-tab object, selected the tables only to find that fields that are in the main report are not showing up for selection in the cross-tab.

    UPDATE:  I exported the entire database from MS SQLExpress to MS Access and I am having the same issues, so it does not appear to be a problem with the database engine and, since the standard tabular reports show the fields, I am at a loss as to why they don't show up in the cross-tab or the Parameter fields.
    I am creating the cross-tab through the Cross-Tab wizard.  Is there maybe a bug in that?  Is there a way to create it otherwise?

  • FDM export to HFM - 2nd export did not clear all data from 1st export?

    Has anyone experienced exporting a replacement FDM file to HFM where the 2nd file did not contain an account that was present in the original file and that account/value in the 1st file then remained in the HFM trial balance and caused it to be out of balance? Does the replace export option not clear all the prior file data? The only unusual part of it might be that the problem account was derived using logic group script? Thanks.

    Thanks Hensen - Sure, it was easy enough to fix once I deduced what the problem was - although my solution was just to use the data clear function and reload. The real question is how to prevent it from happening again and it sounds like I can't do much about it - other than trying to train the users to watch out for do-over files that have fewer accounts than the original load?? Am I wrong to think that HFM should try to fully clear all previous data from a load file if there is a replacement or at least try to validate whether or not all prior accounts have been repopulated?? There's plenty of good validation in the validation step of FDM. Why not during the export step? If this makes sense, I'll put in another "enhancement request" to support.

  • CRM Interactive reports not loading any data on WEB UI

    CRM BI client is setup properly by following CRM IR config guide C41.
    /CRMBW/CONFIG_WIZARD doesn't show any major errors. I am able to create
    the custom interactive reports but when these reports are executed no
    data shows up in the report.For example ,we are building interactive
    reports under opportunities area for a user, who has opportunities in
    the system.
    Our CRM Sytem is on CRM7.0 EHP1 SPS3.

    Hi Thirumala,
    if still relevant (sorry for the late reply): check if the user is assigned to a business partner (employee), which is assignet to a correct position in the CRM Org model, and that this business partner is the employee responsible of the sales documents you want him to see in the reports.
    Alternatively, the user's business partner can be a manager of such an employee.
    Best regards

  • Crystal Report not Adopting all possible Dropdown Values from BEx Variable

    Hi all,
    I am having an issue in a Crystal report where the drop down parameter that is sourced from a BEx query variable does not include all the possible values in the cube (or in master data). After learning my lesson the first time of not changing the name of the variable or changing it to dynamic (this causes it to break), I had the understanding that the value list may not be complete when running the report in the Crystal client or in the viewer, however, I thought it should be correct when published to the BOE and run in infoview. I am getting the same incomplete list in infoview. I published the report into infoview using the Crystal 2008 desktop client, not the /CRYSTAL/RPTADMIN transaction.
    I know there are a couple ways of sourcing a Crystal report from a BW query - using MDX vs. not, etc. I created this report using the SAP menu > "Create new report from a query". I don't believe Crystal will easily let you use that menu option to create a report off two BW queries joined together (which is what I am doing), so I built it off one originally (using the SAP menu), then added the other later on. I have the checkbox for "Use MDX driver with support for Multiple structures" checked. In database expert, my "Selected Tables" both are of database type "SAP BW Query".
    Do I have the right understanding of how the value list should work when sourced from a BEx variable? If so, can anyone offer any suggestions for getting the value list populated correctly?
    Here's some info:
    Crystal version: CR2008, version
    BOE version 3.1
    SAP BW 7.01 EhP 6

    - in the Crystal Reports designer the list of values is not online and there is a maximum number of values - configured by a registry setting:
    (windows 7)
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Business Objects\Suite 12.0\SAP\BWQueryReportWrapper
    Key: MaxPickListSize
    and correct you can not change the name of the variable or set it to dynamic as the definition is based on the BEx query.
    I know there are a couple ways of sourcing a Crystal report from a BW query - using MDX vs. not, etc. I created this report using the SAP menu > "Create new report from a query". I don't believe Crystal will easily let you use that menu option to create a report off two BW queries joined together (which is what I am doing), so I built it off one originally (using the SAP menu), then added the other later on. I have the checkbox for "Use MDX driver with support for Multiple structures" checked. In database expert, my "Selected Tables" both are of database type "SAP BW Query".
    The checkbox on the Multi Structure is not for the option to combine 2 Bex queries - it is for Bex queries with 2 structures and the BW query driver has been deprecated already and you have to use the MDX Driver.
    Do I have the right understanding of how the value list should work when sourced from a BEx variable? If so, can anyone offer any suggestions for getting the value list populated correctly?
    in Crystal Reports Designer the list is static and when you publish the report using the BW Publishing to your SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise system the list becomes dynamic in InfoView.
    Ingo Hilgefort

  • Links in Reports Not Showing Correct Data

    Good Afternoon!
    I've recently found that the links in some reports are not working as they should.  Below is an example from a report I just tried:
    I ran the report "Count of all instances of specific software registered with Add or Remove Programs" and selected a specific Collection I had created.  The report ran as it should and displayed a list of all software titles and versions for all of
    the collection's workstations combined.
    One application has 5 different versions installed amongst the collection and I need a list of them.  Each of the 5 versions was listed and each had a link.  When clicking on the link, though,
    it showed a list of "all systems" workstations which had the application / version - not just the number of or machines from the collection the report was run on.  Long story short, the report displayed about
    11 machines, but clicking on the link showed a list of about 40.
    I don't know if this is by design, but it's really difficult to work with.  I am having to make individual queries for the data which takes much longer.  Is there a resolution to this?
    Thank You!
    Ben K.

    Yes, I know this is an old post, I’m trying to clean them up, Did you figure this out, if so how?
    Yes this is be design however you can modify the "Computers with specific software registered in Add Remove Programs" report and have it filter on both the SW title and collection.

  • Sql report not accounting all the tickets

    Hello all,I currently am trying to put together a sql report to use since the manual reports don't include all the information I need. I am currently using the following code."select t.c_type_of_service "Type of Service", t.category, (select (COALESCE(SUM(tw.time_spent), 0)/60)) as "Time Spent (minutes)", '$'||(select round(sum(tw.labor),2)) as "Labor Costs", Count(DISTINCT tw.id) as "Ticket Count"FROM ticket_work tw INNER JOIN tickets t ON t.id = tw.ticket_id where datetime(t.closed_at)>=datetime('now', '-30 days')and t.category != 'projects'group by t.category, t.c_type_of_service"The issue is that when I run the report it is roughly missing about half my tickets for this month. I am very new to using sql so any help would be appreciated.
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    You must have larger margin. Try to make smaller header and/or footer.

  • Purchase requisition report not showing any data R12.04

    when i run "Printed Requisitions Report". Report run without any information.
    EBS R12.04

    Please refer to Note: 472332.1 - R12: Printed Requisition Report Ends With "No Data Found"

  • Aging Report not displaying all BP's

    I have a client who recently upgraded to 8.8 PL 10. They found that when running the Customer Aging report they did not see all the customers in the list. Even customers with a balance.
    I have looked into this and found some confusing results... I make sure that there is no selection on the Customer Codes or groups and that there is only one accounts receivable in the Control account selection (They only have one). With this selection I sometimes got all the customers and sometimes not. I could not determine a common factor.
    Is this an issue with 8.8 PL 10?
    Any help wold be appreciated.

    Yes, I tried with the Display customers with zero balance selected. Then I could see all the customers.
    But the specific customer that did not show up when this was not selected have a balance.

  • Siebel BIP report not show correct data when current view=my programs view

    Dear All,
    I have report that contain field approval,
    which is when i login as 'SASKIA' as example then i want to print report budget request,
    this report contain field approval like :
    Employee Login
    but when i print the report it just show:
    Employee Login
    and it happened only if i print report in 'MY Programs' view,
    the report show ok in 'All Programs' view.
    and when checked in siebel tools, IO Program Container(that used in report), the link already set to all.
    Please help me on this.
    Best regards

    try adding a user property to your integration object:
    User Property Name: "ViewMode"
    User Property Value: "All"
    see if it has any effect - for me it solved some issues with data not being displayed!

  • CO46 report not displaying all sales orders

    Dear all
    We are not able to get details of all sales orders in CO46..(All item categories and different sales order types).Screen remains blank while executing..It doesn't show line items-Overview screen..
    can u please tell us the reason for the same
    Is it to do with sales order type or item category...How do we bring all sales orders in this report

    I think this report only shows the sales order that have diract relation to a Production Order. The other Sales Order are not showed
    If you want a report for all sales order, try VA05 or SD01
    Hope this helps

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