Export to JPG

I was looking for exporting the ai file to jpg file using the SDK CS4
I was able to export the ai file to jpg file through the plugin based on the some code from the fourms
the issue is i get an html file along with the jpg file when i do a PlayActionEvent
I tried to export from File->Export as jpg where i dont get an html file
I know for sure i have missed some code
i have set AIActionParamValueRef vpb values for FileName, Format, and Extension
error = sAIActionManager->PlayActionEvent(kAIExportDocumentAction,kDialogOff,vpb);
I dont get any error, but along with the jpg the html gets created in the Path i have mention
i just want to omit the HTML file
What are the other settings do i need to set

This exact thing happened to me.  If I recall correctly, the 'parm' part of your value perameter block is probably not set up exactly correctly.  You might have too little or too much information in there byte-wise.  Here's an example of a structure of values that will work for the 'parm' property:
typedef struct
    long quality;
    long kind;
    long scans;
    long antialias;
    AIFixed resolution;
    long colorModel;
    long alwaysTrue;
    long unused[18];
} jpegExportParametersCS4;

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