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Is there a way to export the web gallery without the "Detail" page (the higher quality image)? This is just to save time on exporting a massive amount for previewing.

see response in other thread ...

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  • IPhoto v7.1 - Maximum number of images export to Web Gallery

    Maximum number of images that can be exported to Web Gallery??

    I believe that the number is 500 per gallery - total of all galleries would be a function of photo size and iDisk space
    Larry Nebel

  • Where is the display filenames option in web gallery export?

    adobe bridge CS4, as i'm understanding this feature went away in later versions.
    Just trying to export a web gallery that will include the file name beneath of it.
    I thought the feature was non-existnant so I have spent a couple hunded bucks and about two years trying third party options, I prefer that the web gallery export look exactly like bridge.
    in reading through these forums again, i see mention of to simply check "Show File Names" when I create a Web Gallery.
    I cannot find this option anywhere.
    just want to have web gallery with the names of the files beneath the images, if it were searchable, and could be organized by alpha-numerical order just like bridge, that would be what I wish.

    adobe bridge CS4, as i'm understanding this feature went away in later versions.
    In CS6 it is still there, only under the Template 'HTML Gallery'
    Don't have experience myself with Web Gallery so no idea if this has changed but believe it has always been this way, maybe they changed the order of the templates?

  • Web gallery export bug: Crop ratio change doesn't update correctly

    I've just submitted this as a bug to the Aperture feedback site, but then realized that maybe I should have asked around to find out if it was just me or if it's an actual bug.
    Try this: Export a web gallery to your site. Now change the cropped aspect ratio of one or more images in the gallery. Now export the gallery again and when Aperture asks if you want to Update or Replace the existing gallery, select Update. (This option is supposed to save time by only sending the changed files to the site.) The image that was cropped differently will still show up in the Index and Detail view with the old ratio, but the new dimensions will be stretched to fit the old ratio.
    I've done this repeatedly and it's completely reproducible. The only way to get the gallery to display correctly is to select Replace when exporting the gallery. Obviously, if your gallery is larger than a handful of images this will take a while and it defeats the purpose of the Update option.
    Does anyone find this same issue or am I the only one?

    Yeah, that makes sense.
    I'm thinking now that if I create a new version in the web gallery and crop it just for the web export the app will probably re-send that image out to the web site because it treats the new version as a different image. Since the new version really doesn't take up any meaningful hard drive space this wouldn't be a deal-breaker, but I would have to remember to NOT delete that version or change the crop ratio before uploading the gallery again.

  • Photoshop Web Gallery shtml output?

    I would like to make a portfolio web site with my works.
    I've already implemented the design code in the Photoshop Wen Gallery, but the only problem I have is that everytime I want to change my menu, I have to refresh the code and all the galleries (I mean delete all the galleries and remake them with the new code, wich is pretty annoying).
    What I mean, is that the menu within my photoshop gallery isn't flexible enough for modification.
    The easiest solution were the SSI (server side includes for my menu), and that's where I get stuck...
    In my Photoshop CS2, I can't see any possibility to export the web gallery in shtml, so that the SSI could work.
    Does anyone know, if this is possible in CS3? Or perhaps any other method?
    Any help would be appreciated.

    I want to do the same thing. Did you ever find out?

  • Web Gallery in non-Flash format?

    Are there any extensions or anything to allow Bridge to Export a Web Gallery into a non-flash format? In my site I am trying to pay particular attention to accessibility and flash is inherently non-accessible, and also does not work with some of the most popular mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, iAnything). Essentially I am looking for some kind of HTML5 Web Gallery. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Hi there -
    I'd try posting your question over in the Flash general forum. You could also try the Flash site design forum. The folks over there will probably be able to help you solve your issue

  • Lightroom Web Gallery in HTML page?

    I want to export a web gallery from LR 1.3 and insert this gallery into an html web page in Dreamweaver 8. This would be huge! I have researched it and found that it just may not work.
    1 of the errors: the first gallery I made in LR and published online, is the gallery that shows up in the html page.
    Another error: the gallery only shows that its loading (inside html page).
    1: drop the flash file into the html page and resize it to fit
    2: put the bin in the resources folder and drop the flash file in the html page
    Primary resource:
    Any help would be outstanding!
    Thank you,
    Tyler Fraser

    It's not an Adobe issue, it's a hosting issue.  I have GoDaddy, and, after four or five phone calls, I got someone who really knew what they are doing.  He said they host Unix for Linnus users, and a Windows based for Windows users, so that's not it.  It was a simple matter of moving files.  I was creating a subdomain this time, so perhaps that made it a little more difficult.  Anyway, you name the gallery with the same name as the destination folder.  Then, if the index.html page isn't in the right place, you move it to a place in the tree where it is right.  Call your hosting company if you can't get it right.  Persistence and patience will pay off.

  • Web Gallery- Make the Site Title a link

    Not sure if this is common knowledge, so I figured I'd pass it along...
    You can make the Site Title a link by entering the following:
    <a href="www.your-url.com">Your Site Title</a>

    If I enter this ( Home ) into my collection title I end up with this
    ( <a href="../index.html">Home</a> ) in the group.xml file.
    When I first enter the original text it appears as ( Home ) in the LR display, upper right corner. Once I save as preset or export the web gallery it then appears as
    ( Home ) in the LR display.
    What am I doing wrong?

  • Web gallery without .Mac account

    I am using the 30-day Aperture trial.
    Is it possible to make and export a web gallery without owning a .Mac account ?
    I just want to use the web gallery on my own web space.

    Web Gallery is connected to .mac and can not be used to publish to other sites. However, you can make web pages and then export to SmugMug, Flickr, PhotoShelter etc. Web pages can also be exported to a folder on your system and then exported to your site.
    You can also use iPhoto and iWeb in conjunction with Aperture and then export your galleries to other servers.
    A little extra off topic info:
    .mac users will automatically be upgraded to the new MobileMe as soon as it becomes available.
    Paul K

  • Web Gallery export troubles w/ LR 2.3 update (Mac)

    I regularly export web galleries (WG) using templates I have created. Earlier today I began having trouble, where LR2.2 would freeze
    during a WG export, and I had to force quit LR.
    At first, because LR was dragging so slowly, I thought it was a near-full startup disk, so I opened up 31 gb of free space, quit LR and restarted. After the problem reoccured, I thought it was because I had large Tiffs in the WG, which I had never done before, so I excluded them, but it did not help.
    Finally I upgraded to LR 2.3, and immediately tried to output a small test WG. When I clicked 'save,' nothing would happen, that is,
    the export window would disappear and there would be no indication in the progress bar that the WG was being created, and in Finder sure enough
    nothing was created.
    I tried several times. Then I tried it using my template without altering any text in the gallery, and it worked. I repeated this and it worked about 90% of the time. Then I tried it again with my larger web gallery (59 images) and again, nothing happened. I went
    back to the simple gallery and it worked; back to larger gallery with text altered: did not work.
    EDIT: I am finding it does not like a string of numbers in the "site info" boxes, such as my file number 090217.
    Any ideas?
    I am on an iMac Intel, with 4 gb ram, running 10.5.6
    Jerry Mann.

    >Bruce Morton:L.R. 2.3 windows and printer seem to be fighting for color control. I can not print in L.R. and get good colors. My monitor is calibrated and I have checked for a color managed by L.R. box. The color seems ok in CS4/Bridge. What am I missing or doing wrong? HELP!
    There are quite a few printer related threads in this forum and you don't say what OS/printer you have but you could start here:
    Steven Fromewick, "Is there a serious flaw in LRs Print Module?" #1, 13 Jan 2008 1:04 pm
    or here
    Posting under a Gallery thread might not be the best way to have your question read by those who know about printer problems :)

  • Controlling filenames in web gallery export

    I need to export photos of a specific size with the version names the same as the filenames, and since Aperture apparently can't export a batch of images (using the Fiel/Export function) without varying the size a pixel or two (see my thread: "Variable size on export"), I'm trying to use the web gallery function and sizing the pix the exact dimensions I need.
    The problem is that Aperture insists on renaming the files "Picture 001, Picture 002, etc., and I need the filename to match the version name.
    Anyone found a way to fix this?

    Well that's quite a pain. I would have thought that something as simple as exporting to consistent sizes would have been on the top of the 'bug' list. This is a major need for me to output precisely sized low-res photos.
    <<btw, this has been discussed previously ... >>
    Sorry! I did a search & nothing turned up, but I didn't scroll through all the pages.
    Thanks for the tip. I hope someone comes up with a workaround...

  • Keep filenames in web gallery export

    Currently Bridge will generate random filenames when using the web gallery export tool. Drawback of this is that when we manually upload the new images to a server, they don't overwrite the old ones. Okay, it's a matter of remembering to delete the old ones. But also, because we adapt the XML scripts with some more info, we have to re-adapt the XML files every time.
    It would be superb if the 'web gallery output' sidebar could have a checkbox to 'keep original filenames'.

    Well that's quite a pain. I would have thought that something as simple as exporting to consistent sizes would have been on the top of the 'bug' list. This is a major need for me to output precisely sized low-res photos.
    <<btw, this has been discussed previously ... >>
    Sorry! I did a search & nothing turned up, but I didn't scroll through all the pages.
    Thanks for the tip. I hope someone comes up with a workaround...

  • Missing Metadata in Web Gallery images exported from Aperture.

    Images that I export directly to my .mac web gallery from aperture do not show any meta data on their info pages. In aperture the images have all meta data.
    I have checked all the presets and all include metadata. There is no specific preset for web gallery I notice.
    Has anyone else solved this?

    I want to change all the metatdata in groups to copywrighted. I can not seem to do this. There could be a checkbox on or off when importing. This would be perfect for bringing in older copywrighted archives.

  • How can I export Keywords when creating a Web Gallery?

    I would like to include the keywords applied to an image when exporting to a Web Gallery. I have learned how to include the caption, and there's a possibility of copy and paste the keywords to the caption before export, but as you can tell, that adds unnecessary steps.
    I suppose the larger question is "how do I customize the exported web gallery, and the content it includes?" but that will come next.
    Big picture, I'm working on creating a searchable "proof book" and my initial thoughts are to create a custom html template which includes a Google search bar, and indexes / searches the keywords of each photo, exported to the web gallery.
    Step one is to get the keywords to export ...

    Right-click the page, choose View Page Info, and click the Permissions tab. There you can turn off automatic loading of images (uncheck Use default first to enable the controls). Any luck?
    There might be a way to restore that more direct right-click menu item if you need it frequently, but I haven't researched it.
    To clean up a page for printing, you also could consider an add-on like the following: [https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/print-edit/ Print Edit :: Add-ons for Firefox]. Then you wouldn't have to re-enable images each time.

  • Export Bridge Assets including metadata into searchable web gallery

    We have several thousand images that we have tagged with metadata in Adobe Bridge. We want to be able to export these images and their associated metadata into a searchable web gallery so that customers can search keywords or at the very least pick attributes in order to narrow down the image selection process.
    What software has the ability to do this?
    Thank you!

    Apologies.. my advice may have been wrong.. it is a while since I figured it out.. trying to remember what it was I did..you do have to shorten that file name.. but it may not be the caption you need to change. I suspect I may have selected all the images.. then gone to meta data batch change and done something under the custom button which then applied to all images.
    In my case I needed to get the web address for the gallery created from:
    http://homepage.mac.com/farish/Smartbins™%20Chewing%20Gum%20Bin%20and%20Cigarett e%20Bin%20Image%20Gallery/
    down to:
    I did manage it but can't quite remember how I did it.
    I will keep playing and when I figure out what I did that worked will post again.
    The web gallery name you choose affects how Google sees the site as when you publish the web gallery - the web gallery name can pop up in Google
    It's quite difficult to figure out exactly what to do. If anyone else knows a definitive answer please advise!

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