Export to xls missing first row for some users

SQL Developer 3.2.2
User exports 20 rows to XLS format.
The first row is covered with the SQL statement.
Previously it was on the second page.

SQL Developer 3.2.2
User exports 20 rows to XLS format.
The first row is covered with the SQL statement.
Previously it was on the second page.

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  • Taking long time on First login for some users

    We are facing very strange issue in our ECC6 server.
    For some users when they login put userid and password it takes 15-20 min to login and sometimes give time out.
    but after first login it works fine.
    If I remove roles from those user and assign them SAP_ALL or one or two roles,they also work fine.
    One more thing some other users having same authorization are working fine.
    One solution of this issue I found to delete the user having problem and copy it with user who is working fine.
    But not getting root cause of the issue and permanent solution of the issue.
    Please suggest.

    We just experienced the same problem after updating our SP-Stack.
    <p>Some users were experiencing a long logon time, and a long time to return to the Session Manager screen.  Changing to the SAP Menu instead of the User Menu cleared the problem for those users, but they no longer had quick access to transactions that were in the User Menu, and not in the Favourites.
    <p>Note 203617 was not the answer for our problem, but it did point us in the right direction.
    <p>After upgrading our SP Stack last Friday, it appeared that some of the roles in the Customer Namespace (ie, zRoleName001) had inherited a copy of the Logistics or Accounting SAP menu trees.  This meant that users with those roles ended up with a User Menu which contained the 10 or so transactions that are assigned to their roles, and additionally,  the entire Logistics or Accounting Tree which contain 35,000+ items.  In transaction SM66, users who are waiting for their logon to complete are shown doing a sequential read of table AGR_HIERT.
    <p>To correct this, I removed the Logistics and Accounting menu trees as appropriate from the User menu of those roles in PFCG.  Users that use the User Menu can now logon normally.
    <p>This is what I did to troubleshoot:
    <p>* Pick one user that is experiencing long login times, and have them change to the SAP Menu instead of the User Menu.  If their logon time improves, open transaction SE38, and run the program EASY_ACCESS_NUMBER_OF_NODES.
    <p>* Specify the user's account and click on Execute.
    <p>* If the program times out, chances are that they have an enormous number of items in their User Menu - continue with the next step.
    <p>* If the program finishes, look at the number of Menu Nodes for that user - Note 203617 says that a User Menu with 1000 or more items is considered "large" and will degrade logon performace as the User Menu buffer is constantly swapping in and out.
    <p>* Note each of their each of the user's roles from SU01, then check the Menu tab for each of those roles in PFCG to see if any roles are adding large sections of the SAP menu.
    <p>* If necessary, maintain the Role's Menu items in DEV, and transport to TEST, then Production.  BE CAREFUL to ensure that the Users list is not modified when transporting the changes into Production, or the Role will become de-assigned from your Production users, and your users will hate you when they become unauthorised to open transactions.
    <p>* Once the User Menu is back to normal, the user can change back to the User Menu and everyone should be able to logon normally.
    <p>Hope this helps.
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  • Getting the first row for each group

    Hi Everyone,
    I have a query which returns a number of rows, all of which are valid. What I need to do is to get the first row for each group and work with those records.
    For example ...
    client flight startairport destairport stops
    A fl123 LGW BKK 2
    A fl124 LHR BKK 5
    B fl432 LGW XYZ 7
    B fl432 MAN ABC 8
    .... etc.
    I would need to return one row for Client A and one row for Client B (etc.) but find that I can't use the MIN function because it would return the MIN value for each column (i.e. mix up the rows). I also can use the rownum=1 because this would only return one row rather than one row per group (i.e. per client).
    I have been investigating and most postings seem to say that it needs a second query to look up the first row for each grouping. This is a solution which would not really be practical because my query is already quite complex and incorporating duplicate subqueries would just make the whole thing much to cumbersome.
    So what I really new is a "MIN by group" or a "TOP by group" or a "ROWNUM=1 by group" function.
    Can anyone help me with this? I'm sure that there must be a command to handle this.
    Regards and any thanks,
    Alan Searle
    Cologne, Germany

    Something like this:
    select *
    from (
       select table1.*
       row_number() over (partition by col1, col2 order by col3, col4) rn
       from table1
    where rn = 1In the "partition by" clause you place what you normally would "group by".
    In the "order by" clause you define which will have row_number = 1.
    PS. The [url http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E11882_01/server.112/e17118/functions004.htm#i81407]docs have more examples on using analytical functions ;-)
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  • First row for each entry

    i have sorted the internal table by field f1 and i need to insert the first row for each f1 entry.
    I tried AT NEW f1. But that doesnt seem to work.
    Kindlly help.

    *--ENSURE THAT age IS FIRST FIELD IN INTERNAL TABLE it_gir while declaring it.....
    SORT it_gir BY age ASCENDING.
    LOOP AT it_gir INTO wa_gir.
    AT NEW age.
    <b>*--if there are fields which are getting populated with **** instead of original values....then use below statement...</b>
    read table it_gir index sy-tabix.
    MOVE-CORRESPONDING wa_gir TO wa_final1.
    APPEND wa_final1 TO it_final1.
    clear wa_final1.
    now it should definitely work.....
    if not check in debugging mode if data exists or not....!!!

  • Restrict the posting period opening and closing for some users

    Dear SAP gurus,
    I want to restrict some users to open the posting period and for some users close posting periods. I knew that these can be done through authorization group. Pls explain how to create authorization groups and how to use those?  Anybody can help me out?
    Venkata Reddy

    Dear Venkatareddy,
    There are two sets of period in OB52. The first set of "From" and "To" is for the authorised group and second set is for the non authorised group. In the "Authorisation Group" (last column) give some 4 charecters name. Say "FICO".
    Now ask the basis to attach the object "FICO" for the users who are authorised say user1, user 2 and user3.
    Now in the first set of period you can maintain say 1 2008 to 16 2008 and in the second set 1 2008 to 1 2008.
    So except user1,2 and 3, all the others can post only in 1 2008. Whereas users 1,2 and3 can post in all the periods of 2008.
    Assign points if useful

  • Workitem exists in SAP Inbox But does not appear in UWL for some users

    We have a peculiar problem with a standard workflow. This workflow is working fine in SAP Inbox and UWL in portal for most of the users. But sometimes, it does not send workitem to UWL for some users.
    Any input of as why this happens?

    Hi All,
    I had experienced this type of problem as well, just to share it could be that the Identity of the Portal user misses a role which can be solved by any user assigning the identity in their identity management or it could also be the connection status of the UWL to the backend, there should be at least two connection statuses for workflow items to get into the UWL I could not recall it but I would post it here once I have the access to our system again.

  • Services for object box not visible for some users

    Dear All,
    PM module experts please help. In equipment master transaction IE02  in left hand top corner we get  box for SERVICES FOR OBJECT which is useful for attaching external documents like word and excel. but problem  is it is  not visible for some users.  Our security/authorisation team has also done some check but didn't get any solution.
    anybody knows the reason why there is no box availabe?

    Dear Siddhartho Raha
    I think this problem related ABAP work,this problem very general problem,first refer any note availble or search throgh any class in SE24
    note are like this way 492331,this is not related to your query but same like it is and also may be
    Due to an error in the coding, it was possible to link a Word document to a Document in IE01. Because the data cannot be saved in transaction IE01, the linked document is lost after leaving the transaction.
    Hope this may helps you

  • The answers questions not selectable in quiz slide for some users

    We have a SCORM Captivate training content published on our LMS (SAP Learning Solutions). Some users can't respond to any questions in the content.For these users, the answers are locked and are not selectable. Also, the Validate and Erase buttons didn't appear.
    The problem concerns about 10% of our users.
    This training contains both content slides and quiz slides.
    The content is published in SCORM 1.2 (SWF + HTML) with Adobe Captivate 5.5. We had the same problem for some users with the previous version of this training content published with Captivate 4.
    All users have the same settings:
    Flash Player
    Internet Explorer 6
    Microsoft Windows XP

    The most likely reason for this behaviour is that your 10% of users have entered the quiz and then thought they might jump back to the information slides to check the answer.  On doing so they have exited the quiz scope which immediately locks the quiz.
    Have you actually watched these problem users complete the quiz?  If you are able to do so, make sure that once they start the first question, they answer all quiz questions in turn without jumping to any other slides or leaving the quiz.  If my hunch is right, the person will be able to successfully complete the quiz.
    If the desire is to allow users to jump back to the content section to check information, place a scored button on the first or second slide of your project.  This extends the quiz scope and will mean that the user is still within the "quiz" no matter what slide they want to look at.

  • Team view data not getting refers for some user

    We are facing an issue in team view app for mss,  manager's are seeing details of employees not belonging to their Org Unit/ data not getting refreshed. This seems to be the Cache related issue where the data of perviously logged in user is displayed to the current user till browser cache are cleared manually.
    User don't have permission to clear browser cache. Is there any work around.The issue is coming only for some users.I have enable the 'ABAP HTTP Security session Enabled' property of the system used.

    Hi Karthik,
    in the first view I execute the BAPI and in the second view I show the results. In the second view I also submit the modified data via another BAPI.
    As I execute and display result of same BAPI in two different views I have bound the same model node to both of these views. Let me give you some sample code for understanding what have I done.
    In the first BAPI's search action handler I have written:
              Zsr_Packnr_Validate_Components_Input input = new Zsr_Packnr_Validate_Components_Input();
              input.addT_Version(new Zsr_Packnr_Field_Values());
              input.addT_Zsr_Genbr(new Zsr_Packnr_Field_Values());
    wdContext.nodeOutput_Validate().invalidate(); //as u suggested
    In the second BAPI I just display the output node from the same Model context node (its mapped to the second view too).
    But as I said whenever I update some values in the result set and submit it the data gets submitted properly. But when I press the search button again, the previous set of data gets populated, not the just updated data.
    If anybody has some idea on why the second time search BAPI execution still shows the previous set of result it will be a great help to me.
    Thanks for all your help.

  • Sharepoint Foundation - search working for some users (or computers), but not others

    Hi all,
    We have doozy of a search problem with SharePoint Foundation 2010 that I'm hoping someone can help with.
    We have an application that is listening on port 14197 and search is working just fine, but only for one or two users.
    If I do a search while logged in using the account we set the application up with then the search works fine and it returns records as expected.
    If I use a different account - one that has full control over the app, then the exact same search fails with the following message:
    We did not find any results for 06BSL.
    Ensure words are spelled correctly.
    Try using synonyms or related searches.
    Try broadening your search by searching from a different site.
    Additional resources:
    Get additional search tips by visiting Search Help
    If you cannot find a page that you know exists, contact your administrator.
    We've done everything we can think of, including several procedures to create new search accounts, replace databases, etc.
    Nothing has helped and all of the info we can find online is in relation to getting search working when it doesn't work at all.  In our case it is working, but only for some users.  We thought it might have been a permissions issue, but not matter
    what permissions we seem to give to test accounts they still don't work.  We've set up a test account, for example, that is a member of the 'application owners' group, but cannot produce any search results with it.
    The SharePoint Foundation server is running on Windows 2008 Server Foundation, with a separate SBS 2003 DC.  
    Any help most appreciated.

    Hi Alex, thanks for your response and apologies about the late reply - didn't realise someone had responded until now!
    Agreed that this looks like a permissions issue, but we're stumped as to what it could be.  The 'test' account displays this problem - if we try and search on 06BSL
    we get no results, but it does appear that this account has full control over this document (see below).
    Note that the 'Manage Permissions' page presents a comment 'This list item inherits permissions from its parent. (Customer QA & Product Management)' which is what we're
    The indexing schedule is set to 5 minutes. 
    Appreciate your help with this, as we've spent a huge amount of time on this problem but don't seem to be any closer to a resolution.
    Check permissions result (this result is the same for the list or for the document itself):
    Permission levels given to test (DOMAIN\test)
    Full Control
    Given through the "QA Application Owners" group.
    Design, Contribute, Read
    Given through the "QA Application Members" group. 

  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC launches for some users, but crashes for others.

    I am troubleshooting an issue in a college computer lab. Adobe Premiere Pro CC launches perfectly for some users, but crashes for others. All computers are joined to a domain. The program launches successfully under faculty and admin accounts. It launches under my student account and will launch for some students in the class. There are, however, some students who cannot get the program to launch. Each time it fails when attempting to load ImporterQuickTime.prm.
    For these students, the following error appears:
    Adobe Premiere Pro CC has stopped working
    Check Online for a solution and close the program (Tried this nothing seems to come of it)
    Close the program
    I clicked View problem details
    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
    Application Name: Adobe Premiere Pro.exe
    Application Version:
    Application Timestamp: 532c3999
    Fault Module Name: dvaui.dll
    Fault Module Version:
    Fault Module Timestamp: 532bed86
    Exception Code: c0000005
    Exception Offset: 00000000002d31c1
    OS Version: 6.1.7601.
    Locale ID: 1033
    Additional Information 1: 3272
    Additional Information 2: 32722596c6b4441ac0840ed9743cbfbb
    Additional Information 3: 3e22
      Additional Information 4: 3e2260f0a53760c20f23c7e2675c1736
    I did check Quicktime and it is not updated to the most recent version. However, if it was a result of Quicktime not being up to date, why can some accounts launch the program while others cannot. I have also updated the graphics driver on one computer. No change. I compared my student Active Directory account to that of one student who could not launch the program. They are in exactly the same place in AD and therefore have the same permissions on the domain. This is a puzzling issue and the instructor is getting frustrated. Any help or suggestions with this matter would be greatly appreciated.

    I have no idea, other than what I said about the program's design requirement for an Admin account and "sometimes" problems on any other account
    About the only thing I can suggest is a "remote control" chat session... when a student with a non-working account is having problems
    Creative Cloud chat support (all Creative Cloud customer service issues)

  • Jabber voice mail for some users.

    J4W voicemail works perfect with default config.xml file for some of the users and for some of the users it shows the attached when clicked on voicemail tab. I have create 2 no's of sevice profile, the voice mail credential set  for both service profile is Unified CM IM and presence.
    I can understand the prompt as it is asking for voicemail password for that reason i have to create a custom config.xml file and i have to upload in TFTP server, But my concern is why it is working for some of the users without config.xml file and for some users it is prompting for username and password.

    the profile are different, but if i put the the other users working profile also it is not working.
    The voice mail server is showing not connected in jabber,
    Any hints.

  • MAM application is not working for some users

    Hi All,
    Tha MAM application is not working for some users.Different users have different workcenters other than that I dont see any other change. When I run MAM30_090_GETLIST in the backend I can see the no of customized users.But I cant see same no of users in the MEREP_207 table for the Syncbo MAM30_090 and strcture id TOP in the middleware. There is a data when I checked under worklist monitor for that user. But neither the MAM application nor MAM data is downloading to that device.
    If I use different user on the same device I can see the MAM application and MAM data.
    What could be the wrong in this case. Any help would be highly appreciated.
    Mobile Client:MI 70 SP 15 Patch 0 Build 200802280918
    Middleware:SAP NetWeaver 2004s with Patch leve 15
    Backend:SAP ECC 6.0
    Application:MAM 3.0
    Thanks and Regards,

    from your description the source of your issue is quite obvious: some of the MAM users configured in spro are not configured properly.
    For T01 SyncBos the number of TOP records in merep_207 MUST be the same as number of headers returned by an appropriate getList FM in the backend.
    You need to solve this before you can go any further.
    Reason why a record is not recorded in MEREP_207 - getdetail failed for whatever reason. So execute MAM30_ML_getdetail for each of the users that is not replicated in the middleware and check if there are errors in RETURN table. If there is no error - one of the common reason for replication fail is when there are records in item tables that have duplicate primary keys.
    Larissa Limarova

  • How to Block Account member in input reporting for some users?

    Hi experts, i need to know if is possible to block input of values for some Users in the Account Dimension so that some users can input value in the report but other user cant do it.
    I try to do this from "member access profile" but this option only allow you to define access right for one specifict parent o member.
    I mean, is posible to asigned to Account Dimension a Propertie type "OWNER" like ENTITY?
    For example: one user must to input value for the Account member "CASH", but other user dont, however i have to show the same input reporting for both users.
    I hope understand the question, im sorry about my english
    thank you in advance
    Ignacio Vazquez

    I would think you could do one of the following:
    Either set account as a secured dimension.  You would then define security profiles for all account groups and assign those to your users / teams as appropriate.  Would take a while to setup initially, but if your users don't change that much it shouldn't be too difficult to manage once it's done.
    Setup different input templates that only showed the accounts you wanted each group of users to see.  Put the templates in different site folders and assign access to those sites as required.  users would then only have access to open the template applicable to them.  Would require that you basically make duplicate copies or your current template, modify and save to different site folders which could become a pain if the template requires changes (since you would now have to make the same change multiple times).
    Setup a macro in the current template so that you need to enter a password to unlock the send commands for the respective accounts.  I don't know if it can be setup to support multiple passwords - assuming it can, password 1 would unlock all accounts, password 2 would only unlock CASH accounts, password 3 would only unlock LIABILITY accounts, etc.  You then distribute the passwords to the users as appropriate.
    Hope that helps.

  • Outlook Anywhere not working for some users

    Hi All,
    I am having a strange issue today with a customer -
    Outlook Anywhere has been enabled on their Exchange 2010 environment, but it doesn't work for some users.
    Using the ExRCA I have been able to identify the following error on the users who are unable to connect:
    "Testing the MAPI Mail Store endpoint on the Exchange server."
    "Attempting to log on to the mailbox"
    Mailbox logon returned ecLoginPerm 1010. You don't have the correct permissions to log in to the mailbox.
    EMSMDB Status: ecLoginPerm 1010
    Elapsed Time: 225 ms.
    On users that are able to connect it goes through the ExRCA without any issues.
    Any help would be much appreciated.
    Testing the MAPI Mail Store endpoint on the Exchange server.
    An error occurred while testing the Mail Store.
    Additional Details
    Elapsed Time: 333 ms.
    Test Steps
    Attempting to ping the MAPI Mail Store endpoint with identity: outlook.mg.com:6001.
    The endpoint was pinged successfully.
    Additional Details
    Attempting to log on to the Mailbox.
    An error occurred while logging on to the Mailbox.
    Additional Details
    Mailbox logon returned ecLoginPerm 1010. You don't have the correct permissions to log in to the mailbox.
    EMSMDB Status: ecLoginPerm 1010
    Elapsed Time: 225 ms.

    I notice that this issue only impact "some users".
    I suggest double confirm whether the Outlook Anywhere configuration set correctly on Outlook client. Pic as blow:
    Mavis Huang
    TechNet Community Support

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