Exported files are too big

i and a friend of mine archive files - scans - that are in the size of 200gb and above.
If we try to export them as version, wie both got an error message.
does anyone has the same problem with bigger images ?

I gather you are using Pages 5?
Just bad conversion.
Use TextEdit or LibreOffice [free] to resave them and they should shrink down to normal size.
Why are you using Pages in the first place? There are plenty of alternatives for what you are doing.
I would check exactly what you have in your document however.
I did a test export of the Bold Type Letter template [unchanged]:
.pages = 238 Kb
.pages (09 export) = 191 Kb
.pages (09) = 101 Kb
.pages (09 .doc export) = 24 Kb
.txt = 2 Kb
.docx = 10 Kb
.docx resaved from Word = 21Kb

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  • Score printout: files are too big for printout since Pro 7

    Hi there,
    I have a serious problem printing scores with Pro7: the files appear to be too big, so I can't print them. When I try to print a simple 1 page part, I get the error: "printer out of memory" and I have a HP Laserjet with 8 Mb memory. A PDF from a 3 page part made in Logic 6.3 is 102Kb, a PDF from the same 3 page part opened in Pro7 is 2,4Mb! Everything seems normal: page setup 100% etc.
    When I open a song made in Pro7 with Logic 6.3, the files are much much smaller. Does anybody know what's wrong, now I can't print scores with Pro7!
    Thanx, Peter
    G4 dual 1GHz   Mac OS X (10.4.5)   2 Gb DDR SDRAM

    Hello Rohan,
    Thanks for your effort. I created a PDF-file with a totally different printerdriver. The result is the same: I get a very large file. A 3 page part PDF-file is 2,4 Mb, also with the other fake driver. I'm used to send PDF-files of sheet music through the internet and files this big are no option.
    And very annoying: I can't print out scores using Pro7!
    Best regards,
    G4 dual 1GHz   Mac OS X (10.4.5)   2 Gb DDR SDRAM

  • DNG files are too big

    I tried converting canon raw file to DNG but the dng files are 2 times at big as the canon raw files. What's up with that?

    You can get it here. The latst converter is DNG 8.6. I use it all the time. Great for batch conversion and file re-naming before import to LR.
    Windows download (.exe file) click here DNG Converter 8.6
    Mac download (.dmg file) click here DNG Converter 8.6
    You can convert a whole folder of raw images in one click. See this quick video tutorial:
    You Tube click here for DNG Converter tutorial

  • Files are too big to download...what do i do?

    ok. i have been working on a french project constantly for about 3 days now.
    we have to create a cooking show and edit a video to show to the class. my group decided to be all fancy and use a nice canon digital camera (not sure what kind, it's not mine)...i uploaded the videos to my macbook and all was going well until i realized about half of the files are missing.  i now have all the video files i need on a flash drive and from there, i can view them via quicktime player, but that's all. it's strange because the sizes range from about 5 MB to 500 MB, and they're all pretty much the same length. can anyone explain this? 
    I have tried dragging these large files to iphoto and it cannot read it. when i drag it to my desktop, i get this message "the file '--' cannot be copied because there is not enough free space".  When I drag it into a new even in iMovie 08, i get "Move Failed: error code 1429").  It is quite frustrating, because I can view the exact files i need, but I can't do anything with them. 
    After getting the message that there is not enough free space, I thought backing up my computer would help.  I went to Best Buy and asked a guy there on the "Geek Squad" to help but he was a PC specialists and the mac specialists were not in that day.... so we just bought a 500 GB hard drive. I spent the night backing up my computer with Time Machine, which I think worked.  Then, I went through and deleted unnecessary videos and pictures.  Then I tried, once again, to drag the file to my desktop. I got the same message. It is THE most frustrating thing, and I have no idea what to do anymore.  I have half of my cooking show videos and it won't work without the others. HELP.

    Are you using Filvault perchance?
    What format are all these other drives using?
    errFSNotEnoughSpaceForOperation = -1429, /* There is not enough disk space to perform the requested operation */

  • Importing files are too big

    Whenever I try to import my cds onto iTunes, in the bottom bar it says that the file will be about 500 MB. I know this isn't right because whenever I import on a PC or another MAC, it shows up at about 30 MB. My iTunes preferences are set on AAC, which I hear is suggested. I don't know what else to do...

    It does make sense. You are probably importing your tunes in Apple Lossless or AIFF. You need to check your import settings.
    1. Open iTunes Prefs > Advanced > Importing.
    2. Make sure the "Import Using" is set to either AAC or MP3, whichever you prefer.
    3. Click OK.
    Now you probably need to make sure your existing files are transcoded.
    1. Pull down Edit > View Options and click the Kind check box.
    2. Sort your Library by the Kind column by clicking on it.
    3. Highlight all the files that are not AAC or MP3.
    4. Control+click the files and choose "convert selection to XXX."
    Once that is done you can then delete the Lossless/AIFF files.

  • Interactive Links in exported PDF are too big (links overlap in TOC)

    When we export our InDesign document to PDF, hyperlinks are automatically generated for each item in the Table of Contents (TOC). This is great, but the problem is the hyperlink area of each line overlaps with the hyperlink area of the next line. This can create confusion in Adobe Reader and Apple Preview when a user clicks near the top or bottom of a TOC heading on a line, thinking it will take them to that heading in the document but instead they are taken to the preceeding or following heading in the document.
    We currently have to open the PDF up in Adobe Acrobat and manually go through and reduce the height of every hyperlink in our document, particularly in the TOC (using the Link Tool). Is there anyway in InDesign to change the height of hyperlinks that are exported? If not, is there a way to bulk update the height of all the hyperlinks using Acrobat rather than doing each one individually/manually (maybe some sort of script)?
    Many thanks : ) Lee

    Uncheck the reflow option and apply the updates to Acrobat Pro 9.0. Windows 7 was released after Acrobat 9 and the only way to make sure you have a program that will work properly with Windows 7 is to apply the updates. There have also been some significant security patches included with the updates.

  • Saving raw images to a CD/files are too big!

    I was the second shooter at a wedding, and the primary photographer asked me to send my raw images straight to her for processing. Music to my ears as less work for me!
    However, when I went to burn my 1800 plus images to a CD, I realized the files would fill over 20 CD's. Seems a little kooky.
    Beyond using an FTP site to send them (which I suspect would have similar size issues) is there a way to 'zip' or 'compress' these files to a CD, and still have the images arrive as full size, raw images?

    A service like www.rapidshare.com will let you upload files that are up to 200MB in size without paying or registering, so if you can ZIP or Stuff the RAWs into archives a little less than 200MB in size then you could upload these via the Rapidshare website and the primary photographer should be able to download them.  A program like WinRAR will split up a large archive into whatever size chunks you want.  The drawback to doing this, of course, is that there are likely to be 60-80 200MB ZIPs involved so it could be tedious for you to upload and her to download them, one by one.
    Otherwise, along the same lines are her initial request, if it's an option, a dual-layer DVD burners are available and will store about 9 GB per disc.  I recently picked up a USB external DL burner for less than $90.  You would need to check with her if she can read DVDs, of course.
    Or 16GB SDHC cards are pretty cheap, at least online, and you could put them all on one of those and mail it.

  • GB storing deleted data, files are too big!

    Hi All
    I recorded a full concert, 2-3 hours, 8 audio tracks. This came out to about 4GB. Now I want to edit down each song individually, so I cut everything out but the song, and "Save As..." its own file. After cutting down to one song, the file is still 4GB! It seems that GB still stores all of the deleted data. I want to do this for 20-30 songs, and I don't want each file to be 4GB large. Is there anyway to trim the data that it is retaining?

    kman wrote:
    It's kind of a tedious workaround, especially if I have to go through that for 8 tracks x 30 songs.
    while i agree it would be a nice feature, you have to remember, you're re-purposing GB, your use is not the one for which it was designed; one song per project.
    you can always send Apple a feature request with the Feedback menuItem (under the GaageBand menu) to let them know

  • 5 minute FCE file is too big to export to cd

    I am in a panic. I've been up all night finishing a fce project for school submission which is due in four hours.
    When I export the project as quicktime movie the file is too large to burn to a cd. I there anything I can do to fix this? I thought it would compress as a QT movie.

    What do you mean by the file being too big?
    How big is it?
    Normally 5 minutes would be around 1GB.
    Do you mean you are actually burning it to a CD and not a DVD?
    Normally one would burn a video to DVD in iDVD and that would be compressed by iDVD to around 300MB.
    I have re-read your post and it seems you may be wanting to simply copy the QT file for transportation. Is that the case?
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  • HT4847 my backup file is too big?  how can i change some of the items that are being backed up to decrease size?

    my backup file is too big?  how can i change some of the items that are being backed up to decrease size?

    In iPhoto, Select All the Photos you want to move... Then goto  > File > Export >
    Choose the settings as seen here
    Click Export and select your External Drive
    Best to create a Folder to put them in... and away you go...

  • File is too big for exporting as QuickTime

    When I try to export my 2 h HD movie, through QuickTime conversion H264, 960 + 540, I get an error message telling me that the file is too big. How can i change my settings to make it work???

    there may not be any room on the target drive.

  • I have a few wedding projects(1-2 hours)I am trying to export at full hd quality,than burn in idvd.After rendering for 8hrs I receive error code that states "file is too big". Please help? compressing tips without losing quality?

    I have a few wedding projects(1-2 hours)I am trying to export at full hd quality,than burn in idvd. After rendering for 8hrs I receive error code that states "file is too big". Please help? compressing tips without losing quality? or any other exporting alternatives?

    Hey Z,
    Thank you for the tip on exporting by media browser (large) from imovie. But of course, if it's not one thing it's another. Now that I figured how to export a large file from imovie, I have an idvd issue. I followed the instructions for burning from idvd and changing the encoding to professional quality and the burn speed to x4, but I am receiving an error that states the following,
    Your project exceeds the maximum content duration. To burn your DVD, change the encoder setting in the Project Info window.
    - total project duration: 79:04 minutes
    - total project capacity: 4.327 GB (max. available: 4.172 GB)
    - number of menus in project: 1 menus
    - total menu duration: 0:39 minutes
    - total menu capacity: 37.370 MB
    - total movies duration: 78:25 minutes
    - total movies capacity: 4.291 GB
    I have searched in the idvd forum for similar issues and I am stumped at this point. I have tried deleting the encoding assets and re launching idvd with the changed preferences, and still the same error. I know you mentioned something about free hard drive space available, and I have very little left. 4GB to be exact due to massive hours of non-edited footage. I am not sure if this is why, but I do not recall ever needing free space to burn memory onto a separate dvd. I would be more than happy if I am wrong, and it would be a quick fix. Otherwise, the technical nightmare continues. It's all a learning process and your expertise is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

  • Can someone help! PDF export failed claims "pages are too big" they are 8x10??

    Can someone help! PDF export failed claims "pages are too big" they are 8x10??
    I'm trying to export an 100 page magazine, just a small proof right now and I've done this a million times. There are no errors, all my links are good but still it will not save.
    Can anyone help!

    Hi marthah,
    I'd love to help, but need a little more information to go on. Are you converting from or to PDF, and where is this error occurring (in Acrobat, InDesign, or somewhere else)? What operating system/browser are you using?

  • When exporting a 16:9 project using Qk Conversion, it says file is too big?

    I just bought FCE HD, but I have been using regular express since early 2004. I want to send my 16:9 widescreen standard def. video from FCE HD to iMovie HD. The only way for iMovie to accept a widescreen video without pillarboxing it is through a DV stream file. I have done this numerous times with the older version without a problem, but now when I export my hour long video, in the middle of exporting using quicktime conversion, it says to file is too big. I have over 100 GB left of harddrive space, so why does it says it's too big? I have used the new Title program that came with the HD upgrade which offers HD text. On my DV-Widescreen NTSC project, I used HD text graphics and rendered them and they played fine, but when I try to export the text with the video, it fails. Could the HD graphics be the culprit, or is it something else entirely?

    Yes. When I am trying to export the entire hour-long project using quicktime conversion, it says: error- file is too big, right in the middle of exporting. I am working off an external harddrive using firewire, this is so I have plenty of space for my videos. When I make my titles with the new title program that came with FCE HD, I switch the format of the text format, under project preferences, to HDTV 1080i 16:9. I do this not because my project is HD, WHICH MY PROJECT IS NOT HD, but because it offers a widescreen ratio for my titles. I can use the entire frame for my graphics and titles, etc. I save each and every file into a folder and load them into final cut when I am in final cut. It just has to render them as I go. I DO NOT save each file as a movie. When exporting, I export under quicktime conversion- DV Stream- DV, 16:9 interlaced, and I don't mess with the audio setting. The WHOLE point of this is for iMovie to read my file as 16:9 so it won't pillarbox it. IF ANYONE KNOWS OF A BETTER WAY FOR iMOVIE TO READ FINAL CUT HD FILES "16:9", PLEASE LET ME KNOW; if not, then what should I do about this exporting error?

  • Imported files (from vhs to digital camcorder) are too big to handle.

    When I import my vhs footage (through camcorder) to imovie... the files
    are so big they take most of my hard drive. For example the size is about
    2GB for a minute of footage. Any ideas why? Thanks!!
    G5   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  

    They are the same. A DV file is often referred to as a stream because it has a "stream" of continuous frames. 29.97/second to be exact. Some camcorders record to a hard drive or optical disc and these usually use MPEG compression methods which rob you of your "stream"; going from 29.97 frames per second to two. Which is also the source of mucho frustration in trying to edit these formats! Stream is also used because Firewire streams data to your computer: 1-2-3-4-5-6; while USB will break data into packets (1 & 4, 2 & 5, 3 & 6), sends the packets to a computer and the computer needs to reassemble the info to 1-2-3-4-5-6.

Maybe you are looking for

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    Is it possible once a Captivate 2 project has been exported to HTML/SWF to have a URL link open the SWF file to a specific slide number? For example if a Captivate 2 project is 20 slides long, the user could click a link that would open the swf file

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    I have restarted the system, re installed the Creative Cloud Application, signed in and signed out....nothing corrects this problem. Help please !

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    I have a few seasons of purchased HD TV shows, which of course require a HDCP-compliant display. With the following setup, I can not at present play these shows in HD: - Mac Mini (2010 with HDMI) - Monster HDMI cable - Sony KDS-50A2020 TV This would