Exporting Jpegs from Lightroom - DPI question

When I export Jpegs from Lightroom, I set the dpi to 300 pixels per inch. I do not specify a max width or height. When I view these files in Adobe Bridge (CS2 or CS3) the file info says 300dpi. However, when I open the files in Photoshop and select image size, It says 72dpi and has the document size set to very large. I realize that I can enter 300 dpi and uncheck the resample box, I am just confused as to why this is happening.
My concern is, that I upload my images directly to my lab after exporting from Lightroom. Will this cause problems?
Thanks in advance!

the image resolution is a combination of the two parameters you mention: size and dpi. a very large size at 72 dpi is equivalent to a small size (like 3x5) at very high dpi. for printing you want at least 240 dpi at the largest size that allows you to keep that resolution. for screen presentations or your web site you want jut 72 dpi. 72 dpi and 2x3 inches will require a very small file size.
I suggest you to export images at TIFF and not JPEG as that will allow you to preserve the image quality when doing editing in PS.
In my case I export TIFF for PS (when I need PS editing) and 72 dpi JPEG for my web site (that way if somebody downloads my image illegally thy get a poor resolution copy). But since LR works very well for me 90% of the images re just kept in raw mode and I print from LR.

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    Same here. I've never had trouble with this function before.
    It opens the Photoshop application with all the menus/windows, but it never opens the actual image I chose to work on.
    I'm on a Mac, using OS X Yosemite, 10.10.1  Lightroom is version 5.7  Photoshop is CS5, version 12.0.4
    FWIW, I also can't automate>Photomerge ... . Makes me think Photoshop, not Lightroom, is all wacky. I tried dumping PS preferences

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    Using 6-7 year old software that's no longer receiving updates & was never designed to run on 10.10 is asking for trouble.   That said, try re-installing PS and installing Java SE6
    Java for OS X 2014-001
    It might work.  But again it might not.
    Good luck!
    Nancy O.

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    For all those out there wanting to export metadata from Lightroom to CSV, I have found a Fantastic Company www.pkzsoftware.com that sell their product for approx AUS $10.00 "Lightroom Metadata Explorer" it works perfectly and their customer service is just the best you will find anywhere, being a computer novice I had a few problems and they went out of their way to assist me to get exactly the data I needed. Can't speak highly enough of the Company.

    Thanks for your reply and the references to the tools. I ran the sqlLite Database Browser to look at the LR database, and to be honest it was pretty much gibberish to me. There's over 50 tables in the database and some quick browsing through them revealed data that would seem to require a knowledge of the database structure to extract. I'm a photographer with very good knowledge of how to use software tools to do my job, but I'm not a programmer and really don't have the time or the desire to become one.
    My point is any good database software should have the capability to generate at least a flat file of the information contained within. In LR's case, I (and it seems others based on feature requests) would like to see a capability of exporting a CSV or tab-delimited file of the information contained in the side panels (i.e., keywords, the metadata browser, and the metadata panel for starters) on an image-by-image basis. I could then use the output in any of several other tools to do what I need.
    Thanks again for your helpful links. Maybe someone can come up with a "CSV generator" using one of those tools that could be shared among LR users.

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    I've detected an issue where when exporting jpegs from a CS5 PSD layered file with a transparent background, the jpegs don't have a pure white background (255, 255, 255). They seem to range from 250, 250, 250 to 253, 253, 253.
    LR3 with same export settings does not show this behavior--it's pure white: 255, 255, 255.

    Another very helpful solution and I appreciate knowing how to fix it in both applications. Thanks!

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    I am having trouble exporting images from Lightroom 3 with my User Presets. Error Message: The file could not be written. (1). It has always worked in the past but I just bought a new Mac and had everything transfered to it. Everything else seems to be workin fine. Any solutions?

    Sometimes on new computers, the permissions in certain folders are not set up to allow you (the only user) to write files. It's worth a check.

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    is it possible to export photos from lightroom 5 in trial mode. Somebody Please tell me.

    Yes. Try it!

  • Exporting photos from Lightroom that are good enough quality for a photography website.

    I am doing a website for a photographer client that need to showcase their images in a rotating gallery that will be about 1/2 the page so pretty big. She gave me all the photos in FULL size which meant that they were excellent quality and looked amazing on my computer at home as I have fast internet and they all loaded up in seconds. Only problem, when I tried it on a different internet source that wasn’t as speedy, they took so long to load that the next one would start, hence no images ever being visible. This is not good as not everyone will have as fast internet as me and it’s pointless if no one can see her work.
    She then exported them for web, using the normal settings that she usually would, leaving them around 200-600KB which loads up nice and quickly, but the quality just don’t do the photo’s justice AT ALL!
    I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions of the setting to use to export them from lightroom so that the quality is still next to perfect, but they are small enough so that they load up in a reasonable time on the web.
    Each photo displays for 5 full seconds before alternating.
    Thank you in advance and if you have any further suggestions, I would love to hear them.

    You need to use export settings similar to this:
    Quality setting should be at least 60, but you can sometimes get away with less. (smaller file size)
    But if you need to export a lot of images, do them all at 60, and re-export as necessary. If you for instance see blockiness in a clear blue sky, increase quality until it goes away.
    Color space must be set to sRGB.
    Set the required size in pixels, using Long edge is quite convenient. Whatever you enter in the resolution box doesn't matter - web browser ignore ppi.
    Experiment with Screen sharpening to find the setting that works best. Standard usually works OK, but it depends on the sharpness of the original.
    Set Metadata to Copyright Only, this keeps file size down.

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    I have Lightroom photographic software, running on a Mac i-book (with intel processor). I have been sucessfully and conveniently direcly exporting photographs from Lightroom to Elements 4, using the export button and choosing the 'Open in Elements 4' option in the post-processing option.
    I have recently updated my photographic software to Elements 6 (for Mac). Everything seems fine but I am no longer able to see or introduce a post processing option when exporting from Lightroom that would allow me to open the photograph in Elements 6.
    Could you please advise me how this might be achieved?
    Many Thanks

    In the export dialog go to Post processing. In the after export pop-up, choose "Open in Other application". Then click on the Choose button. Navigate to your app (probably somewhere in the Applications Folder) and select it. You should be able to select any app on your harddisk, including elements. You should also be able to set up Elements as a secondary editor by going to Preferences->External Editing. This will allow you to simply control-click on your image and select edit in ... and a copy will be created, added to the Lightroom database and sent off to your external editor. This way you won't have to go through all of the steps you go through now.

  • Exporting Photos from Lightroom 3 vs. Saving JPEGs from Photoshop IMAGE QUALITY

    Hi all,
    I'm not quite understanding why if I export a photo from Lightroom 3, the thumbnail looks great in Finder (if you max out display size) but when I edit the same photo from Photoshop and save it, the thumbnail image is blurry. Opening images comes out the same. I'm just being nitpicky, it's kind of annoying. Can anyone explain the difference? Thanks!

  • Do I need to export photos from Lightroom 4 before placing in InDesign CS6?

    I'm doing a print photo book layout in InDesign using photos that I am processing in Lightroom 4 & Photoshop CS6. My question is, do I need to "File > Export" the files from Lightroom before placing them into InDesign? Or are the Lightroom final changes I make embedded in the .tif file?

    Rob Cole wrote:
    bmcweeney wrote:
    Or are the Lightroom final changes I make embedded in the .tif file?
    Unless I'm mistaken, even tiffs and jpegs need to be exported if you want changes made in Lightroom to show up in InDesign.
    If said rendered image also had Develop edits yes, they would need to be re-rendered. A rendered asset in LR, no.

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    My Lightroom library contains photos from multiple photographers. What I'd like to do is select all of a particular photographer's photos by choosing 'Creator' from the metadata browser and export the selection to a single folder. However, Lightroom's export options force me to chose from JPEG, DNG, TIFF or PSD formats. Most of them are JPEGs already; I don't want to recompress them again (or save them in an uncompressed format, which would be pointless). I just want to make a copy of the files as they exist in the library, without modifying them. Does anyone know if this can be done, and if so, how?

    So far as dragging the file "out of" the Lightroom content area I think you'll find that it works the same way as Bridge (i.e. the sidecar does not travel with the original file). In the Bridge you need to use the Move To or Copy feature if you want the XMP sidecar to travel.
    So... In Lightroom, how is it properly done then?
    I shoot RAW only, and I have found occasion where I would like to collect a copy of the RAW files to give to someone else for editing. While I might be able to use the Windows Explorer, what am I supposed to do if the images reside in different directories? I can't export them because Lightroom doesn't let me export a RAW copy (in other words, I can't export a CR2 file and end up with a CR2 file outside of Lightroom), and I can't drag and drop them because 1: this doesn't work on Windows, and 2: the sidecars don't copy with the RAW files.
    Thanks for the tips and info.

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    Updating PhotoStream automatically after making changes to pictures in Aperture is something I'd be interested in as well. As far as I know, this can't be done right now. Has anybody come up with a work around for the moment?

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