Exporting PDF's out of InDesign CS5.5?

I have a bunch of users in my newsroom that are having various different issues (yes we have 3rd party extensions and no we can't disable them and put out a paper that way...kind of between a rock and a hard place there!).  One of the issues is exporting pages out as PDF's.  It's crashing fairly regularly. 
It appears to me that there are 3 different ways to put out a PDF for printing (systems admin for a newspaper).  Is there a right and a wrong way to get a PDF out of InDesign?  Perhaps a less likely to crash option?  As of my count there's 3 different ways that a PDF can be created from InDesign:
File - > Adobe PDF Presets
File -> Export
File -> Print
The computers they are running are Windows XP (all updates applied), 4 Gigs of RAM, Dual monitors set vertical (read something that this might be an issue?), Quad Core systems. 
Thanks in advance.

Stack Trace: http://pastebin.com/T8LRNDDv
Sorry for the delay. As Jongware suggests, the messages about symbols are normal and not indicative of a problem. I try to eat symbols for breakfast but not for lunch, if that's OK. Your first frame:
*----> Stack Back Trace <----*
WARNING: Stack unwind information not available. Following frames may be wrong.
ChildEBP RetAddr  Args to Child             
0012f6fc 065a1c70 63ccb5e0 00000000 0012f74c APPFRAMEWORK+0x67777
0012f788 065a1fb6 0012f830 0012f800 0012f810 APPFRAMEWORK+0x71c70
00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 APPFRAMEWORK+0x71fb6
Is not encouraging. It doesn't look anything like PDF Export, and it also appears to be rather incomplete.
Was this crash, from 8:26pm on Monday, truly in pdf export?
7.5.2 is certainly the version to be on. Do you know if your problems occurr with CS5?
Which of the 3 (well, 2) methods of obtaining a PDF produce the crashes?
Have you taken special steps to disable background (async) PDF exports?

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    I work for a monthly publication and we send our files to the press at the end of the month. There are around 190+ pages that need to be exported as individual PDF's and each PDF needs to be labled as their correct page number. Since we often are backed up against the wall at our deadline, we really need a way to export all these files at one time. Is there a way to export multiple PDF files at one time in Indesign CC?

    You could script InDesign to export each page as individual PDF with specific export presets and labeled with correct page number.
    But you could also use Acrobat Pro for this task (sorry for the certainly wrong translation of the Acrobat UI – I use a german version ...):
    Export the whole publication as 1 PDF file (pp. 1-190).
    Open it in Acrobat Pro and choose »Tools › Extract Pages«.
    Type 1 to 190 and check the box »extract pages as single pages«, choose the location where to extract to and acrobat automatically numbers your new PDFs sequentially from 1 to x. (Caution: it doesn’t take the correct page number, but numbers sequentially, so it is important to have a PDF from pp. 1-190 in the correct order.)
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    A supplied PDF ad was placed in InDesign CS2.  When the page is exported at 300 dpi, the halftone images within the ad are reversed to negative form.  Everything else on the page is ok.  Any ideas what's happening?  If the ad is rasterized in Photoshop, there is not problem.  I would just like to know what is causing this.

    I replaced the preferences and that did not work.  I played around with a few more export variations.  It appears to export fine with CS3 and CS4, so I have to agree that there's something odd in the way CS2 handles the images.  More specifically the manner in which is handles color.  In using CS2, I can achieve the desired result if I change the output color to anything BUT "No color conversion."  So it boils down to how CS2 handles the (monotone) spot black images that are created in Quark 7.
    We certainly have many options to move forward with, but no concrete answer as to why it happens.
    Thank you so much for your assistance.

  • Exportation PDF d'un document Indesign - Sélection des pages

    Je souhaite  exporter un document Indesign contenant plusieurs pages en format PDF. Mais je veux avoir un PDF par page un non un PDF pour tout le document. Lorsque je vais dans Fichier/exporter je n'ai pas la possibilité de sélectionner des pages.
    Pouvez-vous m'aider ?

    once exported several pages or a range of pages from indesign in pdf format he can separate all pages with acrobat: "extract page" > tick on "extract pages as separate files"

  • Finding ligature text in PDF when produced from InDesign CS5

    Hi everybody,
    Can you please any one help me on the below issue.
    When searching the PDF, some words are not found. If I search the word "final", I find 19 occurences of the word "finally", but none whatsoever of "final". The word "final" is only found if I search for "fi nal" with a space between the "i" and "n". I previously suspected a ligature problem. Please provide me a solution and it will be greatly appreciated.
    Sathishkumar K

    These problems are difficult, and details matter a lot.
    EXACTLY how are you generating the PDF, and exactly what tools are you using to view and search it?
    What versions of the tools, and what version numbers of the operating systems?
    Can you share the files with us?
    Lilia, I don't think it's fair to spread Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD) about ligatures. They're an important typographical element that works well for many people. If there's a problem with it, we should figure it out and get it fixed rather than ignoring it and pushing it on to the next generation.

  • Colour change in identically exported PDFs: InDesign CS5 to CS6

    Artwork turns out with a greener hue in a PDF Print document exported using InDesign CS6 trial software that has ruined a whole print run.
    This catalogue has been printed in past years using CS4 and CS5 software, each time the colours in the exported PDF proof, PDF Print file and InDesign files being accurate and matching perfectly.
    This time I used a trial of InDesign CS6 - Importing the same mother file as previous years and working on the document. When exporting the document however, despite using identical settings to export PDF files in the past, the exported PDFs turn out with a greener hue than the previous CS5 PDFs. I trialed a few different kinds of colour conversions in the PDF export window (i.e. 'no conversion' to 'convert to destination - RGB') just to see what happened -  and all turned out with the same result. The colour change is small but this was exxaggerated at print and as a result the colours
    looked drastically different from the catalogue the year before. Printing aside, (as it's a whole other ballgame), it came down to this slight PDF colour change.
    I'm wondering if anyone can help explain this - does CS6 handle colour exporting differently to CS5?

    Hi Eugene,
    Looking up the settings, they say the following:
    InDesign CS5: Unsynchronised "settings are not synchronised for consistent colour"  (odd; CS5 version is where the file exported with accurate colours)
    InDesign CS6: Synchronised "using the same colour settings for consistent colour management"   (CS6 version exported with a colour change)
    Another thing I've realised that might be an issue:
    The product images are still in RGB format (supplied by the photographer), where everything else in the artwork is in CMYK format. I've run a test export where I've converted everything to CMYK and exported it to a PDF.
    The results:
    InDesign CS5: Same colours consistently on both PDFs with RGB images and with all CMYK images.
    InDesign CS6: Green hue across PDF with RGB images in it, Correct colours in PDF with all CMYK images.
    So is this where the problem lies? The CS6 software having Synchronised colour settings shows a colour change when RGB photos are exported to PDF?
    Let me know your thoughts...

  • How do I create a downloadable link from an Interactive PDF file created out of InDesign CS6?

    I created an Interactive PDF file out of InDesign and would like to make the large file a downloadable link and share it with the user in an email. I do not want to use DropBox or GoogleDrive.
    The company I contract for has their own site - do I insert the file into the site or can I create a separate link for it?
    I will be recreating these presentation PDF's constantly, so I would like to know if there is a simple way to create this link for files in the size of 7-12MB.
    Any ideas on downloadable links? I do have flash - but rarely use, perhaps load the file out of flash?
    Thank you so much for your help,

    Hi Willie,
    Thanks for your help. Most likely contact the company who maintains the
    site then to share the file with them I'm assuming?

  • InDesign CS5.5 and Acrobat 9 compatibilty

    We have purchased the CS5.5 version of InDesign and still have the CS5.5 Design Premium version of the other programs, this includes Acrobat 9, which was originally shipped with CS5. Are there any compatibility reasons we should upgrade to Acrobat X for use with InDesign CS5.5?

    No, there isn't. In fact, the opposite is true. InDesign 7.5 (CS5.5) and Acrobat X support the latest update to the PDF/X specification, PDF/X-4:2010 whereas InDesign 7.0 (CS5) and Acrobat 9 only support PDF/X-4:2010. If you export PDF/X-4 from InDesign 7.5, there is a possibility that your PDF/X-4 file will not pass preflight in Acrobat 9 whereas it will pass preflight in Acrobat X. Plus, there are a large of improvements in Acrobat X.
              - Dov

  • How do I open files in InDesign CS5.5 CS5?

    How do I open files in InDesign CS5.5 CS5?

    Hi, are you trying to open up a CS5.5 document in CS5? If so you need to export the docment while in InDesign CS5.5 to the IDML format.
    Please refer to this document: http://help.adobe.com/en_US/indesign/cs/using/WSa285fff53dea4f8617383751001ea8cb3f-6d52a.h tml#WSa285fff53dea4f8617383751001ea8cb3f-6d4da

  • Is there a way that you can convert a pdf file into a InDesign 5.5 file

    I want to convert a pdf file into a InDesign CS5.5. Is there anyway you can do this, or is there any software which can be downloaded that achieves good results.

    Recosoft has a converting plugin:
    http://PDF to InDesign, Convert PDF to InDesign, PDF to InDesign converter

  • Re: Is InDesign CS5 Compatible With Latest Apple OS?

    I am currently licensed to use my copy of InDesign CS5 on my iMac and my MacBook. I'm thinking about replacing my MacBook with a new laptop from Apple to take advantage of our state's tax holiday this coming weekend. I would, of course, want to migrate InDesign from my old laptop to my new one. My current MacBook is over three years old and runs on OS 10.6.8. My question is, if I buy a new Apple laptop with the very latest operating software, would InDesign CS5 still work with such an advanced OS? Is there any danger of me losing access to the files I've already created? Would I have to upgrade InDesign to CS6? Does Adobe even offer upgrades now that they have introduced the Creative Cloud? Thanks in advance.

    Thanks, Bob. I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question. It was very helpful.
    Actually, if I purchase a new laptop, I was planning on installing InDesign using the original media. I just meant that, since I am only licensed to use InDesign on two devices at a time, I would need to discontinue its use on my old laptop in order to be able to use it on my new one. (I plan on continuing on using InDesign on my desktop for the time being.) But this leads me to another question: Wouid I have to discontinue InDesign on my old laptop BEFORE installing it on my new laptop? If so, what would I do if it turns out that InDesign CS5 doesn't work on the latest Mac OS? I could switch to a Creative Cloud subscription as you suggest -- but I was hoping not to have to spend any more money. If I did have to switch to the Cloud, would I still be able to access and work on the files I created in CS5?
    Thanks again for all your help.

  • Indesign CS5.5 hang on loss of focus when opening files

    I know there's going to be no quick fix but I'm going to throw this out. InDesign CS5.5 / 7.5.2 running on WindowsXP SP3 seems to hang when the program looses focus when a file is opened. The program will ocassionally lose focus if you click on the "update" button or if you select another application/window. The result is that the file will open but InDesign does not allow any actions. Just a "ding" when you click anywhere.
    Besides the obvious "don't touch your computer", any fixes/ideas? Hang on update is really annoying, especially if you don't touch anything except the update button.

    Hello all, sorry to bump such an old thread but this is the most similar topic I've come across to a problem some of us here are also having. I think the hidden alert is simply the update links progress bar, after playing with my monitors a bit:
    but even with it active on the main monitor, the progress bar is stuck and cancel does nothing.
    I have a theory that it is to do with linking to EPS files... but nothing to back that up.
    This is InDesign CS5 and Win7
    edit: I'm canvassing the other users here to see if it might be that file specifically.

  • InDesign CS5 crashes when trying to export a PDF and/or a Warning dialog box appears!

    Just bought a new macbook pro 15" non retina the other day and the SAME version of InDesign CS5 that was running on my 2010 iMac is now crashing each time I get a Warning dialog box and/or try exporting a PDF?!??!?! How was this NOT an issue before and now is??? Running the same Lion 10.7.4 as well....
    Holding the alt key while deleting a page does help it not prompt the warning dialog box, but no help to exporting a pdf...
    So guessing this is a Apple issue and we need an update or??
    I am only using Fontbook and have NOT even added any new fonts yet, practically bare bones mac still with just CS5...
    What is also weird is that the warning dialog boxes are always BLANK and have no text on them, like there is a font issue??
    I've cleared the system font cache, reset InDesign prefs, reset PRAM and NVRAM, re-installed InDesign and updated to 7.0.4...
    This is madness....please help me in the name of all that is good.

    figured it out:
    - power off mac and turn back on while holding down Command + R (dont do it on an external keyboard just to be safe)
    - choose the re-install Lion option (I'm sure there is another way to re-install Lion, this is just the way I did it, not saying its the best or only method)
    - DO NOT INSTALL MACBOOK (Mid 2012) Software Update 1.0 - THIS SCREWS ADOBE UP!

  • PDF files turns white after exporting from InDesign CS5

    Hi all
    When I export PDF files fom inDesign CS5 they turn out all white when I open them in Acrobat Reader (I´ve tried both in version 9 and the latest version). When I first open the PDF it seems to be ok but as soon as I zoom out it turns white. Anyone have a clue or have experienced the same issues?
    Thanks a lot

    Is this something you can share? Put the PDF on a server someplace and post a link here, if you can. If you don't have your own server, you can use a service like YouSendIt.com.
    What settings are you using for the export? What happens in ID if you go to Preview mode?

  • Devanagari font in layed out in Indesign (using IndicPlus) does not export correctly to a PDF.

    Namaste InDesign gurus,
          I have a problem at hand. Wondering if anyone has encoutered similar problem before? Any help is greatly appreciated. And if you're in San Francisco bay area - I can buy you a lunch :-)
    Short description: Devanagari font in layed out in Indesign (using IndicPlus) does not export correctly to a PDF. All the ligatures are assembled and displayed in the PDF.
    Adobe Indesign Version: InDesign CS5 Design Premium - regular U.S. version (not ME).
    Steps I took:
              I purchased CS5 Design Premium and also purchased the IndicPlus plugin to author sanskrit documents in InDesign. I create Sanskrit text using either of the following methods.
    1) Itranslator
    2) Paste the devanagari from the Itranslator directly into InDesign or paste it first into MSWord and then copy from MSWord and paste it to Indesign.
    It doesn't matter how I paste it. After I apply the IndicPlus character/paragraph style so that the sanskrit looks good in InDesign, when I try to export it to a PDF. The PDF does not display the ligatures currectly. It just lists all the characters in order without assembling.
    I've spent a lot of money buying CS5, IndicPlus and then I can't even create a simple PDF document from InDesign. It is very frustrating.
    Has anyone been able to successfully export a sanscrit document from InDesign PDF ?
    (Please let me know if my problem description needs more fleshing out).
    I could create the PDF from MSWord directly but I'm trying to use indesign to layout my book. If InDesign cannot export to PDF I'll just have to use MSWord for my book layout. I've spend probably scores of hours trying to learn InDeisn and formatting my book content - seems like it is all going to be waste.
    Is MSWord the best choice or only choice for laying out books that have sanskrit text in them?

    Has anyone been able to successfully export a sanscrit document from InDesign PDF ?
    Not Sanskrit, no, but plenty of Hindi, Nepali, Marathi, and other languages written in Devanagari script - so it should be possible. I don't even use IndicPlus, which by most accounts makes working with Indic text much easier.
    1) Itranslator
    I've never seen this, but a quick Google led me to the homepage of ITranslator for Windows, where I saw this:
    Itranslator 99 (Build  & New Beta Version
    uses 8-bit true type fonts and is compatible
    with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP.
    For more information, click here.
    Itranslator 2003 (Build & New Beta Version
    uses 16-bit Unicode-compatible fonts and is working
    only on Windows 2000 / XP / Server 2003.
    For more information, click here.
    So, if you're using ITranslator 99, there's the problem - those "8-bit true type fonts" won't work in InDesign. Can you post a sample of the text you're trying to paste into InDesign? Name the font(s) you are using, both in Word and in Indesign, and if possible make a small sample of the text available for us to test. It's also possible that InDesign is using a substituted font, which could cause this problem. So, if the font name in InDesign has brackets around it, you know that InDesign doesn't actually have that font installed and is auto-substituting. Also, if you go to View -> Screen Mode -> Normal and the text is highlighted pink, you know that the font has dropped. (Unless the highlighting for dropped fonts was turned off - check in Edit -> Preferences -> Composition and make sure that "Substituted Fonts" is checked.
    Also, for what it's worth, is there any way you could Place your text instead of copying and pasting? This may be cause of your problem - but even though it probably isn't, it's still worth a try.
    Lastly - no, I've found InDesign to be superior for typesetting for almost all languages, but the learning curve is pretty steep, and many of the problems faced by people working in non-English languages are not easy to research when you have a problem.

Maybe you are looking for

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