Exporting photos from Lightroom in their original format

Hi all,
My Lightroom library contains photos from multiple photographers. What I'd like to do is select all of a particular photographer's photos by choosing 'Creator' from the metadata browser and export the selection to a single folder. However, Lightroom's export options force me to chose from JPEG, DNG, TIFF or PSD formats. Most of them are JPEGs already; I don't want to recompress them again (or save them in an uncompressed format, which would be pointless). I just want to make a copy of the files as they exist in the library, without modifying them. Does anyone know if this can be done, and if so, how?

So far as dragging the file "out of" the Lightroom content area I think you'll find that it works the same way as Bridge (i.e. the sidecar does not travel with the original file). In the Bridge you need to use the Move To or Copy feature if you want the XMP sidecar to travel.
So... In Lightroom, how is it properly done then?
I shoot RAW only, and I have found occasion where I would like to collect a copy of the RAW files to give to someone else for editing. While I might be able to use the Windows Explorer, what am I supposed to do if the images reside in different directories? I can't export them because Lightroom doesn't let me export a RAW copy (in other words, I can't export a CR2 file and end up with a CR2 file outside of Lightroom), and I can't drag and drop them because 1: this doesn't work on Windows, and 2: the sidecars don't copy with the RAW files.
Thanks for the tips and info.

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  • I updated my computer to 10.10.1 and now my photoshop isn't in my applications folder anymore. Even when I try to export photos from Lightroom, PS isn't even an option anymore. Not sure where it went or how to get it back! Thanks!

    I updated my computer to 10.10.1 and now my photoshop isn't in my applications folder anymore. Even when I try to export photos from Lightroom, PS isn't even an option anymore. Not sure where it went or how to get it back! Thanks!

    Using 6-7 year old software that's no longer receiving updates & was never designed to run on 10.10 is asking for trouble.   That said, try re-installing PS and installing Java SE6
    Java for OS X 2014-001
    It might work.  But again it might not.
    Good luck!
    Nancy O.

  • Is it possible to export photos from lightroom 5 in trial mode

    is it possible to export photos from lightroom 5 in trial mode. Somebody Please tell me.

    Yes. Try it!

  • Exporting photos from Lightroom that are good enough quality for a photography website.

    I am doing a website for a photographer client that need to showcase their images in a rotating gallery that will be about 1/2 the page so pretty big. She gave me all the photos in FULL size which meant that they were excellent quality and looked amazing on my computer at home as I have fast internet and they all loaded up in seconds. Only problem, when I tried it on a different internet source that wasn’t as speedy, they took so long to load that the next one would start, hence no images ever being visible. This is not good as not everyone will have as fast internet as me and it’s pointless if no one can see her work.
    She then exported them for web, using the normal settings that she usually would, leaving them around 200-600KB which loads up nice and quickly, but the quality just don’t do the photo’s justice AT ALL!
    I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions of the setting to use to export them from lightroom so that the quality is still next to perfect, but they are small enough so that they load up in a reasonable time on the web.
    Each photo displays for 5 full seconds before alternating.
    Thank you in advance and if you have any further suggestions, I would love to hear them.

    You need to use export settings similar to this:
    Quality setting should be at least 60, but you can sometimes get away with less. (smaller file size)
    But if you need to export a lot of images, do them all at 60, and re-export as necessary. If you for instance see blockiness in a clear blue sky, increase quality until it goes away.
    Color space must be set to sRGB.
    Set the required size in pixels, using Long edge is quite convenient. Whatever you enter in the resolution box doesn't matter - web browser ignore ppi.
    Experiment with Screen sharpening to find the setting that works best. Standard usually works OK, but it depends on the sharpness of the original.
    Set Metadata to Copyright Only, this keeps file size down.

  • Is there a way to save photos from lightroom without the original file?

    I recently imported photos into lightroom, but I failed to save the original files on my computer and they are deleted from my card.  The pictures are still showing up in lightroom.  Is there a way to save them from lightroom without the original file?

    Your images aren't - and never were - in Lightroom, they're just referenced in Lightroom's database.
    Lightroom does generate jpeg previews of the originals though, and you can export those using Rob Cole's Preview Exporter plugin: robcole.com - PreviewExporter.
    To be clear though, these aren't the originals.

  • Exporting Photos from Lightroom 3 vs. Saving JPEGs from Photoshop IMAGE QUALITY

    Hi all,
    I'm not quite understanding why if I export a photo from Lightroom 3, the thumbnail looks great in Finder (if you max out display size) but when I edit the same photo from Photoshop and save it, the thumbnail image is blurry. Opening images comes out the same. I'm just being nitpicky, it's kind of annoying. Can anyone explain the difference? Thanks!

  • Exported photos from Lightroom 4 to my Iphoto are not the edited.

    Hi !
    I',m in real trouble here. I've just edited my recent vacation photos to Lightroom and exported to my computer. Looking at the pictures i've noticed that are the original, not the edited versions. Decided to do it all again, but took the wrong decision of deleting my files in my computer. Started all over again, exported the files but same results, the edited photos were not exported. Any advice of what to do? I'm really desperate. Thanks for any advice.

    Normally you copy photos from the camera card to a folder on your hard drive or external hard drive.
    If an external drive is not connected to the computer you see ! on the thumbnails.

  • Do I need to export photos from Lightroom 4 before placing in InDesign CS6?

    I'm doing a print photo book layout in InDesign using photos that I am processing in Lightroom 4 & Photoshop CS6. My question is, do I need to "File > Export" the files from Lightroom before placing them into InDesign? Or are the Lightroom final changes I make embedded in the .tif file?

    Rob Cole wrote:
    bmcweeney wrote:
    Or are the Lightroom final changes I make embedded in the .tif file?
    Unless I'm mistaken, even tiffs and jpegs need to be exported if you want changes made in Lightroom to show up in InDesign.
    If said rendered image also had Develop edits yes, they would need to be re-rendered. A rendered asset in LR, no.

  • Cannot export photos from Lightroom 5

    Keep getting message: Some export operations were not performed, not enough memory. Yet I have 56.7 gb of memory on my hard drive. Should I uninstall Lightroom and reinstall ? Can no longer even export a single photo alone. What to do ?

    Try exporting the image as a smaller size (pixel dimentions ex. 800px wide x600px high) and see if you get the same error. Odds are it will work at that resolution. The higher the resolution, the more memory is required to render to that file format.
    And I can guarantee you that "not enough memory" refers to RAM and not the hard drive. If you let us know what OS you have (Mac or windows and its version #) someone can tell you how to find out how much Ram is on your system.
    Also if this system is a laptop or tablet, the video card can be using up some of the Ram as well.

  • I am having trouble exporting photos from Lightroom 5

    The title says it all. I finish a photo and export and nothing happens!

    Just a couple of observations that may not be of any help to you. After you click on the export button, you won't see any activity on the Lightroom interface unless you are exploring several images in which case you will see a progress bar in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. I noticed on your export settings that you have checked the option to add the exported image to the catalog, so it isn't going to automatically show up in Lightroom. You might try right clicking on the folder you are working with and choose to synchronize it and see if that will bring in those newly exported images.

  • Transferring photos from Lightroom 5 to Adobe Photoshop Elements 12

    I have over 4k photos installed On Lightroom 5. I recently purchased and installed Adobe Photoshop Elements 12. Can you please
    advise easiest way to export photos from Lightroom to Photoshop? Am having significant difficulty. Thanks

    You can't do it that way. Any attempt to poke around in the iphoto library from outside iphoto is very likely to damage the library and cause you to lose your photos, so PSE won't let you. You have two choices:
    1. Set PSE as your external editor, send the photos from iphoto, and save them without changing the name or format (you may need to adjust the editor prefs>Saving Files>On First Save to let you do this). Then iphoto will remember your original and the last edited version.
    Be sure to choose this file in Applications>Adobe Photoshop Elements 10>Support files as your external editor, not the one at the top level of the PSE 10 folder in Applications:
    2. Export the photos from iphoto, use File>Open in the PSE editor to open the images and then save them with whatever changes to name or format you like, and reimport the saved images to iphoto as new files. This way you can save as many versions as you like.

  • I can't export photos from Lightroom5 to a subfolder on my Mac Desktop

    I can't export photos from Lightroom 5 to a ssubfolder on my Mac Desktop.  Can anyone help?

    Does it give an error message?  Or why do you think you can't export them to a subfolder?

  • How to most efficiently export photos on their original format with all metadata and adjustments?

    How do I most efficiently export photos on their original format with all metadata and adjustments applied? I am looking for a solution for exporting corrected photos between computers with Lightroom 5 installed. Preferably with no exporting or merging of catalogs.
    Thanks in advance for you support,
    JP Jacobsen

    And yet exporting a catalog is the perfect solution for communicating with another LR catalog...
    But if you really want to export photos , File>Export should work. I guess I don't really understand what your concerns are.

  • Exporting photo from smart photo editor to lightroom catalogue?

    I know how to export a photo from lightroom to a program called smart photo editor,but am not sure how to save it back to the same lightrm folder where the image originated from. in lightroom preferences i set up smart photo editor as a secondary editing program etc.  Do you know what the procedures would be?  Thanks!!

    Lightroom will render an export copy so after you finish editing in the external editor you need to save (usually Ctr+S) in most software and then close the file (usually Ctrl+W) in Smart Photo. That will save the file back to the Lightroom liobrary.
    Don’t make the mistake of using Save AS which will create a new file which Lightroom knows nothing about.

  • Can I export photos from iphoto to lightroom?

    can I export photos from iphoto to lightroom?

    Not very knowledgeable on iPhoto are we?
    The problem with iPhoto is it copies and or moves all your photo into it's database structure which is just a pain
    It moves nothing. It can copy, or reference the images.
    Even Picasa is better then iPhoto as it actually displays RAW images.
    As Keith says, iPhoto work with every format that the OS supports - in other words all the same ones as Aperture.
    iPhoto doesn't even support Adobe DNG format.
    Going for 0/3 ?
    As for migrating from iPhoto to Lightroom:  Apps like iPhoto2Disk or PhotoShare will help you export to a Folder tree matching your Events.

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