Exporting snapshot logs...and terminates with unsuccessfull

Hi all,
i'm getting this error when i try to export a user in oracle 10g.
. exporting views
. exporting stored procedures
. exporting operators
. exporting referential integrity constraints
. exporting triggers
. exporting indextypes
. exporting posttables actions
. exporting materialized views
. exporting snapshot logs
EXP-00008: ORACLE error 1455 encountered
ORA-01455: converting column overflows integer datatype
EXP-00000: Export terminated unsuccessfully.
i have one materialized view inside the user. the snapshot table having more than 500 rows of data.
when i drop the materialized view, i can able to export successfully.
how can i export a user having a materialized view. help me.

thanks robert...thanks for ur timely reply....
i had a very rough time with this export since today morning.......
can i use this format....
in the database there's no directory. can i use dpump_dir1 as dirrectory.....
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    jcm21 wrote:
    CCC put up a message that there was a Physical Problem  "Library/Application Support/Techtool Protection/McIntosh HD/Directory Backup 2011-11-01-16-28-16"
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  • Dreamweaver CS5 will not open. It shows the splash screen and terminates with non admin login

    Dreamweaver CS5 will not open. It shows the splash screen and terminates with non admin login but works fine with admin login.
    OS - WinXP Sp3
    Things I tried.
    1) Gave full rights on dreamweaver folder in program files.
    2) Disabled welcome screen
    3) Updated to Dreamweaver CS5 11.0.4
    4) Reinstalled
    5) Formated PC
    But issue persists, please help.

    Have you tried deleting or renaming the Dreamweaver configuration file?
    See http://forums.adobe.com/thread/494811
    This can solve many problems and create one in that any snippets that are installed are lost, but you can get them back. Instead of deleting the config file, just name it config.old. When your system is working, just copy the snippets from the .old file to the new one.

  • Log and Transfer with Canon XF300's after 1.0.2 Firmware upgrade

    Is anyone having issues with Log and Transfer with Canon XF300's after 1.0.2 Firmware upgrade?

    Yes, just experienced it yesterday at a shoot after upgrading to 1.0.2 two days ago. Have you found a solutions yet?

  • FCP Crash when opening log and transfer with some AVCHD footage on a card

    I'm using a freshly (re)installed version of FCP 7 on a brand new macbookpro loaded with 8gb ram and equipped with a small 2ghz Intel Core i7
    I get footage shot on Panasonic ag-hmr10 minicams coming on SD cards as AVCHD footage. Sometimes the files are quite big, 17gb of compressed footage.
    When I go to log and transfer, to convert the footage in apple prores, the l/t window opens, I see a preview of my footage, than the spinning beach ball of death shows up and FCP crashes every time. I've tried deleting the preferences and reinstalling the software. Still, it keeps crashing. Now the same file on a different computer equipped with FCP will be processed, slowly but surely.
    Now I know I can work around this problem by going to toast as an encoder, but I want to fix this issue so I can operate from FCP. I've seen this problem posted before but never found any good solution.
    Any suggestions?

    Have you tried setting the L&T AVCHD audio conversion prefs to plain stereo?
    Open the L&T window.
    Click on the gear icon towards the upper center of the frame.
    Select "Plain Stereo" For the AVCHD plugin.

  • Log and Transfer with Canon 5d mark iii footage on OS 10.5

    FCP is not recognizing my SCDH card in the Log and Transfer window
    and I'm wondering why this is.
    I am running OS 10.5 - and there were no additional EOS drivers available
    on Canon's website for my OS.
    I am shooting with the new 5D mark iii. When I first got the Rebel T2i a few years
    back, I had the same problem and installing the Canon driver worked to
    get the card to show up in the Log and Transfer window.
    Does anyone have tips for how to get my Log and Transfer window to recognize
    a card from the 5D mark iii?

    Hi, guys.
    In my experience, the best native format is ProRes MOV while the 5D Mark III recorded file is H.264 MOV. So I have been using a H.264 to ProRes MOV Converter to help me change the 5D Mark III H.264 MOV files before importing to FCP on my iMac. I found the way from Google. The below is the link.
    http://www.editavchdmac.com/convert-5d-mark-iii-mov-footages-to-prores-for-editi ng-in-fcp-x/

  • [Help Request] Log and Transfer with Sony HDR-SR10

    Hello Everyone,
    I am very new to Final Cut Express and I am trying to import the clips from my camera (Sony HDR-SR10) to Final Cut. Here are the settings that I have for FCE and the camera:
    *Easy Setup*
    Format: Apple Intermediate Codec
    Rate: (all rates)
    Use: AVCHD-Apple Intermediate Codec 1440x1080i60
    +settings found in this thread (http://discussions.apple.com/message.jspa?messageID=9162394)+
    *Camera Settings*
    HD FH (AVC HD 16M (FH)
    Then I mount the camera on the desktop. Then File > Log and Transfer. However, no clips appear in the viewer. I have tried adding a folder to the Log and Transfer window, but no clips show up. I have about 30gb of footage on my camera, so it's not like the camera is blank or something.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    In addition to Tom's advice...
    I have an SR-11 which I believe is nearly identical to your's. Do you have any SD video on your camera? If you do you may have to erase these clips. When I first started using FCE, I had to get rid of any SD footage I had before FCE would display my HD clips in the Log and Transfer window. Fortunately I only had a couple of test clips in SD, so erasing them wasn't a big deal. I don't know why this happens, but since I only shoot in HD mode I never looked into in further.
    Additionally insure your playback mode is set for HD and not SD (I don't have my camera with me right now, but if I remember correctly there is a selection in one of the menus for this).
    Hope this helps a bit.

  • Log and Transfer with Hvx200 error

    I just installed FCP 7 on my computer and now when I go to Log and Transfer I go to add my clip to Queue and it wont go. All I get as a red arrow that says "error unknown" under status. Has anybody else had this problem also?
    Also does anybody know why I have to trash my preferences before I open FCP all the time?
    Thanks in Advance!

    #36 - One or More P2 files failed to import.
    Shane's Stock Answer #36 - "One or more clips failed to import..."
    Very often in the field with this camera the camera operator will delete clips from the P2 card that they just don't like. That is the beauty of this camera. But, the still for that video file (located in the CLIP folder in the CONTENTS folder)...the still that you see when you are in the P2 Import window...is not deleted. So you will see the image, and the name, but the video file would have been deleted.
    What you can do it compare the file names in the VIDEO folder and CLIP folder and see if anything is missing. If something is, then you know what the problem is. You can then just import the rest a few at time, skipping that one.
    ALSO...in the P2 Import window...in the P2 Browser, there is a little sprocket drop down menu. Click on that and choose PREFERENCES. Uncheck REMOVE PULLDOWN and then try importing again.
    ALSO...make sure your file names aren't too long. Try shortening them and see if that works.
    ALSO make sure that the folders that contain the CONTENTS folder doesn't have any odd characters like /[email protected]#$%^&*()?.

  • Log and transfer with Panasonic HDC-HS100

    I recently purchased the Panasonic HDC-HS 100, that is a hybrid SD card/HDD. I am having problems importing my footage onto my computer. When opening the log and transfer window in FCP, it does not recognize the camera (error messages indicate there is an invalid directory structure). Also, the media has been saved to my computers hard drive. How do I get this footage on my computer so I can start editing! Thanks for the help.

    Hi David - I'm actually having the exact same problem:
    Have the HDC-HS100, trying to import the internal files into Final Cut Express 4 using the "Log & Transfer" program. I've tried several times to "Add Clip to Queue" but it continuously says "1 clip queued - idle."
    And help would be much appreciated. Just got back from a 2-month trip to Central America with some great footage that I can't even touch!

  • Log and Transfer with Panasonic HD

    Recently I purchased the Panasonic HDC-HS 100, which is a hybrid SD card/HDD, (AVCHD). I use the Mac OS X (10.4.11) with Final Cut Pro 6.0.5. I am having problems importing my footage onto my computer. When opening the log and transfer window in FCP, it does not recognize the camera (error messages indicate there is an invalid directory structure). Also, the media has been saved to my computers hard drive. How do I get this footage on my computer so I can start editing! Thanks for the help.

    Do you have an external card reader? Or are you playing back from the camera? When you copied the contents of the card to the computer, did you copy the whole card, or just the video clips? You have to copy the ENTIRE card, as is. Create a folder on your external hard drive and name it P2(name of project)#. So if you have 3 cards you used for the project "My Haircut" you would have 3 folders named
    That is just a sample naming scheme. You can use what you want, just be consistent so you can find your footage easily. Then, mount your SD card on the desktop, open it, select all, and drag to the appropriate folder. Make sure you select all. Then, open Log and Transfer, go to the upper right corner of the Log and Transfer browser and click on the drop down button. You will see a choice that says Create Custom Path. Click that, then locate the Folder you just created. Click once on that folder and then "choose". DON'T choose the internal folders, just choose your P2myHaircut# folder. You should see your clips pop up in that browser. If this doesn't work, you may be missing a component for that camera. Honestly, I don't know anything about your camera, but that is the process for Log and Transfer.

  • Snapshot log and unused space

    I have a snapshot log that is big in size, yet empty. How can i shrink the shapshot log smaller ? Looking for the comparable command for a snapshot that we use for a table - by truncating the table. How do we do it in the snapshot/materialized view world ? I don't want to drop and recreate the snapshot log either.......at least not, if i can help it.
    Using Oracle 9.2 here on unix platform.

    Question: Do you understand why the table, without an index, has 32KB assigned and 4KB used?
    Answer: ASE will allocate an extent (8x 4KB pages = 32KB) when the table is created, and then assign (ie, 'use') one of those pages for immediate use by the table
    Question: What happens when an index is created?
    Answer: ASE will also allocate an extent (8x 4KB pages = 32KB) when the index is created, and then assign (ie, 'use') one of those pages for immediate use by the index
    If you run 'sp_spaceused tmp,1' you'll get a detailed breakdown of allocated/used/unused space for each index.
    NOTE: If you're running ASE 15.7 ESD#2 (or higher), the 'create table' command has a 'deferred_allocation' option that delays the allocation of an extent (for the table and each index) until the first row is inserted.

  • Log and Transfer with error when adding to queue

    I transfer video to Log and Capture from Canon Vixia HF S11 AVCHD fine in FCP 7.03. When I try to log the selected clips (Add Selection to Queue) they do appear in the window of logged clips but each with red circle with exclamation point, Unknown error. The effect is that the clips do not get logged to the Browser.
    I trashed FCP preferences without effect. This problem appeared now. Before, Log and transfer worked fine. I see only one similar issue in the forum with recommendation to be sure to have scratch disk set, which I do.

    connect the camera and go to applications:  utilities:  disk utility and see if the camera shows up.  I think it usually shows up as a drive called "untitled" although it may have some other name.  If it doesn't, it may be a problem with the camera or the cable.  You might try restarting the computer with the camera attached.  I've found that some cameras are a little tricky to connect and it's usually the way the controls on the camera are manipulated.  Once you get the camera to mount on your computer, copy the entire contents of the "drive" to your computer and then log and transfer, pointing to the containing folder.

  • FCE Log and Transfer with Canon Vixia HF11

    I've recently upgraded FCE.  Before the upgrade I had no problems with log and transfer.  I have changed absolutely nothing on my camera or computer other than the upgrade.  Now when I try to log and transfer the files are in the window but I get a red icon that indicates they won't download.  Are there simple fixes here?  I don't understand most of the terminology used on these sites.  I just know that it worked before I upgraded and doesn't work now.  Thanks

    Go to the Log and Trnasfer window and find the Settings icon (a small gear wheel).
    Change the audio from Martix to Plain Stereo and try again.

  • Log and transfer with Canon cameras

    Hello. Using Final Cut Pro 7 to edit my project.
    I've been importing footage successfully from my Canon 7D using the Log and Transfer plugin. 
    I tried to do the same with new footage from my Canon Powershot S100.  I receievd this error:
    "contains unsupported media or has an invalid directory structure. Please choose a folder whose directory structure matches supported media."
    I transferred the files from camera --> external hard drive keeping the original file structure.  is there another way I should be importing footage from a non-EOS camera?

    I'm not aware of any plugin that Canon has for the S100 but you may want to check on that. If they don't, it would be best to convert the footage to ProRes 422 prior to importing into an FCP project.

  • Can't log and transfer with panasonic ag-hvx200p

    I just bought a new macbook pro and installed Final Cut Studio 2 (I also have it installed on my Mac Pro, for about 18 months now). When I connect my Panasonic AG-HVX200P it is recognized on my desktop. However, when I start up FCP (version 6.0.1) I'm told it cannot locate an external device... but, it does recognize the camera when I go to the "log and transfer" function. It even loads all the clips and allows me to play them before I add anything to the queue. But when I actually select clips to be added to the queue the status wheel spins for a few seconds and then stops... and that's it, just stops.
    The weird thing is my Mac Pro DOES allow me to successfully add video clips to the queue. The only thing I can think of right now is, maybe, I have a bad firewire cable for the MacBook Pro. It uses a 4-pin to 9-pin, and the Mac Pro uses the other sized connection (sorry, I don't know it).

    Hello Eric,
    2 things that come to my mind :
    I guess you have pressed the Camera button (next to the MCR/VCR) long enough to initialize the "drive".
    You should absolutely transfere all files before doing any log and capture to a hard drive. Don't use the "Finder" but a transfer software from Panasonci or anyone else. Don't do it directly from the cam.
    Hope that helps,

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