Expressions/Effects on final render only

I have a general workflow question that I think is worth discussing.
Our production uses a LOT of expressions.  Possibly too many -- it seems AE is not happy with evaluating hundreds and hundreds of expressions every frame.
However, many of these expressions aren't really necessary when doing RAM Previews or when working in general.  They are only needed when the final product is rendered.
An example is an expression that makes properties "animate on twos", that is, skip every other frame.  This expression is on almost every single layer, except for a few that need to be on ones.
I am wondering if anyone has figured out a workflow that allows for expressions to be somehow skipped until a real render is made.  I would also ask the same about effects.
Thank you!

"specifying that an expression should only be evaluated once"
Add a posterizeTime or if (time == 0) at the beginning of your expression
"or only evaluated on "draft" or something like that"
Use a checkbox on another layer to control whether expressions should be calculated or not.
"Better handling of errors "
add try/catch in your code
So you could do something like:
if (time == 0 && comp("...").layer("...").effect("Use Expressions")(1))
    // your heavy expression
else value;
Global functions may be useful, but global variables would make thing terribly messy. Plus when you add an expression control you basically create a global variable (even though you can't set it's value).

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  • After Effects CS5: final render different than the preview

    Hi all,
    I have a problem I cannot find a solution.
    I am making an animated route on a map. My map is a 2D map and I travel along the route in 3D. The preview looks good to me but as soon as I try to make a render the result is completely strange: the camera moves are completely different!
    I checked the parameters of my composition and the ones of the rendering and they look exactly the same.
    Would you know from where comes the problem? My video is 860*480 and the map is 15000*15000 big. Could it be an explanation to the problem? Can I solve it in a way?
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    If needed I can make some screenshots of the render and the preview to show you the difference.

    Hi Mylenium and thank you for your quick answer.
    Please find attached some screenshots with the comparison with Quicktime render.
    I also would like to add that RAM previews are fine (means in accordance with the timeline and the overview) but any kind of renders (final or pre-render) make such mistakes.
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    it started about a week or so ago but when i tried using the lighting effects filter rather than showing  a shadowy gradient effect like it usually does it is either pue blakc or just shwos an unnafected picture and when i play with the lighting rig or change slider settigns like texture for example it flickers back and forth like it's broken
    but it works perfeclty in CS5 without a hitch.
    i tried searching to see if others had a similar problem but all i got was that CS6 either didnt coem with it installed or the app doesnt display correclty. i dont know what to do i dont want to keep goign to an older photoshop just to use it's basic features.

    Kind:  Application (Intel)
    Size:  564.7 MB on disk (560,095,713 bytes)
    Where:  /Applications/Adobe Photoshop CS6
    Created: Monday, June 18, 2012 2:04 PM
    Modified:  Monday, June 18, 2012 2:04 PM 
    Version  13.0.1
    Copyright:  Copyright  © 1990-2012 Adobe Systems Incorporated
    it says nothing about bit versions. unless thats what version means. but i dont know how to read it.

  • Cs 6 render only on farm

    I can't get CS 6 to render on the farm after I installed AE CC.  I did put the text file in place as described here, but this did not work:
    o enable non-royalty bearing mode, place a blank file named ae_render_only_node.txt into one of the following locations, depending on the user account type:��
    Install After Effects on the render-only machine. 
    Place a blank file named ae_render_only_node.txt into one of the following locations, depending on the user account type: 
    Mac locations:/Users/<username>/Documents//Users/Shared/Adobe/
    Windows locations:C:\Users\<username>\DocumentsC:\Users\Public\Documents\Adobe
    What am I missing?!?! 

    I'm running windows 7 pro 64 bit

  • After Effects CC Output Modules on Render Only Machines

    Hi there, I'm having an issue with custom Output Module Templates and my renderfarm:
    After Effects CC (showing as up to date in Creative Cloud)
    Mac OS X 10.8.4 (Latest Mountain Lion version)
    Mac Pro 2.93 GHz 8-Core, Radeon 5870, 32GB RAM and with Blackmagic Decklink Extreme 3D+
    Remote Machines (there are four) are Mac Pros as well (Quad-core, running 10.7.2 with 16GB RAM), using the ae_render_only_node.txt file in their user Documents folder.
    The exact error:
    aerender ERROR: No output module template was found with the given name.
    I am trying to get a renderfarm working with After Effects CC (see exact version above). Unfortunately, I need custom output modules and I can't seem to get the render slaves to recognize them. I found older threads on this exact issue, but no solution was found.
    I am using commandline aerender in OS X terminal to start a render with a basic test scene.
    To simplify things, I have tried testing this on one render slave machine at a time... Same result everywhere.
    Here's what I've tried:
    I exported a .aom file from my main machine (where I have my desired custom Output Modules) and attempted to bring it in on the render slaves. However, because the render slaves are render only, (they have ae_render_only_node.txt in their Documents folder), the ability to import Output Modules is disabled in After Effects (it opens as the After Effects Render Engine, and the Edit>Templates menu is greyed out).
    Next, I thought I'd try copying the main machine's /Users/(user)/Library/Preferences/Adobe/After Effects/12.0 folder over to the render slaves, thinking that would get whatever preference file to them that's needed to define the output modules. No luck. Launched After Effects (which loads as After Effects Render Engine) and reset my disk cache preferences (so they weren't still the main machine's). Tried aerender again... no luck. Same error:
    aerender ERROR: No output module template was found with the given name.
    After that, I thought it would be a good idea to sign out of Adobe Creative Cloud on the main machine, and try logging into the render slave machine with my full UserID and Password and temporarily remove the ae_render_only_node.txt file. Then, I'd import the .aom file in the full version of AE... I tried this and success! The renders work... they find the Output Modules no problem. Only issue is, as soon as I sign out, and switch to using the ae_render_only_node.txt file, the Output Modules are not found. Not sure what's going on-- if the Output Modules are being disabled by the ae_render_only_node.txt file? Or maybe signing out of my Adobe ID is removing the preferences that determine Output Modules? Don't know where the Output Module preferences are stored to be able to tell.
    Next attempt: I thought I'd try syncing my preferences with Creative Cloud. I made sure to check After Effects Sync Preferences to ensure that Output Modules are set to sync. I did a sync where I uploaded my preferences from the main machine. Then, on the render slaves, I ran Sync Preferences, and chose to download preferences. Works when signed in, but not when used as a render only node. When it's a render only node, it still prompts me to Download the Sync Preferences and Quit the Application, which I do, but nothing seems to happen. I try aerender again, and still the same error:
    aerender ERROR: No output module template was found with the given name.
    I can't seem to find any info on where Output Modules are actually stored (apparently they're not anywhere in the User/Library/Preferences/Adobe/After Effects/ folder?). Are render only nodes not allowed to have custom Output Modules? Not even for something as simple as the Multi-Machine Sequence with a post-render action of Set Proxy enabled?
    Any help is greatly appreciated!
    Thank You.

    I've verified this problem and filed a bug. Sorry about the hiccup.
    I've trying to pin down why this happens, and while I don't have a full explanation yet I think I've stumbled onto a workaround:
    Trash the prefs on the render machine.
    Enable the ae_render_only_node.txt file.
    Launch AE and then quit. <- This is a critical step. More on this later.
    Disable ae_render_only_node.txt file.
    Launch AE.
    Add your Output Module template.
    Quit AE.
    Enable the ae_render_only_node.txt file.
    After you do this, I highly recommend making a backup copy of the Adobe After Effects 12.0 Prefs-indep-output.txt file. Just in case. I've had the failure reappear.
    Now test with aerender and let me know if that works. It has on my machine.
    Why does this matter? When you run AE with the ae_render_only_node.txt file enabled, it appears to add a new section to the preferences: "Output Module Preference Section v28-TRIAL". It's the TRIAL part that is important. Without it, AE doesn't seem to be able to keep track of the OM's when in render_only_node mode. And if you disable the ae_render_only_node.txt file, AE has a tendency to destroy the TRIAL section (I'm still tracing why that happens).
    Now, should this not work for you, I recommend you work around the problem by adding your comps to the render queue in each project. When you do that, and change your aerender flags appropriately, you can render to your desired settings without specifying OMtemplate parameter.
    > I can't seem to find any info on where Output Modules are actually stored (apparently they're not anywhere in the User/Library/Preferences/Adobe/After Effects/ folder?).
    You probably already discovered this. In After Effects CC the OM data is stored in the Adobe After Effects 12.0 Prefs-indep-output.txt file. In older versions of AE, a single pref file such as Adobe After Effects 11.0-x64 Prefs.txt holds all of this data.
    Let me know if that workaround does the trick for you. If I get more information on the cause of the problem I'll update you.

  • After Effects and Final Cut Express

    Is it possible to export a project from After Effects into Final Cut Express? I just want to make sure before I get it.
    That's all, thanks,

    You can export a QuickTime movie from After Effects and use it in FCE. AE projects will not open in FCE.

  • How do I turn on the GUI controls for the Focus Blur Effect in Final Cut Pro X

    I can't find the setting that enables the GUI control overlay to manipulate the parameters of the Focus blur effect in Final Cut Pro X. When I have the clip and the focus effect selected I only get a center element overlay. At one point I had controls for all the other elements of this effect.
    anyone know a shortcut or how I can toggle these controls back on?

    I don't see any other screen controls either.
    Maybe there was a change sometime, or maybe you were using a different effect?

  • Is the GPU used for final render?

    I started using Speedgrade on my Mac Pro, and I really like it.
    I'm getting great playback of my 3K r3d files - realtime at 1/2 res with my ATI 5770,
    but when I'm doing my final render from the output tab it will only render 0.7 fps in both online and offline quality.
    So I was thinking about getting a GTX 580, but will Speedgrade use the GPU for final renders or only for playback? If it's only for playback it wouldn't make sense for me to buy one.
    I'm also struggling with getting my project from Premiere to Speedgrade,
    I can export an EDL, but this will only contain one video track - and I usually use multiple.
    Is there any way to export a sequence with more than one video track?

    Hey azton,
    Speedgrade is using GPU for playback and CPU for rendering.
    Regarding Rendering Speed:
    what kind of input resolution do you use? - this is crucial to improve  render time. If you want to render out Proxies for example, its recommend using input-res below FULL, generally speaking of 1/4 ... 1/2 etc Res.
    By changing InputRes only you wil already notice a speed-up, activating OFFLINE quality should give a additional boost.
    What is your Output format? DPX? QT? Your Output Resolution?
    Rendering from a 3K image + Colorcorrection/Masks/Secondary + Resizing to XXX OuputRes + Codec (h264, DNxHD) wont be ultra fast though.
    multiple videotracks are not supported in the CMX3600 EDL standard. You have to deal the EDL as a traditional FINAL/MASTER edit.
    hope that helps,

  • AFX CS6 Render Only (windows)

    I am having trouble in getting the non-royalty bearing mode to work on our farm.
    Instructions say
    Place a blank file named ae_render_only_node.txt into one of the following locations, depending on the user account type:
      Windows locations: 
    However neither of these locations exist. the closest i can find are
    C:\Users\<username>\My Documents \Adobe
    C:\Users\Public\My Documents
    But placing the ae_render_only_node.txt file in these locations, does not work.
    How do i get this render only version to work?
    ~Node spec~
    AFX cs6
    windows 7
    26 GB RAM
    12 core proccessor

    it could be that network is using a roaming profile. 
    login as local machine administrator (machine_name\administrator) -> ensure the administrator account has a local profile.  This can be found control panel -> system -> advanced -> user profile  (select the local admin account and make sure the local profile is selected).
    double check to make sure the node is running windows 7 is running SP1 (can check computer -> properties)
    go to the cmd prompt (windows icon -> in search box -> cmd.exe)
    at command prompt
    md  %Public%\Documents\Adobe
    notepad  %PUBLIC%\Documents\Adobe\ae_render_only_node.txt -> it will ask if you want to create the file, answer yes, then get save & exit notepad
    download/install trial version of After Effects CS6 -> select try it option during install.
    after AE CS6 is installed, run bridge & select help -> updates (this will get all the fixes for after effects).
    Hope it helps
    edited for roaming profile & profile info.

  • Quality Setting for exporting from After Effects To Final Cut

    I've created an animation in After Effects for Final Cut.  My Export setting are Quicktime  Format Options are RGB, Millions of Colors Pre-Multiplied (Matted)
    Although the font images are clear in After Effects I'm getting pixelized font images on the final product.  See below
    Here's the image before in After Effects before I attempt to render the movie
    Quite a difference as you can see.  Any suggestions for setting coming out to clear up the problem?

    Michelle, are you able to get to the point in the screenshot below? Is ProRes an option there? Does animation or Apple Intermediate Codec show up? Thos might be a couple alternatives if ProRes is unavailable.

  • Disappearing layers in Final render

    I have a layer of video that keeps diappearing from my final render. It doesn't disappear completly. Looks to be down to about 1% opacity. Only happens in my final quicktime render. Plays and looks fine in my comp and ram previews. All my other comps which are pretty much duplicates except swapping out 2 layers work just fine as well.
    First image is my ram preview with the camera pushing past her. How it is supposed to look. Second is what actually renders out. It hits that frame right as the camera moves and she disappears. Layer order and z-position is not the issue. Any help is much appreciated.

    Are you sure that you are previewing the Active Camera in the Comp?
    If so then a screenshot of the entire timeline would be of much more use than these frame grabs.

  • After effects vs final cut pro?

    Is comparing adobe after effects to final cut pro, a fair comparison? What I mean is, looking around on youtube, I see better... effets on projects made with projects on after effects. now, I love FCP for editing, does adobe give a better program thats can do effects. I am looking to make my videos look more profesional, and I notice after effects has effects built into its system to do effects.
    After looking at this vidoe, im sold, final cut pro can not do this that quick.

    David Bogie Chq-1 wrote:
    I am looking to make my videos look more profesion< </div>
    Effects do NOT make your videos more professional. Professionalism is the only thing that can make your videos appear to have been produced, written, shot, and edited by a professional. Even faking professional video requires elevated professionalism.
    Hey! Just wait one second! That's is NOT what is promised by Apple and whoever makes those promises! All I have to do is buy the computer and the software and I'm a "professional!"
    But I truly and strongly encourage you to go ahead and purchase After Effects based solely on the Video Copilot tutorials. Know in advance that AE is about ten times as complex as FCP ever will be and you will want to post extensively in the Beginner's AE Forum on the cow.
    I would also suggest extensive posting in the FCP Beginners forum on the Cow for the OP.

  • Can I use Final Cut Express 4 with Final Cut Pro 10

    Can I use Final Cut Express 4 with Final Cut Pro 10 on the same computer?
    Thank you,

    Yes, you can install both of them, but you can only have one open at a time.
    You can check this for yourself by downloading the free 30 day trial from

  • Does Composition window settings affect final render?

    I know this is a totally lame question, and I'm about 99% sure on the answer, but I'm still going to ask...does the quality settings in the Composition window affect the final render? For example, if my composition is set to 50% (size) and Half (quality), this would not affect a final, full size, uncompressed render, would it?

    No, work settings for composition viewers do not affect final renders if the comp is added properly to the render queue. The only thing influenced is the "RAM preview" quick-save output module and render settings which can be used to dump already existing rendered frames to a movie file.

  • Preview & Final Render Choppy at transitions...

    i searched for this on the forums, but couldn't find anything. i know it's probably a simple problem, but i can't figure it out:
    whenever i overlap 2 or more clips to make a transitional fade (or even if i have 2 stacked clips on) the RAM preview is choppy at that part, and so is the final render when played back in both quicktime and WMP (i'm sure it's choppy in every player, those are the only 2 i've tried).
    the video in both RAM preview and final render is smooth up until a transition, then it's choppy and crawls through it, then smooth again.
    am i not checking some small box somewhere? anyone else have this problem and fix it?
    AE CS4
    intel 2.49 GHz, 3 GB RAM
    Windows XP Pro

    Well, most MPG in digital photo cameras is some sort of MPEG-4, often deviating considerably from standardized specs, so anything is possible. In your case, a look in the manual might offer some insights. I'm beggining to think that the clips are actually recorded at a lower frame rate (e.g. 24fps) and then use some sort of pulldown to look like 30fps. that#s not noticable when just viewing them, but gets you when editing. they may require to have the pulldown removed by interpreting them as 24fps pa. likewise, 30fps and 29.97fps are different things in AE's world, so that should be checked as well. Those discrepancies could also well explain your audio issues. The scaling should be unrealted, as AE works on fully reconstructed frames, not the source stream. It just cannot reconstruct the frames correctly in the transition areas, that's why it looks so weird.

Maybe you are looking for

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