Extended Podcasts not showing all images

I just noticed that the extended podcasts that I have, which include a number of images, only show the first image during the playing of the podcast. On the iPhone or iPod Touch, the same podcasts will sequence through the added images as necessary.
Has anyone else seen this? Is there a preference that needs to be changed? Some other fix?

I'm seeing the same thing with enhanced podcasts on my iPad. Initially I thought it might just be the enhanced podcasts I created some time ago, but I've since downloaded an enhanced podcast from early last week. Seeing the same problem in a more recent enhanced podcast.
Chapters are working fine, but the images are not changing. Both enhanced podcasts work fine on the most recent iTunes.
On perhaps a related note I am seeing other image issues in the iPod app on iPad (album art not showing up correctly, random album images showing up).

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    I installed the update that changed my iPhoto to Photos 1.0, and the new Photos program is not showing all images from Photos Library.photoslibrary file/folder (not sure to call it file or folder since it is actually a folder with all my pics but it acts more like a file) after update install.  The Photos Library.photoslibrary file/folder shows to be 55 gb in size, and it shows to be loaded into the photos program, but there are maybe a few weeks of pictures showing instead of a few years.  Lots of pictures in the 55 gb are not showing for some reason. 

    No - iPhotos has not replaced anything - it is new and an addition - iPhoto is still on your system in the applications folder and still works just fine
    Outlook is not supported by Photos - not sure if the support must come form Apple or MS as Photos uses a different interface to external packages than iphoto did

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    I've been having problems with the iPad not showing all the images on websites. It tends to do it on forums with threads that are picture heavy. It will show the first few, then the rest will Be replaced with a blue icon with a question mark in it. Is there any way to fix this?

    Yes it is.
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  • 2 issues in LI2,  slowing and freezing during developing, slideshow not showing all images.

    1. Lightroom Is slowing down during normal development.
    I only have 3500 photos in this catalog and am working on 50 to 200 photo in Raw format at a time,
    When Opening and beginning  a project the program worked fine but after a few hours of adjustments the program slows and then  freezes for minutes at a time forcing me to shut down the computer and restart.  I have a 1.5 TB hard drive and have moved the bulk of my files to a backup drive freeing up the MAJORITY of the hard drive for processing.  I have been threw the 8 ways to speed up Lightroom and an finding the problem persisting. IDEA'S?
    2. LI's Slideshow is not consistent in showing all the images.
    after going through the slideshow's setting and playing the slideshow, LI will show some photos and not others and start over at random order.  Idea's?

    Images that are edited in Photoshop will be displayed automatically in Lr only when the image-file saved in Photoshop is the same as the one opened from Lr.
    You say you open a JPG from Lr, then edit it in PS by - among other things - adding some layers. Layers are not supported in the JPG-format so you have to either save it as a psd or as a jpg-copy.
    In either case this is not the same image file as the one opened in Lr, so it will have to be imported into Lr to show up. If you would flatten your image after editing in PS and then do a <save> to your JPG - not a <save as> - it will show up in Lr.
    PS: the only exception is when you open a Raw image from Lr in PS and you save it in PS in the file format specified in Lr for external editing. The saved file will automatically show in LR.
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  • Bridge cs3 and content panel not showing all images

    I am using Bridge CS3
    If I scale my panel images down very small all are visible. If I enlarge the images beyond the visible area, a scroll bar appears. However if I move the scroll bar to the end, it does not show the last two images. I cant get to them
    Any suggestions on what is happening

    Did you ever find a solution to this problem. I am faced with same problem as detailed by you and here:
    I do not see a great solution in the posts at attached link, other than perhaps resetting workspace.
    Thank you,

  • LR not showing all images on card during Import

    I have the latest version of LR.  iMac and Canon 7D.  With my camera tethered directly to my computer, I start the Import Photos process.  When the thumbnails begin to load, it seems like if I have a large amount of photos to import (from 8GB card), it always leaves off the last hundred or two (approximately).  They just don't show up.  I'll import what is visible, then go back and do another import immediately.  All the ones that have been imported show up as greyed out thumbnails, then the remaining images on card will be avavilable for Import.
    Why is Lightroom not seeing all the images the first time??

    Yes it is.
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  • Podcast not showing all the episodes in my feed

    When i created my podcast i think i selected to only keep the latest 10 episodes by mistake. How could i correct this without deleting my current podcast and resubmitting a new feed to itunes?
    right now its showing episodes 44 and up. i'd like it to start at 1 and keep them all.
    Thanks for the help.

    iTunes is indeed using the second feed you list but this immediately redirects to the first feed when you enter the URL in a browser. Presumably you have a redirect in place on the server? There are 115 episodes in the Store, and though I didn't count the ones in the feed they seem to match. So it all seems to be working and you could probably just leave it alone - since you have added episodes to the feed and iTunes has (presumably) picked then all up, the redirect seems to be working there OK. (Next time you add an episode to the feed, make sure it does indeed appear in the Store - after a couple of days - and when subscribing - this latter is immediate).
    If you really want to change iTunes to the feed directly you are going to have to go through a bit of a process:
    1. Copy the feed at http://construct.wickedbad.net/feed/podcast to the other location at
    2. Add the redirect tag to this copy feed as indicated here:
    3. Remove the server redirect.
    4. Leave the copy feed in place until iTunes has swapped over (check this by subscribing from the Store page, clicking the line for your podcast (not an episode) and clicking the 'i' button at the right-hand end.

  • Spry Widget SlideShow Basic (IE8 not showing all images)

    Hi everyone:
    I've read through the past posts, trying to find the solution so I wouldn't have to bother everyone if the solution to my problem was already here.  I couldn't find it, although I did find similar posts about this problem but no out and out solution.
    My problem:
    I have added the Spry Image Slideshow-Basic into an .html page.  The widget works well in Firefox, Chrome, Safari and IE7!!  It does not work properly in IE8 as IE8 skips every second images...the even numbers.  It does not work on my local computer and it also doesn't work on the server.  I have uploaded all the files to the server and it still doesn't work properly.
    I cannot seem to find the solution and I am reaching out to the great Adobe supporters for help.
    You can see the test web page here:
    There are six images in this group but it only shows numbers 1, 3 and 5.
    Could someone please have a look and give me direction as to where the problem is?
    Thanks so much everyone.

    The problem is with the Spry.Widget.ImageSlideShow.PanAndZoomPlugin
    If you leave that out, then all is well
    A dirty fix is to add the following to the HEAD section of your document
    <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=7" />

  • Safari Not Showing All Images

    This is a strange one!
    I was on http://www.foxnews.com home page yesterday and noticed a lot of ads. I then went to Safari Preferences/Extensions and discovered that AdBlock had been turned off.
    I then clicked on the Enable box to turn it on and all the ads went away, but in addition, a lot of images that are part of the website went away too.
    I then disabled AdBlock and the images and ads did not come back!
    Now with Adblock turned off, Safari shows no ads and select images from the website also are not visible.
    Please...How do I fix this?
    The problem is only with my MacBook Pro running OS X 10.10.1 using Safari 8.0, and appears to be limited to just the FoxNews website.
    If I use Firefox 34.0 there is no problem.
    If I use my other computer (iMac running the same operating system, set up the same way) there is no such problem.
    I have contacted FoxNews technical help and AdBlock tech help. No response yet.
    Any ideas?

    Well, I spent over 2 hours on the phone over 2 days with Apple tech support on this issue with no solution found.
    I also spoke with tech support from my service provider, again no solution.
    I am thinking of using OS X Recovery to  restore from a Time Machine backup, or do a clean re-install of OS X.
    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

  • Bridge CS2 not showing all images

    After a crash of my PC (Windows XP  Home), I had to re-install Photoshop CS2.  Now, however, when I'm  trying to review images in Bridge (in filmstrip view) only some of the  thumbnails appear as photos; the remainder appear only as icons.  There  appears to be no consistency; some are PSD files, some are TIF files.  The rotating "clock hands" on the lower left (when images are loading)  do not even appear in those cases.
    Any idea how to get this back?  It's  really tough reviewing images when I can't even see them! 
    Thank you in  advance for your help.    --Dennis


  • Iphoto shared album in iCloud not showing all images to my IOS devices bar Mac

    I created an album today with 118 pictures in it.  I shared with a  number of people using iCloud.  When I visited the album to show someone through my iPhone it only contains 20 images.  The same happens on my iPad.  In iPhoto when I select the album I see 118 images.
    Incidentally, when I create a new album in iPhoto it copies some images from the first album I created into it and I then have to delete.

    Have you tried this:
    Originally posted by adamnash on Oct 19, 2014 6:52 PM
    - I quit iPhoto
    - I launched System Preferences, went to iCloud, turned off Photo
    - I launched iPhoto
    - I verified that iCloud was off
    - I quit iPhoto
    - I went back to System Preferences,, went to iCloud, turned on Photo
    - I launched iPhoto

  • List view not showing all podcasts

    Guys, I have the annoying problem that podcast management by itunes and the podcast app are F'ed up.
    Not too lobg ago I experienced my ipad greying out most podcasts that were downloaded and on my ipad, for no reason at all. it took me 2 days fiddling with settings and ended up having to set every sync to "on" and set donwloading to "all" and "keep all podcasts"
    Now I'm experiencing the problem that the "list" view in podcast app, is not showing all podcasts, but the "thumbnail" view is (as far as I can tell...). Why is this and how can I fix it to make sure both views show everything?
    I'm running iOS 7.0.6 and iTunes 11.1.5

    Hey there sporry,
    It sounds like your Podcasts app is not showing your library correctly in the List view but Thumbnail looks ok. I recommend the troubleshooting in the article named:
    iOS: An app you installed unexpectedly quits, stops responding, or won’t open
    Restart the app
    Close the app and open it again.
    Restart your device
    Turn the device off and on.
    Update your device software and your apps
    Update your device to the latest version of iOS.
    Update your apps:
    Open the App Store and tap Updates.
    If updates are available, tap Update All.
    If asked, enter your Apple ID password. The updates will download and install.
    You might need a Wi-Fi connection to update some apps.
    Install another app from the App Store
    If your installed app won't open, download and install a free app that isn't on your iOS device. This should reset your Apple ID authorization.
    Remember to use the same Apple ID that you used to download the app that you're having issues with.
    Reinstall the app
    Remove the app from your device and reinstall it. Remember that deleting an app also deletes its data.
    Delete the app.
    Press the Home button.
    Go to the App Store and download the app again.
    Wait for the app to download, then open it from the Home screen.
    If the download stops, you can resume it.
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.

  • Podcast home page not showing all podcasts

    Hello fellow podcasters!
    I've successfully created a podcast, but am now in a bit of a jam. See, the home page of my podcast is now not showing all my podcasts.
    Click here for my podcast:
    Now, I'm not sure if the home page only shows the most recent ones (If so, how do they define, "most recent"?) and moreover, if it only shows the most recent ones, how do I change it so it shows ALL of the podcasts created?
    Appreciate any help you can provide me.
    Dennis Chin

    iTunes Store shows the number of podcasts that are listed in the XML file. Some podcast-making programs and online services which create the XML file for you limit the number of episodes in the XML file - usually there is a setting somewhere to adjust this.

  • The library module in 4.3 version does not show all the images

    The library module in the version 4.3 of Lightroom does not show all the images. They are marked with gray boxes instead of images. This is especially true of the images which I tried to import to Lightroom since I downloaded 4.3 a few weeks ago. If I want to seen an image, I have to go to the develop module to see it. What should I do?  Get this fixed now!!!!!!!!

    My bet would be on a corrupt preview folder.
    Your preview folder is located in the same folder as your catalog. It has the same name as your catalog with the word Previews.LRDATA at the end of the name. Rename this folder and let Lightroom rebuild the previews. Go to Library>Previews>Render Standard-sized Previews.  See if that fixes it.
    If it doesn't, you may want to have a look here: http://helpx.adobe.com/lightroom/kb/photos-appear-black-gray-rectangles.html

  • Browser should show ALL images, in all formats.

    I recently opened an image for editing from Lightroom to Photoshop, corrected some perspective distortion, and saved the result as a PNG.  Lightroom then failed to show the new image, even after I synchronized the folder.  A respondent in the Lightroom forum said that Lightroom doesn't support PNG, to which I ask, WTF?
    Lightroom should support any format supported by Photoshop.  It displays JPEGs, which aren't a raw format.  Exactly how many products should we have to run concurrently to simply manage images?  Lightroom is supposed to be the product that does it, but if it fails to show all images in each directory, it fails at its purpose.

    MikeLeone wrote: So you think LR should support BMP? PCX? How many cameras store their
    photos in these formats? PS supports them, but why should LR?
    I'll agree with support for PNG, at least as far as exporting, as some
    web sites like using this format rather than JPEG (although the
    reasons for using PNG aren't technical, but legal, AFAIK - licensing
    for using the JPG format - rather than something technical, like
    smaller file size, etc).
    Very true, though I am more arguing that LR should be able to leverage formats available to other Adobe products installed on the same machine more than anything.
    BMP and PCX, no most cameras don't use those formats *anymore*. But I remember having an old camera that took photos in BMP format (it may have been a webcam, but still a camera) which I have in my library from a long time ago. In my day job we still actually use applications that suprisingly enough can only display PCX images; though I never would intentionally keep anything in PCX.
    I think anything it is able to import it should be able to export; but again if you have it natively supported in the Adobe product or universally supported by the OS without additional codec installation it should be supported, even if it is something obscure as PCX.
    MikeLeone wrote:
    That should be a feature request for the camera manufacturers, then,
    shouldn't it? Ask them to share their non-published, proprietary
    drivers with Adobe? Or at the very least, publish an API so LR (and
    presumably, other programs) can call the code (presuming that the code
    is modular enough to be called by other programs, of course).
    Yeah, I understand that neither Canon nor Nikon are supporting DNG files straight out of the camera yet and both still maintain a propreitary formated RAW file, but I would suspect that generally a Canon .CR2 file doesn't change all that much if at all other than the camera identifier from a 20D to a 5D Mk II to the 7D for example.
    Why do current Lightroom users need to wait until Adobe releases 2.6 or 3.0 to be able to use Lightroom with their 7D?
    Why if Adobe releases a Camera RAW update for PS that includes the 7D does it still not work in LR?
    Yes the mfg. need to be more open or pick a standard and run with it, but it just seems excessive for Adobe not to play nice too.
    It is in Canon/Nikon/Adobe's best interest to play nice and share this information with Adobe. So I am betting they are not withholding it. I was getting Canon SDK notifications for the longest time and sometimes months before a Camera was available, and sometimes it was even annouced this information was made available to developers on new camera models. I am sure Nikon does the same thing and Adobe is getting this information from all mfg.

Maybe you are looking for