External HD won't mount

Dear Apple Support Community,
I have an early-2008 MacBook, running OS X Lion (10.7.5).  I also have some assorted external hard drives for data backup.  One of them is an older WD 500GB external HD that I purchased in 2007.  It has been running fine up until yesterday.  It was connected to my Mac, when I received the pop-up message that my Mac couldn't repair the disk and that I should back up my data and reformat the drive.  I disconnected the external HD from my Mac, and bought a brand-new WD My Passport for Mac 1TB external HD to use to backup my old 500GB external hard drive.
This morning, I connected the old external HD and the new external HD to my Mac to start the backup, but only the new external HD showed up in Finder.  The old external HD makes noises like it is booting up and functioning, but won't show up on my computer.  I tried connecting the old external HD to each of the two USB ports on my Mac (in case it was a problem with the computer's USB port) and it still wouldn't show.  I relaunched Finder, it still wouldn't show.  I rebooted the Mac, it still wouldn't show.  I turned the old external HD on and off a few times, still wouldn't show up.  When I launch Disk Utility, it shows the drive but it is grayed out and says it is unmounted.  I tried mounting the external HD to my husband's MacBook Pro, and it wouldn't show up there, either.  I have connected each of my other external drives to my Mac, and they show up in Finder without any trouble, which leads me to believe that the problem is just the external HD, not my Mac.
My question is: is there any way to still retrieve the data from my old external HD, or am I out of luck?
Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Thank you, Mike.  I have bookmarked that website for the future. 
The external HD inexplicably decided to mount to my Mac after the fifth or so try of me turning it off, unplugging it, and then turning it back on and plugging it back into my Mac (perhaps my swearing at it helped? ) and I used Carbon Copy Cloner to back it up to the new external HD, so my problem has been solved.

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  • Thunderbolt external SSD won't mount

    I'm using the Elgato Thunderbolt SSD as an external hard disk with my 2013 MBP. Since I'm also using a Thunderbolt display, I usually daisy-chain the disk to the display.
    Recently I disconnected the Thunderbolt display from my computer without unmounting the external SSD. Since this also disconnected the disk, I got the usual ticking-off ("You should eject a disk before disconnecting it").
    However... since then, the external disk won't mount. It doesn't show up on the desktop or in Disk Utility, though it DOES show up ("Thunderbolt SSD") in System Information.
    Because the SSD gets warm when it's in use, I think it's still working. I just can't access it.
    Can anyone help?

    Is the Apple Thunderbolt Display at the END of the daisy-chain? That's where it should be - all other TB devices should be connected first, with the Display at the end of the chain.
    As to why you're having a problem getting the TB SSD to work, I'm stumped. It seems as if you've done everything that I would try to do to get everything working... and I'm assuming that you have powered down and unplugged the Display and all other devices for 15 minutes or so?
    Just make sure that the Display is at the end of the TB chain - that's really the only advice that I can offer.

  • External drive won't mount after plugging in iPhone - MacBook 13'' (2,1)

    Hi Support Crew...
    I have a 13" MacBook(2,1) running OS X 10.6.2. This is a 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo machine w/ 4 GB RAM & 320 GB hard drive.
    Today, I had the Iomega drive plugged in via USB, along with my soundcard (MOTU 828mk2) plugged in via FW. This is a very normal setup for me which has been bug free since I bought this computer over 2 years ago. When I plugged in my iPhone 3G via USB I got an error message which comes up when you incorrectly remove a device. This was strange because I didn't unplug anything, I only plugged in the iPhone. The iPhone was playing music when I plugged it in and I had to unplug and plug is back in to get iTunes to recognize it.
    Ever since this happened, my Iomega external drive won't mount. I am able to access it via Disk Utility (and ran the Verify Disk/Repair Disk - everything is "ok"), however I can't access the data on the drive. I really really need the data but of course can't access it to backup.
    Disk Utility log:
    500.11 GB Ext Hard Disk Media (black text)
    Iris (grey text) - I ran Verify Disk & Repair Disk
    2010-01-22 14:20:51 -0800: Verify and Repair volume “Iris”
    2010-01-22 14:20:51 -0800: Starting repair tool:
    2010-01-22 14:20:51 -0800: Checking Journaled HFS Plus volume.
    2010-01-22 14:20:52 -0800: Checking extents overflow file.
    2010-01-22 14:20:52 -0800: Checking catalog file.
    2010-01-22 14:20:56 -0800: Checking multi-linked files.
    2010-01-22 14:20:56 -0800: Checking catalog hierarchy.
    2010-01-22 14:20:58 -0800: Checking extended attributes file.
    2010-01-22 14:21:00 -0800: Checking volume bitmap.
    2010-01-22 14:21:01 -0800: Checking volume information.
    2010-01-22 14:21:01 -0800: The volume Iris appears to be OK.
    2010-01-22 14:21:01 -0800: Volume repair complete.
    2010-01-22 14:21:01 -0800: Updating boot support partitions for the volume as required.
    2010-01-22 14:21:01 -0800: Repair tool completed:
    2010-01-22 14:21:01 -0800:
    2010-01-22 14:21:01 -0800:
    System Profiler shows the drive (on both FW & USB ports when I tried other cords). This drive does not require power and I am not using a USB hub, strictly the laptops ports. And yes, the laptop's power adapter is plugged in.
    System Profiler: Device Tree log:
    Iomega eGo HDD:
    Capacity: 500.11 GB (500,107,862,016 bytes)
    Removable Media: Yes
    Detachable Drive: Yes
    BSD Name: disk1
    Product ID: 0x047c
    Vendor ID: 0x059b (Iomega Corporation)
    Version: 0.01
    Serial Number: 000000066273
    Speed: Up to 480 Mb/sec
    Manufacturer: Iomega
    Location ID: 0xfd300000
    Current Available (mA): 500
    Current Required (mA): 0
    Partition Map Type: APM (Apple Partition Map)
    S.M.A.R.T. status: Not Supported
    Capacity: 499.97 GB (499,972,702,208 bytes)
    Writable: Yes
    File System: Journaled HFS+
    BSD Name: disk1s10
    When I tried to run Migration Assistant, I just get the spinning search circle and none of the drives come up, just endless searching.
    The fact that I got the "Improperly removed device" error when I plugged in the iPhone makes me think something weird is up and it's not actually the external drive. There is clicking/whining/noise, the drives powers up fine and is recognized by the system but the mount point is now "not mounted".
    Does anyone have any idea how to fix? If you live in SF, I will buy you a beer.

    I meant to say; "There are NO clicking/whining/noise sounds made by the external hard drive"

  • External HD won't mount on PB

    External HD won't mount on PB but, will on iBook, G5 iMac, MBP, and Mirror Door G4. I have a USB 2 HD that will mount on everything but 15" Aluminum PowerBook. I even tried updating the IOUSBFamily.kext but no luck that just made my camera to start working with my PB. When I plug in my HD the LED just blinks back and forth orange and green instead of Blinking orange and turning a solid green when connected.
    Any sugestions?

    In reply to arnie: Good tips!
    I'll just add - booting holding "AppleOption+OF" boots into open firmware. I've never booted into this mode (on purpose...) but it seems to be (correct me if I'm wrong) a unix interface to OS X. Just make sure to type the commands EXACTLY. Unix is much pickier than OS X.
    I've heard problems like this before - usually with those little bus-powered HDDs and Powerbooks. It's something to do with the amount of power the Powerbook puts out, although it should be the standard 500 mA that the USB 2 specs require. This can happen with firewire, however. If there's a power cord, use it.
    You might try plugging the drive into a self-powered USB 2 Hub - one with a cord that plugs into an AC wall socket, then connect it to the Powerbook. If the Powerbook recognizes the drive, then it probably needs extra power.
    Good luck
    15" 1.67 Powerbook G4 (Jan 2005), 400 mhz AGP Sawtooth G4   Mac OS X (10.4.8)   4G Clickwheel and 5G Vid iPods
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  • My external drive won't mount. Disk Utility says it can't repair disk and to backup the disk and reformat, but how can I do that if it won't mount?

    My external drive won't mount. Disk Utility says it can't repair disk and to backup the disk and reformat, but how can I do that if it won't mount?

    See mount section in 1st linked article.
    Disk Unmount Using Terminal
    Disk Utility – Force Mount Disk

  • LaCie external drive won't mount on iMAC

    My external LaCie external drive won't mount on my iMAC running 10.6.8 but will mount and show up on my PC as working fine, however I am not able to read the information on it as it was formatted for my iMAC. Therefore it leads me to believe this is a software issue.
    I have reason to believe someone had changed the permissions and prevented the mounting of this external drive (which belongs to me)  so that the contents won't be found on my iMAC.
    How to resolve this issue?
    Thanks in advance,

    Please try a SMC reset, it may take 2-3 attempts for it to work. Look over the instructions below carefully.
    Shut down the computer.
    Unplug the computer's power cord and all peripherals.
    Press and hold the power button for 5 seconds.
    Release the power button.
    Attach the computers power cable.
    Press the power button to turn on the computer.
    Shut down the computer.
    Locate the following keys on the keyboard: Command, Option, P, and R. You will need to hold these keys down simultaneously in step 4.
    Turn on the computer.
    Press and hold the Command-Option-P-R keys. You must press this key combination before the gray screen appears.
    Hold the keys down until the computer restarts and you hear the startup sound for the second time.
    Release the keys.

  • External disc won't mount in Leopard, but will in Snow Leopard

    I have a 5-yr-old G5 networked to a new iMac. I have had a 1-TB external HD attached via Firewire 400 to the G5 for about a year. Yesterday it didn't show up on the G5 desktop. I went to this forum, searched under "disc won't mount", got some ideas, ran DiskWarrior and Disk Utility...but nothing worked. They all said the disc was fine, directories rebuilt, etc., but it wouldn't mount. This AM it occurred to me that I had the correct cable, so I tried plugging it into the iMac instead. It worked. The data is safe, the disc shows up, everything seems to be OK, but it won't mount to the G5. Why would that happen, and how can I mount it to the G5? And how likely is the disc to remain accessible?

    May I hop onto your thread as I have a similar problem.
    I have a 5 year old G5 PMac with 10.5 onto which I have daisy chained two UltraMax 1TB firewire 800 drives. For the last 5 years I have been able, even with out sharing enabled, to connect to the G5 from a G4 Graphite with 10.4, a G4 Powerbook with 10.5 and now a MbP with 10.6.
    After completing the login dialogue in the past from any other mac it would give me a list of the G5, it's Hard disk, user directories and the two Firewire Drives. On selecting them the drive would mount onto the desktop as a network drive. This went well until monday when it became temperamental in the morning and after a few restarts and one successful mount it has not shown up since. If I come to the G5 via the Go > Connect to Server I get a dialogue "Could Not connect to the server because the name or password are incorrect". If I try to connect via the network icon in the side window of the finder window I get a network dialogue log in, I get a list of folders and drives but then when selecting the FH drive get an error message which relates to the alias to the G5 Server requiring deleting or fixing.
    Originally it just connected without any messing but now unless i make the firewire drive a shared drive the process on the other macs cannot see the firewire drive. NOTE - After having made the internal boot HD of the G5 shared, I can now see and mount this drive from the other macs but not the external drive.
    This is causing me to pull my hair out, I have run disk utility, powered down unconnected and reconnected everything .The HD's appear to be working ok from the G5.
    I urgently need to connect the FW drive to my G4 to do some work but it also needs to be connected to the G5, has anyone got a clue why I cant get G4 (or any other mac) to mount G5's external FW drive

  • Maxtor External Drive Won't Mount!

    Here is my problem.
    We got a Maxtor One Touch III 1 TB external drive. I loaded about 850 GB of media onto it, passed it off to my partner to continue to edit our video project. Everything was running fine on my macbook pro 2.2 core duo. He edited for a day on his macbook 1.83 core duo. Said everything was fine.
    That night he shut the machine down without unmounting the drive. He said the drive kept blinking so he shut it off. In the morning he tried to connect the drive to a g4 tower running 10.3.9. (I never realized he was so tech-vapid). He said the drive wouldn't mount. Then he moved it back to his macbook. Still wouldn't mount. Now it won't mount on my macbook or any machine. He then wonderfully told me he once had the same problem with a G-Drive 500 GB external. Wouldn't mount after switching it to his g4 and back. G-Tech told him the drive was dead so he sent it back. Maxtor told us this drive is dead, but I just think it sounds fishy.
    It is still spinning, but there is no light on. Have tried every different kind of connection and updated drivers, same result. A friend said if it got unintentionally unmounted it might take the OS hours to fix it up because it's a RAID 0, suggested leaving it connected for a few hours and see what happens, but that happened once with my G-RAID and it didn't need time to fix itself. I am stupid for buying a maxtor it seems, but it doesn't change my dilemma.
    Someone help.

    Check the /Volumes/ folder for a broken alias to the disk. The folder is invisible so you need to use the "Go" menu to open it.

  • Re: WD External drive won't mount

    I have just experienced this issue today. I have gone through all the threads here and searched various other forums but haven't been able to come up with a solution yet. I might be missing something.
    I'm running a 2011 Mac Book Pro OS 10.9.5 Maverick.
    I have a 1TB My Passport for Mac that's a couple of years old now, it is used for my time machine backups. Using WD Drive Utilities, I can run a smart status scan which passes, the quick drive test Cancels.
    In disk utility it appears on the left but is greyed out. The info that is provided tells me it is: (bare with me I'm using my iPad as my MacBook Pro won't allow me to Ely to this forum, an issue to tackle after this one)
    type: partition
    mount point: not mounted
    owners enabled: no
    journeled: no
    disk utility is the only place I can see the drive appear. I don't Have the ability at the moment to connect the drive to a windows pc. I have also tried using disk utilities repair and erase options with no luck. I have tried using terminal and activity monitor several times as previously mentioned in this thread but again no luck but may have missed understood the directions.
    I would simple reformat the drive but suspect because it's greyed out its why I can't.
    any help or directions would be great?
    thanks for your time and knowledge.

    Read all the threads on this.  I am similar to Phoenix86.  I force quit fsck_hfs a few times when I started the bad drive but that did not prompt anything in finder. Currently I am imaging the drive to see if that gives me access to my files on the external.  Last night I did a restore, but the (brand new) drive it saved to behaves just like the bad one that disk utilities so still can't access the files since that one won't mount either.  I also tried a few things in terminal that someone else suggested, but like this repair:
    fsck_hfs -r /dev/disk2s3
    ** /dev/rdisk2s3 (NO WRITE)
    Can't open /dev/rdisk2s3: Permission denied
    I don't know what to do with this message... 
    I feel so stupid, like the files are right there, but I can't get to them to copy them over.  I can hear the disc spin, and it can eject from disk utility, can't open, not even in volumes directory. 

  • WD External drive won't mount

    Hello everyone! I haven't been here in a while because I just haven't had any Mac issues. Now I do.
    I have a 1 TB WD external HD that won't mount. I connect it via firewire to an Old G4 Sawtooth running OS 10.5.8. My mac sees the drive, it just won't mount. I've also tried to mount it via USB, but again, my system sees the drive, but won't mount it. I inadvertantly disconnected the firewire cable, which I didn't realize for several hours. I reattached the cable, tried to mount it, and nothing. I ran disc repairs, and Disc Utility actually told me the drive was successfully repaired. Again I tried to remount it, but nothing. I repaired permissions, and this didn't work. I've tried different cables, and this doesn't work.
    I don't have another Mac to connect it to, so I don't know if this would work. Here's where things get a little wierd, but interesting. I connected it to my PC laptop, and it mounted. Now, this is a drive that was formatted Mac OS Extended (Journaled) on my G4, so I have to use Mac Drive so my PC will recognize and mount The Drive. So My PC sees The Drive as Mac OS Extended, and mounts it. All files are in tact, and the drive runs normally. This is a music drive and it plays normally on my PC. Meanwhile, if I try connecting it back on My Mac, the name of The Drive randomly changes from 931.5 GB WD to 931.5 GB WD My Media Book. I believe My Media Book is the factory name of The Drive before OS formatting. The Volume name remains the same on my G4 each time I've tried to mount it.
    I do have another identical drive that mounts from all the bus ports on my G4. Any ideas here? Can I get my Drive to begin mounting on my G4 again? Any and all answers are appreciated.

    Terminal List. disk4 is the malfunctioning drive.
    Last login: Mon Feb 25 19:25:12 on ttys000
    raymond-medinas-power-mac-g4-agp-graphics:~ raymondmedina$ diskutil list
       #:                       TYPE NAME                    SIZE       IDENTIFIER
       0:     Apple_partition_scheme                        *111.8 Gi   disk0
       1:        Apple_partition_map                         31.5 Ki    disk0s1
       2:             Apple_Driver43                         28.0 Ki    disk0s2
       3:             Apple_Driver43                         28.0 Ki    disk0s3
       4:           Apple_Driver_ATA                         28.0 Ki    disk0s4
       5:           Apple_Driver_ATA                         28.0 Ki    disk0s5
       6:             Apple_FWDriver                         256.0 Ki   disk0s6
       7:         Apple_Driver_IOKit                         256.0 Ki   disk0s7
       8:              Apple_Patches                         256.0 Ki   disk0s8
       9:                  Apple_HFS Mac Leopard II          91.8 Gi    disk0s10
      10:                  Apple_HFS Mac Tiger               19.7 Gi    disk0s12
       #:                       TYPE NAME                    SIZE       IDENTIFIER
       0:     Apple_partition_scheme                        *186.3 Gi   disk1
       1:        Apple_partition_map                         31.5 Ki    disk1s1
       2:             Apple_Driver43                         28.0 Ki    disk1s2
       3:             Apple_Driver43                         28.0 Ki    disk1s3
       4:           Apple_Driver_ATA                         28.0 Ki    disk1s4
       5:           Apple_Driver_ATA                         28.0 Ki    disk1s5
       6:             Apple_FWDriver                         256.0 Ki   disk1s6
       7:         Apple_Driver_IOKit                         256.0 Ki   disk1s7
       8:              Apple_Patches                         256.0 Ki   disk1s8
       9:                  Apple_HFS Mac Leopard I           186.2 Gi   disk1s10
       #:                       TYPE NAME                    SIZE       IDENTIFIER
       0:     Apple_partition_scheme                        *465.8 Gi   disk2
       1:        Apple_partition_map                         31.5 Ki    disk2s1
       2:             Apple_Driver43                         28.0 Ki    disk2s2
       3:             Apple_Driver43                         28.0 Ki    disk2s3
       4:           Apple_Driver_ATA                         28.0 Ki    disk2s4
       5:           Apple_Driver_ATA                         28.0 Ki    disk2s5
       6:             Apple_FWDriver                         256.0 Ki   disk2s6
       7:         Apple_Driver_IOKit                         256.0 Ki   disk2s7
       8:              Apple_Patches                         256.0 Ki   disk2s8
       9:                  Apple_HFS 500 GB HD               465.6 Gi   disk2s10
       #:                       TYPE NAME                    SIZE       IDENTIFIER
       0:     Apple_partition_scheme                        *931.5 Gi   disk3
       1:        Apple_partition_map                         31.5 Ki    disk3s1
       2:             Apple_Driver43                         28.0 Ki    disk3s2
       3:             Apple_Driver43                         28.0 Ki    disk3s3
       4:           Apple_Driver_ATA                         28.0 Ki    disk3s4
       5:           Apple_Driver_ATA                         28.0 Ki    disk3s5
       6:             Apple_FWDriver                         256.0 Ki   disk3s6
       7:         Apple_Driver_IOKit                         256.0 Ki   disk3s7
       8:              Apple_Patches                         256.0 Ki   disk3s8
       9:                  Apple_HFS 1 TB Music Drive II     931.4 Gi   disk3s10
       #:                       TYPE NAME                    SIZE       IDENTIFIER
       0:     Apple_partition_scheme                        *931.5 Gi   disk4
       1:        Apple_partition_map                         31.5 Ki    disk4s1
       2:             Apple_Driver43                         28.0 Ki    disk4s2
       3:             Apple_Driver43                         28.0 Ki    disk4s3
       4:           Apple_Driver_ATA                         28.0 Ki    disk4s4
       5:           Apple_Driver_ATA                         28.0 Ki    disk4s5
       6:             Apple_FWDriver                         256.0 Ki   disk4s6
       7:         Apple_Driver_IOKit                         256.0 Ki   disk4s7
       8:              Apple_Patches                         256.0 Ki   disk4s8
       9:                  Apple_HFS 1TB Music Drive         931.4 Gi   disk4s10
    raymond-medinas-power-mac-g4-agp-graphics:~ raymondmedina$
    Terminal info on disk4s10.
    Last login: Mon Feb 25 22:22:41 on ttys000
    raymond-medinas-power-mac-g4-agp-graphics:~ raymondmedina$ diskutil info disk4s10
       Device Identifier:        disk4s10
       Device Node:              /dev/disk4s10
       Part Of Whole:            disk4
       Device / Media Name:      Apple_HFS_Untitled_1
       Volume Name:              1TB Music Drive
       Mount Point:             
       File System:              Journaled HFS+
       Owners:                   Disabled
       Partition Type:           Apple_HFS
       Bootable:                 Is bootable
       Media Type:               Generic
       Protocol:                 FireWire
       SMART Status:             Not Supported
       Volume UUID:              61A8EAFF-E1C9-3605-AF92-5A210E3C781A
       Total Size:               931.4 Gi (1000069726208 B) (1953261184 512-byte blocks)
       Free Space:               0.0 B (0 B) (0 512-byte blocks)
       Read Only:                No
       Ejectable:                Yes
       Whole:                    No
       Internal:                 No
    Disk Utility Info on 1TB Music Drive.
    Name :
    1TB Music Drive
    Type :
    Disk Identifier :
    Mount Point :
    Not mounted
    File System :
    Mac OS Extended (Journaled)
    Connection Bus :
    Device Tree :
    IODeviceTree:fwx/[email protected]/[email protected]
    Writable :
    Universal Unique Identifier :
    Capacity :
    931.4 GB (1,000,069,726,208 Bytes)
    Owners Enabled :
    Can Turn Owners Off :
    Can Be Formatted :
    Bootable :
    Supports Journaling :
    Journaled :
    Disk Number :
    Partition Number :
    I've read that WD uses crappy chipsets in their external drives. I'm wondering if the chipset is suspect here? Just not sure. I did discover that I can clone the drive from my PC as an exact Mac OS Extended (Journaled) drive, and my Mac doesn't even know the difference. I've also read that I can initialize the drive, and reinsert the drivers, and the drive should function normally. Interesting, huh? Well, let me know what you come up with BDAqua. And again, many, many thanks.

  • External Drive Won't Mount

    My external backup drive wont mount automatically as it used to with my earlier ibook. I have to re-boot computer to get it to mount. After that it functions properly until the next time I turn it on to do a backup.
    I am wondering if there is something in the formatting of this drive which is causing this? I have formatted it a few times since this started to happen but obviously without fixing the problem

    Further Details:
    1) After normal use of computer connect and turn on external drive. Drive does not mount.
    2) Re-boot computer and turn on drive. Drive mounts.
    3) Eject drive. Turn off drive. Turn on drive again - drive mounts.
    4) Run SuperDuper backup. eject drive. turn off drive. turn on drive - drive mounts.
    Thus, it seems (see (1) above), something in the normal use of the computer (not an artifact of the superduper backup process) over a period of time affects the system such that the drive won't mount again.

  • External Drives Won't Mount with Mavericks

    My external drives will not mount with Mavericks. They did for a while but I noticed that they stopped doing so a week ago or so. I have a drobo raid, hitiachi drive in an external case and a WD Passport. The drobo goes to sleep, the Hitachi external spins and the WD flashes like its being read.
    None of the drives were mounted when I loaded Mavericks and, as far as I know, they've not been erased. They did  mount for a few weeks but doesn't look they have since the beginning of November.
    I have a brand new 2013 MBP 15" Retina with 750 GB SSHD, 16 GB ram and a 2.7 GHz i7. The drives are all connected via one FW800 through a Thunderbolt dongle.

    I eventually gave up. I will probably get another card at some point but it probably won't be a SIIG card. Even though they are recommended by digidesign I just doesn't seem to want to work with my G5. Maybe it's some kind of weird software conflict blocking the functionality of the card? Don't know. Two cards in a row were non functional. Something is gummin up the works and the PCI slots work with the other cards I have. The only thing I did not try is plugging in the optional power connection to the FW800 card, which is supposed to be optional. I called SIIG and they had no idea what the problem was and they also said that the power plug would not make a difference for the problem I was having. Anyway, I'm gonna keep monitoring posts to this cause I'd love to hear the answer.. but I'm throwing in the towel. Good luck to the rest of you still trying to solve the riddle.

  • External drive won't mount. Options?

    Hi everyone. I've used a LaCie 250GB D2 external hard drive for a little over two years with no problems. A few days ago, I bought a Western Digital 500GB drive to serve as my main external drive, so I decided to erase and reformat the LaCie drive, which I had previously partitioned into two volumes, to serve as an archive drive.
    That's where my trouble started.
    I deleted all my files off the drive and then selected Erase in Disk Utility. I checked the option to eight way random write over format the disk for increased security, but that seemed to be taking so long I just quit Disk Utility. I figured since I didn't have any data I was afraid of losing, it wouldn't be a problem.
    The next day I tried to erase it again, but I got an error message that said something about my partition (sorry but I can't recall what the message was; at this point I still didn't think there would be any problem).
    Yesterday night, I tried again to erase and reformat the disk. I selected the option to zero all data because I thought that might solve any hard-to-fix problems. I left Disk Utility running overnight and all day today--about 20 hours in all-- but the progress bar showed no progress. None.
    Now, as of this evening, I can't get the drive to mount at all. When I plug the drive in (and I've tried all three interfaces), the blue activity light starts blinking and I can hear it spin for a little while. It eventually stops spinning but the light keeps blinking.
    I've tried unplugging the drive and plugging it back in. Nothing. I own DiskWarrior, but as far as I can tell there's nothing DiskWarrior can do if the drive won't mount.
    I'm wondering if disconnected the drive while it was running could have caused this problem. I might have done that inadvertently when it was taking so long to format. I figured that might result in loss of data, but I wouldn't think it would render a drive completely non functional.
    I'm guessing the problem is probably a failure of the drive, but the fact that this only cropped up when I tried to reformat it seems suspicious to me.
    If anyone has any suggestions for ways to get the drive to mount or format it, I'd sincerely appreciate hearing them. Thanks.

    Thanks for quick reply. Boy, I really screwed up. I guess I didn't think I could permanently ruin a drive that way. I just assumed as long as the drive could spin and wasn't going bad, you could always reformat it.
    Just so you know, I let my iBook run untouched for literally 20 hours in the zero out erase mode, but the progress bar showed no progress at all, so I think the drive must have already been broken by that point. I was prepared for it to take a day or more, but with no visible progress in 20 hours it would have taken weeks.

  • External HD won't mount, lots of errors

    I bought a 250GB Maxtor internal harddrive and installed it inside a no-name external enclosure. It's connected through USB2. When I connect it, I get a pop-up that says "disk not recognized" with options to initialize, ignore, or eject. I went into Disk Utility and partitioned the disk...still won't mount. I then reinstalled the 10.4.3 combo updater...still no luck. When I try to repair the disk through Disk Utilities it says:
    "Verify and Repair disk “disk1s3”
    Volume check failed.
    Error: The underlying task reported failure on exit
    1 HFS volume checked
    1 volume could not be repaired because of an error
    What can I do to get this hard drive to mount and work?

    Put it into a FireWire enclosure. USB is basically useless; normally unbootable. You can get a decent FW/USB combo enclosure for under $50. I like this one (I have two): http://www.pcmicrostore.com/PartDetail.aspx?q=p:10500933 ($38 US + S&H).
    Note: I have no financial interest with this seller or product.

  • External HDD won't mount to desktop from 1/2 of USB Ports

    I have an external Iomega HDD and when it's plugged into my left USB port it works fine but when it's plugged into the right USB port it won't mount to the desktop and I can't access it. It doesn't show up in the system profiler or disk utility either.
    However other usb devices (wireless mouse for example) work fine when plugged into that port. So I don't think it's the drive because it works in other ports and the port seems to be at least partially functional... But not with the drive.
    Any ideas?

    Is the drive bus-powered or does it have its own AC power adapter? Are you using a hub?

  • External drive won't mount; works on all other computers

    I have a WD My Passport Ultra external drive (USB) that is nearly brand new. It mounts / works fine on all other Mac desktops and laptops (older and newer), but won't mount or even show up in Disk Utility on my personal MacBook Pro. I am running OS 10.7.5. My computer recognizes other externals, and the USB drive I'm using definitely works. The drive is getting power - when I plug it into my laptop the light blinks and the motor whirs for a while, but the drive never becomes accessible.
    I have already tried:
         • Repairing disk permissions
         • Resetting NVRAM/PRAM
         • Waiting several hours in case it was indexing
    What could be the problem?

    Okay so after a half hour on the phone with Apple support, I finally figured it out myself: I just needed a USB 3.0 driver. The tech said usually the driver is automatically installed when you plug in the drive (which apparently it was on all the other computers I tried it on), but for some reason that didn't happen with my laptop. Soon as I installed the driver, it worked fine!

Maybe you are looking for

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