ExternalUrl for EWS for Lync Mobile App w/ Exchange 2010

Greetings- I have a Standard deployment: 1 FE, 1 Edge, 1 Reverse Proxy. Mobile App users can log in, but cannot access contacts/calendar info from Exchange Server. Checking Configuration Information on Lync Desktop client shows "EWS Not Deployed".
I've been piecing together articles on "how-to" but they are for Exchange 2013.
One article says that part of the process is to run the script Configure-EnterprisePartnerApplication.ps1. This is not present on my Exchange server.
Another step is to configure the external WebServicesVirtualDirectory using the cmdlet
Set-WebServicesVirtualDirectory -Identity Contoso\EWS -ExternalUrl https://www.contoso.com/EWS/Exchange.asmx
When I do this, I get an error "The operation could not be performed because object '[mailserver].local\EWS' could not be found on 'DNS_Server.local'

Correct, I would imagine ExternalURL would only be external. If you didn't have EWS published you would be only leveraging the internal URL.
The other thing is if your DNS auto-configure is configured for your email system LYNC should be leveraging the DNS records to connect. So, if you have outlook essentially doing outlook-anywhere today with auto finding its settings via e-mail lookup those
things should work.
If you had DNS configured to go off DNS SRV records you would only have to do this.
The AutodiscoverVirtualDirectoy URL are supposed for Microsoft's optional use only.
Therefore it is not necessary and not Best-Practise defining them!
If you set the URL's, it will NOT HAVE AN IMPACT. Meaning, if they are defined or not, it will not change the Autodiscover behavior, since they are NOT USED within Exchange.
What is IMPORTANT, is the Authentication, you must set it the Basic Authentication, so the SSL configuration will take part. 
It would be enough is you configure simply:
Set-AutodiscoverVirtualDirectory -Identity 'autodiscover (default Web site)' -BasicAuthentication $true
I can agree with autodiscover rules making the EWS be found. That has worked for me in my previous environments.

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    Hi THGutz,
    Did you install the latest version of Lync for Android ?
    The current version of Lync for Android is
    I don’t test it on M8, but on other Android 5.0 devices it works fine.
    Best regards,
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    You can also refer to the link below:
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    Some Microsoft solutions provide 2FA like Microsoft Azure.
    For Windows logon or your applications 2FA, you will need to use third party solutions for 2FA.
    For Windows logon, this is an example of third party solutions you can use: http://2fa.com/2fa-one/
    For your applications, you need to check with their developers if they support 2FA and what are the supported integration products.
    This posting is provided AS IS with no warranties or guarantees , and confers no rights.
    Ahmed MALEK
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  • "Resend" option is not working for specific user. "The Operation Failed" Exchange 2010 Outlook 2013

    Hi Everybody. I have a weird one for you.
    I have a user that gets an "operation failed" message whenever trying to use the "resend" option on any email (It's the one right under recall). I had tested up and down on her machine. Exchange 2010 Outlook 2013
    Ran in safe mode, recreated her profile, disabled virus scanning, repaired office. (weird, the font just changed sizes on me)
    After all of this I tested on other computers, other users seem to be able to "resend" just fine. However her account does not work on any computer I try, internal or external to the network.
    It looks more like a profile issue.
    She's a very active archivist, so she only has 486MB of space used by her mailbox.
    It's well under quota.
    It's been really puzzling me.
    MCSE 2003, Exchange. MCTS Vista, 7. Administrator of awful, neglected website http://timssims.net

    Hi Timssims,
    Since there is only one user in the org has this issue, it seems an issue on the Outlook client side.
    I suggest asking Outlook Forum for help so that we can get more professional suggestions.
    For your convenience:
    However I also have some suggestions for your reference:
    1. If this issue occur on Cached Mode, I suggest turning to Online Mode for testing.
    2. Please also paste the detailed error message if "operation failed" is not the
    complete information.
    3. If still not works after perform operations above (including suggestions from Outlook Forum), I suggest re-creating a new mailbox for the specific user just as Martin suggested.
    Mavis Huang
    TechNet Community Support

  • CMDLET commands regarding setting a default font for all users using OWA on an exchange 2010 platform

    We are running Exchange 2010 and are migrating users from 2003 to 2010 with no problems.  The client has asked me to set OWA font to LuidaSans which I can do for individuals with no problems.  However, when I try and run the following command
    Get-Mailbox -Resultsize Unlimited | Set-MailboxMessageConfiguration -LucidaSans but then got a message to state
    "property composefontname can't be set on this object becuase it requires the object to have version 0.1 <8.0.535.0> or later.  The object's currant version is 0.0 <6.5.6500.0>"
    What object is this reffered to?  Can anyone help please?

    To set a default font for all users, you can use this command: -
    Get-Mailbox | Set-MailboxMessageConfiguration -DefaultFontName "Trebuchet"
    You can use any font style in place of “Trebuchet”.
    I hope this information will be helpful for you.
    Thanks and regards
    [email protected] 
    [email protected]

  • Delete only 1 Auto-Complete email address for everyone's email accounts - perhaps via Exchange 2010 or Group Policy?

    I have an exchange 2010 server and clients use outlook 2007 or 2010 for emails.
    I recently deleted an account with the Exchange 2010 server and created another with the same name but a different address.
    Now people can't send mail to this new email address because it's cached on their outlook profiles... but it does work after they cleared the cache and send their requests then.
    Is there a way that I can clear this one email address from everyone's cached auto-complete list on exhcange or via Group Policy so that it works for all of them? I don't want to clear all of their auto-complete lists.

    As far as I know, there isn't any way to clear only one auto-complete cache from Exchange side or Group policy.
    Evan Liu
    TechNet Community Support

  • Sent Mail from IPAD using Mobile Iron and Exchange 2010

    Hi all,
    Not sure you can help me with this one but i thought i would give it a shot.
    I am running Exchange 2010. Users can access email using iPad and other approved devices using Mobile Iron (onboarding app).
    I had a user who received a HTML message wiht an embedded image, when he forwarded that image on (adding some comments) the recipients of that email where not able to the image as intended. the image was no longer embedded it was added as an attachment.
    where the embedded image used to be it said;
    "THe linked image cannot be displayed. The file may have been moved, renamed or deleted. Verifiy that the link points to the correct file location"
    When the message was resent from a Windows 7 Outlook client it was received as intended.
    I have not been able to reproduce the issue since. the email was received and forwarded in HTML format.
    under Settings > Mail, I think there’s a setting called “Load remote images”, This is turned on.
    Im pretty sure this is not a mobile iron issue but an message format issue.
    Thanks in advance.

    Sorry for my interrupting.
    Based on your description, I understand that forward an email with an embedded image from mobile devices, then
    the image will display a “red x” (with error message as you find) when we receive this email in Outlook. Would you please let us know edition information of the Outlook which you use to receive the email? Meanwhile, please refer to following KB and
    check if it’s suitable for current situation.
    Images in email message disply a "red x" instead
    of the image if the Cache value in the registry is incorrectly configured
    If anything I misunderstand or any update, please don’t hesitate to let us know.
    Hope this helps.
    Best regards,
    Justin Gu
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  • Lync 2013 standard deployment: Exchange 2010 Sharepoint 2010 and outlook 2007 collaboration

    I have Exchange 2010 and sharepoint 2010 with all our user using outlook 2007. what options do I have for collaborations between these systems if I was to install Lync 2013. I have seen posts that mention that you cannot use outlook 2007 and lync 2013 and
    that you would be better off installing the lync 2010 client?
    1. would we be covered from a licensing point of view if we had bought lync 2013 cals but install the lync 2010 software on desktops?
    2. what Cals do we require for presence to be available in SharePoint we currently have standard sharepoint cals?
    3. what new features will we loose if we install 2010 lync software.
    4. if our mobile users use the 2013 lync software will these be able to communicate with the 2010 users?

    If you use Lync 2013 client with Outlook, multiple functions will not be achieved, such as: customize Outlook meeting invitations (add logo, help URL, disclaimer, footer text), in Outlook, configure meeting option to mute attendee audio and video by default,
    presence status in the Microsoft Outlook To and Cc fields, and so on. As Lync 2013 is the part of Office 2013, the best choice is using Outlook 2013.
    More details:
    For the CAL requirement, you can refer to following link:
    Lync Licensing Guide
    You can refer to the link below of “What’s new for clients in Lync Server 2013” to understand the new features for Lync 2013:
    If you use Lync 2013 mobile clients, you can communicate with 2010 users with no possible.
    Best Regards,
    Eason Huang
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    Eason Huang
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  • Windows 8.1 Mail app and Exchange 2010 EAS partnership - "Make Windows user account an Administrator" to meet security requirements?

    As the title says,  I have a new Windows 8.1 based device which I'm trying to connect to my Exchange 2010 box (SP3 Update Rollup 2).  I currently have my iphone set up as an EAS client with no problems.  I have an EAS policy on my mailbox
    with the following settings surrounding passwords :
    Require Password, Require Encryption, Allow Simple Password, Time without user input - 10 minutes.  Allow non-provisional devices is also checked.
    The Windows 8.1 device has Bitlocker enabled, which meets the encryption requirement - I know this because the 1st time I tried this it moaned about Bitlocker needing to be enabled to meet requirements, though at that time the local user account on the Windows
    8.1 device was an admin level account so it never mentioned this issue, it worked normally.
    Now, while using a std user account on the Windows 8.1 device and trying to connect up via EAS, it complains that my local windows user account must be an ADMIN level account to meet the security requirements...?
    Anyone encountered this?

    Did anyone solve this problem? I'm also struggling with this issue.
    this is still a problem. I'm just hitting it now and it's not doing much for management's love of Microsoft devices.
    Evidently, it has to be an admin to set the policies on the device to match the policies on the EAS. And once set, a user can be changed back.
    But this is seriously not cool. Don't the "app" folks and the enterprise folks talk to each other?

  • Issues syncing mobile devices with Exchange 2010

    We are having issues with with Activesync, every so often the w3wp.exe process takes up most of the cpu and mobile devices either stop syncing all together or become very slow to collect email.  I have gone through everything that I can find and have
    hit a dead end in my quest for answers.  When it happens I can fix it easily by either performing an IIS reset or killing the process.
    Most of what I have read points towards one of the mobile devices hitting the server to often pointing to an issue with that device.  I have gone through all of the logs as suggested but I need to know how often is to often.  I know which devices
    are hitting the server most often so do I just assume that these are the problem.
    Even if I know which devices are the problem how do I go about fixing them so that they no longer cause issues.  Simply blocking them from the server is not an option as they need to collect their email on their mobile devices.  Also If a user
    has more than one device do I combine their hits on the server or is the amount of hits on a per device basis.
    Do the size of users mailboxes or number of object effect this.
    In the organisation we have iPhones, iPads and Windows phones.
    Thanks for any help in advance, let me know if I need to collect any more info.

    I still have not gotten to the bottom of this but here is some more information.
    We are running Exchange 2010 and the Apple devices all have either iOS6 or iOS7 installed.  I believe the issue is with an iPhone 5s with iOS7 installed as when I go into the worker processes in IIS on the Exchange server the MSExchangeSyncAppPool shows
    that it is using the CPU.  If I then double click on it I can see that every time there is a problem the same iPhone
    is connected to Activesync and has Type=iPhone&Cmd=MeetingResponse.  I know who's device it is and as per usual with these things it is the CEO's iPhone so I need to wait until he is back
    in the office to have a look at it.
    I will update my this thread once I have more information.

  • Does mail.app support exchange 2010 contact pictures

    I am using mail.app ver 6.2 on Mountain lion 10.8.2 and connecting for email to my corporate Exchange Server 2010. I can see the GAL entries and send/recieve email fine, but in my company we heavily utilise employee photos (i believe its via the AD attribute thumbnailphotos) and that does not appear to be syncing or working on mail.app or contacts.app. I spent ages on google trying to work out wether this is an unsupported feature of something isnt working right on my setup? I am begining to think Exchnage 2010 is not fully supported yet as IOS seems to have the same issue when adding users from the GAL to contacts they dont appear in the sync'd contact on the iphone either.

    Yes, OSX's Mail in SL works with Exchange 2010.  (I was running that combo before I upgraded to OSX Lion.)

  • Disable Lync 2013 Client and Exchange 2010 Integration

    Is it possible to disable integration to Exchange 2010 from a Lync 2013 client?  I found a key that works for Lync 2010 by setting HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Communicator\PersonalContactStoreOverride to 1.  That does not seem to do anything
    to a Lync 2013 client, nor have I been able to find a solution to disable it via Registry/GPO.  Some things I have found seem to indicate that key does is not used by a Lync 2013 client but that is somewhat speculation.  Can someone tell me if there
    is a key to disable this connectivity and disable it like what the key above does for 2010?  Thank you!

    Create a new-csclientpolicyentry -name "PersonalContactStoreOverride" -value "1" and assign it to a Client Policy
    see Raffaele's post at: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/lync/en-US/0762e036-1f9f-43a6-bb81-686864260c9d/how-to-install-the-lync-client-through-sms-with-personal-information-manager-set-to-none?forum=ocsplanningdeployment
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    Lync Validator - Used to assist in the validation and documentation of Lync Server 2013.

  • Lync Online available with Exchange 2010

    Is it possible to purchase Lync as a stand alone product for use with an existing Exchange 2010 server?  I'm a little confused about the options and know I can purchase a Lync server - which I would rather not do.  I see the online is available
    as part of Office 365 which hosts Exchange, etc. but do not want to do that.  I thought I read there is a "stand alone" Lync client but can't see where/how to get it.  I am interested in downloading a trial version of the program.  Thanks
    for any assistance. -TW

    Lync Online can be purchased as a standalone service from Office 365 too.
    Lync Online
    Don't know if there is a trial that you try out, but you can ask in the
    Office 365 Community
    Martina Miskovic

  • Lync Mobile App not working without WIFI

    we have Lync 2013 deployed and everything works fine. We can do Voice Calls, Video Calls etc.
    But when we switch off the WIFI and only 3G or 4G is enabled, we can call persons, but after we accept the call, it gets terminated and we can't hear each other.
    any idea?
    EDIT: We get the error "Could not establish a connection"

    Hi repa1982,
    Since A/V is now supported over 3G/4G, or Wi-Fi the Edge Server plays a larger role in mobility deployments.  In the diagram below, you can see that the mobile client will still send signaling information via the Reverse Proxy, but it will now send media
    via the A/V Edge interface on the Edge Server:
    Click the link below for more information.
    Lync 2013 Mobility
    Best regards,

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