F.05 Foreign Currency Valuation BDIFF not empty

Hi gurus,
When we execute F.05 transaction for November 2008 we have the same
amount in our output list in columns "old difference" and "new
difference", no amount for posting. Before this error we have executed F.05 and reseted
the postings with F.05, and now when we wanted to execute it again we
got this problem, nothing to post.
We can see in BSID-BDIFF and also in BSEG-BDIFF that the amount of calculated variances for
November is present.
Can you help us with suggestions of how to clear this field.
Best regards,
Edited by: Marina Sokol on Dec 11, 2008 10:45 AM

We have met the same problem, do you get the resolution?
Could you share with us?

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  • Intercompany payment posting after Foreign currency valuation - F.05

    Hi Gurus,
    I have an issue with intercompany payment posting after foreign currency valuation run.
    Build Up:
    Let me give you a brief description first. Company u2018Au2019 has open items from Company u2018Bu2019. Basically Company u2018Au2019 charges management fees from Company u2018Bu2019.  Both companies have a local currency of u2018EURu2019 and a group currency of u2018USDu2019. The open items posted in company u2018Au2019 have been accumulating for two years now. In January of this year finance decided to run the foreign currency valuation (F.05). The method they used was the reversal method. So at the beginning of the next month the entries from the valuation were reversed. They repeated this in February as well. Note this is the first time the foreign currency valuation was performed in SAP, before it was done manually. After February they never ran the foreign currency valuation run.
    Now what is happening is, when open items that have been accumulating for over two years and are before the foreign currency valuation run are cleared (payment is made) there is a exchange rate loss/gain. When the open item is cleared there is posting to the G/L account for Balance sheet adjustment and also an exchange rate loss/gain G/L account.
    Debit u2013 Cash
    Credit u2013 Customer (intercompany)
    Credit u2013 Balance sheet adjustment account (unrealized loss)
    Debit u2013 Profit and loss account (realized loss)
    The balance sheet adjustment account that is posted to is from OBA1 u2013 KDF u2013 balance sheet adjustment account in the foreign currency valuation accounts. Currency translation account determination is empty in OBA1.
    I understand the system while payment posting is clearing/offset the unrealized loss/gain and posting the realized loss/gain. But how is this possible, when the foreign currency valuation run was done the entries were reversed so there was no unrealized loss/gain posted.
    Also another caveat: Isnu2019t foreign currency valuation for open items that are posted in foreign currency and need to be revaluated to local currency. Well that is what is puzzling the open items posted in company u2018Au2019 are posted in local currency u2018EURu2019 so the foreign currency valuation should not affect these open items, correct? And if this is true then when the open items is cleared the unrealized loss/gain should never be cleared since there is none posted the exchange rate difference should only be posted to the realized account in the profit and loss correct? Please help? I can explain further if needed?
    Thank you.
    Comments and facts:
    Companies fiscal year is June u2013 May.
    Company u2018Au2019 and u2018Bu2019 have a local currency of u2018EURu2019, group currency is u2018USDu2019
    The invoices in Company u2018Au2019 were posted in u2018EURu2019
    The foreign currency valuation was only ever run in January and February of 2010.

    HI ,
    I believe becuase you did not enter any date that's why they did n't reverse automtcially . You need to enter to reverse.
    now you can use f.80 mass reversal for all of them
    Many Thanks

  • Foreign Currency Valuation not posted to GL account

    While I run foreign currency valuation even tick on check box of Create Posting button under FAGL_FC_VAL it show me summary report and posting tab it show me properly Debit/Credit entry on last day of month and 1st of month it become reverse as usual. But while I go through respective GL account of "Forex Unrealised Profit" and " Foreign Exchange Adjustment" account in FBL3N it does not show me line ietms result after running foreign curreny valuation. It should show the result in respective GL accounts where line items are tick in each GL accounts and valuation method I use EVR(always valuate). Why it is happening ?
    Best Regards,

    After executing FAGL_FC_VAL, do you execute Batch Input Session in SM35. If no then
    When you execute FAGL_FC_VAL you will find the field called Batch Input Session name where you have to give a name for e.g. FOREXVAL. Once you execute it then system creates Batch Input Session in SM35. So go to SM35 and select the session FOREXVAL and click on Process icon seen on the top and select Display errors only and press ok.
    Chintan Joshi.

  • Foreign currency valuation(f.05) reversal is not getting posted automatically.

    Hi All,
    i performed foreign currency valuation using F.05 with evaluation key date as 31/05/2014.
    i checked the check boxes  'create postings' and 'reverse postings' for G/L account balance valuation and haven't entered any date for reversal 'posting date'.
    evaluation postings got generated but reversal posting were not generated. i was under the impression that the reverse postings should be posted on the next day. but i can't see any reverse postings till now.
    Kindly advise me on this.

    HI ,
    I believe becuase you did not enter any date that's why they did n't reverse automtcially . You need to enter to reverse.
    now you can use f.80 mass reversal for all of them
    Many Thanks

  • Foreign Currency Valuation Values Conversion

    Hello SAP Experts!
    We are migrating from 4.6B to 4.7 and we are working in the vendor, customer and G/L accounts open items conversion.
    In the present system (4.6B) the users use transaction F.05 for foreign
    currency valuation with the flag "Bal. sheet preparation valuatn" activated. This means, that the valuation difference is not reversed
    but it is stores in the field BSEG-BDIFF of the affected open item.
    Now we are trying to convert those foreign currency open items with a
    batch input to transaction FB01. However, the fields BSEG-BDIFF do not appear in the dynpros and we could not find a way to make them optional to enter the value of previous revaluations.
    We have thought of transaction F-05, but there is no way there to reference the revaluation that is being posted to the affected open item. T
    If we do not enter this amount in that field we will have problems
    after the go live to pay those items, as the "Bal. sheet adj. 1"
    account balance will never be zero and the gain/loss accounts for exchange rate difference will be duplicated.
    Do anyone know how can this be done?
    Hope you can help me on this one.
    Many thanks in advance.

    Hi Dominic!!
    Thanks a lot for your answer. Yes, they are separate systems
    Let me see if I understand your suggestion:
    1) I should do a manual posting through F-05 in our 4.6B system bringing the balance adjustment account and the exchange rate difference account to zero.
    2) Transfer the balances to 4.7.
    3) In the first closing period run the automatic foreign currency valuation
    (through F-05) with the flag "Bal. sheet preparation valuatn" deactivated so that the system revaluates the open items from the time the open item is created to that moment.
    is it like that?
    Many thanks for your help again!
    Best regards,

  • Error while running the foreign currency valuation

    hello frnds,
    i got the following error while running the foreign currency valuation.
    No accounting principle assigned to valuation area
    Message No.fr894
    In customizing the valuation area is not assigned to an accounting principle. You can use the accounting principle to define the general ledgers in which posting takes place.
    System Response
    Error msg
    Assign the valuation area to an accounting principle.
    Above is the error message, but I created valuation area and assigned it to an accounting principle.
    Guide me with some inputs.

    Please check the following path
    IMG > Financial Accounting (New) > Financial Accounting Global Settings (New) > Ledgers > Parallel Accounting > Assign Accounting Principle to Ledger Groups
    Whether you have defined the Accounting Principles to Ledger Group?

  • Error while running foreign currency valuation program FAGL_FC_VAL

    this is regarding foreign currency valuation in ECC6.0 with EHP4
    i have done the revevent setting in spro and while execturing TC FAGL_FC_VAL agetting following error:-
    Incorrect account determination: 1000 10 200010
    Message no. FR257
    in customization, i have assigned P&L and balance sheet account against above GL (OBA1 -> KDF).
    any idea where i am wrong. Please reply.

    Hello Devi,
    This account managing with open item? Can you check G/L account master data?
    If yes,
    You should check your customizing OBA1 -> KDF. I think you filled currency and currency type on OBA1-KDF. If you don't have different P&L ve balance sheet adjustment account for each currency and currency type, you can pass initial for this field. ıf you use different balance sheet adj. account or P&L account for each item, you must assign write criteria.
    For example your company code currency is USD and you have a customer reconcilation account which has EUR currency, you should assign EUR currency for this account on OBA1-KDF. Please check in FS00 for this account, exchange rate difference key must be empty if this account managing with open item.

  • SD invoice can't be reversed due to foreign currency valuation

    I have an invoice which relates to an Sales order,it was posted in several months again(cross monthly closing). Now I want to reverse this invoice,but the system can't cancel the relevant FI document due to we have done the foreign currency evaluation at last month end.
    The error message as:
    Reversal of document 0220v1 1100004518v2 2009v3 not possible in FI
    Message no. F5A005
    Item &v4 in accounting document 0220  1100004518 2009
    was valuated with an open item foreign currency valuation.
    System Response
    Document cannot be reversed.
    How can I accomplish this job?
    Any input is appreciated.

    Hi Mike,
    Reset the Foreign currency valuation run? I am not sure about your suggestion. Does it means that I just key in the "reversal posting date" and "reverse post.peried" and don't key in "Document date","Posting date" and "Posting period",it is right?  And then how to check the document being reset or not? (Just check if there have the document or not,when test run.)
    Or I need to select a reset valuation method?

  • Onlybalances on local currency - incorrect foreign currency valuation

    Dear all,
    I have the following problem:
    My customer created some manual accounts and did tick the box for only balances in local currency. Now my customer wanted to do foreign currency valuation on these accounts. I told the customer to make balance zero on account, un-tick "local currency" on GL account master record. And then reverse the document wihich makes the balance zero. This worked fine. But now when the customer wants to do foreign currency valuation (on balances) only new postings after the GL account master data change will be taken into account for balance.
    It must be possible to change this? So that balance in document currency and local currency is correct when comparing to for example line items in fbl3n.
    Very gladful for any help!
    BR Åsa

    Thank you for the information. Just want to make this clear. I did the following. Acoount number is 166000.
    1. Amount in document currency: balance 5000 PLN (debet)
    Amount in local currency: 12000 SEK (debet)
    2. Post a GL account document:
    Credit 12 000 SEK account 166000
    Debet 12000 SEK account 168000 (or any other account).
    3. Un-tick only balances in local currency on GL account master data
    4. Reverse the GL document created in step 2 above.
    5. Test run foreign currency valuation on account 166000 does not show any postings (no balance in other currency).
    Can you please help me with what to do exactly? (GL postings)
    Thank you very much!

  • Foreign currency valuation (new) for vendors and costumers open items

    Dear friends,
    Is there any option  that when i run the foreign currency valuation program (fagl_fc_val) for vendors and costumers open line items not to generate the reverse posting? I have read in the sap library that the reverse posting is optional and the when you pay the invoice the system works the difference out between the valuation and the exchange rate of the payment, but i can not find it in customizing.
    thanks in advance

    I also like to add that it is best to post reversal because normally the revaluation entry is posted on the last date of the month and the reversal entry is posted on the first day of the following month, which means that the following month will have a new entry on the last date independent of the entry made in the prior month.
    The idea of posting the valuation entry is to value the customer and vendor open items which were posted (let us say 3 months ago in a foreign currency) with the latest exchange rate as of the end of the month. This way these payables and receivables stand corrected.
    Is there any reason why you don't want to post the reversal entry?

  • Foreign Currency valuation on Foreign currency items posted in Local currency accounts

    Hi Gurus,
    I have accounts maintained in local currency and only balances in local currency is not checked. Some items are posted in foreign currency.
    Now system is doing foreign currency valuation on foreign currency balance of this account. I dont want system to do that.
    Now how to correct it. I can make balance zero of account and then mark that tick of only balances in local currency but still system will do foreign currency valuation on items posted.
    Appreciate you help in solving this issue. How to handle it?

    Hi ,
    While executing Foreign currency valuation, you can select the GL accounts for valuation. Try to not input these local currency GL's.

  • Post foreign currency valuation for special G/L accounts

    Dear experts,
    Our client wants to evaluate the balance of down payment account after each partial clearing with invoice.As down payments are being posted by special G/L indicators, they are not able to post to the down payment account directly.
    and there is no possibility to post foreign currency valuation by SG/L indicators in F-05 and FBB1 transaction codes.
    Could you please tell me how we can evaluate a SG/L account directly?
    Best Regards,

    Hi Rezvan,
    That is not possible also this is not required.
    Because unrealized gain/loss we post to Balance sheet adjustment account and Fx gain/loss accounts.
    We don't post any differences directly to sub ledgers.
    you can use F.05 or FAGL_FC_VAL trasanction for Foreign currency valuation.
    where you can have option of valuate the Spl GL too in selection screen.
    When you select Vendor option in FAGL_FC_VAL, program valuates all the line items including special gl items.
    And this valuation difference can be posted to balance sheet adjustment account which you maintain in OB09.

  • Accounting document created after foreign currency valuation

    Hi SAP Gurus,
    Please help on below queries:
    1. Is it correct that Accounting document is automatically created when foreign currency valuation (F.05) was run and  'Reverse Posting' was ticked? Does it mean that two document will be created; one is for Revaluation Journal and the other one is for Accounting Document?
    2. In relation on above question, is it correct that Accounting document and Revaluation Journal have the same posting date and amount?
    3. When Accounting document and Revaluation Journal have the same posting date and amount does it mean that the account has not been revaluated?
    Appreciate your advise. Thank you.

    There will be two accounting documents generated, one for posting the revalution and the other for the reversal (if reversal is activated). The reversal dates can be given manually else system takes the 1st of the N+1 Period. The revaluation posting date will be taken from the date given in 'valuation date'.
    Warm Regards

  • Why foreign currency valuation is required ?

    I just want to clear my doubt. If we deal with foreign vendors or customers like vendor invoice is done through USD or EUR or GBP but payment is not made till now or customer invoices are done but payment is not received from them in month of August. In that case if we run foreign currency valuation of open vendor invoices and open customer invoices on 31st August it will generate accounting entry and next day i.e, 1st September accounting entry will be reversed. So my question is we have not received from customer and we have not paid to vendor, invoices are still open from customer and vendor side. So if we run foreign currency valuation what will be its actual effect  in the business and if we not run foreign currency valuation what are the problems may arrises because later if we pay to vendor through foreign currency then actual loss / gain effect will arrise in our business scenario.
    Kindly give me reply.

    As part of the period end process, and in anticipation of creating a period-end financial statement, all accounts held in foreign currency and all foreign currency open items must be re-valued at the period end rate. There are two tools within the SAP ERP Packaged Solution for this purpose:
    Foreign Currency Revaluation u2013 Balance Sheet Accounts: The program selects every balance sheet account, typically cash accounts, that is held in a foreign currency and re-values the total balance at the currently valid rate.  Any (sterling) exchange rate difference is posted to a realised gains/losses account.
    Foreign Currency Revaluation u2013 Open Item Accounts: Open item accounts managed in GBP, such as debtors and creditors, may contain foreign currency transactions. The program will individually revalue each open item to determine an overall unrealised foreign exchange gain or loss position.  The realised exchange rate gain/loss is posted when the transaction is cleared.
    It is a statutory requirement  to meet hte FAS52 and GAAP requirements

  • F.05 Foreign Currency Valuation

    My user had problem when run F.05, Foreign Currency Valuation.  It was mentioned that no batch input data for screen SAPMF05A 0700 but it was noted that some transaction had taken place & posted.
    As not all the transaction had been posted successfully, I would like to seek your advice how could user post the transaction with error.  Some of the transaction was failed due to Posting period 005 2010 is not open.

    To highlight to users the new features found in the enhanced foreign currency revaluation program:
         Basic instructions given in initial screen (bottom part of screen) to emphasize correct execution of program for open-item accounts (GL, customer and vendor) and GL balances in foreign currency.
    u2022     u2018Bal sheet preparation valuatnu2019 checkbox u2013 This checkbox is applicable only for open-item accounts.  When ticked, the revaluation program updates the valuation difference in the open item document.  FI postings are generated, but reversal is not possible.  When unticked, the revaluation program proceeds to create a batch input session.  Postings are generated after executing the session in SM35.  Reversal of postings is possible (provided that u2018reverse postingsu2019 checkbox is ticked).
    u2022     Revaluation of GL balances in foreign currency will be executed via batch input session because at all times, u2018Bal sheet preparation valuatnu2019 checkbox is not ticked.
         Program has two spool outputs.  The spool xxxx attached to the job in SM37 shows the Message log.  The spool number xxxx u2013 1 shows the calculation, posting proposal and message log.  This second spool can be displayed in transaction SP01.
         To avoid errors and easier monitoring, the foreign currency program will have a minimum of four (4) runs:
    1.   Open item revaluation (Test run)
         Check the spool if there is an error.
         If error, correct and run a test run again.
         Test run should be repeated until there are no errors or   (red light items) found in the message spool.
    2.   Open item revaluation (Actual run) 
         Check the spool if there is an error.
         If error, correct and run a test run again.
    3.   G/L balances revaluation (Test run) 
    4.     G/L balances revaluation (Actual run) 
         If actual run is still executed after the error messages, the validation included in the program will ensure that the documents are not updated (value of BSEG_BDIFF will not change).  No batch session will be created.  Only when errors are corrected will the program be able to post the valuation difference documents.
         If the balance sheet adjustment account is blocked for posting, the program will proceed to create the batch session.  Another validation checks if there are existing batch sessions not processed in the previous month.

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