F-28 cash discount error

For making payment to the billing document from SD in f-28 t-code, we are getting the cash discount percentage but the cash discount amount is not displying even we specified the payment terms in Sales order creation. Even, if we specify manually the cash discount amount in f-28, its giving an warning message 
ERROR : Cash discount-relevant amount is zero; check entry at the bottom left corner of the screen. When I click this warning, I get a pop-up screen with the same message and message no. F5073.
We have maintained the field status as given below:
Also check that in transaction OB41, Payment term is maintained as optional field in field status group Payment Transactions for posting key 31.
Also go to FS00 for the reconciliation account assigned to your vendor, the go to tab 'Create/bank/interest" and double click on the field status gorup.Check that in group Payment Transactions, the field Payment term is marked as optional field.)
And SD pricing for the material is also defined.
condition type : SKTO for the cash discount.
After doing all the abouve configurations, we are still getting the error,.
From FI side, we have no issues as it is giving the cash discount percentage and cash discount amount in f-28 correctly. and we are able to process the cash discount document, which gets generated automatically.
Only the problem From SD flow.

check out this SAP Note
185223  Posting of cash discount paid without tax code

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    I am facing problem in F110 - APP run for cash discount payment terms. The error is "Error in creating the payment document". Suggest a suitable solution.

    This problem is often cause due to changing payment term in the document. Use transaction FB03 enter the invoice document got Environment>Document changes. If you see the payment term has been changed then restore the old payment term into the document.
    Chintan Joshi.

  • Not able to post vendor payment in case of Cash discount received

    We are on SAP ECC 6.0
    I'm not able to post an outgoing payment through F-53 T code when cash discount is received from vendor due to early payment before due date.
    I get the following error message -
    Tax code V0 for country IN has been deleted or incorrectly changed
    Message no. FS201
    Our tax calculation procedure is TAXINN and we are an indian company in India.
    GL account for cash discount received is already defined in OBXU t code for SKE transaction key tax code wise.
    V0 tax code is defined through FTXP.
    I'm able to display correct cash discount amount and cash discount % when i click on select process open item in F-53 after entering document date; posting date; company code; currency; Bank GL A/c; Amount (Net of discount); value date and Vendor Account.
    What am i missing? Why am i not able to post vendor outgoing payment?
    Is it possible to post cash discount received to the credit of Stock / Inventory Account as quantity received is not consumed or quantity is lying in inventory?

    Hello Chintan
    I have assigned GL A/c in OBXU t code with and without reference to tax code.
    Still, i am not able to post outgoing payment when cash discount is received as i am paying it before due date.
    Cannot i take credit of cash discount received to Inventory / Stock Account?
    Is cash discount received always posted to non-Inventory / non-stock GL Account?

  • F110 incorrectly grants cash discount to direct debit customers

    I am running F110 to execute direct debits for certain customers in Europe. Everything works fine except for one "error"
    it consistently include cash discounts on customer invoices which are way past net due date. F110 run date = 8/10/10, next run date 09/10/10. And yes, additional logs in the F110 parameters are set. See excerpt from display log below:
                Due date determination additional log
    Document 8130000238 line item 001 via EUR          300.00
    Terms of payment: 07/01/2010   10  3.000 %   30  0.000 %    0
    Customer receivable is payable on 07/11/2010 with cash discount terms 1
       Include customer items due by 09/10/2010
    Item should be paid now
    Item is due with 3.000 % cash discount
    All other invoices are calculated correctly. For the above, the cash discount base is set correctly What could be wrong?

    Posting date is todays' date (e.g. August 10th, 2010).
    This is a large Retail implementation with very fragmented areas of responsibility. I have checked all known posts and blogs and come up with nothing. Payment terms and payment methods are both present in the customer master record. When I run the Payment Proposal today with only two customer invoices to be paid, I have the following settings:
    1. invoice with 2.5% cash discount - 10 days / 30 days net. Invoice, posting and baseline date = 08/12/2010. $13.32. The system
        correctly calculates 2.5% cash discount for this item
    2. invoice with 3% cash discount - 10 days/30 days net. Invoice, posting and baseline date = 08/01/2010. $100, no VA. The 
        system incoorectly gives this customer a cash discount of 3% for this invoice - see below
    Parameters in F110: Posting date = 08/16/2010, next payment run 08/26/2010, Docs. entered up to = 08/16/2010, Customer items due by = 08/26/2010, this one cust. is psecified, payment method = E (direct debit) etc.
    ==> Display log for invoice # 2, $100.-:
                Due date determination additional log
    Document 8130000263 line item 001 via EUR          100.00
    Terms of payment: 08/01/2010   10  3.000 %   30  0.000 %    0
    Customer receivable is payable on 08/11/2010 with cash discount terms 1
       Include customer items due by 09/05/2010
    Item should be paid now
    Item is due with 3.000 % cash discount
                Payment method selection additional log
    Payment method selection for items due now to the amount of EUR           97.00
    Payment method "E" is being checked
    Bank details are being checked
         Customer/vendor bank details are being checked
       System reads house banks and checks if they are allowed
    Our bank 20030 is being checked
    For currency EUR and 000 days  500,000,000.00 are planned
    Available amount is enough,  499,999,986.68 EUR still available,           97.00  necessary
       House bank is selected ...
        Our bank details 20030 20030 are used
    Bank details of the partner with ctry DE bk no. 12070000 acct 01234567899 are being used
    Payment method "E" is permitted
    Does anyone have any clue what's going on??
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  • Cash Discount taken incoming Payments

    Hi folks,
    when we allocation incoming payments to open AR, discounts might be taken from customers.
    We use FB05 for this.
    Discount GL is automatically chosen (OBXI) and correctly calculated.
    However, tax needs to be adjusted as well. This is not automatically done.
    What could be the reason for this?
    Tax Category field for "Cash discount expenses" is filled with "*".
    In case of purchase discounts in payment program F110, it works absolutely fine.
    please let me know if you need additional information
    Appreciate your help.

    Hi Benjamin,
    I tried your scenario in a test system and it work well (i.e. VAT line is generated), the only ways it does not work (and rightly so in my opinion) are:
    Cash discount account is set up as "no relevant for tax" (tax category is blank) in FS00
    The company code is set up with "tax base is net value" in OBY6 but in this case I get an error message at posting if my cash discount account is set up as "tax relevant" in FS00
    What is your setting for "cash discount" in OBY6 ?

  • Lockbox Issue with payment on exact day as Cash Discount Days 1 Due Date

    Dear Gurus
    We are running into an issue in as much as when we receive a payment against our Lockbox on the exact day as the Cash Discount Days 1 due date the system posts this as an on account posting as opposed to applying the cash against the open receivable and posting the difference to the Cash Discount Account.
    E.g. Invoice 10000 Payment term 34 days 2% Net 35. I created the AR invoice today with invoice date and posting date of Oct 9, 2009 and posted the same. Received payment $ 9800 on Lockbox file today Nov 12 using the BAI2 format Lockbox file and found that the system did not even show the invoice # on the Lockbox reports but it recognized the customer based on the MICR # and posted an on account payment. It gave the error" F5 263 Difference too large for Clearing"
    The users have prior complained that this situation arises in F-28 as well where they would have to force the discount instead of the system recognizing the same if cash was being applied on the same date as the Cash discount Days 1 due date.
    Any help in this regards will be geratly appreciated and points awarded.
    Satpal Narang

    Hi Satpal,
    Please check the net due date of the document which you are trying to do the payment. As it is critical information to calculate the cash discount.
    I hope this helps.
    Ravinagh Boni

  • Re: Indicator: Line item not liable to cash discount?

    I want to skip discount for one line item in the invoice, I put X in the w/0 cash discount field , But system is giving an error "An entry in field WD is not permitted for account xxxxxx". How to get rid of the error?....And please shed some light on it why it is throwing that error.

    try to change the field status to optional for this field , but make sure from then on ithis field will be an optional and even if people skips this field it will post.

  • Cash Discount in APP

    Hi All,
    I am trying to run F110 but encounter the following error message:
    Account xxxxxxxxx requires an assignment to a CO Object.
    Actually this is Cash Discount taken account which is appearing during APP run and of P& L Account .
    I have already set  an automatic account assignment (e.g cost center default) in txn OKB9 to avoid posting error , when the payment program posts the cash discount line .
    Please advise what could I do to avoid posting error and throw some light on Cash Discount procedure.
    Thanks In Advance,

    You may also want to check whether there is a tolerance day specified in FBZP, on the same screen where you would check Max cash discount or tolerance group in master data, where grace days are allowed for discounts.

  • Cash Discount Amount Can not be posted

    Hi Guru,
    While doing MIRO transaction against work order system is giving error 'Cash Discount Amount can not be posted' no cash discount is posted nor payment term given is having any provision for discount.
    Kindly help me in resolving issue

    Hi shekar,
    May i know the solution for this.
    Sekhar J

  • Cash Discount may only be granted up to 3%

    Hi Guys,
    Im new to FI. While posting an invoice in MIRO, we encounter an error "Cash Discount may only be granted up to 3%".  Payment term we are using has cash discount of 5%. I want to take out the limit of the cash discount, how will I do it? What transaction codes to be used? Thanks.

    this is held in tolerances
    This is in SPRO "Define Tolerances Vendors"
    You have groups, and the tolerance group is assigned to the Vendor

  • Cash Discount if F110 being considered even after expiry of due date

    Hello SAP Consultants,
    I have setup a payment term for client which is 1% disc if paid within 10 days of invoice date. On running automatic payment program F110, irrespective of no. of days, the payment program generates discount of 1%. (I am using standard payment method C-cheque)
    My doubt is why SAP is applying cash discount in F110 even when the payment is being made after 10 days say after a month.
    I have cheched the setting in FBZP in All company Codesfor Maximum Cash Discount. The tick is not there means it is not activated. Still we are getting the above error in F110.

    Hi Abhishek,
    The problem you're experiencing is caused by your payment term configuration, which probably has 1% 5 days but does not include how to handle cash discount after that date e.g. 0% 6 days. You can test this quite simply (presuming you have access to a test system) by changing the payment term configuration to include 0% for 6 days then post a vendor invoice with the same details provided in your message and process for payment. Alternatively find an existing vendor invoice with payment term you mention and double click into the vendor line item and add 6 days to the Cash discount days 2 field but leave the Cash discount percentage 2 field blank (see example below) then process for payment. I have also pasted the text from OSS note 48384 below which refers to this issue.
    Vendor line item - Additional details tab
    Payt terms   XXXX                    Days/percent 5   1.000  % 6          %    
    Expected results (based on details mentioned in your message):
    Payment run posting date: 15/03/10  -  Posting date of next payment run: 16/03/10
    cash discount still valid and should be deducted
    Payment run posting date: 16/03/10 -  Posting date of next payment run: 17/03/10
    cash discount not valid and should not be deducted
    SAP Note 48384 - Cash discount is taken although item overdue
    Note Language: English Version: 4 Validity: Valid Since 20.02.1997
    Vendor invoice is paid with cash discount by the payment program
    although the cash discount period has expired, the "Always max. cash
    discount" flag in configuration Payment program is not set and no cash
    discount agreement is noted in the document either.
    Additional key words
    F110, payment run
    Cause and prerequisites
    If in the terms of payment only, for example, 10 days 3 % and nothing else has been defined (further fields are not filled at all), the payment program has no instructions as to how the payment is to be made if the first cash discount period has expired. Nevertheless, the payment is made with cash discount terms 1 under these circumstances.
    Choose other terms of payment.
    Header Data
    Release Status: Released for Customer
    Released on: 19.02.1997 23:00:00
    Master Language: German
    Priority: Correction with medium priority
    Category: Consulting
    Primary Component FI-AP Accounts Payable
    The Note is release-independent

  • Cash Discount in Segmentation Accounting

    Hi Experts,
    I'm using B1 2007 B. I have defined segments in Coa for Branches and Division. I have 4 branches and 5 Divisions. Now I require that I want to post the cash discount also based on this segmentation. ie I want seperate cash discount received/allowed account to be debited or credited each at the time of payment (incoming / outgoing) based on the invoice.
    I have noticed that the cash discount account is taken fromG\L account determination so that it will be common for all branches/division. Is there any method or workaround?
    Please Advise.............
    Thanks & Regards

    Remove the Cash Discount Account from the G/L Account Determination Window.
    Now when you post a Incoming/ Outgoing Payment, System will show an Error, 'No Cash Discount Account is Defined'.
    Now set the Cash Discount Account in the G/L Account Determination Window and post the Incoming/ Outgoing Payment.
    After Payment is done, Remove the Cash Discount Account from the G/L Account Determination Window.

  • Query Regarding Cash discount In F110

    Dear all,
    We have a payment terms 0003(14 days 3% cash Discount,20 Days 2% cash discount & within 30 days due net).
    I have posted vendor invoice with this payment terms on 15.09.2009 & making payment to the vendor on the same day to avail 3% cash discount through F110 but when we go to edit proposal after scheduling proposal the system through an error Company codes XXXX/XXXX do not appear in proposal 15.09.2009 TEST; correct.
    It do not allow us to make payment to vendor until the invoice becomes due.because of this we cannot take cash discount from vendors.
    We have checked Max cash discount in All company codes in FBZP.
    D RANA

    Hi Deepak,
    Try giving the next run date after the due date say after 35 days or si and keep the other parameters as you are using now. The payment should get included. Normally, SAP will check if the the document is getting over due or not in the next payment run date and includes it in the current only then.
    Please revert.
    Thanks and Regards,

  • F-28 Incoming Payment, Cash discount amnt and %

    Hi all,
    Does anyone know whether we can make the Cash Discount Amount and Discount percentage field column in F-28 screen to become uneditable (grey off) ?

    Hi Roy,
    I tried before with SHD0, I entered F-28 but I got the error message saying variant are possible only for dialog transactions.

  • Cash Discount Calculated for One Line Item and not for Other

    Hi All,
    We have devloped a Z program which is used to Write of InterCompany AR and AP recon Account to another GL Account. In this program to clear line item we have created a BDC which calls t-code FB05. Thsi program is running perfectly fine for all company codes.
    There is new company code SG20 for which it is not clearing the line items. It has created a Session in SM35, when we analysed the seesin we found that for some line items system is calculating Cash Discount and for some other line items it is not but the payment Term is same for all the douments with 3% 14days.
    I need your help in understanding that why for some line items system calculates the Cash Discout where as for others it is not calculation..also the Posting Date is same for all the documents.
    Please advise what could be the reson for this.
    VIvek Srivastava

    Cash discount is calculated based on the combination of baseline date and payment term conditions.
    Hence please check the baseline date for all the documents, in which the cash discount is not appearing.
    In your case, the possible reasons could be that 1) baseline date is different between these documents or 2) payment terms cash % is manually modified in the line item of the documents.

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