Facelets and jsf-extensions problem.

I'm fairly certain I've run into a problem between facelets and jsf-extensions. I'm working with JSF 1.2 RI, Woodstock, Facelets 1.1.13, on Tomcat 6.
When trying to get Woodstock autoValidation to work I get a javascript error the "I has no properties". The error occurs in the com_sun_faces_ajax.js file in the jsf-extensions-dynamic-faces-0.1.jar (I've used both the RC4 and a build today ,10/18/07 from source with the same results). Here is the code snippet where it happens (with my comment).
var I = G.getElementsByTagName("components")[0];
var C = I.getElementsByTagName("render");
for(var F = 0; F < C.length; F++) {
In the second line there it looks like the variable I is null, but based on the post response below I don't know why.
The response from the post looks like this:
<partial-response><components><render id="PayableForm:vendorGci"><markup><![CDATA[{"valid":true,"id":"PayableForm:vendorGci"}]]></markup></render></components>
However the server side code (validation method) never gets executed. I'm willing to do some digging and debug work, but I'd need to be pointed in the right direction.
The following is more potentially useful code snippets.
Here is the textField code:
<w:form id="PayableForm">
<w:textField style="display:none;" />
<w:message for="vendorGci" />
<w:label id="vendorGciLabel" for="vendorGci" text="Vendor: " />
<w:textField id="vendorGci" autoValidate="true"
text="${vendorBean.searchGci}" maxlength="8" required="true"
validatorExpression="#{ vendorBean.validateVendor}" />
Here is the javascript in the page (the init function is called from the body: onLoad="setTimeout('init();', 0);" , this does happen):
<w:script type="text/javascript">
function VendorListener(){
function VendorNotify(props){
alert("VendorNotify called!"); <--------------- I never see this alert message
if ( props.id != "PayableForm:vendorGci") { return; }
var field = document.getElementById("PayableForm:vendorGciLabel");
valid: props.valid
VendorListener.prototype.notify = VendorNotify;
function initAccountRows(){
var table = document.getElementById("PayableForm:vendorAccountTable");
function init(){
var listener = new VendorListener();
webui.suntheme.widget.textField.event.validation.endTopic ,
listener, listener.notify);
Here is the validator method. It currently doesn't do anything, just trying to get something to work. I never see the output, and I never hit the breakpoint in the method.
public void validateVendor(FacesContext context, UIComponent comp, Object value){
System.out.println("validateVendor called");

Actually I don't need a global variable. I need to refer in my included template the actual backing bean used in the current page. As all my backing bean extends a abstract class I could bind my component to a property of the current backing bean, no matters which one. Just like a polymorphic call but without the parameter. Let's imagine I could get this object of the facesContext object I would be able to do:
<rich:datascroller renderIfSinglePage="false" align="right" for="listagem" maxPages="12" fastStep="10"
pageIndexVar="pageIndex" pagesVar="pages" stepControls="show" fastControls="hide" boundaryControls="show"
inactiveStyleClass="paginacaoInativa" selectedStyleClass="paginacaoSelecionada"
styleClass="paginacao" tableStyleClass="paginacaoTabela"
binding="#{facesContext.currentBackingbean.formDataScroller}" id="paginacao">
Instead of pass the backing bean to the ui:param of this template... Dou you get the point?

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  • Problem with index.jsp and JSF

    hi all
    I have an index page "index.jsp" in the root directory of deployed project and in that page there is just a <jsp:forward> tag:
    <jsp:forward page="pages/mainPage.jsf" />I am using facelets and I have a template.xhtml
    when I run the browser nothing will be desplayed. by looking at Tomcat console, it seems that it renders the template.xml. if I place the path of the page directly in the address bar of browser, everything is OK
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    I'm not sure what the problem is exactly. This topic might help though:
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    Hope this helps,

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    I am trying to combine all things named in the Subject and run into several problems:
    1. ADF Render Kit forces the Tomahawk Components to be rendered in a wrong way or stop there functionality.
    Example 1: The clickable parts of the t:dataScroller Tag can not be accessed because an empty a Tag will be rendered after the outputText.
    Example 2: The t:commandSortHeader Tag can be clicked but the table content will not be sorted anymore.
    The given examples works if i remove the default-render-kit-id element from the faces-config.xml
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    <f:facet name="header">
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    java.lang.ClassCastException at oracle.adfinternal.view.faces.renderkit.core.xhtml.DesktopTableRenderer._renderRegularColumns(DesktopTableRenderer.java:1029)
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         at oracle.adfinternal.view.faces.renderkit.RenderUtils.encodeRecursive(RenderUtils.java:54)
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         at oracle.adfinternal.view.faces.renderkit.core.xhtml.BodyRenderer.encodeAll(BodyRenderer.java:60)
         at oracle.adfinternal.view.faces.renderkit.core.CoreRenderer.encodeEnd(CoreRenderer.java:159)
         at oracle.adf.view.faces.component.UIXComponentBase.encodeEnd(UIXComponentBase.java:624)
         at com.sun.facelets.tag.jsf.ComponentSupport.encodeRecursive(ComponentSupport.java:242)
         at com.sun.facelets.tag.jsf.ComponentSupport.encodeRecursive(ComponentSupport.java:239)
         at com.sun.facelets.tag.jsf.ComponentSupport.encodeRecursive(ComponentSupport.java:239)
         at com.sun.facelets.FaceletViewHandler.renderView(FaceletViewHandler.java:521)
         at oracle.adfinternal.view.faces.application.ViewHandlerImpl.renderView(ViewHandlerImpl.java:157)
         at org.apache.myfaces.lifecycle.LifecycleImpl.render(LifecycleImpl.java:352)
         at javax.faces.webapp.FacesServlet.service(FacesServlet.java:107)
         at com.evermind.server.http.ResourceFilterChain.doFilter(ResourceFilterChain.java:65)
         at oracle.adfinternal.view.faces.webapp.AdfFacesFilterImpl._invokeDoFilter(AdfFacesFilterImpl.java:367)
         at oracle.adfinternal.view.faces.webapp.AdfFacesFilterImpl._doFilterImpl(AdfFacesFilterImpl.java:336)
         at oracle.adfinternal.view.faces.webapp.AdfFacesFilterImpl.doFilter(AdfFacesFilterImpl.java:196)
         at oracle.adf.view.faces.webapp.AdfFacesFilter.doFilter(AdfFacesFilter.java:87)
         at com.evermind.server.http.EvermindFilterChain.doFilter(EvermindFilterChain.java:16)
         at org.apache.myfaces.component.html.util.ExtensionsFilter.doFilter(ExtensionsFilter.java:122)
         at com.evermind.server.http.ServletRequestDispatcher.invoke(ServletRequestDispatcher.java:659)
         at com.evermind.server.http.ServletRequestDispatcher.forwardInternal(ServletRequestDispatcher.java:330)
         at com.evermind.server.http.HttpRequestHandler.processRequest(HttpRequestHandler.java:830)
         at com.evermind.server.http.HttpRequestHandler.run(HttpRequestHandler.java:285)
         at com.evermind.server.http.HttpRequestHandler.run(HttpRequestHandler.java:126)
         at com.evermind.util.ReleasableResourcePooledExecutor$MyWorker.run(ReleasableResourcePooledExecutor.java:186)
         at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:534)
    I followed all steps for the ADF installation and the suggested steps for using ADF with Facelets.
    Used versions:
    - Oracle ADF Faces 10.1.3 Early Access
    - myFaces 1.1.1
    - Facelets 1.1.1
    - oc4j
    Has somebody try to use these things together, too?

    Inside our fusion applications(ADF/Webcenter) using combination of JSTL and ADF Faces is good practice or pitfal?
    To suggest a a rule of thumb: Try ADF Faces on-board functionality first before reaching out to JSTL. The difference between JSF in general and JSTL is that the JSTL expressions are evaluated at page compile time wheras JSF expressions are evaluated deferred. This difference may have an impact to PPR refreshes and the data rendering (which in many cases I assume you can fix by setting the ADF Faces component content delivery to immediate instead of deferred). On a training slight I flagged JSTL with a "heads up" alert because of this

  • Using facelets and Visual web jsf frameworks together

    I am developing a new jsf application and I wanted to make the page navigation simpler like making the content pages independently using woodstock components and including them in the main template page.
    I have downloaded Facelets support plugin for netbeans and installed it. I have created a new project using the wizard and i specified the two (facelets and visual web jsf) as frameworks for use. But I failed to leverage my application with facelets because I don't know how to use woodstock components with facelets.
    I am new to jsf and i want the woodstock visual components. Can't I use facelets then?
    Plz help.

    I managed to find a workaround. Thought i should share it with those who are faced with a similar issue.
    I found that a bug report had been placed in the past with Apache Dev. However, they had said that they would not modify their logic because the servlet container spec requires it (even though isapi_redirector is only a connector and not a container). They said that there is no way for the isapi_redirector to differentiate between /foo/WEB-INF when foo is a context and when foo is just a sub-directory of the ROOT web application. So, the general consensus was to err on the side of safety and risk blocking a few requests that are valid.
    However, this causes a serious issue for those using NetBeans JSF Visual Web Projects. Hence, I created my own flavour of isapi_redirector by modifying the code such that this check is not performed and leaving the onus of checking on Tomcat.
    For those who are interested, the simplest way to go about this would be to force the function uri_is_web_inf (in jk_isapi_plugin.c ) to always return FALSE.

  • How does *.jsf extension map to *.jsp extension and where it is mapped

    Hi ,
    How does *.jsf extension map to *.jsp extension and where it is mapped ?

    How does *.jsf extension map to *.jsp extension and where it is mapped ?It is mapped in the web.xml.
    If you add the following in your web.xml:
    The *.jsf will be mapped to the file with the same name, but xhtml as extention.
    if you the javax.faces.DEFAULT_SUFFIX is not defined in the web.xml, the default suffix comes from the one of the constant of javax.faces.application.ViewHandler . This constant names DEFAULT_SUFFIX and equals to ".jsp"
    Look at:
    Sergey : http://jsfTutorials.net

  • I don't know why but  I create a WEB site and my friends who use a pc windows, have a lot of trouble when they open my movies.  The other friends who use Apple, they don't have problem.  I have iMovie11 and my extension file is .m4v.  Is it because the ex

    I don’t know why but  I create a WEB site and my friends who use a pc windows, have a lot of trouble when they open my movies.  The other friends who use Apple, they don’t have problem.  I have iMovie11 and my extension file is .m4v.  Is it because the extension .m4v is bad for windows ?

    No web site expert here but I would suggest changing the .m4v to .mp4 and ask one of those friends if they still have problems.  .m4v is something I always associate with iTunes and don't really see it used elsewhere.

  • Facelets and code insight for XHTML

    what about support for facelets and code insight for xhtml?

    actually the templating mechanism is deployable in shared libraries, which means you should be able to reuse this outside of JDeveloper with the right libraries in place. The issue we found with Facelets is with the required binding references that we need for ADF to work in templates (though this is an Oracle specific problem for as long as JSR 227 isn't turned into a J2EE standard) .
    Also, templates in JDeveloper 11 are referenced at runtime, which means they can be changed on the fly even after deployment and all pages will reflect them. Plus, you don't need to configure a new extension and filter to your JSF files/configuration making it more straight forward.
    And yes, it can be deployed to other J2EE containers than Oracle- Not sure what the open source plans are, but I'll point someone from our Trinidad supporters to this thread to shed some light on what the Trinidad community has in the plans.
    Your point for a common templating support is well taken (though I wished there would be something better than Facelets ;-) )

  • JSF Version problems

    I have a backing bean that extends com.sun.rave.web.ui.appbase.AbstractPageBean and I'm having some troubles with it. I put some output in some of the methods I overrode, for example the constructor, init(), destroy(), preprocess(), prerender(), and afterRenderResponse() and I'm noticing that when I use different versions of JSF, some of the methods don't get called. If I use the JSF 1.1_02 versions of jsf-api.jar and jsf-impl.jar, the afterRenderResponse() method gets called, but if I use the JSF 1.2_04 version of jsf-api.jar and jsf-impl.jar, the afterRenderResponse() method doesn't get called, but I need to be able to call that method. Does anyone know why it that method doesn't get called in the 1.2 version?

    I'd estimate the current number of facelets users to be a fraction of a percent of JSP users, maybe thousand or so.
    I'v used facelets since very early versions, and it does deliver it's promise. However, at the same time it introduces it's own layer of new problems.
    For the recent projects i'v went back to JSP. My crystal ball does not see wide adaptation of facelets in the fortune 500.
    You can see some discussion about GlassFish hosting here:
    Another thing worth considering is that if you start development now tomcat 6 will be probably out before you go public.

  • Acegi and JSF

    I am using Acegi security system in my JSF app. Seems to working fine so far. However, I have a huge problem with securechannelfilter. Im not sure if that's a Acegi problem or JSF. So, I'm trying my luck in this forum first.
    As in many web applications of today required, I as well want to secure certain pages by using a HTTPS connection (personal data and billing information pages). Acegi uses a filter to switch automatically between HTTP and HTTPS pages. Those pages are defined in the security configuration of Acegi. This seems to work "as designed". However, if the URL is http://www.myhost/mywebapp/myhttpspage.jsf it is changed into http://www.myhost/mywebapp/myhttpspage.jsp (notice .jsp instead of .jsf). Calling the latter URL will cause a FacesContext not found exception, which is rather logical. I already tried out to change the faces servlet's url pattern to something like "/faces/*" but that URL will also be change in to the absolute URL (without "/faces/") so the result is the exact same as with the .jsf extension.
    So, I thought, I'm writing a filter, that catces all .jsp calls and redirects them into .jsf (as one should usually do anyways to prevent jsp's bein called directly). Also I check in this filter, if a https ressource has been requested so I forward them to the right URL. Now I'm ending up in an infite loop. My redirection in the filter to the right URL triggers the Acegi redirecting feature to https (don't know why since I already redirect to the correct URL), changing the jsf extension in the URL back to jsp. From there it goes back into the filter (because of the jsp extension) and so forth ...
    It doesn't really seem to me that Acegi's securechannelfilter is made to be used in JSF applications. Did anybody here figure out, how to use this feature in a JSF application? For the time being, I'm going to try out to protect the pages via the web.xml.
    Thanks for any reply in advance!

    first of all, the Acegi Security Framework is now called Sping Security and you might want to look up information under that name. However, I've always had problems to find any proper documentation for Spring or Acegi. And I mean some useful information with WORKING examples. The Acegi guys refer to some examples but that doesn't really help. What really fed me up with Aceig is, that some examples don't really work on my machine/project and I have no clue why. In my project, I needed to have some pages secured with https and used the securechannelFilter of Acegi, which I never got to work. Sure, they have a message forum but you always depend on someone being nice enough to help you out with your problem. Anyways, to make a long story short: I ditched Acegi and wrote my own filter and request wrapper and I'm using JAAS for the security. At least I now know what's going on and I can blame myselfe if it doesn't work :)
    The problems I ran into: You need Spring to setup Acegi, because it relies on it. Like Spring, Acegi is a XML configuration hell. The documentation is not made for beginners and (like Spring's) has many errors in it which drive you crazy because you assume the docs are correct. There is a JSF taglib for Acegi and that worked quite nice. However, Acegi is URL driven and sometimes, JSF does not show the actual URL of the page, that you are currently looking at. E.g. you have a main page with a login button. Click on the button and you are refered to the login page. However, your browser still shows the main page URL. This is where Acegi simply fails.
    If you don't need https and you simply want to have authorization, I recommend that you use JAAS and an own realm. That's straight forward and (if you use Netbeans 6.x) fairly simple to configure in your project. The realm you can hook up to LDAP or a database that has user/role mappings in it. Google for "JAAS jdbc realm database" and you will find some easy to understand tutorials. Here's one using Glassfish and My-SQL:
    Hope, that helps!

  • I am trying to use java  file as Model layer and jsf as presentation layer

    I am trying to use java file as Model layer and jsf as presentation layer and need some help
    I successfully get the value of h:outputText from java file by doing simple binding operation but I am facing problems when I am trying to fill h:dataTable
    I create java file
    package oracle.model;
    import java.sql.;*
    import java.util.;*
    *public class TableBean {*
    Connection con ;
    Statement ps;
    ResultSet rs;
    private List perInfoAll = new ArrayList();
    *public List getperInfoAll() {*
    perInfoAll.add(0,new perInfo("name","username","blablabla"));
    return perInfoAll;
    *public class perInfo {*
    String uname;
    String firstName;
    String lastName;
    *public perInfo(String firstName,String lastName,String uname) {*
    this.uname = uname;
    this.firstName = firstName;
    this.lastName = lastName;
    *public String getUname() {*
    return uname;
    *public String getFirstName() {*
    return firstName;
    *public String getLastName() {*
    return lastName;
    right click on the file and choose 'create data control'
    then i wrote the jsf file:
    *<%@ taglib uri="http://java.sun.com/jsf/html" prefix="h"%>*
    *<%@ taglib uri="http://java.sun.com/jsf/core" prefix="f"%>*
    *<h:dataTable id="dt1" value="#{bindings.perInfoAll}"*
    var="item" bgcolor="#F1F1F1" border="10"
    cellpadding="5" cellspacing="3" rows="4" width="50%"
    dir="LTR" frame="hsides" rules="all"
    *<f:facet name="header">*
    *<h:outputText value="This is 'dataTable' demo" id="ot6"/>*
    *<h:column id="c2">*
    *<f:facet name="header">*
    *<h:outputText value="First Name" id="ot1"/>*
    *<h:outputText style="" value="#{item.firstName}"*
    *<h:column id="c4">*
    *<f:facet name="header">*
    *<h:outputText value="Last Name" id="ot9"/>*
    *<h:outputText value="#{item.lastName}" id="ot8"/>*
    *<h:column id="c3">*
    *<f:facet name="header">*
    *<h:outputText value="Username" id="ot7"/>*
    *<h:outputText value="#{item.uname}" id="ot4"/>*
    *<f:facet name="footer">*
    *<h:outputText value="The End" id="ot3"/>*
    but nothing is appear in my table
    I know that there is something wrong in calling the binding object
    I need help pls and where can i find some help to deal with another tag types

    i dragged the "perInfoAll" from my "Data Controls" and choosed adf table (even I know that new table with adf tags well be generated and i want table with jsf tags)
    and this code is generated
    *<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"*
    *<%@ page contentType="text/html;charset=UTF-8"%>*
    *<%@ taglib uri="http://java.sun.com/jsf/core" prefix="f"%>*
    *<%@ taglib uri="http://java.sun.com/jsf/html" prefix="h"%>*
    *<%@ taglib uri="http://xmlns.oracle.com/adf/faces/rich" prefix="af"%>*
    *<af:document id="d1">*
    *<af:messages id="m1"/>*
    *<af:form id="f1">*
    *<af:table value="#{bindings.perInfoAll1.collectionModel}" var="row"*
    *emptyText="#{bindings.perInfoAll1.viewable ? 'No data to display.' : 'Access Denied.'}"*
    *rowSelection="multiple" id="t1">*
    *<af:column sortProperty="uname" sortable="false"*
    *<af:inputText value="#{row.bindings.uname.inputValue}"*
    *<f:validator binding="#{row.bindings.uname.validator}"/>*
    *<af:column sortProperty="firstName" sortable="false"*
    *<af:inputText value="#{row.bindings.firstName.inputValue}"*
    *<f:validator binding="#{row.bindings.firstName.validator}"/>*
    *<af:column sortProperty="lastName" sortable="false"*
    *<af:inputText value="#{row.bindings.lastName.inputValue}"*
    *<f:validator binding="#{row.bindings.lastName.validator}"/>*
    but when run it i see the following errors
    *Class oracle.adf.model.adapter.bean.BeanDataControl can not access a member of class nl.amis.hrm.EmpManager with modifiers "private"*
    *Object EmpManager of type DataControl is not found.*
    *Class oracle.adf.model.adapter.bean.BeanDataControl can not access a member of class nl.amis.hrm.EmpManager with modifiers "private"*
    *Object EmpManager of type DataControl is not found.*

  • How to integrate Single Sign-On and JSF?

    Hi all,
    We are going to develop a web application using Oracle technologies, including ADF and JSF.
    But we´ll need to secure our website using Oracle Identity Manager (Single Sign-On). I am having difficulties to find any resource explaining how to do that.
    Also, the IM (SSO) will run on a Oracle AS instance and our web app (ADF+JSF) will run on a separete OC4J instance, due to ADF version. Is this a problem?

    We too are in the process of implementing iStore with SSO features.
    And if you believe me it seems to me as nightmare.
    In our scenerio we are intgrating this SSO with Third party access control too (AD and Siteminder). I would request you to please respond me on the following mail id , so we can share our experince which will help us in our implementation
    [email protected]
    regards and thanks in advance
    Vikas Deep

  • My 2009 macbookpro has begun running very slowly, apps freeze and pages hang ... i've run EtreCheck and there are problems but don't know how to sort

    my 2009 macbookpro has begun running very slowly, apps freeze and pages hang ... i've run EtreCheck and there are problems but don't know how to sort ... ran CleanMyMac and freed up about 30GB of space but didn't help ... ran AdwareMedic so that's been sorted but the other issues that came up on the EtreCheck I need help with however i can't figure out how to paste the results on this page

    thanks thomas ... here it comes
    EtreCheck version: 2.1.5 (108)
    Report generated December 29, 2014 at 5:03:07 PM GMT
    Click the [Support] links for help with non-Apple products.
    Click the [Details] links for more information about that line.
    Click the [Adware] links for help removing adware.
    Hardware Information: ℹ️
        MacBook Pro (17-inch, Early 2009) (Verified)
        MacBook Pro - model: MacBookPro5,2
        1 2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo CPU: 2-core
        4 GB RAM Upgradeable
            BANK 0/DIMM0
                2 GB DDR3 1067 MHz ok
            BANK 1/DIMM0
                2 GB DDR3 1067 MHz ok
        Bluetooth: Old - Handoff/Airdrop2 not supported
        Wireless:  en1: 802.11 a/b/g/n
    Video Information: ℹ️
        NVIDIA GeForce 9400M - VRAM: 256 MB
            Color LCD 1920 x 1200
        NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT - VRAM: 512 MB
    System Software: ℹ️
        OS X 10.9.5 (13F34) - Uptime: 0:5:36
    Disk Information: ℹ️
        FUJITSU MHZ2320BH FFS G1 disk0 : (320.07 GB)
            EFI (disk0s1) <not mounted> : 210 MB
            [redacted]'s world too (disk0s2) / : 319.21 GB (30.39 GB free)
            Recovery HD (disk0s3) <not mounted>  [Recovery]: 650 MB
        MATSHITADVD-R   UJ-868 
    USB Information: ℹ️
        Apple Inc. Built-in iSight
        Apple Inc. iPhone
        Logitech USB Receiver
        Apple Inc. BRCM2046 Hub
            Apple Inc. Bluetooth USB Host Controller
        Apple, Inc. Apple Internal Keyboard / Trackpad
        Apple Computer, Inc. IR Receiver
    Configuration files: ℹ️
        /etc/hosts - Count: 29 - Corrupt!
    Gatekeeper: ℹ️
        Mac App Store and identified developers
    Kernel Extensions: ℹ️
            /Library/Application Support/Roxio
        [not loaded]    com.roxio.TDIXController (1.7) [Support]
        [not loaded]    com.kensington.mouseworks.iokit.KensingtonMouseDriver (3.0) [Support]
        [not loaded]    com.kensington.mouseworks.driver.ADBID32Mouse (3.0) [Support]
        [not loaded]    com.kensington.mouseworks.driver.ADBID32MouseX1 (3.0) [Support]
        [not loaded]    com.kensington.mouseworks.driver.ADBID4Mouse (3.0) [Support]
        [not loaded]    com.kensington.mouseworks.driver.ADBID4MouseX1 (3.0) [Support]
        [not loaded]    com.kensington.mouseworks.driver.KMWBluetoothHIDMouse (3.0) [Support]
        [not loaded]    com.kensington.mouseworks.driver.KMWBluetoothOldHIDMouse (3.0) [Support]
        [not loaded]    com.kensington.mouseworks.driver.KMWUSBHIDMouse (3.0) [Support]
        [not loaded]    com.kensington.mouseworks.driver.USBMouseX1 (3.0) [Support]
        [not loaded]    com.kensington.mouseworks.driver.VirtualMouse (3.0) [Support]
        [not loaded]    com.kensington.mouseworks.driver.VirtualMouseX1 (3.0) [Support]
        [not loaded]    com.kensington.mouseworks.iokit.KensingtonMouseDriverX1 (3.0) [Support]
    Startup Items: ℹ️
        AdobeVersionCueCS2: Path: /Library/StartupItems/AdobeVersionCueCS2
        Firewall: Path: /Library/StartupItems/Firewall
        RetroRun: Path: /Library/StartupItems/RetroRun
        Startup items are obsolete in OS X Yosemite
    Launch Agents: ℹ️
        [not loaded]    com.adobe.AAM.Updater-1.0.plist [Support]
        [loaded]    com.adobe.CS4ServiceManager.plist [Support]
        [loaded]    com.adobe.CS5ServiceManager.plist [Support]
        [invalid?]    com.oracle.java.Java-Updater.plist [Support]
    Launch Daemons: ℹ️
        [loaded]    com.adobe.fpsaud.plist [Support]
        [invalid?]    com.adobe.SwitchBoard.plist [Support]
        [loaded]    com.adobe.versioncueCS3.plist [Support]
        [loaded]    com.adobe.versioncueCS4.plist [Support]
        [running]    com.atomicbird.macaroni.launchd.plist [Support]
        [loaded]    com.macpaw.CleanMyMac2.Agent.plist [Support]
        [invalid?]    com.oracle.java.Helper-Tool.plist [Support]
        [loaded]    com.prosofteng.DriveGenius.locum.plist [Support]
        [loaded]    com.skype.skypeinstaller.plist [Support]
    User Launch Agents: ℹ️
        [loaded]    com.adobe.AAM.Updater-1.0.plist [Support]
        [loaded]    com.adobe.ARM.[...].plist [Support]
        [loaded]    com.adobe.ARM.[...].plist [Support]
        [loaded]    com.google.keystone.agent.plist [Support]
        [loaded]    com.macpaw.CleanMyMac2Helper.diskSpaceWatcher.plist [Support]
        [loaded]    com.macpaw.CleanMyMac2Helper.scheduledScan.plist [Support]
        [loaded]    com.macpaw.CleanMyMac2Helper.trashWatcher.plist [Support]
        [running]    com.prosofteng.DGMonitor.plist [Support]
        [running]    ws.agile.1PasswordAgent.plist [Support]
    User Login Items: ℹ️
        CNQL1210_ButtonManager    ApplicationHidden (/Library/CFMSupport/CNQL1210_ButtonManager.app)
        System Events    ApplicationHidden (/System/Library/CoreServices/System Events.app)
        Mail    Application (/Applications/Mail.app)
        Firefox    Application (/Applications/Firefox.app)
        AdobeResourceSynchronizer    ApplicationHidden (/Applications/Adobe Reader 9/Adobe Reader.app/Contents/Support/AdobeResourceSynchronizer.app)
        Calendar    Application (/Applications/Calendar.app)
        Skype    Application (/Applications/Skype.app)
        Dropbox    Application (/Applications/Dropbox.app)
        AdobeResourceSynchronizer    ApplicationHidden (/Applications/Adobe Reader.app/Contents/Support/AdobeResourceSynchronizer.app)
        MouseWorks Background    Application (/Library/Application Support/Kensington/MouseWorks.prefPane/Contents/Resources/Support/MouseWorks Background.app)
    Internet Plug-ins: ℹ️
        AdobePDFViewerNPAPI: Version: 11.0.10 - SDK 10.6 [Support]
        Flash Player: Version: - SDK 10.6 [Support]
        EPPEX Plugin: Version: [Support]
        AdobePDFViewer: Version: 11.0.10 - SDK 10.6 [Support]
        ContentUploaderPlugin: Version: 1.2 [Support]
        iPhotoPhotocast: Version: 7.0
        RealPlayer Plugin: Version: Unknown [Support]
        PDEPrint: Version: 2.0 [Support]
        DirectorShockwave: Version: 11.5.2r602 [Support]
        PDF Browser Plugin: Version: 2.4.2 - SDK 10.2 [Support]
        FlashPlayer-10.6: Version: - SDK 10.6 [Support]
        QuickTime Plugin: Version: 7.7.3
        CANONiMAGEGATEWAYDL: Version: [Support]
        DivXBrowserPlugin: Version: 1.3 [Support]
        Silverlight: Version: 5.1.30514.0 - SDK 10.6 [Support]
        Google Earth Web Plug-in: Version: 6.0 [Support]
        Default Browser: Version: 537 - SDK 10.9
        Flip4Mac WMV Plugin: Version:   - SDK 10.8 [Support]
        JavaAppletPlugin: Version: 14.9.0 - SDK 10.7 Check version
        OfficeLiveBrowserPlugin: Version: 12.3.6 [Support]
    User internet Plug-ins: ℹ️
        QuickTime Plugin: Version: 6.5.1
        fbplugin_1_0_0: Version: Unknown [Support]
    Safari Extensions: ℹ️
        Ultimate [Installed]
    3rd Party Preference Panes: ℹ️
        ASM  [Support]
        DivX  [Support]
        Flash Player  [Support]
        Flip4Mac WMV  [Support]
        Macaroni  [Support]
    Time Machine: ℹ️
        Skip System Files: NO
        Mobile backups: OFF
        Auto backup: NO - Auto backup turned off
            G-DRIVE Mini [Local]
            Total size: 999.86 GB
            Total number of backups: 7
            Oldest backup: 2014-07-09 00:13:07 +0000
            Last backup: 2014-12-10 22:18:57 +0000
            Size of backup disk: Excellent
                Backup size 999.86 GB > (Disk size 0 B X 3)
    Top Processes by CPU: ℹ️
             6%    WindowServer
             3%    firefox
             1%    mds_stores
             0%    mdworker
             0%    Skype
    Top Processes by Memory: ℹ️
        348 MB    firefox
        137 MB    Skype
        122 MB    mds_stores
        120 MB    com.apple.IconServicesAgent
        73 MB    Dropbox
    Virtual Memory Information: ℹ️
        1.26 GB    Free RAM
        1.74 GB    Active RAM
        477 MB    Inactive RAM
        543 MB    Wired RAM
        503 MB    Page-ins
        0 B    Page-outs
    Diagnostics Information: ℹ️
        Dec 29, 2014, 04:58:09 PM    Self test - passed
        Dec 29, 2014, 10:58:04 AM    /Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/Keychain Access_2014-12-29-105804_[redacted].hang
        Dec 29, 2014, 10:54:33 AM    /Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/Keychain Access_2014-12-29-105433_[redacted].hang
        Dec 29, 2014, 10:52:33 AM    /Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/Keychain Access_2014-12-29-105233_[redacted].hang
        Dec 29, 2014, 10:50:24 AM    /Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/Keychain Access_2014-12-29-105024_[redacted].hang
        Dec 29, 2014, 10:50:24 AM    /Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/Skype_2014-12-29-105024_[redacted].hang

  • Animated gif and page refresh problem

    Animated gif and page refresh problem
    Hi There,
    I'm trying to build a simple "Please wait......" screen using jsp and javascript.
    So far all is going well except that my animatate gif keeps refreshing everything the page is refresh.
    Is there a way the i can prevent the body of the page from refreshing?
    below is my sample code:
    <%@taglib uri="http://java.sun.com/jsp/jstl/core" prefix="c"%>
    <jsp:useBean id="StatusBean" class="com1.CandidateRelease" scope="session"/>
    <script LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
    function refresh()
    <% if (StatusBean.isRunning()) { %>     
         //setTimeout("refresh()", 1000);
         setTimeout("location='status.jsf'", 1000);
    <% }else{%>
         window.location= "busStopAdmin.jsf";
    <%} %>
         <script LANGUAGE="JavaScript">     
         <img id="myImage" src="../img/ojp_wait.gif" alt="" width="151" height="36">

    Animated gif and page refresh problem
    Hi There,
    I'm trying to build a simple "Please wait......" screen using jsp and javascript.
    So far all is going well except that my animatate gif keeps refreshing everything the page is refresh.
    Is there a way the i can prevent the body of the page from refreshing?
    below is my sample code:
    <%@taglib uri="http://java.sun.com/jsp/jstl/core" prefix="c"%>
    <jsp:useBean id="StatusBean" class="com1.CandidateRelease" scope="session"/>
    <script LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
    function refresh()
    <% if (StatusBean.isRunning()) { %>     
         //setTimeout("refresh()", 1000);
         setTimeout("location='status.jsf'", 1000);
    <% }else{%>
         window.location= "busStopAdmin.jsf";
    <%} %>
         <script LANGUAGE="JavaScript">     
         <img id="myImage" src="../img/ojp_wait.gif" alt="" width="151" height="36">

  • HOW DO YOU TURN OFF "FIREFOX PREVENTED THIS PAGE FROM AUTOMATICALLY RELOADING". I did the "see Advanced - General - Accessiblity. and still having problems

    HOW DO YOU TURN OFF "FIREFOX PREVENTED THIS PAGE FROM AUTOMATICALLY RELOADING". I did perform the "see Advanced - General - Accessibility. It worked for me and my "user" site (don't know how to say my site) and still having problems with my wife's. I have gone to OPTIONS → GONE TO → ADVANCE and CLICKED THE LINE → ""Warn me when websites try to redirect or reload the page…""
    This did not rememdy the problem. I did try to get on the other site suggested
    but got a 404 error...
    I have googled the "ff prevented...." and after a number of hours searching I still have not found a fix...

    You should still disable this setting:
    *Firefox > Options/Preferences > Advanced > General : Accessibility : [ ] "Warn me when web sites try to redirect or reload the page"
    The setting in "Options > Advanced > General" is meant as an accessibility feature, as you can see by the label of that section, so that people with disabilities or people who use screen readers do not get confused and is not meant as a safety protection to stop redirecting.
    What is the value of the <b>accessibility.blockautorefresh</b> pref on the <b>about:config</b> page?
    If you have problems with preferences, see:
    Start Firefox in <u>[[Safe Mode|Safe Mode]]</u> to check if one of the extensions (Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is causing the problem.
    *Switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Appearance
    *Do NOT click the Reset button on the Safe Mode start window

  • C# compiling error: 'System.Array' does not contain a definition for 'Select' and no extension method 'Select' accepting a first argument of type 'System.Array' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

    Hello experts,
    I'm totally new to C#. I'm trying to modify existing code to automatically rename a file if exists. I found a solution online as follows:
    string[] allFiles = Directory.GetFiles(folderPath).Select(filename => Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtension(filename)).ToArray();
            string tempFileName = fileName;
            int count = 1;
            while (allFiles.Contains(tempFileName ))
                tempFileName = String.Format("{0} ({1})", fileName, count++); 
            output = Path.Combine(folderPath, tempFileName );
            string fullPath=output + ".xml";
    However, it gives the following compilation errors
    for the Select and Contain methods respectively.:
    'System.Array' does not contain a definition for 'Select' and no extension method 'Select' accepting a first argument of type 'System.Array' could be found
    (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)
    'System.Array' does not contain a definition for 'Contains' and no extension method 'Contains' accepting a first argument of type 'System.Array' could be
    found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)
    I googled on these errors, and people suggested to add using System.Linq;
    I did, but the errors persist. 
    Any help and information is greatly appreciated.
    P. S. Here are the using clauses I have:
    using System;
    using System.Data;
    using System.Windows.Forms;
    using System.IO;
    using System.Collections.Generic;
    using System.Text;
    using System.Linq;

    Besides your issue with System.Core, you also have a problem with the logic of our code, particularly your variables. It is confusing what your variables represent. You have an infinite loop, so the last section of code is never reached. Take a look 
    using System;
    using System.Collections.Generic;
    using System.Linq;
    using System.Text;
    using System.Threading.Tasks;
    using System.IO;
    namespace consAppFileManipulation
    class Program
    static void Main(string[] args)
    string fullPath = @"c:\temp\trace.log";
    string folderPath = @"c:\temp\";
    string fileName = "trace.log";
    string output = "";
    string fileNameOnly = Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtension(fullPath);
    string extension = Path.GetExtension(fullPath);
    string path = Path.GetDirectoryName(fullPath);
    string newFullPath = fullPath;
    string[] allFiles = Directory.GetFiles(folderPath).Select(filename => Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtension(filename)).ToArray();
    string tempFileName = fileName;
    int count = 1;
    while (allFiles.Contains(fileNameOnly))
    tempFileName = String.Format("{0} ({1})", fileName, count++);
    output = Path.Combine(folderPath, tempFileName);
    fullPath = output + ".xml";
    //string fullPath = output + ".xml";
    UML, then code

Maybe you are looking for

  • ITunes M4A vs Amazon MP3, ripping in iTunes, cloud services

    Sorry to ask 3 different questions in 1 thread, but they're all kind of related.. 1) I've been struggling for a while to decide which service to use for digital music. Until recently, I always bought physical CDs and ripped them to my computer at 320

  • IPhone 3G OS 3.1.2 not connecting to Exchange 2003 consistently

    I have... iPhone 3G OS 3.1.2 Outlook 2007 Microsoft Exchange 2003 My problem is that I have successfully set up my exchange account on my phone and all of my folders show up, however 9 times out of 10 when I go into my inbox it will sit and think and

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    Hello, we have SAP -> IDoc -> XI -> JMS -> Sonic MS scenario. On JMS-receiver adapter, we are sending the XML-message with a SOAP-envelope. We do that by selecting Entire Message = JMS Payload. XI creates so called a multipart SOAP-message, where the

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  • TIme Parameter from PM to AM Range

    I was just wondering if it was possible to have a time parameter that starts at a PM time to AM time? By default, it doesn't allow me to have a start time i.e. 5 PM to end time i.e. 2 AM. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you in advance,