FaceTime HD Camera (Display) not working with most applications

The Thunderbolt 27" LED Cinema displays built in camera is not working with most applications. The camera does not work with FaceTime, iChat, Skype and Google Talk. FaceTime says "There is no connected camera", even though there is. Weird thing is it DOES work at http://www.testmycam.com. I can't get it to work with any other flash based apps, just testmycam.com.
My MacBook Pro 17" (late 2011) built in camera works perfectly with everything.
Things I've already tried:
- Shutdown
- Restart
- disconnect/reconnect
- removing power from display
lame, lame, lame. $1k monitor, flippin' webcam doesn't work.

I think I have found the problem. I decided to go page by page through the forums and found this argument when running a Java program through the console:
So it would be like:
java -Dsun.java2d.noddraw=true SwingSet2
That works flawlessly, so it has to do with direct draw (So it's either DirectX or my video card drivers which are up to date).

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    I just bought MBA a couple months ago now my camera is not working with skype. all im seeing here you guys said u gonna work on it. I was wondering for how long we have to wait for this to be fixed. I think its unfair if we buy mac product and cant use it with other people who does not have mac. It's not good for business, im sure im not the only one who's suffering out there with this. Apple fix this please. ive been waiting for too long....

    See this thread:
    From Apple:
    MacBook Air (Mid 2013): FaceTime HD Camera might not work after OS X 10.8.5 update
    Yes, a fix is coming soon.

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    My camera works with the photobooth and with skype but does not work with other applications like the "lolcam" from facebook or the " faceonthe hole" application. Can anyone help?

    There was a issue with school computers being used to spy on kids in their bedrooms, Mac's were involved.
    So Apple most likely tightened the API's to only select, trustworthy companies as not to abuse the web cam access priviledge.
    If you want to use a web cam with these other programs and services, you'll likely have to buy a third party USB one, so you can manually disconnect it.
    There isn't a way to physcially disconnect the built in web cam on Mac's without busting open the machine.

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    The Bloggie will not work because it draws too much power from the USB port on the iPad.  The solution is to interpose a powered USB hub between the Bloggie and the iPad - connect the Bloggie to the powered hub, then connect the hub to the ipad accessory.  Works fine with my 3D Bloggie.

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    See this thread:
    From Apple:
    MacBook Air (Mid 2013): FaceTime HD Camera might not work after OS X 10.8.5 update
    Yes, a fix is coming soon.

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    Moderator's note: We changed the title to a more topic-related subject as the post was moved to the appropriate board. 

    See this thread:
    From Apple:
    MacBook Air (Mid 2013): FaceTime HD Camera might not work after OS X 10.8.5 update
    Yes, a fix is coming soon.

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    Hi DST
    This is a great effort and gesture. thank you on behalf of all the newbies.

  • My Facetime HD Camera is not working on my MacBook Pro 15" Retina Display.

    I pruchased Macbook Pro 15" Retina Display on 27 Aug, 2012. But the Facetime HD Camera is not wotking. It's black screen when turn on Webcam in Yahoo or Skype. With Facetime, the Facetime Icon just animated but also dimmed after that. For all cases, the Green Led turn on. I have reinstalled OSX Mountain Lion, Resetted SMC ... but still not working. Is there anyone has some issue ? How do I know it's Hardware Failure or just OSX bug ? Please advise? Many thanks

    Try an SMC reset (instruction here). Make sure you read the instructions for the right system, I'm assuming yours would fall under "Resetting the SMC on Mac portables with a battery you should not remove on your own."
    If that doesn't work, the errors you're referencing are usually hardware based. I'd try in another user to make sure it's not an application error (hesitant that this would work as you're saying that the error occurs in multiple apps), but if the SMC doesn't work, I'd recommend making an appointment to get it looked at.

  • Camera display not working

    The camera display for the front facing (camera lens on back of camera) display stopped working on my droid razr maxx...any ideas. I did a soft boot on it, but to no avail. It was working on a few minutes before it stopped. The display for the user facing lens is working fine. The phone is only about 3 weeks old and has not been dropped. I have an Otterbox Defender case on it, but nothing appears to be blocking lens.

    Try this Go to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Select { All } Scroll down to Camera An clear your Data then Hit the Home Button an An see if it will start Working again.. You might have a App that is Causing the Issue Try this.. Put your Phone into Safe Mode!  then Try the Camera..
    Safe mode is a method that allows the device to run without non-essential applications. This is beneficial for troubleshooting 3rd party applications.
    Enable Safe mode
    Disable Safe mode
    Enable Safe mode
    Power the device off.
    Press and hold the Power button then select Power off.
    Power the device on.
    Press and momentarily hold the Power button.
    When the Motorola Dual Core screen appears, simultaneously press and hold Volume Up / Down keys.
    Continue to hold the Volume Up / Down keys until Safe mode appears in the lower left.
    While in Safe Mode, remove the most recently installed applications.
    Power cycle the device then attempt to use the device.
    If the device works properly, install applications one at a time to identify the application causing the problem.

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    sir can you tell why my e71 camera flash is not working .i have tried the hard reeset also.flash is also on .please tell because i dont want to go ot the nokia centre and i dont want to tell this to mu father

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    I recently installed OS X version 10.8.2 and now my large apple display will not work with the MacAir.  Anyone know how to fix this?

    Return to place of purchase while in your 14 days from date of purchase window. You may have a defective monitor or GPU.

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    Hi there, Just had the Cyan update.   Camera app just shows black screen, both for video and camera.
    Did soft reboot, hard reset, etc.    Took to repair shop and they installed new camera.   Not working
    They did a reinstall back to factory and still no joy.
    Nokia Lumia 920
    Carrier At&T
    Windows 8.1
    OS 8.10.12393.890
    Please help?!

    RobRoy_cro wrote:
    Hi..i have same problem then i make nokia pro cam as default and turn off "more tile" in settings and now everything works
    I hope this help
    Thanks.   Only had microsoft camera, so downloaded the Nokia Camera.   Could not find a "nokia pro cam"
    Also where in settings is the "more tile" option?   
    Nokia camera now is just the black screen, no options.

  • FaceTime Video camera is not working

    after updating my OS in Macbook Air, my Video camera is not working. pls suggest me about how to fix that and make video working.

    If restarting Mac does not fix, see How to Troubleshoot iSight - Apple Support.
    If needed, you could also try Reinstalling OS X.
    Message was edited by: EZ Jim
    Mac OSX 10.10.1

  • Why the iPad internal speakers not working with some applications and key sound?

    My iPad1 ' internal speakers not fully functioning. It is working with music and video, YouTube , but not working with applications such as games.
    Also with key pad sound .
    Please help me in this regard.

    If you lose sounds for keyboard clicks, games or other apps, email notifications and other notifications, system sounds may have been muted.
    System sounds can be muted and controlled two different ways. The screen lock rotation can be controlled in the same manner as well.
    Settings>General>Use Side Switch to: Mute System sounds. If this option is selected, the switch on the side of the iPad above the volume rocker will mute system sounds.
    If you choose Lock Screen Rotation, then the switch locks the screen. If the screen is locked, you will see a lock icon in the upper right corner next to the battery indicator gauge.
    If you have the side switch set to lock screen rotation then the system sound control is in the task bar. Double tap the home button and in the task bar at the bottom, swipe all the way to the right. The speaker icon is all the way to the left. Tap on it and system sounds will return.
    If you have the side switch set to mute system sounds, then the screen lock rotation can be accessed via the task bar in the same manner as described above.
    This support article from Apple explains how the side switch works.

  • My camera will not work with Photo booth or any other camera application.

    I have an iMac Intel 21.5".
    Camera has always worked just fine.
    Suddenly it has stopped.
    The green light right next to the camera is on, but nothing is displayed on the screen (photo booth).
    No error message is displayed either.
    I have already tried the reset function (turn off, remove all cables and power cable for 10 sec, and turn it back on) but it hasn't worked.
    Any thoughts?

    Hi Rogerya,
    Thanks for using the Apple Support Communities. It sounds like you may be experiencing issues with the built-in FaceTime camera (also known as iSight) on your MacBook Air. The following resource provides relevant troubleshooting information that you can try:
    How to Troubleshoot iSight - Apple Support
    Important: Follow these instructions in order. Test the camera between steps to see if the issue is resolved.
    Built-in iSight cameras
    These steps are for iSight cameras that are built into a computer, such as the iMac G5 (iSight) or later, the MacBook, or MacBook Pro.
    1. See if the issue is application-specific.
    Try another application (iSight works with applications like iChat, PhotoBooth, and iMovie HD 6) to see if the iSight camera exhibits the same behavior in all applications. If it only happens in one application, try reinstalling that application.
    2. See if the issue is user-specific.
    Test your iSight camera in another user account. If the issue only occurs in one user, the issue would be isolated to user settings.
    3. Find out if the computer recognizes the iSight
    Check System Profiler (in the Utilities folder, inside the Applications folder). Under the USB header, check to see if the iSight camera is detected.
    4. Reset SMC or PMU
    Reset your computer's SMC or PMU, and then check System Profiler again. (SMC reset instructions for iMac G5 (iSight), Intel-based iMacs; PMU reset instructions for MacBook and MacBook Pro.)
    If your built-in iSight camera is still not behaving correctly after trying all these steps, you may need to contact Apple or an Apple-Authorized Service Provider for service.
    - Matt M.

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