FBL3N adding vendor name to line item display

Our users require the vendor name to be displayed on the G/L line item layout when they execute FBL3N.  I was able to get the vendor number to display through the use of Offsetting account number.  Is there a way through standard config to also pull in the associated vendor name?
Thanks in advance,

Take a look at the following thread: adding a field to FBL3N
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  • Cheque Number in Vendor and GL Line iTem Display

    How can we get to display the Cheque Number in T Codes FBL1N and FBL5N

    Please follow the paths
    GL Accounts:
    IMG ==> General Leder Accounting ==> Master Data ==> GL Accounts ==> Line Items ==> Define Special Fields for Line Item Disply
    Enter Table PAYR
    Field Name CHECF
    Vendor Accounts
    IMG ==> Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable ==> Vendor Accounts ==> Line Items ==> Display Line items ==> Define Additional Fields for Line Item Display
    Enter Table PAYR
    Field Name CHECF
    After adding this, when you run FBL1N and FBL3N you can see the cheque number against payment documents.
    Thanks & Best Regards
    Sanil K Bhandari

  • Adding a field to line item display in FBL3

    In trx "FBL3" I give asset G/l account, I would like to see "asset number", along with "Document No, Posting Keys, Posted date".I went to  "change Lay out" added asset field. But still it showing only a column with heading asset but no values in it. Is there anything to be done in
    trx "O7Z3", "O7R3" and then in "O7V2" assign FBL3 to the newly  defined line layout and total variant. Is this correct way of  proceeding  or anything else needs to be done.
    Can can any one suggest what needs to be done.
    Thanks in advance,

    hi Anil,
    i think that's not possible with fbl3.
    the asset no. is only assigned to the reconciliation accounts by posting purchase/retirement/depr.
    and not on other accounts - the reconciliation account
    are normally not displayed with fbl3 - therefore are transactions from FI-AA (AW01N)

  • Report vendor GL account line item display (help needed)

    hi all,
    how r u there?
    i have one scenario that depending on HKONT
    which is on my selection screen i should not get that HKONt in my display and want to display all the offsetiing entries of that HKONT of different fisical year.
    main thing is that how to & from where i will get offsetting entries for that HKONT.
    currently i am using only BKPF & BSEG table
    so plz let me know how i can get my above requirement.
    if any one has code relating to my query and want to help me the HE or SHE can send to me on my
    mail id- [email protected]
    thanks in advance
    for ur efforts

      Did you try the Standard SAP transaction FBL1 or FBL3..

  • Profit centerwise Vendor and Customer line items view

    Deal ALL,
    We have not activated Business Area.
    We have 10 plant under one company code. Client is booking the vendor and customer invoice as per the cost center and profit center of the plant. Payment and Receipt is also made according the bank maintain for each plant. As one customer or vendor is dealing with all the plants.
    Can any body can help me out how to get the vendor and customer line item display according plant or cost or profit center wise, so we can make or receive payment accordingly.
    Request you all to reply.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Try the transaction codes for Profit Display by suitable config in TCode O7F1, O7F2, O7F3
    Assign Points if useful

  • Vendor name in g/l line item display

    I have a requirement to get the name of the Vendor in line item display of Rec. G/L code. In standard reports FBL1N and FAGLL03 we can get only vendor code. Is there any possibility to insert the vendor name in standard report or any alternative report available in the system.

    Hi Sridhar,
    If you want to display the report on the system, then you may look at the options suggested above by other friends.
    If your requirement is to download the report, then you can have a vendor list seperately, download the normal FAGLL03 report and run a simple vlookup function and get the names of the vendors.

  • Functional Area in Line Item Display FBL3N

    Dear Expert,
    My system is running on ECC6.0 and functional area is activated.
    I would like to see the Functional Area in Line Item Display (FBL3N) but couldn't get it in any field selection (change layout).
    I have added the field in the GL Accounts> Line Items> Define Special Field for line item display as BSEG - FKBER_LONG
    But I still couldn't get the functional area for each line item in the Line Item Display.
    Please advise. Many thanks.

    Dear Please Configure Through Below Path, You will get Line item wise Functional Area:-
    Financial Accounting (New)>Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable>>Vendor Accounts>> Line Items >>Display Line Items> Define Special Field for line item display as BSEG - FKBER

  • FBL3N and FBL1N line item display

    Hi Friends,
    - In TC: FBL3N, GL A/c line item display to be able to pull out data and display - vendor code, vendor name, PO No., text from PO (or MIRO header text)....How i can achieve this?
    - in TC: FBL1N, vendor GL to be able to pull Cheque No. reference in report...How i can achieve this?

    I think this requirement can not be met with the report painter as it would fetch data from multiple tables.Secondly thease transaction codes itself created through ABAP.
    Specification you have to provide to your ABAPER like table names & field names

  • Additional Field(customized) in G/L acct bal line item display FS10N-FBL3N

    Steps done:
    1st: I appended an extra field(customized) to RFPOS and RFPOSX structures.
    2nd: Went to FIBF and looked for BTE applicable and found sample_interface_00001650. (Line item display: Add data per line)
    3rd. I copied sample_interface_00001650 with a name of zsample_interface_00001650 and added line of codes for selection to fill the extra field I added.
    4th. I assigned the event found in FIBF=>Environment=>P/S Modules=>of a SAP application.
    5th. I executed RFPOSXEXTEND program in SE38. After running, RFPOSXEXT was updated but not RFPOSEXT.
    I run FS10N and check for the field I added if existing. The extra field is existing however when I tried to move the field to the columns to be displayed in ALV, I got an error saying that there are inconsistencies in table T021S and RFPOSEXT.
    Please help. Thanks.
    Is there a certain program needed to update RFPOSEXT just like RFPOSXEXTEND for RFPOSXEXT?

    Hi ,
    Actually when i do FS10N or FBL3N to see G/L Account Line Item Display i am able to see the display of the G/L Account but there is a coloumn under Assignment and it  shows no entries i.e. Assignment coloumn is blank.What should i do so that i get entries for assignment field because there are entries made in Assignment field.Table is BSEG and the field is ZUONR.How do i get these entries in the G/L Account Line item display for G/L Account using FS10N ?

  • T code for vendor,customer line item display

    we are using ecc 6.
      I would like to know the wheter any tcode is available in ECC6 for cust and vendor line item display.
    NEW TCODE for FBL3N is FAGLL03. Like that any new new tcode is availbale for FBL1N & FBL5N?
    Please clarify.

    Dear Rajesh,
    There are not direct 'replacement' as the FAGLL03->FBL3N for FBL1N and FBL5N.
    So the FBL1N and FBL5N can be used further without any problem.
    As stated before, only the G/L are has directly changed.
    But in the relation to the New G/L, there are two new 'Recherche' tools for the vendor and customer area in relation to the 'Segment' and 'Profit Center'.
    You can find them in the FGI0 transaction.
    They are called:
    Maybe they can also help you further.
    Best regards,

  • Display Field "Purchasing Doc No" & "Vendor" in GL Line item of FAGL003 rep

    Dear Experts,
    To display of Purchasing Doc No (EBELN) & Vendor(LIFNR) in GL line item of FAGLL03 report we have added both the field in the customization setting of Special Fields in GL Line Item using the following path:-
      Financial Accounting(New)
         General Ledger Accounting(New)
            Master Data 
               G/L Accounts
                  Line Items
                    Define Special Fields for Line Item Display
    After the request got transported to quality client the fields Purchasing Doc No (EBELN) & Vendor(LIFNR) disappears from the lay out list of FAGLL03 report.
    All the screen shots are furnished in the attached file.
    Please advise.
    Alok Parida
    FI Core Team

    Hi Seetaramaiah,
    Please regenerate structure according to following steps.
    Call transaction SE37, enter the function module ITEM_STRUC_EXTENSION and
    execute it with the following parameters:
    I_LSTCL: D
    X_TRANSPORT: ' '

  • Switch List Menu in G/L & Vendor Line Item Display

    Hi Dear All Experts,
    I've 2 problems.
    The first one is in the Vendor line item display program.
    copied RFITEMAP and create custom program and then I create new structure (like FAGLPOSX) to show extra fields. (eg. Vendor, User)
    New extra fields are shown when i execute but if I click switch menu from the setting menu, it is shown by the old fields not including new fields.
    The second one is in the GL Line Item display program.
    Even the Switch List menu is enable in the Vendor Line Item display custom program without changing anything for gui status, the switch list menu in my new custom program is disable.(copied from fagl_account_items_gl).
    Thks all in advance..

    the second question is now solved.
    Include ZFAGL_ACCOUNT_ITEMS_DEF (C_REPID_GL     LIKE SY-REPID  VALUE  'FAGL_ACCOUNT_ITEMS_GL') I put custom program name in this field.
    When I changed to std program name, the switch list menu is enable..
    Only the first question is left..
    Please let me know is there any way to solve...
    Best Regards

  • Offsetting Account in line item display - FBL1N or FBL3N

    How can I bring in the offsetting account name into the line item reports FBL1N or FBL3N? 
    I have applied OSS note 112312 using the SAP function LINE_ITEMS_GET_GKONT but this only brings in the account # and account type.  I would also like the account name.  I'm assuming I need to somehow change structure RFPOSXEXT  but don't know where to get the name field (I think it's GKONT_KTXT but not sure).
    I appreciate any suggestions you might have.

    A Document is a proof of a business transaction.
    A document contains Header and Line Items.
    There will be minimum 2 line items and a maximum of upto 999.
    Line Items display which account is debited and from which account it is credited.
    while creating a G/L account , in the control data tab , there will be line item display check box. if you dont select the check box , you will not be able to see the line items ie you will not see which are debited and which are credited. you will see only the balance available in the accounts ie account balance.
    you must select the line item display check box to display the line items.
    selling items (materials) from sales and those line items will be displayed in G/L account or some thing else -? This is posting documents via Accounting Interface(from SD) , this results in Line Items in FI Document.
    If you want to summarize FI Documents, read not 36353 and note the links to related notes.
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  • Adding Special Field in the line item display

    Dears Through SPRO settings, I added the field 'Group Account Number' (ALTKT) for the GL line item display.
    It is now transported to Quality.
    When I try to see that field in the change line item layout, I could not find that field for inclusion.
    However, in the SPRO of Quality, I find that field already appearing.
    Why it is not appearing in the FBL3N special field screen ?

    Hi Niki,
    I am not sure how you have added this filed but if you follow these steps you will have it.
    1- Run FBL3N and make your settings and execute it (F8).
    2- Go menu Settings > Special fields (You can run it by t code OBVU out of FBL3n also)
    3- Add a new entry, select your field (BSEG ALTKT Group account number) and save it
    4- Back one step (F3) and select "Change layout..." icon.
    Now you have the field in "Hideen fields" column. Just select it as "show selected fields"

  • GL & Vendor Line Item Display

    Dear Forum,
    The users want to display the Vendor Codes in the GL Line Item Display to reflect the corresponding vendor related to the expense in the GL line item and also want the GL Code to be displayed in the Vendor Line Item to reflect the nature of expense incurred thru that vendor. Are there any standard reports that could provide the details in this manner. Oherwsie how could we change the layout of the GL and Vendor line item Reports.
    Thanks for the help.
    Moderator: Please, search SDN before posting. This question has been answered 2-3 times only last week, not speaking about more recent period (as already mentioned by our SAP colleague)

    In flb3n you can  do this by using the offsetting account logic which is explained in details in the SAP Note 112312.
    This way you can see vendor/customer information in the Line items report for GL ACcounts.    
    This issue has been discussed several times before. If you search the forum you'll see the replies.

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