FCP/Compressor keep exporting horizontal green lines near the top and bottom mattes. What do I do?

Hi everyone,
I'm trying to export a:
ProRes 422 HQ
DVD Best Quality (90 minutes) in Compressor
Quality all the way high
in Final Cut Pro and/or Compressor (both so far export with the green lines) and so far it has been to no avail. They show up right on the edge near the mattes. Most forums talk about a vertical green line but I am having problems with horizontal lines near the top and bottom.
Any ideas? Thanks.

If you are sending your file via share to Compressor I would try this instead:
Export a QT reference(not self-contained or using QT conversion) file of your sequence to your desktop.
Turn on frame controls in the MPG-2 setting and set all to best. Changing all settings to best will increase your render time greatly. You may want to do a :30 or 1min test.
In my experience Compressor can be inconsistent with HD to SD DVD MPG-2 conversion. Sometimes it works wonderfully and others times it does not.
I have had success with having FC do the SD conversion first.
Create a new 16x9 SD sequence
Add HD seq to SD and render
Export SD and then compress for DVD.

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