FDM Import Format Spec with multiple Amount Fields

I'm in the process of setting up an Import specification for one of our sites and the source extract consists of the following fields:
Source Account Description BegBalDR BegBalCr YTDDR YTDCR
01-511-5110     Inventory Adjustment     1,754.00     0     0     14,844.76
I'm am trying to Import Field 5 & 6 and net them if necessary (example: YTDDR - YTDCR) and I continue to get an error. I have tried several diffrent ways but it seems that I can only import one or the other. After reading the FDM Admin guide I am wondering if I need to create a custom Script to accomplish this task.
Any advice would be appreciated.
Thank you,

This might be slightly complicated, but I think its the most direct solution ........
Step 1 -
In your Import Format, assign the Amount as :
FieldName, Start, Length, Expression
Amount, 1, 1, Script=NetAmounts5and6.uss
Step 2 -
Create an Import (DataPump) script called NetAmounts5and6 with the following code :
Function NetAmount5and6(strField, strRecord)
'Hyperion FDM DataPump Import Script:
'Created By:     cbeyer
'Date Created:     2/13/2009 5:57:14 PM
'Get the last two fields
Dim tmpRecord
Dim strCurrentChar
Dim strYTDCR
Dim strYTDDR
Dim x
'Initialize fields
tmpRecord = strRecord
'Ensure we have data
If Trim(tmpRecord) = "" Then Exit Function
strYTDCR = ""
strYTDDR = ""
'One could use the replace command to change all spaces to a delimittable field and then
'split out the string into a one dimensional array using the split command; however,
'This would only work best if there is an exact number of spaces between the two numbers
'Since I do not know if this is true, instead i'm looking for numeric/numeric like characters
'and splitting based off of that.
For x = Len(tmpRecord) To 1 Step -1
strCurrentChar = Mid(tmpRecord,x,1)
If (IsNumeric(strCurrentChar) Or strCurrentChar = "$" Or strCurrentChar = "." Or strCurrentChar = "," ) Then
strYTDCR = strCurrentChar & strYTDCR
Exit For
End If
'Trim down temporary record holder to remove the previous found amount and white space at the end of the string
tmpRecord = RTrim(Left(tmpRecord,x)) 'Remove the first number from the string and white space
For x = Len(tmpRecord) To 1 Step -1
strCurrentChar = Mid(tmpRecord,x,1)
If (IsNumeric(strCurrentChar) Or strCurrentChar = "$" Or strCurrentChar = "." Or strCurrentChar = "," ) Then
strYTDDR = strCurrentChar & strYTDDR
Exit For
End If
'do the math
If IsNumeric(strYTDCR) And IsNumeric(strYTDDR) Then
NetAmount5and6 = strYTDDR - strYTDCR
NetAmount5and6 = 0 'This will cause the record to fail on import
End If
End Function

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    Import_YTD =strCurAmount
    End Function

    how many columns has your file?
    that error means you are trying to access an invalid position.

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    Have you tried using a crosstab? Give this a shot:
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    4) The columns would be the Rank field, I'm not sure about what you would like to show in the rows
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    Let me know how this goes.

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    Message was edited by: younso

    If you get stuck in future see http://samsoft.org.uk/iTunes/grouping.asp for hints on how to work around the more obscure causes of multiple covers.

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    How do I import a album with multiple artists as the one album.  Everytime I try to do this it does not collate it into one album, the other artists come up seperatley, also if this is possible can you set so that it works automatically everytime?
    Hope someone can help.
    Fuzzi G.

    Generally all you need to do is fill in an appropriate Album Artist. For more details see my article on Grouping Tracks Into Albums, in particular the topic One album, too many covers.

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    Thank you.

    The selections are controlled by the dimensions of the adaptor assigned to the location using the adaptor. The drop down list names are controlled by the dimension alias.

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    This is not possible. Any adjustments to the data would need to be done within the integration script.

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    Does anyone have any ideas?

    Good day,
    You can add a script as the last item to you amount import format, this will dump the values to a text file which may give you some idea of the issue. Open you file in a hex editor, there may be non printing characters.
    Function dumpamt(strField, strRecord)
    'Declare Local Variables
    Dim objFSAppend
    Dim objFAppend
    Dim strFileAppend
    Dim blnCreate
    'Initialize the file path
    strFileAppend = "\\networkdirectoy\YourFileName.txt"
    blnCreate = True
    'Open the file system object and create the file
    Set objFSAppend = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
    Set objFAppend = objFSAppend.OpenTextFile(strFileAppend, 8, blnCreate)
    'Append Data to File
    'Close the objects
    Set objFAppend = Nothing
    Set objFSAppend = Nothing
    dumpamt = strField
    End Function

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    I look forward to hearing from you.

    The DR/CR split is only for fixed formatted files.
    You will need to use some custom scripting on the 'Amount' field to check for the value in the appropriate position and then import the desired value.
    Thank you

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    Post Author: RichS
    CA Forum: Formula
    Using CR XI.  Using CSV input from ODBC text driver.  No problems here.
    There are 3 fields that I want the same group by action.  Is this possible?) 
    If any one of these 3 fields change I want some header information and column fieldnames to display.  The header information I only want displayed on the first page (on the change) and the column fieldnames to display on every page.  I have played around with things like "InRepeatedGroupHeader" and "report group header on each page".  I am not getting all the results that I am looking for though.
    I want report to look like:
    Page header stuff  (to display on every page)  This data consists of some fields that will have static data and will display on every page.  And it consists of 3 non-static fields that I want to group on. 
    Group header stuff that I only want displayed on the first page on a change from one of the 3 fields mentioned above.
    Column headings that I want displayed on every page.
    Details data
    Group footer stuff (details not important for this)
    I get the expected output (column headings displayed on every page, and group header stuff display on the first page on each group change) with one group field.  But I want the group change to happen for all 3 fields.
    It seems simple but I can't find a way to create a "group" so if "field1 or field2 or field3" change, I get the same "group by" action.  I just need to know how to get the expected action.
    I expect that I might have some terms mixed up and/or some important information that would aide you in helping me.  If that is the case please re-post and I will add any missing or mis-stated information.

    Post Author: V361
    CA Forum: Formula
    I am slightly confused, but perhaps you can create a formula
    Then group on the formula.  If this is not what you want, could you post some sample data, with the desired results.

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    Map the multivalued field with the source field, then right click on the maultivalued field at destination side, right click on it and set Multi-Valued Update = Replace . By default this property is set to Append which simply append the values from the source field.
    Kindly update us...
    Jitesh Talreja

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    When I do that, I get the first couple of layers correctly, the other ones comes in one merged composition.
    What can I do, to get all layers each as a layer in After Effects?
    Yours, Raphael

    Illustrator only imports the first level of layers. If you have groups or paths below you need to release the groups to layers. The layers will then be stacked in order as sub layers. Then you need to move them up.
    The steps are to select a layer in the Illustrator layer panel, then without selecting any specific element in the layer click on the menu in the top right corner and select release to layers. All a elements in that layer will be converted to layers. Now select them all and drag them up above the original layer. This will leave the original layer empty and put all elements in new layers.
    Here's a tutorial I did a zillion years ago which uses this technique to turn a blend into a morph.
    Morphing With Adobe Illustrator. I hope this helps.

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    Searching in this fields is working with the default IPrincipalSearchFilter.SEARCHMETHOD_AND (default)
    <a href="http://help.sap.com/javadocs/NW04/current/um/com/sap/security/api/IPrincipalSearchFilter.html#setSearchMethod(int)">JavaDocs SearchMethod_AND</a>
    Now I would like to add an additional search field for searching in telephone, cellphone as well. BUT searching for a phone number with searching for one of the other fields should not be a AND search. Is this possible?
    Here is the actual non-working code:
         Vector retVector = new Vector();
         //get Userdata with IUserFactory
         IResourceFactory resourceFactory = ResourceFactory.getInstance();
         IURLGeneratorService urlGen = (IURLGeneratorService)resourceFactory.getServiceFactory().getService(IServiceTypesConst.URLGENERATOR_SERVICE);
         IUserFactory userFac = UMFactory.getUserFactory();                    
         IUserSearchFilter srcFilter = null;          
              srcFilter = userFac.getUserSearchFilter();
         } catch (UMException e)
              // TODO Auto-generated catch block
         if(lastName.length() > 0)
              srcFilter.setLastName(lastName + "*",ISearchAttribute.LIKE_OPERATOR, false);
         if(firstName.length() > 0)
              srcFilter.setFirstName(firstName + "*",ISearchAttribute.LIKE_OPERATOR, false);
         if(department.length() > 0)
              srcFilter.setDepartment(department + "*", ISearchAttribute.LIKE_OPERATOR, false);
    //Here I need help!!!!!!! Please advice!!!
         if(telephone.length() > 0)
              srcFilter.setTelephone("*" + telephone, ISearchAttribute.LIKE_OPERATOR, false);
              srcFilter.setCellPhone("*" + telephone, ISearchAttribute.LIKE_OPERATOR, false);
         //if(mobil.length() > 0)
         //     srcFilter.setCellPhone("*" + mobil, ISearchAttribute.LIKE_OPERATOR, false);
         //Set maxium value for Result and thus limit the static variable SIZE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED
         //This method can only be used, if only one search attribute is specified -> thanks SAP
         if(srcFilter.getElementSize() <= 1)
         ISearchResult srcResult = null;
              srcResult = userFac.searchUsers(srcFilter);
         } catch (UMException e1)
              // TODO Auto-generated catch block
    Thanks for any help...

    I could still need some help. Is there no one who could give me a tip? Could I explain my problem clearly enough or do you need some more information about my problem?
    Or is the search topic with searchFilter not a very common used thing?
    Is there a possibility to do a search in the received search result? Can anyone explain how this would work?
    Any ideas are welcome.

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