Feeling like a total fool, now that I have solved for the most part Audigy LS probl

As the subject says, I feel like a total fool for having for the most part solved my problems with the Audigy LS. I have to say I'm sorry to Creative Labs for being so hot headed in my previous posts, as I got to thinking about it logically and decided to try a few more things before I gave up entirely.
Uninstalled the drivers/software and moved it to the last PCI slot on my motherboard, which hel
Didn't mess with Dolby Digital Decoding, which is off by default when the drivers are installed.
Set PCI Latency to 64 in the bios of my motherboard, which helps, for some reason the card doesn't like a PCI Latency of 32, beats me why it doesn't.
I do know the Audigy LS, will slow down to a crawl for processing soundif the PCI latency is set to 28, doesn't have a problem with a PCI Latency of either 64 or 96. Found this out on my system.
I can play games now, with minimal suttering. Ultimately, I came to the realization that the Audigy LS is for lack of better terminology a budget/low end soundcard and that it's time to upgrade, as it doesn't do hardware processing of EAX. Decided to update to an Audigy 2 within the next few weeks. I might get the Audigy 2 Value card if it is any good, as I already have firewire on my motherboard.
Here's my system specs, if it will help Creative Labs in trying to find a solution, though I do think a new set of drivers for the Audigy LS would help dramatically.
Intel 865PERLK motherboard
GB of PC3200 memory
3.06GHZ 533FSB Pentium 4
ATI Radeon X800 Pro
Highpoint Rocket 00 Ultra IDE card with 3 Western Digital harddri'ves attached.
Netgear FA3 network card for net connection
SB Audigy LS

Almost forgot, the games that give me the most trouble for stuttering are C&C Generals and Lord Of The Rings: The Battle For Middle Earth.
I'm going to dig through each game's ini file, and search on the internet to see if there is anything that could help me. It's also a possibility that the stuttering could be a bug in ATI's Catalyst 5. drivers.

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