Few Questions on the Creative Cloud

I have read that the Creative Cloud Connection will be released within the next few weeks which is great. I have a few questions about file uploading and the Creative Cloud Connection program.
I have a folder which I will upload. The contents of that folder will be updated periodically locally. I want to the files in that folder to stay up to date between my desktop and laptop. Will the Creative Cloud Connection program be able to do that?
If a file is changed that is already in the cloud will the program recognize the change and keep the cloud up-to-date?
I guess a little more information about exactly what the Creative Cloud Connection program will do would be nice.
On the topic of storage will I be able to upgrade from the standard 20 gb of storage that is available when/if needed? And how much will that be?
One other question:
When will Lightroom 4 be available via CC and why is it not available since it has been released?

Creative Cloud Connection will keep files between your desktop and the website in sync. You will be able to add, edit and delete files from either end and see the changes reflected in both.
To see the the Creative Cloud Connection in action you can watch this video from Adobe evangelist Paul Trani http://tv.adobe.com/watch/adobe-creative-suite-6-creative-cloud-launch-week/adobe-creative -cloud-tour-/.
There will be a way to get more than 20 GB of storage. The Adobe Creative Cloud FAQ http://www.adobe.com/products/creativecloud/faq.html has a question and answer about this near the bottom:
Can I buy additional Creative Cloud storage?
Additional storage will be available for purchase later in 2012. If you have reached your storage limit, contact Adobe Customer Service.
Lightroom 4 will be available in a few weeks. Jeff Veen has also tweeted this https://twitter.com/#!/veen/status/200810541550288896. More from Jeff on what is coming to the Adobe Creative Cloud here in his Adobe blog http://blogs.adobe.com/creativecloud/coming-soon-to-creative-cloud/.

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    I am new to Creative Cloud.   I found some PSD event poster templates on line and I would like to be able to download some of these templates to create event posters.   I have modest goals.  
    1) I found a link on the Adobe site for $9.99 monthly fee for photoshop + lightroom.   ok, seems reasonable to spend $10 for a month to see how it goes, I think
    2)  Once I get my CC account set up, there is no upgrade option or the $10 / month deal... only options are more expensive than $10 / month... but I can try it free for some time... ok I'll do that.  Hopefully, I will be able to do what I want to do with the free services?  
    3)  Install create cloud app on my computer
    4)  click on install photoshop...   after 20 minutes only 3% downloaded.   darn!   Looks like I am not going to be creating any flyers tonight!
    5)   Is there something wrong?   Maybe I have done something stupid (I mean besides signing up for CC)... lemme check the Creative Cloud FAQ.   Oh!   There are no questions in the Creative Cloud FAQ.   Excellent...
    It takes a special kind of talent to transform a potential customer who knows nothing about a product and turn that customer into a hater in one evening.
    I just want to say congrats!

    That's the page from which I started this troubled journey.  I clicked on "purchase"  and since I didn't have an account yet, it took me off to some other page to create an account, verify my email and all of that and then finally to a blank page... seemed like there was some delay from the time I created the account until the account became useable.   In the meantime I was continuously directed to a blank page every time I tried to log in.   After some time I was able to look at upgrade options, but the $10 offer was not one of my options.   Now, if I go back to the original page which had the $10 option and click on purchase, it seems like it is giving me the option to purchase.   The whole process seems very poorly designed and poorly executed.   Does the software work any better?
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  • I have an urgent question about my indesign. I had problems with the creative cloude app and then uninstalled it and then installed it again. Now it is not opening and I cannot download it again either. Pls give me help and advice if there is anything I c

    I have an urgent question about my indesign. I had problems with the creative cloude app and then uninstalled it and then installed it again. Now it is not opening and I cannot download it again either. Pls give me help and advice if there is anything I can do to repair it

    Please authorize ADE 3 with same credentials that you used with older version of ADE

  • What happens to my images if I decide in a few years to discontinue the creative cloud

    how would I be able to access and use my images if I decide to discontinue the creative cloud in a few years?

    raw files can be opened by any program that can use that format.  that's not an adobe proprietary format.  eg, How do I view RAW pictures in Windows 7? - Microsoft Windows Help
    psd, on the other hand, is photoshop only.

  • I bought the creative cloud in early May and I have two questions, no monthly charges have been made

    I bought the creative cloud in early May and I have two questions, no monthly charges have been made and the activation code I have not, but I can access everything without problem.
    and also want to know how many computers I can keep my creative suite installed or creative cloud

    Welcome to Adobe Community.
    Creative Cloud subscriptions dont need serial numbers as they work on the basis of your Adobe ID and password . You can use a single Creative CLoud subscription on upto two computers only.
    For the charges, i will have to check the same from our end . Can you please provide me your email add in a private message along with the order number as well.
    Kartikay Sharma

  • Considering moving to the Creative Cloud but have an important question...

    I'm considering moving to the Creative Cloud but have some concerns. if, for example, after spending 1500+ over the next three years on the Creative Cloud and by then, presumably at version CS9 or CS10, will I be able to continue using the CS9 or CS10 products as I would have, had I bought the retail software?
    I know if I continue to simply buy upgrades to retail items and stop at CS9 I will be able to use those products forever so I am not seeing the incentive here if that is the case.
    Your confirmation is much appreciated so that I can move on to decide on my next steps.

    corchard2013 wrote:
    I'm considering moving to the Creative Cloud but have some concerns. if, for example, after spending 1500+ over the next three years on the Creative Cloud and by then, presumably at version CS9 or CS10, will I be able to continue using the CS9 or CS10 products as I would have, had I bought the retail software?
    No. It's an all-or-nothing exit policy at the moment.
    When you stop paying your monthly fee, you lose all access to Adobe software (unless you already own a pre-Cloud version which you can fall back on).
    Many requests have been made to relax the exit policy and permit users to perhaps pay a residual fee to keep using whichever version is current when they leave the Cloud. But that hasn't yet been offered by Adobe. Personally I don't expect it to ever be offered.
    PS how much will you spend on the retail versions over the next three years given that you must upgrade with every new version under Adobe's new upgrade policy introduced with the CS6 cycle? i.e you can no longer skip a version and still qualify for upgrade pricing next version.
    Licensing issues aside, in effect, you never really "own" the software if you want to stay current. Both Cloud and retail are now effectively subscription models.
    The choice really boils down to upfront $$ vs monthly $$.
    corchard2013 wrote:
    I know if I continue to simply buy upgrades to retail items and stop at CS9 I will be able to use those products forever so I am not seeing the incentive here if that is the case.
    The primary incentive is full access to the entire Master Collection for a low monthly fee. Don't have to outlay thousands of dollars upfront.
    You also get:
    additional Cloud services (host up to 5 websites etc)
    multi-platform licenses (activate on Win/Win, Mac/Mac or Win/Mac for the same monthly fee. Retail items are single platform only)
    early access to new software features for Cloud members only. As soon as Adobe finishes writing and testing the code, Cloud members get it. Retail users must wait for CS6.5 or CS7. Depends if living on the bleeding edge of Adobe software interests you. As we all know, change is the only constant these days.

  • I've decided to buy the photoshop touch. My questions are related to membership which could be after sale, complementary or mandatory, such as the creative cloud.

    I have decided to purchase the photoshop touch for my phone. I'm aware that I need to buy it on the play store by paying through the Google wallet. It is all good with me until this point. Now my doubt is if I need an additional membership to anything, such as the creative cloud? Is it mandatory? Or can I simply work on the photoshop touch app after buying it without having to pay for any charges or buying a membership?

    access to the creative cloud is included with the app, no additional fees are required beyond the purchasing price listed on the Google play and Apple app stores.
    the creative cloud is also not mandatory, you only need it if you want to access an editable version(with layers) on a different device because local export options "flatten" the image.

  • I have downloaded the creative cloud desktop app, but the app tab says 'download error', download creative cloud. HOW CAN I FIX THIS

    I am using a mac
    I want to sign up for a subscription to adobe cc. I have recently used fully used my 30 day trial, and when I decided to purchase it, my creative cloud desktop app wouldn't let me. It kept saying I had no internet connection (I tried a few different internet connections to be sure it wasn't my internet). I then uninstalled the creative cloud, as well as all the products. For a while I kept getting error 201, and 207 when I tried downloading the cc app again.
    I have now used a mac cleaner to fully remove adobe. When I tried to download it again, it downloaded fully. But when I click on the apps tab, it says 'Download Error'.
    Please help!!!! I need to complete a school assignment

    Brittney2_lee from your post it sounds like you are receiving a variety of download errors.  You can find details on how to diagnose and resolve download errors at Error downloading and installing Creative Cloud application.  You are welcome to update this discussion if you have any questions regarding the steps listed within the document.

  • Adobe Functional Content and the Creative Cloud

    Hello All
    To any Adobe Employee who may read this, can you please get someone at Adobe to take control of this issue and see that the library, templates and all other functional content gets packaged correctly and enabled as a download and "sub-install" for the parent product inside the Adobe Application Manager.
    I think as subscribing users we should get better service and direction from Adobe in regards to this functional content. As I type this I have more than 10 tabs open, each one leading to a thread that has something to do with how to install and fix a problem with the Functional Content for After Effects, Premiere Pro and Encore.
    See if you can in less than 30 minutes figure out exactly what to do to activate this content by reading these threads:
    I have been very reluctant to do anything because I am reading a lot of conflicting and incomplete information. This link in particular, http://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/multi/library-functional-content-missing.html, is really unhelpful because there are 3 methods to do something but reading it I am not sure if each method does the same thing or if each does one part of the 3 sets of missing Functional Content. Additionally "solution" 3 presents a place to put the content but then leaves out the path we are to do it to.
    Most disappointing is the fact that the first "solution" did not get me the menu buttons I am looking for in Encore and I don't know if I screwed up or if the install was incomplete for some reason.
    Do I now need to install one of the other "solutions"? Those of you in the community that are about to hit reply, please don't. Do not answer that question.
    Here is why...
    Adobe is responsible for delivering us customers a product. It is Adobe's responsibility to fix the mess that a number of paying customers are having regarding this Functional Content.
    Here is what I and I think a lot of other subscribers want you to do:
    You already have a Solution in place. One that doesn't require a lot of user intervention and doesn't require anyone to pick a "solution" and screw it up, search for more help and spend hours of their time fixing a mess.
    Adobe Application Manager. Create the proper installation packages. Put them on the servers, tell the AAM how to clean up the mess any users who have tried these "solutions" have made. Then have it install the proper packages as a "Sub-Installation" for each of the parent software that it is for.
    This solution will not only make things better for us end users, but you will also make the manageability of the Functional Content easier for your teams as well. And if your teams wanted to add additional Functional Content to any program that is part of the creative cloud or that the Adobe Application Manager manages, then it would be a simple matter of creating an installation package and adding it to the AAM's list of installable programs.
    You just did this exact thing with Lightroom 4.1! Why can you not do this for the Functional Content?!?
    Back to the Community Members that want to answer my post. Don't. Instead if you agree with me or even if you don't, sign off on this thread or indicate your virtual thumbs down. Either way I don't want an answer, I want an action from Adobe, the only ones who can fix the mess.
    I really believe that the Application Manager is the most elegant solution. If any of you have ever used Steam, you know what a great feeling it is when you can download a game demo, try it, buy it and just have everything take care of itself. I don't even have to worry about updates; Steam takes care of my games. And the thing that makes it really valuable? I DON'T PAY $50 A MONTH TO USE STEAM AND HAVE IT JUST WORK, IT IS FREE!
    All I want at this point is Functional Content that I don't have to read a 50+ page manual to install. I know that is an exaggeration, but honestly if it is 1 badly written set of instructions or 50 what does it matter? I don't pay Adobe so I can read up on how to install their software; I just want to use it.
    I guess I should also point out that this is now the second large hold up to my project that I started subscribing for. The first was a problem that I again had to figure out the solution to by working around it, when again Adobe seems to be unable to correct the problem, here, here, here and here.
    And now here I am again at a slight stand still because I can't use my DVD authoring software to create a button on a Wedding DVD menu.
    Okay, you can go ahead and reply... but I would still prefer no answers, just /agree or /disagree.

    Did you even read the post?
    Jeff A Wright wrote:
    For now though please reference Library, title templates, template projects missing: Premiere Pro, After Effects, Encore CS5 - CS6 - http://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/multi/library-functional-content-mi ssing.html for information on how to obtain the additional content.
    Have you read the page in your link?
    Can you correctly install from the instructions on that page?
    And I quote:
    Additional Solution: Install the Resource Central library content   
    Download the extra library content
    Choose your language to begin the download:
    English French German Japanese Italian Spanish Korean
    Extract the Library content to the Library folder
    Extract the zip file that you just downloaded. This will create a .7z file, eg. en-US.7z.
    Extract the .7z file to any convenient location, eg. Desktop. This will create a folder based on the language you selected.
    Copy the contents of the language folder (eg. en-US) to the following location:
    Keywords: cpsid_85388
    Where? Copy the contents to where? I don't see a path written there... is it a secret? Do I have to highlight the hidden text? Nooo... that didn't work...
    Honestly I must appologize for my brashness and sarcastic attitude. I find it questionable to expect the paid subscribing creative but not technically inclined customers to do the work of fixing this problem when Adobe has the means and the tools to fix it for us.
    Jeff Bellune wrote:
    Not an employee, but I am a forum moderator.  Please stop spamming the forum with links to this topic.  They have all been deleted.
    Ok. Fair enough, I will admit that last night in my anger and frustration I was being a little childish.
    But as a Community Professional don't you believe that you would be better served by Adobe if they were to make one easy simple Adobe Application Manager download for the content that should have been published right at the launch of the new version? Wouldn't your time be better spent actually working on your projects rather than fixing Adobe's mess and responding to people in 10 different forums trying to help them?
    All of this also makes me wonder how Adobe prioitizes the "bugs" that people are dealing with. Wouldn't it be quick to put a someone or a couple of people on the problem of gathering the functional content and getting them to package it and ready it for publishing through the AAM? The process of adding it to the list of installs might be more complicated but a package that knows where to put the content? I would think that something like this could be give a get it done now priority as it would aleviate a lot of the forum posts and something like the missing export choices in Media Encoder or Premiere Multicamera Issues would take more time due to investigation and so you put them on a priority based on the number of users affected.
    It just seems to me that a month after launching a new version is an awfull long time for the publishing of an update to add functional content that was in all the previous versions.
    I guess I will stop "ranting" now. Thanks for responding Jeff AW, at least I have official word that there will be some sort of update on this issue.

  • Why is it so hard to find the download link for the Creative Cloud desktop app?

    So - I have a subscription and I needed to move the location where the files were on my computer. The easiest path is to uninstall and reinstall. So I used the Adobe uninstaller tool (which, even though I told it to uninstall everything, does not uninstall everything). Then I rebooted. All Adobe CS creative cloud desktop apps are gone. I log into my Adobe account online, and the only thing I can find are downloads for downloading "trials" of the adobe apps - this is whilst being logged in. And to download the trial it starts to ask me questions about how I will use it etc. so I didn't bother.
    When I go to the page that has what ostensibly looks like it will lead to the Adobe creative suite downloader/desktop tool, it takes me to the list of ALL adobe desktop app "trials".
    I finally found it by hunting around in the help screens and Google for five minutes, but it's still obnoxious that there is no link to directly download the Creative Cloud desktop app here, which is where it sends you:
    Instead all you see are a bunch of "Trial versions", even though these are included with the adobe creative cloud subscription.
    So I don't really have a question, more of a rant at the stupidity of the way this is set up. When I'm logged in, I should be able to access the downloads, or at least the tool that lets me download the downloads, without spending time hunting around for it. It's ridiculous that it's not set up that way currently.

    Same with me here is the link I found and used

  • I am trying to deploy the Creative Cloud

    Thanks for this video.
    I found this thread while researching physical CD installs of Adobe CS vs. a Creative Cloud install.
    I have a work machine where volume licensed CS software was installed. (master collection via CD)
    I later downloaded the Adobe Application Manager for use with Creative Cloud when I was given a complimentary membership @ MAX 2011.
    My question is, when the AAM reads "up to date" for individual software titles, has it automatically deployed all of the exclusive "Creative Cloud" only extras for those individual software titles if they were previously installed via CD?
    I think I have received the appropriate Creative Cloud updates to software that was installed via CD through a volume license, but wanted to see if it is necessary to uninstall these previously installed titles in order to get the Creative Cloud exclusive updates for them.
    Any advice or insight on this issue would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

    Thanks Jeff,
    Any ideas on who can answer this question? Seems like there would be more known about it, as it could apply to both volume licensed folks and those who have installed regular licensed products via CD/DVD.
    When approaching our reseller about the issue, they did not know either.
    A good recommendation could be to include this on the FAQ page for Creative Cloud installation(s) when an answer is provided.
    Let me know if there's anyone I need to reach out to for more help.
    I appreciate it.

  • Have questions about your Creative Cloud or Subscription Membership?

    You can find answers to several questions regarding membership to our subscription services.  Please see Membership troubleshooting | Creative Cloud - http://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/policy-pricing/membership-subscription-troubleshooting- creative-cloud.html for additional information.  You can find information on such topics as:
    I need help completeing my new purchase or upgrade.
    I want to change the credit card on my account.
    I have a question about my membership price or statement charges.
    I want to change my membership: upgrade, renew, or restart.
    I want to cancel my membership.
    How do I access my account information or change update notifications?

    Branching to new discussion.
    Christym16625842 you are welcome to utilize the process listed in Creative Cloud Help | Install, update, or uninstall apps to install and evaluate the applications included with a Creative Cloud Membership.  The software is fully supported on recent Mac computers.  You can find the system requirements for the Creative Cloud at System requirements | Creative Cloud.

  • Can i install creative cloud in both mac and PC? up to how many computers can i install the creative cloud?

    Hiya, i am new to the latest version of creative cloud. Wonder if i can install creative cloud in both mac and PC? And up to how many computers can i install the creative cloud? If I am going to graduate in a few months time, can I still use student discount to purchase the one year package and pay it off in one go? Thanks! !

    Sure , you can install on both Mac as well as PC .
    Max activation allowed = 2 computers.
    Student discounted price will be valid for one year.
    Later you can purchase with different Adobe ID , with valid proof of eligibility .
    Once you had purchased yearly prepaid subscription , it will not expire for another one whole year , whether you are still student or finished graduation. It will expire after year.

  • How do I logout of the Creative Cloud?

    I've been trying to download the Photoshop Free Trial, however when the Creative Cloud application appears and asks me to verify my email it send the verification email to an old, inactive account that I can no longer access.
    Here is what the window looks like:
    I've read the reply to another similar question asked formerly on this website, however I can't find this specific window, and the gear icon on the window shown above has no log out button or anything similar to what was mentioned in the already answered question.
    I'm not sure if there are multiple versions of the Creative Cloud or not.  On my Adobe ID, it says that it's the "Creative Cloud Free membership", and I'm not sure if there is a paid version that's different or not.
    I'm terribly sorry if I'm using the wrong terms and I hope this makes sense.
    Thank you!
    (Also, I've logged out and logged back in again on the Adobe website, uninstalled and reinstalled the CC software, and have restarted my computer.  None of those things have worked if you were planning to suggest that.)

    Change Account https://forums.adobe.com/thread/1465499 may help
    -ID support http://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/global/service-c1.html
    -wrong email https://forums.adobe.com/thread/1446019

  • RE: Typekit...how do I move the code from an old account to my new account under the Creative Cloud?

    RE: Typekit...how do I move the code from an old account to my new account under the Creative Cloud? W/out (preferably) interuption to the website in question? Thanks!

    Hi Jesse,
    Please email us at [email protected] with:
    - your current Typekit account email address
    - the email address you use for Creative Cloud
    We will be able to help you make this change without disrupting your current font serving. 
    Thank you,
    -- liz

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