FI Report to display Profit center and Vendor name

We are using 6.0 version.
Can you please suggest a Standard report which can give me the Actual line items with GL line item detail with Vendor name & Profit center.
FAGLL03, is not giving me Vendor name.
Please advise.

This FAGLL03 for GL account line item display.
Here you can see all the GL account for example if you are looking Salary accout how you will expect th vendor name over there.
Vendor display is different area right
If you want add vendor in the FAGLL03, the go to SHD0 added vendor name there and complete the steps

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  • Fbl1n and fbl5n line item wise display the cutomer and vendor name

    My user is asking report for fbl5n and fbl1n line itemwise dispaly vendor and customer.See the report for one time vendor and customer name displaythe line item wise display in FBL!N/FBL5N. but not the display the regular vendors/customer.So one time table name BSEC
    Please advise
    Edited by: yps y on Nov 13, 2008 1:26 PM

    line item reports FBL1N/FBL5N are reading the line items (wow, what a big surpise ) and displaying information on line item level.
    As the vendor/customer name is NOT stored in the line items, you cannot display this in the lines (along with other item level information., like amount, posting key, doc.type, etc.). You may find a field called "Name 1) in the field catalog when configuring the ALV layout but this is empty for normal customers/vendors. It is only filled in for one time (Cpd) customers - the reason is as explained above: for these special accounts, the name IS stored on line item level (it varies from item to item),, that's why it can be read and displayed in the items.
    Now how about normal customers/vendors?
    You have to activate Business Transaction Event 1650 and implement a simple code so that depending on the account type (D = customer, K = vendor), you get the business partners name from table KNA1 / LFA1 and put it into field Name1.
    Hope that helps, points welcome

  • Profit Center wise Vendor & Customer  Line item report

    We are on SAP ECC 6. Can I get Profit Center wise Vendor & Customer  Line item report (as like FBL1N)

    Please Try using "S_ALR_87013343 - Profit Center: Receivables " and "S_ALR_87013344 - Profit Center: Payables"
    Best Regards,
    Ravi Reddy

  • Display Report for 30 Profit center in 30 sheets in a Workbook

    Hi all
    I have a very unusual requirement .
    Part A.
    I need to display a particular report for a profit center , then I need to display the same report for each inner node of the above Profit center in separate sheets . & all these sheets should be renamed with the name of the Profit Center .
    These then need to sent via a Information Broadcaster to the user.
    e.g if I have a Profit Center A. & within Profit Center A , the inner hierarchy nodes are A.a , A.b , A.c etc
    Then my 1st sheet should contain the report for Profit Center A with the sheet name as Profit Center A . then the next sheet would contain the report for Profit Center A.a & also renamed as Profit Center A.a , then 3rd sheet would contain the report for Profit Center A.b & also renamed as Profit Center A.b
    This is part A. Would this be possible  ?
    I know that I can manually add the report each time in each sheet separately . But can be this done Dynamically ?
    Also the renaming of the sheet , can something be done to pick up the value of the profit center manually ?
    Part B
    I need to send the above prepared report workbook through Broadcaster to the users.
    can the above settings for multiple values of the Variable Profit center be created in the broadcaster setting ?
    When I searched for this , the Broadcaster allows multiple variables selection for some Formats ,but not for Excelsheets.
    Please help me out here.

    Check SPRO configuration for account assignment settings @
    SRM server->cross application basic settings->account assignment->Define account assignment
    1. Check for your acc assignment category for ex. WBS , what are account assignment fields are maintained.
        if not there maintain profit_ctr from search help.
    2. If you are not able to track profit_ctr in search help then you may need to make respective profit center entry in table BBP_C_ACC_F and then perfom step 1.
    after above steps even you are not able to get profit center on screen then you may need to check
    1. Meta data configuration
    2. WDP component for profit_ctr field

  • Profit center and project code report

    Hello all,
    My customer needs a report showing the profit centers and project codes that appear on AP and AR invoices.
    It would be something like:
    Project    Profit Center    Profit    Loss    Difference  
    and showing the totals for each different project.
    Is this possible?
    Thank you.
    Kind regards,
    Pedro Santos

    Hello Gordon,
    Yes, I think a query report is enough.
    What the customer wants is to control the profits/costs in each project.
    They will add the project code to every sales and purchase invoices and the profit centers.
    Then they need to see which profit centers are with more gain or loss inside the projects.
    Do you need more information?

  • Profit center wise vendor balances

    Hi guys,
    My client want to vendor balances with profit center wise. I know t.code s_ac0_52000888 it displays reconsilation account wise balances I want to  profit center wise balances not reconsilation account wise balances its urgent please help me

    Use T.code FBL1N - Display/Change Line Items.
    when you execute the report , select changelayout and select the field profit center, vendor balance and profit center are displayed.
    when the profit center is displayed, select filter and enter the profit centers and profit center wise vendor balances will be displayed.
    Alternately, use dynamic selections in T.code FBL1N selection screen.
    Please let me know if you need more information.
    Assign points if useful.

  • Profit Center wise Vendor Balance

    Dear Sir,
    Kindly guide us as how can we get a report / information for "PRFOFIT CENTER wise VENDOR Balances " . I tried with FBL1n but it give Balance without Profit Center . We are using ECC-6 .
    We assure to give full points for the suggested solution pl .
    Kindly help me pl .
    B Mittal

    Hi BV,
    You will not get Profit Center wise payables information from FBL1N,though you can see the profit center field in FBL1N. This Profit center is the profit center sitting in BSEG table and with ECC 6.0 if you are using new GL, then Profit center wise details are available in FAGLFLEXA.
    The other report as mentioned in one of the replies above is also there but its presentation is not so good as of FBL1N.
    And the other option is to develop a Z report for Profit center wise payables. We have done it for receivables and it is working fine.

  • Profit Center for Vendor/Customer line item in F-02

    hi all,
    We have implemented SAP ECC 6.
    At the time of vendor line item posting, there is no input field for profit center.
    Can anyone please tell the way out for Profit Center field pop up in case of t-code like f-02 for vendors & customers

    Please note the following:
    - On FBL5N and alike customer/vendor line item reports you won't find
    the field profit center filled; hence you can't directly input it during document entry (as pre-mentioned)
    and the profit center for customer/vendor gets inherited (as of document splitting functionality) from the document other line item(s) (according to the defined document splitting rules...)
    - Yet you can use the below reports (with New G/L.) to get the customer/vendor line items wise reporting over a profit center (i.e. unlike FBL5N & showing the inherited customer/vendor profit center in the G/L. view)
    S_AC0_52000887 - Line Items->Open Items->Receivables: Profit Center
    S_AC0_52000888- Line Items->Open Items->Payables: Profit Center
    In both reports you can use:
    "Custom Selections" -Dynamic Selections Icon- enabling you to filter the output according to
    a. Customer line items specific data entered within the posted document(s)
    b. General ledger items of the G/L. view of the posted document(s)
    & the "Output type" includes like most of the New G/L. Reports:
    - Graphical report output
    - Classical drill-down report
    - Object list (more than one lead column)

  • Documents Display Profit Center wise

    Dear Seniors,
    We are in ECC 6.0 now.  Users want to see the documents Profit Center wise.  Is it possible to provide the option to select the profit center in FB03 ??  or is there any alternative ??
    Thanks and Regards
    SAP Learner

    You can display report as per Profit Center wise.
    Check the reports inf Profit Center Accounting by menu path
    Profit Center Accounting - Information System - Reports for Profit Center Accounting
    Please let me know if you need more information.
    Assing points if useful.

  • To View Report based on Profit Center

    I will require Transcation Code to view the report based on Profit center, presently we are using KE5Z T_Code but that report doen't conatin the line items which was derived the data from 1st line item
    For Ex: Expenses Dr
                To, Expenses Payable A/c Cr (Profit center derived from Expenses line)
    these kind of derived line items profit center is not showing in KE5Z, Please let me know where can i get such kind of line items

    Hi Friends
    The problem has beend solved. It turns out that this is a report writer issue. We raised the issue with SAP and they informed that 'For Report Painter/Writer every item is checked if you have the authori-zation or not. Only the items with authorization fullfilled will be displayed afterwards'.
    Based on SAP answer we created different reports for each profit center/company code.
    I would like to thank you all for your time and inputs.

  • Profit Center in Vendor Line Item

    We have implemented SAP ECC6 - EHP4 and activated Document spliting and Profit Center field is mandatory.
    Now we need to debit a Vendor and Credit another vendor ( new line item), when we try to post the document
    we are getting error "balance in profit center", whereas we are not able to enter the Profit center during document entry.
    Can we get help on this please.
    Chandrasekaran A

    Profit Center field is not available for input in vendor line items.
    There are other options available:-
    1. To assign a default profit center to the vendor reconciliation account in (SPRO> Financial Accounting (New)> General Ledger Accounting (New) > Master Data > Profit Center > Assign Default Profit Center to Accounts)
    2. To create a substitution in OBBH for populating profit center in vendor line item.
    3. If 1 and 2 does not meet your need, to use a BAPI BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_POST to posting the vendor documents via a custom program.

  • Open field Profit center on Vendor item

    Hi Guru
         How I can open field profit centr or cost center  on vendor item when i post document . I try open in field status group and open in posting key but it not success. Help me please . thank you vrery much.

    Hi Srinu
         thank you for your answer but I have some question when I posting vendor code with posting key 29 and specail gl (target gl accoun is a balanc sheet  account ) thd screen layout  have profit center  and can input profit caner no. thank you verymuch.

  • Assigning profit center for vendor to vendor transfer (F-02)

    We are having two profit centers and would like to generate financial statments each profit center wise for which we must assign profit center for each entry passed.
    Now we want to transfer balance from one vendor to another(which is a normal scenario in our case) with tcode F-02, but it doesn't allow us to select profit center  and at the same time it gives  an error that profit center not selected.
    kindly guide us

    You have not mentioned teh Verison you are in.
    Assuming you are in ECC 6.0 (As the error posted seems to be more relevant for this version) and document splitting is enabled, you cannot transfer from vendor to vendor or customer as profit centres in recon accounts are not taken by system.
    So you need to take a intermediary GL account for first transferring from one vendor to  GL account where you will be giving the profit center in teh gl line item and save. After that you use same GL account to transfer th amount to other Vendor account.
    The system derives the proft center from GKL line item to teh AR/AP line items. Use F-44 or F-32 as the case may be.
    Check document type in F-02 if you are using this as document type also controls the psoting in new GL.
    Reward if useful.

  • Profit center and profit center group wise profit and loss account

    My name is swetha i have one doubt in ecc 6 version.   i need profit & loss account profit center and profit center group wise is it available in sap ecc 6 . Could u please details such kind of informatiion how we will get the p&l report  in sap profit center group and profit center with transaction code.

    Please use report
    S_ALR_87009712 - Profit Center List: Plan/Actual
    Here you can enter the Profit Center Group for which you need the P&L .
    Also create a account group which should include all your PL accounts and use the same in the selection of the report.
    There are other reports you can try on the same concept.
    S_ALR_87009712 - Profit Center List: Plan/Actual
    S_ALR_87009726 - Profit Center Group: Plan/Actual/Variance by Origin
    S_ALR_87009734 - Profit Center Group: Plan/Plan/Variance
    S_ALR_87009717 - Profit Center Group: Quarterly Comparison of Actual Data

  • Document change/display - Profit Center / Cost center name

    We have a requirement where client wants to display the profit center and cost center names (short or long) when displaying or changing a parked or a posted document. As we all know SAP shows only the profit center and cost center code and not the description during the document display. After all the deliberations, this seems to be an important piece of information while posting a parked document or even viewing it as a posted document.
    What are our options?
    Any help is much appreciated.

    Thanks for your response Tamim.
    Profit center / cost center naming is following a different convention and we are in a roll out phase, therefore we can't think of first item.
    About match code, the requirement is not so much during the posting but primarily while releasing the parked document or viewing the parked / posted document - they want to see the description along side profit / cost center.
    I was looking for clues on any utilities / enhancements / BTE that I may use to bring extra fields during document display.

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