Field added in Aditional data tab of sales order line item at screen 8459

Hi all,
My problem is .
I have appended one field in VBAP table, given it a name "WBS ELEMENT"
The field is getting displayed in VA23 as well as VA02 Transaction.
when i create sales order with the quotation reference,
the "WBS Element"  of line item of quotation should get updated in "WBS Eleement "  of sales order line item
         This i am doing by triggering user exit.
Problem is:
Once Quotation  line item get copied to the sales order line item
and the screen is in front of you with those details,
before saving sales order .
if you go at the sales order line item withou saving the document
The field i have created in the screen 8459 i.e WBS Element ,doesnt get displayed.
how could i retain the field Ihave created on screen 8459
while creating the sales order from quotation before saving that sales order.
Pleas help .

Hi Vikram,
It seems as it has been coded only to save the values into the new field that you have appended to VBAP. But before saving if the user wants to see the field, it is blank. You can try coding in PBO (process before output) of the relevant screen as follows:
1. Get the reference of the quotation. Something like XVBAP-VGBEL will give this number.
2. Get the value of Z field in VBAP by passing this quotation.
3. Copy the above value to the corresponding Z field in XVBAP (or any internal table which holds VBAP data before saving)
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    I have a client requirement where in they want to bill line items in the sales order ( third party process ) to the end customer in sync with the GRN posting dates happened in the PO
    For EG if GRN happened on 1st July 2014 then Billing Date should come in as 31st July 2014 so when they execute VF04 giving from and to dates as 1st july to 31st corresponding sales order can be invoiced
    Actual problem is for suppose if i create a sales order in the month of june say 26th basing on the factory calendar setting and invoicing list maintained in the customer master system defaults the billing date to 30th June 2014 , and the same when user runs VF04 from 1st June to 30th June this sales order shows as due and mistakenly end user invoices the customer ( whereas logical GR would have only received in July 1st )
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    Hi Lakshmipathi ji,
    As my requirement is to update the billing date at the sales order line item level , As a process user goes in executes VF04
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    Sales Order Created Date is 1st June 2014 then System Defaults Billing Date at line item to 30th June 2014
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    So when VF04 is run for a month All the GRN which are recieved in the month of July are invoiced in July
    Please share me your thoughts do we need to check any userexits from MM side which reads the posting date of GRN and then copies in to my third party sales order

  • Add field 'asset' in sales order line item account assignment tab

    I would like to add the following field: 'asset' in sales order line item account assignment tab.
    I can enter order, or wbs, but not Asset.
    How can I make this field visable?
    Edited by: Eric Van Zundert on Oct 30, 2010 8:43 AM

    There is perform which moves the values to VBAP field.
    This PRCTR field is stored in VBAP (i.e., SO line item table)
    Hope it works.

  • Add field to Sales Order line item

    I need to add a field to Sales Order line item, can you tell me a user exit??

    You can a new field in the additional data B tab of the sales order line item..
    Check the program SAPMV45A and screen number 8459

  • Change the Profit Center in Sales Order line item's Account assignment tab

    Hi Gurus,
    I need to change the Profit Center at Sales order Line item in Account Assignment Tab. Currently  The Profit center is coming from Material Master for the Line Item's Material as default but I have to change / overwrite  that.
    Can any body provide me how can i achive that means
    Any User exits, substitution or any thing ?
    I tried MV45AFZZ but i am not able to find out the right place where I can change COBL-PRCTR.

    There is perform which moves the values to VBAP field.
    This PRCTR field is stored in VBAP (i.e., SO line item table)
    Hope it works.

  • I need to add fields in additional fields B the sales order line item

    i  need to add fields in additional fields B beside the field (icon_val_quantity_ structure) in the sales order line item, How to achicve this? please help me..

    Please fined the below solution for achieving your requirement.
    1. Add new filed "B" in table VBAP.
      a) T.code  SE11 --> Enter structure name VBAP --> display
      b) Goto --> Append Structure --> Enter Structure name and new field "B"
    2. request your basis team and take the access key for modification of stabdard program SAPMV45A & Screen: 8459
       a) After receiving access key for standard program then got o SE51 --> enter program name  SAPMV45A & Screen: 8459
       b) click change Button
       c) click layout button
       d) add new field "B" below of the screen (F6 -> enter table name : VBAP --> get from dictionary --> selet new field and past in screen )
    3) write below code in flow logic
                               Verarbeitung vor der Ausgabe
        FIELD VBAP-New field name "B".
    4. functin Module code
    module ZZPB_OUTPUT_8459 output.
      Data: l_v_actve type ale_active,
            l_v_ttyp  type c.
      Data: l_v_tragr type tragr.
    l_v_ttyp = t180-trtyp.
      if l_v_actve is initial.
        l_v_ttyp = 'A'.
        CASE l_v_ttyp.
          WHEN 'A' OR 'C'.
            SCREEN-INPUT = 0.

  • Cannot reject/delete sales order line item due to in 2210

    Hi all,
    not sure if anyone else had this issue already....
    Situation :
    Sales order line item entered with delivery date in 2210.    We would like to correct this order but can't....
    every time SAP issues error :
    Error determining posting period (info
    S008, variant GL, RC 3)               
    I believe this is because we haven't maintained our calendars yet for 2210 :-D
    Question : without us having to load/define the there a utility/oss program which we can use to delete the line item, or reject it...or even update the delivery date?
    Thanks for your help!

    If the system pop ups the error message M2012, then please refer note 10891 or 37532.  If the error message number is different, please update the forum.
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Update Sales Order line item field

    Need to update a field mfrgr of VBAP table with some user defined values on selection screen parameter.
    I have selected all the Sales order line items in an internal table which need to be updated.
    How can I use the update command with set expression to do the same ? If yes how ? if no what is the best way to do the same.

    I am using the following command and it doesnt work as it says cannot use AND command.
              loop at it_vbfa.
                    UPDATE  VBAP
                    WHERE VBELN = it_vbfa-vbeln
                    and   posnr = it_vbfa-vbelv
                    SET MFRGR = P_MFRGR.
                    IF SY-SUBRC = '0'.
                       COMMIT WORK.
    Any pointers ? What am I doing wrong.

  • User Exit to make changes in sales order line item data.

    Hi All,
    I need to know about user exit by whcih I can make changes in sales order line item details --> Account assignment tab --> Sales order no and line item no.
    I want to make changes so as to bring the active maintenance contract no and line item no here instead of sales order no and line item no. So whenever ( Va02 or Va03) we go to sales order line item and se the account assignment tab I should see the contract no there.
    Just let me know the USER EXIT to do the above changes.
    Points will be awarded.

    Please have a look at the following user exits...
    1. user exit_ save_document
    2. user exit_save_document_prepare

  • User exit on Sale order creation -  Prog- SAPMV45A, Screen - 8459

    Hi All,
    I have added additional fields on Additional data tab on sales order creation screen on screen no 8459.
    I have decleared the fields in PAI as well as defined all of them in layout.
    But out of 14 fields only 13 input fields gets displayed on screen.
    The height and width of screen are enough to display all fields.
    Is there any limitation on maximum no of fields can be defined on screen?
    How can i resolve this problem.

    We had the similar issue and i think this is due to size of screen.
    Try to arrange the fields in 2 or 3 columns, it may work
    Madhan D

  • Material Variant configuration in sales order line item from Ztable

    Hello Experts,
    we have configurable material and and creating sales order. from sales order line item if we goto configuration we can maintain variant configurations. My requirement is that when i click on configuration after selecting a line item i need to check ztable where i have material no and and relable text. if an entry exists i have to populate this relable text in one of the configuration filed. Can any one help how can i read and update configuration in sales order level and where to do this coding so that when i click on configuration the value from ztable populated in a field.
    Many thanks in advance.

    Hi Senthil,
    It is simple.
    When you create a characteristic which should have the value maintained in the Z table, go to the tab values. Here you have a push button called "Other Value check". Here you click this button and select the function module option. Now, in the window, you will have a place where you can mention the name of teh function module.
    You create a function module with the help of your developer to find out the text maintained in the Z table using teh rules you have in your mind and update that logic in the characteristic. In the earlier screen, you just have to mention the name of the function module, thats all, your work is done.
    Now when you configure, for this characteristic, the value will be automatically determined using teh function module. You have to create such characteristics as "Not ready for input" ones in additional data for which you cannot enter values manually.
    Hope this helps.

  • Create purchase order with reference to Sales order Line item

    Hi All,
    i had a requirement that i need to create the Purchase order with reference to sales order line item...
    In T.code me27 client requied a input field for sales order no and with that order reference he want the data of line item to PO creation line item screen.....
    please to proceed......
    Ravi Nemani

    Go to SPRO->Logistic general->Tax on goods movement->India->Movement types.
    Here you will find the group of movement types check which movement types is mantained for the out side movement groups or inward movement.
    also check the Material Master in MRP view if the collective requirements (02) is mantained.

  • Copying text from CMIR (KNMT) to the Sales Order Line Item

    We need to copy text from the CMIR (KNMT) to the Sales Order Line Item with two steps in the access sequence. First to look up by the Ship to Partner Function.  If doesn't exist, then look up by Sold to Partner Function.  Have setup a new text id (ZPRN), a new access seq (9011).  The access seq has one seq =5 for KNMT, ZPRN, all languages and that saves fine.  When I set the Partner Function to be SH.  I get the following error msg:
    "The Language does not come from the partner function AG for MVKE".
    Any ideas?  This access seq does not reference MVKE. It only references KNMT.

    Hi Lisa,
    Just stumbled on this post, as I am searching for something similar.
    What you are attempting to do isn't possible in config.
    This is because as standard Customer Material Info Records are not even considered for ship-to party in the sales order.
    They work for sold-to only.
    Therefore, this funny error message is SAP's way of saying, "Why are you trying to enter a partner here, because the data is determined for sold to only?"
    You can change this with development for other fields (ie, to determine delivery plant, tolerances etc at ship-to) by using
    the exit MV45AFZB with the USEREXIT_CUST_MATERIAL_READ form.
    However, even if you do this, Text Determination is still sold-to only and still doesn't behave.
    I am currently looking myself for a solution for this problem and I will let you know what I find.

  • Tracking Number Information in B2B sales order line item

    Hello Experts
    Does anyone aware of the settings to be done to get tracking number (e.g tracking number given by DHL, Carrier Company) displayed on sales order line item.
    Following steps has been followed, but we can not see the tracking number at the line item level:
    Tracking the Shipping Status
    You can enable customers to track the shipping status of their Web shop orders using an external shipping provider. If the external shipping agency offers shipping information on the Internet, customers can access the shipping status directly via a hyperlink from the order. This enables customers to track their delivery during the shipping process.
    u2022     Your appointed haulage firm offers the shipping status tracking service.
    u2022     The haulage firm has assigned a bill of lading for each order and informed you of it.
    1.     Call transaction VL03N in the ERP system.
    2.     Choose Display <-> Change.
    3.     Choose   Goto  Header  Partners  . Enter the data of the corresponding carrier.
    4.     Choose Shipment. In BillOfLad, enter the tracking number.
    Folks, any help will be highly appreciated

    Hi DJ,
    Most of the settings that are required to display the tracking number in the web shop are ECC dependent. The function module that gets the tracking related information in the Run Time is CRM_ISA_BASKET_STATUS_ENH.
    In the above function module at line number 383 contains the relevant logic to get the tracking related information from the ECC system. At this line number the function module BAPI_XSI_GET_VTRK_G is called remotely in ECC.
    ABAP Stack in ECC:
                                    TRK_GET_URLS (SUBROUTINE)
                                                    XSI_CREATE_TRACK_URL_MULTI (FUNCTION MODULE)
                                                                    XSI_CREATE_TRACK_URL (FUNCTION MODULE)
    Transaction Codes where the settings need to be done in ECC:
    1.     VTRC - Maintain Express Delivery Company
    2.     0VVT - Set Up : Express Delivery Company
    3.     VTRK - Parcel Tracking
    Database tables relevant for Tracking in ECC:
    1.     VXSITDU u2013 Express Delivery Company : URLs
    2.     VXSITDL u2013 Express Delivery Company Data Field
    3.     VTRKH u2013 Tracking Data Header
    4.     VTRKP u2013 Tracking Data Item
    5.     VLBL u2013 Express Delivery Company Data Field
    6.     TCAVAR u2013 Carrier URL Connection (Substitution of Variables)
    7.     TCAURL u2013 Carrier URL Connection
    8.     EKES u2013 Vendor Confirmations
    Best Regards,
    Chanakya Reddy

  • Sales order line item conditin type

    hi experts
      in pricing procedure determination we  at lost we are giving condition type. it was displayed in sales order line item level
    what is the purpose of this condition type.
                                   thanks to every buddy who are trying to give answer this question.
                                        [email protected]

    This is to avoid going into the line item and entering the value in the amount field.
    When u assign it there in your pricing procedure determination you can enter the amount in the amount field for each line item and avoid drilling down to conditions tab for each item
    Hope you find this helpful.
    If you, please reward points for contribution.

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