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I 've created a ztable. it has nearly 10 fields. while displaying it's contents every field is showing it's field name in header are except only one.
The field name is ZABC and field lable is XXXX ( Data element field lable).
while displaying contents it is showing XXXX .
why this is happening only for one field? how can i display field name?
Thanks in Advance

see the table field is ZABC (FIELD NAME) and data element <b>Char1</b>  and this data element lable is 'XXXX' (FIELD LABLE for Data element CHAR!).
another one ZBBC and data element  CXXX and this data element lable is 'YYYY'
while I display the table entries the header contains
XXXX   ZBBC......
I think u got my point. I can create field with a new data element...that's not an issue.
I would like to know the basic reason how it displays differnetly...

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  • How change standard field lable in alv grid display

    Hi Experts,
        How are you doing! I am having some doubts in the alv grid display, I am new to this concepts.
    I want to display field  lable manually, actually its taking from table field discription but I want to display one field name manually.
    example code.
    ls_fldcat-fieldname = 'BPKIND'.
      ls_fldcat-ref_tabname = 'BUT000'.
      ls_fldcat-ref_fieldname = 'BPKIND'.
      APPEND ls_fldcat TO lt_fldcat.
      ls_fldcat-fieldname = 'PARTNER2'.
      ls_fldcat-ref_tabname = 'BUT051'.
      ls_fldcat-ref_fieldname = 'PARTNER2'.
    Here I dont want to display 'PARTNER2' I need 'KEY ACCOUNT MANAGER'.
    Please send me how to do this.
    Surya Ramireddy.

      Please check out this program.
    Type-pools: slis.
    Tables: likp.
    Data: Begin of i_likp occurs 0,
            vbeln like likp-vbeln,
            ernam like likp-ernam,
            erzet like likp-erzet,
            erdat like likp-erdat,
          End of i_likp.
    Data: it_fieldcat type slis_t_fieldcat_alv,
          wa_fieldcat type SLIS_FIELDCAT_ALV,
          it_events type slis_t_event.
    Selection-screen: Begin of block b1 with frame title text-001.
      select-options: s_vbeln for likp-vbeln.
    Selection-screen: End of block b1.
    perform get_sales_header_data.
    perform field_catalogue.
    perform modify_field_catalogue.
    perform display_alv_grid_display.
    *&      Form  get_sales_header_data
    -->  p1        text
    <--  p2        text
    form get_sales_header_data .
    select vbeln
           into table i_likp
           from likp
           where vbeln in s_vbeln.
    endform.                    " get_sales_header_data
    *&      Form  field_catalogue
    -->  p1        text
    <--  p2        text
    form field_catalogue .
       I_PROGRAM_NAME               = sy-repid
       I_INTERNAL_TABNAME           = 'I_LIKP'
       I_INCLNAME                   = sy-repid
        ct_fieldcat                  = it_fieldcat
       PROGRAM_ERROR                = 2
       OTHERS                       = 3
    endform.                    " field_catalogue
    *&      Form  modify_field_catalogue
    -->  p1        text
    <--  p2        text
    form modify_field_catalogue .
    loop at it_fieldcat into wa_fieldcat.
    case wa_fieldcat-fieldname.
      when 'VBELN'.
       wa_fieldcat-col_pos = 1.
       wa_fieldcat-seltext_l = 'Sales Doc Header No'.
       wa_fieldcat-emphasize = 'C100'.
      when 'ERNAM'.
       wa_fieldcat-col_pos = 2.
       wa_fieldcat-seltext_l = 'Created By'.
       wa_fieldcat-emphasize = 'C200'.
      when 'ERZET'.
       wa_fieldcat-col_pos = 3.
       wa_fieldcat-seltext_l = 'Entry Time'.
       wa_fieldcat-emphasize = 'C300'.
      when 'ERDAT'.
       wa_fieldcat-col_pos = 4.
       wa_fieldcat-seltext_l = 'Created On'.
       wa_fieldcat-emphasize = 'C400'.
      modify it_fieldcat from wa_fieldcat.
    endform.                    " modify_field_catalogue
    *&      Form  display_alv_grid_display
    -->  p1        text
    <--  p2        text
    form display_alv_grid_display .
       I_CALLBACK_PROGRAM                = sy-repid
       IT_FIELDCAT                       = IT_FIELDCAT
        t_outtab                          = i_likp
       PROGRAM_ERROR                     = 1
       OTHERS                            = 2
    endform.                    " display_alv_grid_display

  • Field lables changes in ESS iView not reflected on portal

    Hi All,
    I am trying to customize the SAP ESS Address DC (webdynpro Java) for South Africa region as per the SAP OSS note (No: 1428933).
    In order to incorporate the changes I have imported the ess/za/addr DC into NWDS. I have changed the label text as per the OSS note and deployed the DC but changes are not reflecting in the portal
    I did some more test on Label text;
    1. Removed the Label text property value from DC and deployed the application,  when I run the application during runtime screen is not showing any label text message for the label since I made it to empty.
    1. I added my custom text message to label text value instead of standard label text value and deployed the application, when I run the application during run time screen is automaticaly showing the standard label text value not my custom label text value.
    I'm trying to figure out from where these field labels value are coming from? Theoretically it should reflect field lables whats given in webdynpro but thats not the case here.
    From where Label field value is coming?. Help me out in this. Thanks,
    Regards, Suresh KB

    If you are just changing the field label the recommended approach is to do it through Web Dynpro UI personalisation.  DO NOT user NWDI to change the source code just for field label change.  The way you change through UI personalisation is locate the iView in portal content, and select preview of iView then use CTRL+RIGHT click mouse button on the field that you want to change the text, you will see properties of selected field in a popup window where you can change the default text.  Once you change it, and apply the changes you will be able to verify you changes in the iView properties (additional properties will be automatically created for the change you made).  Now check the personal data service under ESS role you should see the change.
    Hope this helps

  • Downloading data with field lables as headerline

    Hello ABAP gurus,
    i have a report, if i excute it, 10 files will be downloaded from standard tables and from ztables.
    i am using below method to download the data
    Now my client wants  all  downloaded files should display with field lables as respect to data and separate by semicolon.
    example format is:
    A       25    MUMBAI
    B       24     CHENNAI
    this is my problem, please help me.It is very urgent.

    my advice is first fetch all the field names of the DB tables and Ztables using the DD03L table. This table has all the field names and their positions of all the DB tables & Ztables. Concatenate each table's field names based on their positions into a single line with the field seperator and append this record as the first record to its corresponding internal table. Now send this table to GUI_DOWNLOAD....If you want more info, Please ask....

  • Dynamic Text for Field lables on screen

    Hi Friends
    I have an internal table with fields namely fieldname, language and description. Depending on the
    Field lable name declared on Dialog screen and the SAP logon language, i want to display the description on screen from internal table. Please let me know incase this is possible, if yes what's the approach.

    here a short example:
    TABLES: DD03M.     "Tabellenfelder mit Datenelementen, Texten, Domänen
    DATA: WA_DD03M TYPE          DD03M.
      IF SY-SUBRC = 0.
               WHERE TABNAME = 'KNA1'
                 AND DDLANGUAGE = SY-LANGU.
    Hope it helps.
    Regards, Dieter

  • Changing field lable of KVGR1 data element.

    Hi Guys,
                  I am changing field lable of KVGR1 data element. No. of depedent objects are also changed but some of the objects were end up with warning "Enahancement category for table missing". Since all this objects SAP Standard do I have to genarate key for every single one with warning to adjust the enhancement type.
    S Kumar

    Hi Amit,
                I have already changed the Field labels and Description of KVGR1 data element using SSCR key.
    Is it a good idea to revert it back. The dependent tables and structures are activated with warnings. Which is Enhancement category.
    S Kumar

  • All field lables for PCUI screens in Portal is displayed with Vertical bar

    Hi Group,
      In Portals, all PCUI screen Field lables are displayed with vertical bar in the biginning of the field.
      can somebody tell me how i can get rid of that vertical bar from all Fields. let me know if there is any SAP Note available for this?
    Thanks & regards

    Hi Siva,
    The default behaviour of Top Level Navigation is if there are lot of items in it, it tends to bring a scroll bar to scroll across the items.
    Did you tried reducing the font size of the TLN items in the themes, so that they can try and fit in the page without scroll bar appearing.
    Otherwise you can consider having hover menu, which will display all items on hovering the parent node. Have a look at the blog for more information
    Tag  Libraries: Creating a Hover Menu in SAP NetWeaver Portal
    Ganesh N

  • All field lables of PCUI screens in Portal is displayed with Vertical bar

    Hi Group,
    In Portals, all PCUI screen Field lables are displayed with Small vertical bar in the biginning of the field.
    can somebody tell me how i can get rid of that vertical bar from all Fields or all screens?. let me know if there is any SAP Note available to do this?
    Thanks & regards

    Hello Sunil,
    I would suggest that you have a look to the <a href="">People-Centric CRM Inst. a. Config. Guides</a>. You also have to activate the PC-UI Application according to the Guides in Transaction SICF in the CRM Backend.

  • Change field lable

    Hello gurus,
    I have a requirement in mb1b transaction.
    I have to change the 'purchase order ' field lable as 'work order' for ebeln field in 'enter transfer posting screen' of mb1b for movement type 911.
    kindly sugust the solution.

        No it reflects for evry movement type.
    For this u can use ur own dataelemnts so that u get the descriptions as Work order.
    use the Variant Transaction
    Vijaya Lakshmi.T

  • AddressBook:  Only 8 characters for field lables, cannot begin to describe

    Frustrated that lables for each field box only allows like 8 letters to explain.
    Like lables for fields: 'Phone', 'Email', Address, web page, etc.
    Only 8 characters then "..." dot dot dot ...
    What goood is it to onlly have 8 characters or letters> Does everything have to be abbreviated in the briefest, or code?
    Really, for mmany fields, 8 spaces is not adequate to even Begin to describe.
    I know, i should upgrade. Perhaps newer versions allow more space for field lables descriptions.But for those of us still loyal to Panther, and constrained by $$ limits, is there not a soolution?
    The highly coveted award of 'SOLVER' awaits the one who can proovide a solution to this vexing problem.
    Muchly appreciative.
    Still a Panther, using:
    Address book 3.1.2 (v321), 2003. Yeah, we're old & obso.

    @silverzhao I use a manual dhcpcd/wpa_supplicant way of setting up my wlan0 using and I have the same problem.
    I have to kill my wireless and restart after seeing a message like:
    May 20 10:12:33 x220 kernel: wlan0: AP a4:b1:e9:55:25:2f changed bandwidth, new config is 2462 MHz, width 2 (2452/0 MHz)

  • Field lables on dynpro without using TABLES

    Hi there,
    I want to put some fields of LFA1 onto a customer dynpro and I want also that the lables of the different fields come from the DDIC. I created a global structre called GS_LFA1. After that I puttet the fields onto the dynpro, but there are no texts available.
    When I use the TABLES-statement the texts are available from DDIC. But I don't wanna to use the obsolete TABLES-statement, so what can I do to implement the different texts?
    Thank you in advance
    Kind regards

    Where would you be inheriting the attributes from? You can't click the 'From dict' checkbox if the name of the field doesn't exist in the DDIC...Well, you can but then you get a big fat warning/error and the box automatically unchecks it...
    Ok, sorry you are right. I just remind myself that option not checking it first. Indeed this can't be copied as the reference to DDIC field does not exists at all.
    @ Markus
    Alternatively to TABLES you can use simple strcuture declaration using data , but it's not effect is the same. As Brad mentioned, this is not an obsolete statement.

  • Changing field lable (header) in Table control.

    Hi all,
            I am currently working on a table control. The requirement is to change the label in the column heading dynamically based on few conditions. Could any one please help me in finding out a way for changing the heading labels dynamically.
    Example stated below.
    Totally 4 columns in table control.
    |  Value      |  Description      |  Tag 1 (should be dynamic)  |  Tag2 (should be dynamic)*                        -
    |   1            |   Hai                | 2121212                             | 212122222
    |   2            |   welcome        | 43424234                           | 234234444324
    Many Thanks in Advance.

    Hi Neha,
                Many thanks for your reply. The document you have sent is really a good one, but it do not throw much light on changing the column header text (label). If you could provide me some more info on changing the label that should be of great help to me.
    Thank you.
    Hi Tharani,
                Many thanks for your reply. The link you have attached is a good one, but it has no information on changing the label on a module pool screen. It details only about SAP forms.
    Thank you.
    Hi Ramchander,
                Many thanks for your reply. I have already tried it that way and it dint work out. The screen looping is possible for only for changing the contents of an output fields on a module pool screen, but not for table control column header.
    Thank you.
    Could you all please throw me some more light on this issue.

  • How to Chane field lable to Field name

       I have one transaction FBL5N for customer line item display.
    Here in output it display field description. But here i want see the field name. I tried here. But there no option available.
      If i press F1 it displays each field description and technical information also. But in this report i have around 156 fields.
    Please tell me is there another possibility?

    you are talking about ALV report column texts..?
    why you want Field names , any specific reason.

  • Change user field lable in std report

    Dear Experts ,
    I want to change the user field label in a std report eg . CN41n .
    How can i do it .

    Hello Anis ... ask your ABAPer to help you, also go through the following

  • Unable to see field lable in alv list in Ztable contents ouput

    Hi Experts,
                         I m unable to see some of the field labels(few are displaying n few r not displaying) in ALV list (in user parameters)  whn i excute the table contents in an ztable in abap dictonary.

    maintain the column name in the fieldcat.
      gt_fieldcat_chld-fieldname = 'BAND'.  " mantion your field name
      gt_fieldcat_chld-scrtext_l = 'Band'.  " mention the description
      or you can use gt_fieldcat-COLTEXT = 'Band'.
      gt_fieldcat_chld-outputlen = 5.
      gt_fieldcat_chld-ref_field  = 'BAND'.
      gt_fieldcat_chld-ref_table = 'ZVP_ITM_QTY_BAND'.
      APPEND gt_fieldcat_chld.
    Let me know if this helps.

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    Hello  Buddies,         I have seen so mail threads somewhat near to my doubt but could you please tell me some good link for learning ABAP & Workflow for CRM. Also please advise me, being ABAP-Workflow Consultant which section of CRM is best suitabl

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    I'm creating an app for the IPad and want to create a model that generates numbers based on user inputs. I'm trying to get an editable formula that when you enter a number it updates another field. Formula will involve IF statements based on text the

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