Fifa 12 airplay via appletv, black screen problem

FIFA12 Appletv airplay black screen problem.
Hello, i wanted to play fifa 12 iOS with tv via airplay. But it dint work, i see game picture for half second then tv goes black screen. Audio still working and game i can go to play, but i cant see the game picture. This is very sad because every other game works with tv via airplay. The only game which would be really great with airplay doesnt work :( We tested it with two different tv and two different iPad 3's. And the tv is 40" the other one was much smaller and apple tv is the newest one with newest software.
Has someone else had this problem? is the apple tv problem or maybe fifa 12 have bug or something? i hope we can get this working, iv seen fifa 12 via airplay working very nice in few youtube videos so why it doesnt work for us.
also where would be best place to contact fifa12 makers for this problem.
Sorry for my bad english, it's not my national language.

EA sent me the following anwser:
Please try any the following that you have not tried as of yet:
- Exit the game, then turn off and reset your device. Then try starting the game again.
- Ensure you are running the most current version of the game (check to see if there is an update available for the game through iTunes).
- Access the iTunes Store within your device and download the game again. It may prompt you to 'Buy' the game, but once you click it, it should allow you to download for free since you already paid for it through iTunes. Please note that we at EA have no access to your iTunes account. If you have any disputes, please contact iTunes (Apple) directly.
- Make sure your device has the latest software:
1. Download the latest version of iTunes from
Note: If you already have iTunes installed, open it and select Help > Check for Updates. Then install any available updates.
2. Connect your device to your computer with the USB cable, select your device in iTunes, and click the 'Update' button or 'Check for Update' button. Install the software update if available.

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    Like others I have been having trouble with importing from iPhoto to iMovie. At times everything works just fine but on my most recent project I have been having a terrible time with the preview screen being black. I have used this discussion forum to try and resolve the problem. I've tried many of the recommedations but the problem continues.
    In one thread it was mentioned that file size might have something to do with the problem. I think there may be something to this. I've noticed that any file that is 1MB or less shows just fine in the preview window. Files between 1-2 MB seem to have an erratic pattern of loading and files above 2 will hardly ever load.
    Unfortunately I seem to have a lot of photos in the latter category (taken on a recent trip to New Zealand). I'm hoping someone can give me some hints on how to reduce the size of these files in a "batch" fashion. Perhaps via Photoshop?
    Also, has anyone else noticed any connection between file size and the black screen problem.
    iMac G5   Mac OS X (10.4.8)   iLife '06
    iMac G5   Mac OS X (10.4.8)   iLife '06

    Thanks for the reply but that isn't the problem I'm having. I've read plenty about not emptying the trash and have not done that.
    The problem I'm having happens before the picture is even put in the timeline. When I click on media, go to iphoto and highlight a picture that I want to place in the timeline I will get a black preview screen with the scrubber arrow running across the bottom. Through a rather tedious process I think I have determined that the problem is related to file size. If the jpeg file is greater than 3MB it will not load. Jpeg files under 1MB load wonderfully. Those between 1-2MB are erratic in whether they load or not.

  • How to How to install ATI Radeon HD2600 driver on bootcamp 3.0 windows 7 partition w/black screen problem i've posted this question in a different way, and i gotten several "scratch the surface" answers from people just saying to install "Ati catalyst", or insert the os x dvd and run set up.exe, and update  to boot camp 3.1 or 3.2...while these all seem like great suggestions, I am finding myself needing more specific direction or "hand holding" so to is the MAIN problem...
    The Background/history
    I used boot camp (3.0, and i found updates for 3.1 for imac and for windows, but can't find for mac pro, AND they all are ".exe" files which run on windows..which as you'll see is the big part of my problem...So I recently updated my mac pro (with the ATI Radeon HD2600 graphic PCIe card with 10.6.7 from 10.5.8.  I created a single partitioned drive to install windows 7 professional 64 bit.  The download software function didn't work (Thanks, APPLE for that poor level of support) so have to select the option that i have already downloaded, or have other media with the drivers already on it....i restarted with the windows 7 disk in.... 
    The installation of Windows 7 Pro 64-bit
    So the installation of windows 7 seemed to go flawlessly, was able to use my existing 23" hd apple cinema display (so somehow it has drivers that work with the graphics card, or maybe the motherboard's on board video components) and i select english, and install now, custom, blah, blah, blah...installation causes a few reboots, then restarts ultimately back in os x since that is the default boot os i use on this desk top and have to do the "opt" button to select booting in when i try restarting in windows, now using the actual boot drive on which i am installing it, it ran through another reboot or two, but then after that, my display goes black....  in the communities, the solution sounds super simple... "go download the ATI catalyst for the black screen 7 doesn't have device drivers that work with the ATI radeon problem, just go download and install...."
    The problem, re-emphasized :  I cannot even finish the install for windows, because of this driver problem....i cannot see anything....I have tried to reboot in safe mode, and that then seems to invoke whatever basic drivers that do work, likely through the motherboards onboard video vs the actual graphic card, and the screen works and says that it's wanting to complete the installation, so i'm thinking awesome this is gonna work....and then.. "windows installation was not completed and cannot be completed in SAFE MODE, need to restart, blah, blah, blah" pops up...and forces Safe Mode allows me to see, but won't allow me to finish the install of windows 7...and without completing the install i can't run (ranther I DONT KNOW HOW TO) any of the various .exe files everyone is telling me are the solutions to my update 3.1 and 3.2 bootcamp...they're all .exe files?  not sure why, because bootcamp runs in 10.6.7 i thought, but needs running Windows to execute...then the ATI radeon hd2600 driver for windows 7 that i downloaded from the site has an installation program that is an .exe file, which needs windows to run...  Does this make sense, why i can't just use these fixes, that seem to be the only fixes out can someone school me step by step here (not just the highlights) of how to update bootcamp, and how to install the ati radeon driver  without having been able to complete the windows 7 installation because the monitor goes and stays black????
    This is so very frustrating for the record...and any substantial help "not just go download this..." would be immensely appreciated.
    Some other things i've been told to try that i've tried and nothing seems to happen as i'm told it will....
    ---I've been told to install the osx dvd and run "setup.exe"  -'s an exe file...and 2 - when i put in the os x file it just wants to re install need more help if this is even a real solution to understand how to make it work...
    ---I've been told to update boot camp to 3.1 and/or 3.2 from 3.0, using Apple Software Update....Well, my software update is saying everything is up to date and there is nothing new to download at all, and when i reverify the bootcamp version it is still only 3.0.2...and again downloading the updates from  for 3.1 and 3.2...all of those are .exe files...need windows to run them...again, refer to the problem described in detail above...
    ---I've been referred to the black screen on imac early 2011 thread saying it should fix my problem...and reading it it SEEMED like the most promising involves creating a boot flash drive for windows 7 and an xml file that sets the imac drivers to auto install during the windows installation..and it got me farther than anything else..but still ultimately ended up in the darned black assumption is that it's because it's for imac and not mac pro so not ati-radeon specific drivers....ok....that's enough..please...anyone who thinks they can help...your help is desperately needed...thanks so much in advance!

    hey Hatter, thanks so much for getting just to be super there no way to install the drivers using an exe file given my current state? no way to do it with command prompt or something?  if can make work with existing card, i'd prefer when you say it's 'toast' how do you mean?  it works well with the os x partitions and always i'm not sure i follow, just want to be clear...
    Now to your point of starting with only the one drive i would put that bootcamp drive in bay 1 and disconnect the rest...i'm not totally sure what you're suggesting the effect should be of doing this?  just that i'm just installing windows without the bootcamp deal...but if windows 7 doesn't support the ati radeon hd2600, it still will go black screen no? or you're saying it will run video through the motherboard if it's the only bootdrive, and will run all the way through the windows install without trying to switch over to the hd2600?  (slrry flr these questions..just really want to make sure i understand what you're telling me..thanks so much for your patience and help by the's very greatly appreciated...your support is priceless!
    So now, assuming none of the above is possible...referring now to the ati 5770 that you referred mention it works with 10.6 well, and that windows 7 supports it ...2 questions on that
         1) Windows 7 supports" meaning, out of the box windows 7 supports it? or will i have to install drivers still through some update, because again, if that's how i have to do it, then won't work, cuz can't start windows to see anything to install any drivers or run any thing at it would have to just work with initial installation.
         2)hardware wise for my Mac Pro 3, dual quad core xeon, blah blah....will this card work? it's a PCIe and should fit on my board no prob, etc?

  • MSI 290X LE Lightning Edition black screen problem

    I recently bought the above graphics card, only to run into problems with black screen, furmark blackscreens when it reaches just over 70c & games that push the card ie Crysis 3 also causes black screen problems, I'm also sometimes getting desktop corruptions, usually after it black screened.
    My PSU is a 850watt EVGA SuperNova G2 so i know it's not that what causing the problem.
    rest of my setup as follows
    3770K @4.2Ghz
    MSI Z77 Mpower
    8GB corsair memory
    ect ect.
    Any idea's as to the cause of the problem?
    edit here what it doing I've uploaded it to youtube.

    First of all remove any oc. Then list specs more detailed: >>Posting Guide<<

  • I bought my Mac Air 13' in August. Black screen problems constantly happens. I asked some of my friends who also use Air. They share the same experience. Overall, it is a pretty good computer. But it bothers me when I do work and it suddenly goes black.

    I bought my Mac Air 13' in August. Black screen problems constantly happens. I asked some of my friends who also use Air. They share the same experience. Overall, it is a pretty good computer. But it bothers me when I do work and it suddenly goes black. What should I do about it?

    without more information, I assume you mean a blackout from sleep issue.
    Go to system preferences > energy settings > raise the "turn display off" setting up to as needed, say 5 mins. or 10 mins.
    AND ...
    unchecked the "Put hard disks to sleep when possible" in both the battery and power adapter tabs.
    test it and check back

  • Not happy with Mac book pro retina because of black screen problem.

    I am not happy with Mac book pro retina because of black screen problem. This screen failure appears after one year. I was fan of APPLE now I do no support any apple products. When they expires I will renew them with the other products belong to the other companies.

    You are entitled to 90 day telephone support from Apple. Try contacting them.
    Apple Support Contact
    Apple Support contact - Telephone

  • What is the technical 'cause' of the infamous iMac black screen problem?

    Can anybody shed some light on what technical malfunction exactly causes the infamous iMac black screen problem? The common solution seems to be a logic board replacement. But what exactly is broken on the logic board? Is it the Geforce chip? Some kind of external driver circuitry? Or something completely different?

    I was referring to the many problems also described in this thread (and also in many other places):
    In specific I am referring to machines where all of this applies:
    - internal monitor stays black after power-on
    - computer boots normally
    - external display works normally
    - internal display backlight works and can be adjusted in brightness, but all pixels are black
    - PRAM reset doesn't help
    - NVRAM reset doesn't help
    - PMU reset doesn't help
    - reinstalling OS / booting from CD doesn't help
    - machines with this problem sent to repair come back with a replaced logic board
    I'm looking for more information on the technical cause of the exact problem as stated above. So I can attempt to repair my iMac

  • Thunderbolt Firmware 1.1 will not update from 1.0.9 to fix Black screen problem

    Can't install the firmware 1.1 fix for black screen problem. I get the following:  Has anyone solved how to get around this?

    Restoring often solves these problems - sometimes requiring as a new phone. The settings a sometimes data get currupted during update. If you go back in the archives of this forum, you find the same problems reported after EVERY update since the original iPhone was released.
    Note that if you "modified", unlocked or hacked your phone in any way - a reason many stayed on 3.0.1 - updating USUALLY does theses things, if not completely bricking the phone.

  • Black Screen Problem on my Toshiba Portege M800-A330

    I own a Toshiba Portege M800-A330 for more than a year now.  Whenever I have problem on it, uhmm.. for example: virus, or corrupted operating system, all I do is to format my laptop or recover it using system recovery from the hard disk or using recovery disc which is inserted in the DVD drive.  But, recently I'm having a problem with my laptop.  My problem starts after I compressed the Drive C:, but I don't think that may cause the black screen problem that I'm encountering since then. 
    Here goes my problem: When turning on my laptop, the first thing I can see is the "TOSHIBA" logo and then after it fades it just gives me a black screen.  I don't know why it's just black screen, perhaps its system has been corrupted.  I've tried using the system recovery for the Nth times, but sadly the ability to run the system recovery from the hard disk partition also FAILED and just gives me a black screen again.  When pressing "number 0" it does not direct me to the recovery features of the notebook but instead it only put me on a black screen.  Likewise when I use the recovery disc, it also put me on a black screen upon entering in the DVD drive, and so as when I'm trying to reformat my laptop with Windows7.
    I can't even access the safe mode options of my notebook.  All I can access is the CMOS/BIOS setup features of the notebook when pressing F2.
    Please help, I don't know what or where the problem maybe and what could be the possible solution on this.  Any help is greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,

    selene wrote:
    thanks for your input wkitty.. I have the same problem with this guy who post this >
    I dont know how can i recover the the HD partition with vista installed.. do this mean I really have to send my laptop to Toshiba service center? It will cost a lot of money, my laptop's warranty already expired.
    while i understand that the outlooking symptoms may appear the same, you report that you compressed your C drive but the poster in the linked thread does not... sadly, the underlying problem may or may not be the same even though the surface symtoms appear to be so...
    unfortunately, i don't know what to recommend and i feel that i must leave further answers to other support members who have better knowledge than i :?
    in my own case, i've finally determined that i must purchase the reload disks from toshiba and hope that they are able to restore my machine to the original factory condition... in you case, i can't say that this is the way to go or not... it really sounds like something either BIOS or OS oriented... since the BIOS reset didn't take care of the problem, it may be something deeper (ie: video broked) or something else...
    have you tried booting a *nix live CD like ubuntu? the idea here is that if a live CD of another OS boots, then there may be something wrong with your HD...
    along those lines, have you tried running memtest86+ and/or a HD testing util for the drive in your unit? it is possible that memory has gone uuck or the HD may have a section of bad sectors...
    I'm a user, just like you but i'm here on a volunteer basis without compensation from toshiba or anyone else... my crystal ball is in the repair shop and i cannot look over your shoulder to see what you are doing. the more specific you are, the better the answers can be

  • Black Screen problem on Acer Aspire 5733Z.

    The screen on my aspire stays black on switch on.   I am able to use a remote monitor.   On the odd occassion whilst using the laptop the screen wil suddenly come on, but does not come on again following a switch off??   I have posted this problem before, but in attempting to thank a subscriber's answer using kudus the solution case resolved ticks showed in error.   Therefore I still have the black screen problem.   Have tried the suggestion of uninstalling adaptor with no success.   Any further suggestion much appreciated.   

    One of the easiest ways to attempt to rule out a hardware to save all of your important files to a USB backup drive. And then reset your computer to factory condition. It can be a pain to do something like that, but it can save you hours of troubleshooting.
    Your computer should have pre-installed Acer software that allows you to reset your PC. There's several videos on this website and also on Acer's YouTube channel that shows you all the different ways to reset your computer.
    You should also make a USB recovery drive too. It shows you how to do that too.

  • Black screen problem on Firefox 33

    On Firefox 33, but not on Firefox 32, there is a black screen problem. I was trying to Reset Firefox, but all I got was these black boxes. This even happens when I try to create a new Firefox profile. Can Mozilla fix this for 33.0.1, 34, 35, 36 and other future versions?

    I have included a screenshot

  • Mac Pro Early 2008 - Black Screen problem

    Mac Pro 3,1 (Early 2008)
    Processor 2 x 2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon
    Memory  32 GB 667 MHz DDR2 FB-DIMM
    Graphics  ATI Radeon HD 5770 1024 MB
    Storage 2 TB SATA Disk , 2 x 500GB SATA Disk , 128GB Solid State SATA Disk
    Display LG 19LS4D-ZB
    Operating System Mavericks (10.9.4)
    I received this mac yesterday from an eBay seller. Everything once booted is running well, I spent most of the day yesterday installing various softwares such as the Adobe Creative Suite (CS6). Then all of a sudden, after around 8 hours of using the machine and editing some video content on Premiere Pro, I get this black screen (with absolutely no warning). The computer didn't change tone or anything with the way it was running, it sounded the exact same as it was. It wasn't like there was no signal coming from the graphics card, there was a signal, it was just a black screen (no cursor or anything). Eventually, I had to turn off the computer using the button on the front.
    I have messaged the person who sold me the computer about this, and he has said "The problem is very simple: VGA card goes to sleep. You can change the 'go to sleep time' as Windows system, but don't know where this is with a mac". I've googled to the end of the earth but can't seem to find anything on it!
    I've attached these screen shots too just in case...
    Any help would be greatly appreciated or happy to answer any questions,

    Try booting to Recovery and repairing the the startup disk via Disk Utility.
    OS X: About OS X Recovery - Apple Support
    Next try resinstalling the OS
    OS X Mavericks: Reinstall OS X

  • How to fix Imac 8.1 on Windows black screen problem?

    Firstly when I originally got this machine it seemed (about 4 years ago), sometimes had my Pc forget the keys shortcuts for the Mac)
    Anyway over the last year I have the problem where I'd be in the middle of doing something on the Windows side then randomly go black. Strangely this doesn't effect the Mac side on my Boot Camp.
    After some testing on the Windows side I noticed this screen doesn't force the black screen when I'm either watching a video using 'Media player' or playing a game like 'STO' or 'KOTOR'. Also I wouldn't mind the black screen if it was temp but the thing is it stays black until I hard-reset the Imac.
    Anyway does anyone have any idea's on how to fix this? It's been a problem for the Windows side for a while, haven't had much luck trying to fix the issue so the video playing 'idea' was always a temp solution till I can find a way to fix the issue. (The problems exists on both Windows 7/8 but now using windows 8 again because had to replace my broken hard drive recently).


  • E5: black screen problem with FLV file

     give solution.....when i play FLV there is option for  pause, stop but black screen.what may the problem .other file plays normal .help me plzzzz
    Go to Solution.

    The only solution is likely to get a newer phone.  The Flash player on your phone (and mine) is based on Flash 8, which is several years out of date.  Also note it's called Flash Lite, which to me suggests that certain features have been removed.  Your FLV file must be trying to do something the player doesn't support.

  • Finally a SOLUTION for the black-screen problem!

    It took me almost a MONTH to find a solution to this wide-spread problem - and I had to do it by myself.
    I've got a Qosmio x300 (about 18 months old) and started having the black screen / lock-down problem about 6 months ago but it was sporadic. When it started getting worse, I took it in for repair, made sure it was cleaned religiously, had both a cooling pad and household fan directed at it to eliminate any possible overheating issue, made sure all of the *Toshiba* drivers were up to date according to their site, etc... The problem kept getting worse - to the point where I couldn't even open a browser without the dumb thing crashing.  VERY frustrating to say the least.
    Finally I gave up - I removed the nVidia driver that ran the GeForce 9700M GTS video card and used the standard VGA driver.  No more lock downs, but it limited what I could do because the on-board memory wasn't being utilized.  I re-installed the *Toshiba* drivers for the card and presto - lock-downs again.
    Fed up, I went directly to the nVidia download page and chose to have it automatically detect my card. Now, granted, it says to try to use the OEM versions of graphics, but Toshiba's drivers are FLAWED!  I installed the driver suggested directly from nVidia, and what do you know? Full use of the card again and not a single crash!
    I hope all of my frustration, and the solution that resulted from it, can help someone else not have to waste time, money, and hair on their heads as it did with me.  =)  The sad part about it all - this is a TOSHIBA flaw that affects a wide range of systems and models - and nothing has or is being done about it.
    Good luck!  =)
    Dave (Montreal, Canada)

    Which version of the nVidia driver did you use?

Maybe you are looking for

  • Please HELP, Stuck on grey screen with Old Apple Logo in it

    Hi , my computer froze today and when I tried to reboot the hard drive starts but stays on a grey screen with a small folder in the middle with an Apple logo in it. What should I do, all suggestions welcome!

  • Yosemite consolidating multiple desktops on dual monitors,

    I have a Mac mini (mid 2010) - 2.4 GHz - 350 GB - Yosemite 10.10.2 - with dual LG monitors. Instead of using Mission Control I prefer to have multiple desktops on each monitor. I dedicate a single app to each desktop, e.g., Safari, iTunes & iPhoto on

  • Epson V500 scanner no longer able to create "PDF" file.

    Epson tech support advised there is a conflict between the scanner and Adobe PDF maker. Everything worked great up to about 5 days ago when everything stopped.  Does Adobe have a "fix" or "patch" for this problem?  Thank you

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