File Content conversion at the sender adapter without Key field

Hi All,
I have a requirement ....We are using Message Transform Bean at the sender adapter (we are not going for FCC as we are tranforming a decryption) ..its is a flat file...
we dnot have a key field for one of the node .....we have total 5 nodes under parent node and one of the node does not have key field ....
NOTE: I guess we have to do either Java mapping or XSLT ..but not getting proper weblogs with program...
and not well versed with coding...i got few codes which were either not fulfilling requiremment or they use stream tranformation where it is decaprecated in NWDS and does not allow to compile it properly .
Can somebody get me a code for Java which uses Abstract tranformation ...which can full fill below requirement
parent node
                   node 1a
                   node 1b
              Node 2
              Node 3
Input Flat file is in below format
Employee Headre Flat files
Employee Detail Flat Files(this repeates numerous times as much as number of employees)
Employee  Trailer Flat Files
Loan Headre Flat files
Load Detaisl Flat Files (this repeates numerous times as much as number of employees)
Loan Trailer Flat files
Assitance much appreciated thanks .

Hi Stefan,
I will rephrase the question i guess its communication gap...
1) we have an existing interface in 3.0..we are not copying the same interface to 7.1 as it was not according to standards and they are phasing out that system.
2) In 3.0 they are reading the Flat files under one record .. the structure is as follows:
Parent Node
They are reading all the flat files row by row.
and even in receiver they are reading in the similar fashion
3) In the current structure according to the FS we have to create a structure defined by them which is as below
          Details   node 1
             Details  node 1a
              Details  node 1b
          Loan Header
          Loan Detail
          Loan Trailer
Receiver structure is
      Node (this will have the receiver fields which is about 30 fields)
4) We have pulled a sample file from 3.0 for the existing interface as we din get the sample file for existing one in FS and Iam not sure whn are they gonna send it.
5) In the existing interface payload we have everything matching even the field lengths and postions and even key fields and key fields we got from the FS
6) problem is we donot have key fields for the Details node 1a and 1b even in FS or the existing payload and we got an update from the FS consultant that we will be receiving these fields but without keyfields...
see i donot have any problem taking out the details 1a and 1b out of the details header and create the structure ,,,,but the main issue is without key field we will not be able to generate the 1a and 1b nodes or read it in the FCC or MTB (i have to use MTB as we are decryting the file from the sender).
Or is there any other method apart from java mapping or module development to handle these files

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    Hi Experts
    I am working on a file to Proxy scenario where my file is fixed format length which will have only one Structures (Details Records) that would be coming from the text file but in the message type I have delcared Header, Detail , Trailer,
    However I would be receiving the only Detail part (No header and Trailer) in some instances  what value should I give for the header and trailer in the Content conversion part,

    Since you are going to get values only some instances  for header and trailer node, you can create
    Header  structure   &  Trailer structure  - make the occurence 0 to 1
    Note: if your Header and Trailer values are empty for some instances then no worries. You declare FCC fields for header and trailer similar to Details.
    Refer SAP FCC help link.

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    Hi Folks ,
    The XMl Structure of my input file is
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
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          <name />
          <city />
          <age />
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    In my file conversion paramaters i have mentioned
    data.fieldSeparator ,
    data.fieldNames name,city,age
    adreess.fieldSeparator ,
    adreess.fieldNames fnaame,lanme
    ignoreRecordsetName  true
    recordset.fieldSeparator ,
    data.endSeparator ,
    I fail to understand when in my input file
    i give
    ie value of data and adrees on diff lines it works fine
    bt when i give the imput as 1,2,3,4,5
    it fails in adapater
    giving the exception
    Sender Adapter v1014 for Party '', Service 'filetofile_bs':
    Configured at 12:11:43 2006-07-18
    Last message processing started 05:22:34 2006-07-19, Error: Conversion of complete file content to XML format failed around position 0 with java.lang.Exception: ERROR converting document line no. 1 according to structure 'data':java.lang.Exception: ERROR in configuration: more elements in file csv structure than field names specified!
      last retry interval started 05:22:34 2006-07-19
      length 10,000 secs
    I dont understand why i am getting this error as my data.endSeparator is ,
    any inputs on this would be of grt help 

    Mam if you look at my XML
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <ns:file_sender_mt xmlns:ns="urn:filetofiledemo">
          <name />
          <city />
          <age />
          <fnaame />
          <lanme />
    I have 5 paramaters
    name ,city ,age , fnaame , lname
    and i am pasing those 5

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    In my scenario, I need to send data from .XML file to .txt file, using File Content Conversion at Receiver communication channel. This is File to File scenario.
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    <b>Processing Parameters</b>
    Target Directory = C:/Test
    File Name Scheme = xi_output.txt
    File Construction Mode = Add Time Stamp
    File Type = Binary
    <b>Content Conversion Parameters</b>
    Recordset Structure : RECORD
    RECORD.endSeparator = ‘nl’
    RECORD.fieldSeparator = ;
    After ‘Activate’ and providing the input xml file, xi_output.txt file was generated. But the file content was shown only with ‘Susie’ i.e. with First Name only. I need xi_output.txt file should have all the four fields (FirstName, LastName, City, Country)
    Could some one help me to resolve the issue?
    Thanks in advance

    Check these blogs...Might help you.
    Link for SAP Help

  • File Content Conversion on the Receiving side

    Is there a way in which if I want a Pipe Delimited File as a result, after the last field also I get a pipe with next record starting in the next line.

    For | (Pipe), use corresponding hex code as fieldSeparator i.e. 0x7C as fieldSeparator.
    For FCC on receiver side refer -
    [Simple FCC|], [Complex FCC|]
    For separotor at the end of line you can try using a dummy field or use combination of pipe and newline i.e. '0x7C' and '0x0D' (stands for carriage return) or 'nl' as endSeparator
    Edit: You might consider using 'nl' as beginSeparator parameter and 0x7C as endSeparator. This will do the trick. However, this would add a blank line in the beginning of the file.
    Hope this helps.
    Edited by: Riyaz Sayyad on Aug 21, 2008 3:00 PM

  • File content conversion using the Meaasge Transform bean

    I have a scenario file with pipe delimited file.
    What are content conversion parameters required

    In file content conversion you give these parameters;
    In recordset structure you give as:Header,1,DetailRecord,*,TrailerRecord,1

  • Error in File content conversion in the target

    I'm doing a content conversion at target.
    my target structure while sending is like:
    however in the target i have to ignore the last 2 fields: <filename_output> and <filename>.
    I'm able to do it.
    The problem is coming that in the target structure,when we open in Textpad, 2 trailing empty lines are there at the end.
    we need to remove these lines.
    Any idea how to do it?

    Hi Alok,
    Try with parameters given in this blog:
    If didnot work try: FileName.endSeperator = '0'  as given in this thread: Re: Blank Lines While writing files
    else give .endSeparator as two backspaces (if you have two new lines). The ascii code is '0xBS'. see this code:

  • Sender file Adapter without Key field

    my File structure will be as follows
    WHERE i do have flat file will be as follows
    how to pick this file using FCC from sendere flat file adapter without keyfields , and i can use fixed length also

    with multiple nodes structure( like header and item in your case) you need to have a key field to process this file to a desidered structure using FCC.
    Alternatively you can pick all these records as a single node type and classify it as header/items in your mapping by identifiing how each one differs frm other.

  • File Content Conversion at the receiver side

    Hello All,
    I have a field which has to be truncated at 50th character. What content conversion parameters do I need to add ...?!?!?

    Hi Smita,
    As understood by your question you want a target field to be of 50 character,
    either you can apply substring function in your mapping to that target node.
    It would be much more clear if you mention hows your source file structure is it fixed length or delimiter separated, if it fixedlength file you can apply this parameter in Content conversion <b>fixedLengthTooShortHandling</b> with value <b>Cut</b> nad mention your required length.
    Rewards point if it is helpful,
    Anu Singhal

  • How do we do File content conversion using SFTP SEEBURGER Adapter

    HI All,
              Can we do FCC using SFTP SEEBURGER adapter. If yes how?

    Dynamic attributes are part of the XI message. They provide options for dynamical configuration of SFTP receiver channels (Outbound direction) using parameters that have been dynamically added or set by modules and mappings before the SFTP adapter. These attributes can be set using the Attribute Mapper module for example. Besides, the SFTP adapter dynamically adds specific parameters to the XI message on Inbound case, which can be used by the modules and mappings after SFTP adapter.
    Check also

  • Regd file content conversion in receiver FTP adapter

    Hi All,
    I m trying to do FCC at receiver, i have to convert Idocxml in to a flat file.
    Input structure is smthing like this:
    I have to get the output as:
    test1test2test2xyzwerwer..etc i mean to say i have not feildseparator and i have to revome all the tages in in put file and paste the only values in the output.Its like getting all the things in the same line.
    it tried giving  like . header.feildSeperater    ""
                                  ZJDU.feildseperater  ""
    I am very new to this,searched .. bt didnt get what to write  when there is no  feild seperator  and i have to paste complete file in text format.

    > it tried giving  like . header.feildSeperater    ""
    >                               ZJDU.feildseperater  ""
    I could see spelling mistate in the above line.....  fieldSeparator
    if the above setting didn't work. did u try with the running scripts after the adapter has finished it's job.  You can replace the fieldSepartor with "" empty string.

  • Sender File Adapter - File Content Conversion

    i do have a problem with the file content conversion at the sender file adapter.
    I have configured the file content conversion with key field defined
    keyfield: key
    recordsetstructure is set as head,1,item,*
    head.fieldSeparator  | 
    head.beginSeparator  |
    head.endSeparator  |
    head.keyFieldValue  H
    head.fieldNames  key,....
    item.fieldSeparator  | 
    item.beginSeparator  |
    item.endSeparator  |
    item.keyFieldValue I
    item.fieldNames  key,....
    When i run it like this it will not read since it has a problem to identify the key fields.
    When ever i change the whole logic to be not based on fieldseparator but on fixed length, everything is working perfectly fine.
    but this unfortuantly doesn't help as i have no fixed structure for the rest of the fields.
    also when i change the recordsetstructure to head,1,item,1 my file is also processed correctly, of corse only for the first line, it at least tells me that the file structure is correctly defined.
    Can anyone help why the identification for the keyfields doesn't work with field names and separator but in the same set up with fixed lengths ?
    thanks a lot

    Hello All,
    thanks for the helpful answers.
    So i tried Jayan tip and removed the begin Separter.
    Unfortuantly my file is really looking like this |H|...|...| for the header record
    and for the item record |I|...|...| ( this was an" I" like in Item ...
    In my opinion this means i really do have a begin seperator which is the same like the field separator.
    When i removed it from both the file and the config it started to work.
    So i wrote an java function which will trow away the first digit in this case and integrated it in my szenario.
    So that when this file is read there is no | as a begin flag anymore.
    And the whole thing starts to work, this sounds more like a bug then a feature but anyway i am happy.
    so thanks a lot

  • Sender Adapter File Content Conversion - question

    Could you help me to make xml-file from csv?
    I have file like:
    And i need file like:
    I haven't key fields - all fields are accidental. And lengths of all fields are accidental.
    How to put content conversion parameters?
    Thank you.

    File Content prameters for the Sender Adapter
    File content conversion sites
    Please see the below links for file content conversion..
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    The specified item was not found. - FCC
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    File Content Conversion for Unequal Number of Columns - FCC
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    Content Conversion (Pattern/Random content in input file) - FCC
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    XI in the role of a FTP
    File content conversion sites
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    Content Conversion (Pattern/Random content in input file)
    NAB the TAB (File Adapter)
    Introduction to simple(File-XI-File)scenario and complete walk through for starters(Part1)
    Introduction to simple (File-XI-File)scenario and complete walk through for starters(Part2)
    How to send a flat file with various field lengths and variable substructures to XI 3.0
    Content Conversion (Pattern/Random content in input file)
    NAB the TAB (File Adapter)
    File Content Conversion for Unequal Number of Columns
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    The specified item was not found.
    File Receiver with Content Conversion
    Please see the below links for file content conversion..
    The specified item was not found. - FCC
    The specified item was not found. - FCC

  • File content conversion using SOAP adapter

         I'm using a receiver SOAP adapter in my IDOC to file scenario and need to do file content conversion in the receiver side.
    Are any standard modules available for file content conversion in the SOAP adapter or do I need to write custom EJB modules for this.
    Please note that I have to use a SOAP adapter, can't use any other adapter.
    Thanks in advance

    XML Document Conversion Type
    &#9679;      Enter recordTypes as the parameter name.
    Under Parameter Value, enter the complete, comma-separated list of all names of recordset types that occur in the document to be converted.
    If you decide to use this method, you can define a different conversion type for each recordset type that occurs in the XML document.
    For example, you could name the recordset types as follows: RecordType1,RecordType2,RecordType3.
    &#9679;      Enter singleRecordType as the parameter name.
    Under Parameter Value, enter the name of a recordset type that is to be used to convert all elements that occur in the XML document.
    If you decide to use this method, define the same conversion type for each recordset type that occurs in the XML document.
    You must enter exactly one parameter only. Whichever parameter you choose, you automatically exclude the second parameter.
    You define further parameters for each recordset type.
    In the remainder of this documentation the parameters are specified by the prefix <RecordType>. In your configuration, replace this name with the name of the recordset type.
    Conversion Type List with Separators
    &#9679;      <RecordType>.fieldSeparator
    Enter the field separator that is written between the individual fields of a record.
    This specification is mandatory.
    Conversion Type List with Fixed Field Length
    &#9679;      <RecordType>.fieldLengths
    Specify a character string that contains a list of fixed field lengths that are separated by commas and which determines the number and the length of fields generated in the text file.
    For example, you want to write a recordset with three elements that have field widths of five, ten, and fifteen characters. Enter:
    <RecordType>.fieldLengths = 5,10,15
    This specification is mandatory.
    &#9679;      <RecordType>.fieldLengthExceeded
    Specify how you want to handle fields that exceed the configured field length. Permitted values for the parameter value are:
    &#9675;       error (default)
    Interrupts processing of message with error
    &#9675;       cut
    Cuts off superfluous characters
    &#9675;       ignore
    Ignores the field length restriction
    Further Entries
    &#9679;      <RecordType>.beginSeparator
    Enter a string. The string is placed in front of the first field of a recordset.
    &#9679;      <RecordType>.endSeparator
    Enter a string. The string is appended to the last field of a recordset as a concluding character. The default is \r\n.
    &#9679;      contentType
    Enter the MIME type of the converted payload. The default value is text/plain.
    &#9679;      addHeaderLine
    Only define this parameter if you have already defined singleRecordType.
    Define whether a header line is to be added to the result of the conversion.
    &#9675;       none (default)
    Does not insert a header line
    &#9675;       fromXML
    The header line is generated from the element name of the first recordset of the XML document
    &#9675;       fromConfiguration
    The header line is determined by the configuration parameter headerLine.
    &#9679;      headerLine
    Only define this parameter if you have already set addHeaderLine=fromConfiguration.
    The value that you define is placed in front of the result of the conversion as a header line.
    &#9679;      fixedLineWidth
    Enter the maximum line length n (in characters) that can be written to the resulting document. The separator specified by lineSeparator is inserted in the resulting document every n characters.
    &#9679;      lineSeparator
    Only define this parameter if you have already defined fixedLineWidth.
    Specify the string that is written to the resulting document at the end of each line that is written with fixedLineWidth. The default is \r\n.
    Use of Special Characters
    You can use special characters in the following parameters: <RecordType>.fieldSeparator, <RecordType>.beginSeparator, <RecordType>.endSeparator, headerLine, and lineSeparator.
    &#9679;      Tabulator: \t
    &#9679;      Carriage Return (CR): \r
    &#9679;      Line Feed (LF): \n
    &#9679;      Arbitrary character: \x<code>
    <code>indicates the hexadecimal character code of the character to be displayed.

  • Inconsistency File Content Conversion

    My scenario is file to r/3 wherein the source file is a fixed length file.  So I am using file content conversion in my sender adapter.
    My source structure looks like:-
    |__RECORD  1..unbounded
    |_____HEADER    1
    |_____QUOTE      0...unbounded
    |_____ORDER      0...unbounded
    |_____INVOICE    0...unbounded
    |_____BILLING     0...unbounded
    |_____CONTACT  0...unbounded
    |_____FOOTER    1
    I am getting this error while executing the scenario.
    Conversion of file content to XML failed at position 0: java.lang.Exception: ERROR consistency check in recordset structure validation (line no. 5: missing structure(s) before type 'Header'.
    However, I checked the record in line no.5 and it's clean and perfect.  But still getting the error.  If I remove this record and execute, the file is picked and data is processed.
    In File Content Conversion, I have used the following parameters:-
    Recordset Name = Record
    I am using Key Fields to separately identify the details records.  I used ignoreRecordsetName = true.  In this case, in XML message payload does not contain <Record> node and so there is an error.
    Can anyone suggest, how to overcome the issue such that all the records in the file are processed.

    The content conversion parameters are:-
    Record.endSeparator = 'nl'
    Record.fieldSeparator = 'nl'
    like the above, i have done for all the nodes.  However, if i remove the record from line 5 and process the file, the file is picked up and processed succesfully.  i have checked many times. the line no.5 record is not having any issues with structure or fixed length calculation.  for some reaosn, it gives the error.

Maybe you are looking for