File port

I want to generate a txt file from a IDoc on the app server...i have used a file port and provided a physical path there which is also available in AL11
when i trigger the idoc it is giving status 03 however the file is not getting generated in the folder ...what may be the reason

HI Hema,
I think may be some steps missed.Please go through this wiki from Pavan.
[Idoc into Text|]

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  • File port query  File transfer from SAP R/3 to Webmethods using Unix Script

    SAP drops the files in the /sapio/ directory and triggers an unix script using File port partner destination.
    Unix script will perform a secure copy of files to Webmethods server.
    If in unix script, error occurs then an RFC function will be called to send an error notification to a person.
    1) How is the unix script triggered using the File port partner destination ?
    2) What is the unix command to invoke a report which sends the error notification mail ?
    3) Does SCP command to copy files to webmethods work , if the unix script is placed in /sapio/ directory ? Or whether
    any connection need to be established between SAP and Webmethods server ?

    Since you want to transfer Article Master, it should be a Retail System. So you should use Message Type ARTMAS. For fullbuild, you can use transaction WDBM and for changes, you can use WDBU.  For changes, you can enable change pointers for required fields using BD64.

  • Dynamic read of file for File Port

    As per our project requirement have to use File Port to pick a set of IDOC Flat files from a given directory. The File Port only allows us to pick a file with a specific given name and does not allow us to pull file with a pattern for .eg. We can pull a file abcd.txt but cannot pull something like abc.txt. Our requirement is to pull abc.txt using the File Port.
    If anyone has any idea about this, or any past experience with File Port in this regard, then please respond at the earliest.
    We have created the file port with follwoing parameters:
    Unchecked the Unicode Format System Setting
    For the Inbound File:
    Directory is: A valid directory path
    File Name: abcd.txt

    According to me, while using the automatic syndication through ports, it is not possible to change the filename that IDOC flat file generates.
    FTPS != Secure FTP (990)
    FTPS should have SSH Port 22.
    u can check on this:
    Basic FTP Setup Instructions
    refer this thread also
    Thanks & Regards!!!
    Saurabh Goel

  • How To create a File Port in ALE Settings

    Hi All,
    I want to create a File port, but can anybody help me what are the details have to be updated while creating the Port in WE21.
    Is it i need to mention RFC Destiantion while creating a File port.
    IF not let me know how to configure the logical systems with out giving the RFC destiantion.

    Hi alexander,
    But for function module MAster_idoc_distribute.
    What are the parameters i need to pass for Logical systems and what i have to give in the Model distribute .
    Can you explain me detail.How the sys knows have to maintain for sender and recevier sys.
    As File port new to me.

  • How to copy/send text file from FTPS to SAP ECC File Port

    Hi Frdns,
    I am working on one design, actually my requirement as follows
    I am receiving financial information document from Banks, which is in the form of BIA2 message format, it looks like text file. This information needs to be sending to SAP ECC system.
    I identified some approaches to full fill the requirement
    1)Using Conversion agent/or third party tools to convert BIA2 message in to XML, then using PI I will pick up the XML message, convert it in to IDoc.
    2)Without any conversion I will copy the same file (original BIA2 message) in to SAP ECC file port, in this case no conversion required, calling some program I will schedule it.
    I am looking forward t implement the second approach because it saves lot of money to my client.
    Now I am wondering using File adapter can i copy to SAP ECC File Port or I required ABAP proxy?
    What is the best approach to copy the BIA message text file from FTPS to SAP ECC File Port.??

    Hi Raja,
    >>Now I am wondering using File adapter can i copy to SAP ECC File Port or I required ABAP proxy?
    Yes you can do this copy, the only restriction that can happen is the file size.. If you are sure that the fiel will be of few MB at the max then you can use the Configuration part alone and copy it to ECC folder. For doing this you need the following:
    1. Sender agreement (mention the sender interface as anything XYZ)
    2. Sender communication channel. Pick the file in binary mode
    3. Receiver determination (keep both the sender and receiver service as same)
    4. Interface Detemiantion (dont specify any mapping and keep the receiver interface name as XYZ)
    5. Create receiver agreement (with same service and interface)
    6. Use file adapter here

  • How to create an XML File Port in we21

    Hi firends,
    Can any one help me in creating the XML FILE PORT
    Its Urgent

    Hi Ganesh,
    The file is uniquely identified via the directory ("path") and their names.
    For IDoc files you may also use a "logical directory", which you assign in transaction FILE dependent on operating system "physical" directories.
    Outbound file
    There you can specify a fixed name for the file,

  • File Port Not Picking Up File

    Hello All,
    I'm trying to get a file sent from an external system to SAP. I created a file port. The inbound tab of the port has the full path of where the file will be after it's sent from the external system. The external system is a PC server and is sending the file to the folder no problem. However, the SAP file port is not picking up the file. This is an IDOC file I'm trying to send to SAP. In the file port I click "test connection" and I get a positive result showing "access is possible".
    I went into WE16 to manually bring the file in. I use the full path as in the file port plus the file name. I also enter the port name and try to execute. An error comes back saying "error opening file".
    In WE16 I use...
    <pc server>\directory\filename
    Any help as to why I can't get the file through the port or manually in WE16 would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.

    have you seen below threads :
    Steps to create port in WE21?
    Steps for creating file port for inbound process!
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  • Reading Dynamic Files using File port

    Hello All,
    We have a requirement in our project where we have to use File Port to pick a set of IDOC Flat files from a given directory. The File Port only allows us to pick a file with a specific given name and does not allow us to pull file with a pattern for .eg. We  can pull a file abcd.txt but cannot pull something like abc.txt. Our requirement is to pull abc.txt using the File Port.
    If anyone has any idea about this, or any past experience with File Port in this regard, then please respond at the earliest.
    We have created the file port with follwoing parameters:
    Unchecked the Unicode Format System Setting
    For the Inbound File:
    Directory is: A valid directory path
    File Name: abcd.txt
    Thanks in advance.

    If the xml files are all in the same directory (not in any directory structure relative to the parent directory), you can do something like this.
    - create a bpel process to read the zip files as it comes into the directory]
    - Have a file adapter inbound for the receive
    - Call windows .bat command within the bpel process to run an unzip command on that directory
    - Have another bpel process that reads *.xml files and this will get kicked off.
    There are so many ways of solving this: like having a cron job to unzip the files coming in etc. But, if you have a directory structure for these XML files and if the structure is dynamic, it is difficult to configure the file adapter for that.

  • File port configuration - ALE

    We are trying to configure the ALE setup.
    The data should be transferred to the application directory for the other server.
    Have created the file port, but getting the Idoc error 29.
    Please can u tell me the steps..
    Thanks in advance!

    IDoc status 29: Missing or incorrect partner profile
    To send an IDoc from the SAP system to the external system, you must define outbound parameters for the message type and all relevant partners.
    For more information, see Interfaces ® External Systems ® Configure Warehouse Management ® Communication R/3 -> External System ® Maintain Partner Profile in the Implementation Guide for Warehouse Management.
    If the system cannot find the partner (that is, the connected partner system) for sending the IDocs, proceed as follows:
    Define the missing partner profile.
    Resend all existing IDocs, which the system has not yet been able to send.
    For this error, the system triggers a workflow work item for the standard task Output: Error processing with IDoc and sends a message to the inbox of the corresponding user.
    You trigger subsequent sending of the IDocs that contained errors from the inbox.
    On subsequent transmission, the incorrect IDoc is flagged with status 31 and copied to a new IDoc, which is enhanced with data from the partner profile and transferred to the asynchronous RFC.
    Check this.
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  • Need Information for transporting a file as IDOC through File Port!!!

    All configurations are present in the system to transfer a file as IDOC using File Port.
    Now we are creating a custom program to transfer the same. Now i have all the data in an internal table which has to be send to Non SAP system. So can i know the process how to send the same.
    I have a SAP Directory where i need to place the system. I also have all ports required.
    So please let me know how to code the same ASAP.
    Thanks and Regards,

    You may want to try using the IDOC Test tool WE19 in order to test out your ports and partner profiles.
    Also sending from SAP to XI / PI you might be better configuring RFC Destination / SM59.
    See this Wiki for more info...

  • WE21 File port, but I don't want carriage returns

    We need to change the way we are sending some delivery IDocs.  We were using an RFC destination, but now want to create a file first, then copy the IDoc text file to another server.  The problem is, we can't change the map that reads this IDoc data.  When I create a file port with WE21, the output file is created with a hex 0d0a (carriage-return line-feed chars) on the end of each segment.  We don't want that.  I could write a little script that strips those characters off, but there is another problem.  The length of the segment needs to match the total of all field lengths, even if there is no data at the end of the segment.  We want to see those trailing spaces.  But when sending to a file port, it removes those trailing spaces and puts the hex 0d0a.  Any suggestions?

    Downlaods folder is a temporary internet files folder pretty much. you could just clean it out every once in a while.  if you download google chrome you can just open it with google chrome. i dont think that thats an option with firefox but i could be wrong.
    Hope i helped!

  • Automatically process IDoc to XML File port

    Hi everybody,
    I want to send two different IDocs via "XML File" port using change pointers and the distribution modell (one SAP standard, one custom).
    I maintained the distribution model and created outbound parameters in partner profile (WE20). Both are set to "Transfer IDoc Immed.".
    Now I change some master data and the change pointers are created. I run RBDMIDOC for both message types and both IDocs are created. But unfortunately they stuck at staus "30 - Idoc ready for dispatch" (yellow). I need to run RSEOUT00 to create the XML files.
    Is it possible to avoid a job that runs this report? I want the IDocs to be processed automatically right after creation.
    The really strange thing about this is, that it used to work for the standard IDoc (BOMMAT). But I might have changed some settings to get my custom IDoc work too and now both stuck at status 30?! This is what bothers me most...
    When the XML files are created (at the moment after running RSEOUT00) the status in WE05 is "03 - Data passed to port OK" (yellow).
    Why is this light still yellow? Everything is fine, the file was created, it should be green. Is there anything I can do?
    Thanks and best regards,

    thanks for your suggestions.
    Unfortunately this did not solve my problems.
    OUTMOD for both messages was 2 (which should be ok). Changing it to 1 did not have any affect.
    At least BOMMAT works again (both with OUTMOD 1 and 2). But my custom IDoc still does not get processed automatically.
    Running report RBDMOIND did not change the status of my IDocs. Please keep in mind that it is no tRFC port, but XML File port.
    Best regards,

  • Selection of  TCP/IP Or FILE Port

    Hi Experts,
    I have one Doubt While We are doinng IDOC To File Scenario.
    We have to Create Port In WE21 of Type TCP /IP.
    If We Select the Type As FILE Means What wil Happend.
    Please Explain me little bit on this.

    The Port can be a File Port (IDocs will be saved in this folder)
    Ports are use to define the way data is send (or received) from another partner (e.g. other system).
    - Port type Transactional RFC defines an RFC Destination.
    - Port type File defines a file and directory (and a function module that does the record handling for your output file)
    - Port type CPI-C defines an SAP R/2 system and transmission parameters.
    - Port type Internet, allthough in the system is no longer supported (See SAP note 315083).
    - Port type ABAP-PI defines a function module that will do the transmission. This is often used if you want total control over the sending (or receiving) process.
    - XML defines a file and directory (and a function module) specific to XML formatted files. The XML-HTTP leaves out the file and can transmit directly to a website location

  • Retrieving file from file port while idoc generation

    we have set up the system to call IDOC_INBOUND_SINGLE from external system. it is working well through out. we have configured the file port in sap.
    If generation idoc is successfull, idoc number will be returned.
    if not execption will be thrown. My question is in this scenario is there any way to retrieve the data? Does the file stores in SAP or need the external party to recall the SAP with input?

                Can you please explain the complete scenario ,It seems that we are also working on the same scenario too,may be clear explanation will help both of us.

  • File Port with Outbound Trigger

    I am exporting idoc through a file port in we21.  I have the outbound trigger set up as follows.
    I have Autom. start possible selected
    RFC destination SERVER_EXEC ->  which points to /sapmnt/DEV/exe/rfcexec to execute a local UNIX script.
    I am using a phyical directory of /tmp
    and a script of zip_file.
    When I execute RSEOUT00 i see the idoc file being create on the filesystem, but the UNIX script is not getting executed. 
    Does anyone of any ideas on why my trigger is not working?
    Skip Ford

    I don't think IDoc port can be used to trigger UNIX script other than to tell the system where to output the data.
    Why don't you schedule a job with two steps (execute RSEOUT00 and trigger UNIX script) and run periodically?
    Ferry Lianto

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