File printed to pdf printer and physical printer

as the title says, my application prints files and they are printed to a pdf file and sent by an email or printed by a physically printer letter and sent as letter to the customer
my application is a nightly batchjob in vb6 which has worked really well for some months but now the customer said, that some of the files have been printed to a pdf and sent by an email and also printed by a physicaly printer so i checked the logfiles and realized that there is only one printing mentiond of the files which have been printed twice (pdf and physically) so now i'm wondering
the process looks like this:
i read the data from the database, and if the customer has an email address i change the default printer to the adobe pdf printer, then i set value in the registry which is a parameter for the pdf printer, what the name of the file shall be after this i reset the default printer to the physically one
in the logfile aren't any exceptions so the set of the default printer had to work, and also the set of the parameter for the pdf printer, and the files also had been sent by mail so i'm wondering if it's possible that windows or adobe has also sent the file to the physically printer, the OS is windows 2003 server
hope you can help me
if anything is fuzzy im ready to provide more informations
thanks a lot
greetings peter

>nightly batchjob in vb6
I think you need the Acrobat SDK Developer Forum

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    When I open a PDF document and select print, Adobe stops working and closes.  How do I correct this?

    Hi tbytrzll,
    In order to help you better please let me know below mentioned information:
    - Operating system version and name.
    - Version of Adobe reader.
    - Have you tried to update the Reader and if you are trying to print using any other application what is the result.
    Have you tried any steps to resolve the issue.
    Ajlan Huda.

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    I have created a 3.000 pages document from inDesign heaving its page the same color image as background and variable data. The document exported as pdf. Because of this method the file has very little size (about 3MB). The acrobat print engine take the image once and the resulted pdf does not using a copy in every page but share it (very cool).
    The problem that I have is that when I print this pdf using the windows postscript drivers of my industrial printer (Xerox) then it takes very long time to ripp. I think that even if the pdf has only once the image the windows drivers does not understand this and send the image with every page.
    I discussed this with someone and told me to print the pdf directly to the printer without the interference of printer's driver. As an example he mentioned that when we have a postscript file we do the same to print it (otherwise the postscript code will be printed) using a command line like lpr and put as an argument the IP of the printer (or using some tools for this like the free PrintFile but tghis is only for postscript files).
    Could someone explain to me what he meant? And how is the syntax of the lpr?
    Thanks in advance

    Do you mean that the information for the label is huge on a letter or A4 page and you want to shrink it to the size of the label, or do you have a small region that you want to print to the label? Your work flow is not coming through at all and it is hard to help as a result.
    If you have a label size print on a large page, then crop the page to the label print. Then go to the print menu, select the label paper, set shrink to fit, and print. At least I think that is what you are looking for.

  • When i print a pdf from preview it prints strange characters - it looks fine on screen

    when i print a pdf from preview it prints strange characters - it looks fine on screen

    You can also try opening the PDF with preview, then doing a copy and paste to TextEdit and printing from there.
    Adobe makes it easier, but you do have software to accomplish this.
    Only download Adobe reader from this site, to avoid "fakes/spoofs/malware" that will cause damage to your machine.
    Hope this helps

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    Does the website you're using offer a "printer freindly" button or perhaps the faciltiy to email the intenerary to yourself?

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    You cannot use USB. It has to be a network capable printer.. is it?? You did not indicate how it is connected.. but by wireless or ethernet then scanning is possible otherwise not.

  • Why can't I print from my ipad 2 on my epson workforce 840 printer??? it show that there isn't a printer on my Ipad and my printer is wireless .

    why can't I print from my ipad 2 on my epson workforce 840 printer  ??? it show that there isn't a printer on my Ipad and my printer is wireless.

    The 840 isn't supported by Airprint.  See the list here:
    You may be able to use a universal printing app (check the app store), or Epson may make an app.  Or you could get a more up-to-date printer.

  • I updated to the latest pdf reader, and all print files have a .prn suffix

    After I updated to the latest Adobe PDF Reader, I cannot print PDF files.
    The files have a .prn suffix, which is an old format for Lotus 1-2-3.

    I found a free utility called PrintFile that can print .prn files to USB-connected printers.
    When the utility is installed it associates .prn and other similar files with PrintFile.
    Now when I print a pdf file, I click on the .prn file that is created, and the file is printed O.K.
    It appears that Adobe deleted the Print to File option from the print screen in Reader 10.1.4.

  • How do I complete online .pdf form and then print?

    Sometimes, I can enter data on an online .pdf form and sometimes, I cannot.  I need to complete forms and then print them rather than print a blank form to complete by handwriting.  Window XP and Vista on my computers.  I have installed some Adobe and Acrobat programs but do not know which ones would help me with my problem.  thank you

    Adobe is the company. I assume you are talking about Reader and Acrobat. It would be nice to know which ones, but the answer is likely the same. With Reader, you can only complete the form electronically in Reader if the creator added from fields for your to fill in. If not you have one option and that is to print. You could still play with filling it out electronically, but you would have to print the form, put it back in the printer, and use your word processor to place the information on the form. This is a bit time consuming and requires some measuring and possibly some trial and error, but it does work - I used to fill forms out like this all the time, but generally forms I filled out once a month and so it was worth the time.
    With Acrobat, you can use the Typewriter tool, Use the Text Touchup Tool (not real convenient) with the ctrl key used when you place the cursor, or create your own fields. Depending on your version of Acrobat, you may not be able to create form fields (like AA7 Std and before I think, Pro includes the form tools). With forms, you may also have the choice of the form files under TOOLS>Advanced Editing (typically called AcroForms) or the FORM menu that typically takes you to Designer.
    Those are your choices, though there are variations with version (next time try to tell us the program version you are using and if it is Reader or Acrobat - for Reader you may want to go to the Reader forum).

  • Adobe Reader prints some PDF's and Not others

    I can successfully print some pdf files but there are two that I cannot print. the one I am having problems with is 24 pages and I cannot print this as singles pages or as a booklet. I can print the file from another machine. I though it was maybe because I was still on Reader X so I upgraded it to the latest Reader XI but that didn't help either. On the machine that can print the file it will flatten all 24 pages then print them. On the machine that can't print the file it starts to flatten the first page but when it hits 95% it crashes Reader. It doesn't matter if I am trying to print all 24 pages or 1 of the 24 pages it still crashes. But other PDF files print normally.

    My next guess would be HD-DVD, which is also not properly supported on the Mac. If there's some special extra form of copy protection, I suppose this could also present an issue. I've heard of that on CDs, but not DVDs. Another possible issue is if the discs are from a different region coding than your own. Imported DVDs can often have such region coding. Lastly, burned DVDs of pirated content often won't play because of broken copy protection duplication or if the content lacks the original menus on the original DVD.

  • Printing a PDF in Java w/ print dialog - How to do it?

    Hi, here is what I'm trying to accomplish:
    I need to have a menu item named "Print" that is just a standard Print menu, like how you'd see if you selected "Print" in IE or Excel or Word. Something that lets you pick which printer you want to use, whether you have landscape or portrait printing, and whether its duplexed printing or not. And also it should let you select what printer you want to use.
    Does Java have something that lets you do this?
    Then, I need to be able to print multiple PDF files that the user has selected PRIOR to selecting the "Print" option. The filenames of these pdf files will be stored in an array.
    Anyone know how to accomplish this? Thanks so much in advance. I can be emailed via [email protected], or post here.

    Google for Java Print API.

  • Recently bought new printer. All works fine with one OSX user. However, cannot print anything on other OSX user, including cannot print Adobe PDFs or to new printer. Puzzling!

    computer = Mac PowerPC G5
    OS = 10.4.11
    Adobe Acrobat 7
    HP laserjet M1212nf
    I recently bought a new HP printer. I was on an admin user when I installed it. All works fine with this admin account/user. I can print to the HP, print to Adobe PDFs.
    However, when I then go over to another user account, I cannot print *anything*. I cannot print to Adobe PDF, cannot print to the new HP. If I try to print an excel file, it says "cannot communicate with the printer" along with some useless suggestions. If I try to print a page on FireFox, nothing happens. That is, sure I get the usual dialog box, click the appropriate choice of printer, click the number of copies, then click the OK button ... and nothing happens. No pdf process is started. Nothing is sent to the HP printer.
    The fact that both printer options are not working suggests it is some kind of OS problem, not specific to either printer "device".
    Any assistance is appreciated! Thanks!

    Hi BDAqua,
    Thanks for the suggestion. I'm a bit leery of trying that. I would think that if the driver was not installed, then none of my users could use the printer. However, both admin users can use the new printer. The list of available printers is:
    Adobe PDF 7.0
    New HP Printer
    I also used to have Old HP Printer, which I  removed. Before, Users A, B and C could use both the Adobe PDF and the Old HP printers. Then, after I added the New HP Printer, it showed up in the list of printers for all three users. However, after I added the new printer, only the two admin accounts, users A and C, can actually print anything. Both users A and C can use the Adobe PDF printer AND the New HP Printer. But I get error messages with user B, for both the Adobe PDF printer and the New HP Printer.

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    I have a material supplier email me my invoices as pdf's, and recently when I try to print them, all the numbers and letters print as black rectangles

    What operating system do you have? Printing from email provider or Adobe? What printer? Printer connected USB/wired/wireless? If you print a PDF file that is not from the material supplier, does it print properly?
    I was a support engineer for HP.
    If the advice resolved the situation, please mark it as a solution. Thank you.

  • Reader 9 Print dialog shows garbage and cannot print

    Hi there,
    I have a problem when opening the print dialog box from a VB application. The dialog box is being scrambled.
    Following symptoms:
    - all select boxes are empty
    - the preview area is empty
    - several brochure options are shown in front of the page settings.
    And - the most important problem: I cannot print.
    When I click on [Print] the Reader hangs up.
    The same application works fine with Reader 7 and 8.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    I installed Adobe Reader 9 and am unable to print. All I get are blank pages. It is not my printer as I can print everything else with the exception of pdfs. It seems to jam my printer - strange. Any suggestions? I can view the files but not print.

  • After installing an update to Acrobat on my Windows computer, the option to print to .pdf disappears from my printer options menu in all programs.  What can I do?

    This is the second time I updated my Adobe Acrobat X Pro program and the option to "Print to .pdf" disappears from my word processing program and all other programs I am running.  Last time I uninstalled Acrobat and reinstalled and that fixed the problem, but that was a long process.  Is there any other way to restore the option?

    Do you mean there is no Adobe PDF printer listed? You can check the Start>Devices & Printers list and be sure it appears there.

Maybe you are looking for

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