File Sender Adapter - Throw Alerts

Hi experts,
I've custom a communication channel for the file sender adapter and I'd like to raise alerts in case of technical errors and functional.
I managed to do this for functional errors, by alert rules, and runs good. But for technical errors, the alert rules, not runs good.
I think to develop this control through Adapter User Modules. But so far I have not succeeded. Because if I remove the read permissions of the directory, the User Module is not executed.
I don't know the solution. Any ideas?

Hi experts,
My problem was a bad configuration on the parameters of the alert rule. To manage the system errors and the application errors for my process integration scenario I'm configured the next:
System Errors:
Rule Activated: Yes. - And - Suppress Multiple Alerts of This Rule: No.
Description and Alert Category, the corresponds.
Bound to message: Not relevant.
Sender Service, Sender Interface and Sender namespace, the corresponds.
The other conditions: *
Where did the error occur?
Adapter Engine: Yes. - Adapter Type: File
Application Errors:
Rule Activated: Yes. - And - Suppress Multiple Alerts of This Rule: No.
Description and Alert Category, the corresponds.
Bound to message: Yes.
Sender Service, Sender Interface and Sender namespace, and Receiver conditions, the corresponds.
Where did the error occur?
No Restriction.
Thanks to all,
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    If the file is not present there, I need to trigger an alert to let some people know that the file was not found.
    Is this possible? If so, how should I do it?

    You could also write an abap in your PI system to call the function 'EPS_GET_DIRECTORY_LISTING' against the FTP site/folder/filename(s) at a required interval if you don't want to use a BPM. This abap could also send an email if you so desired.
    The general theory should be that if you can do something a simpler way then don't use BPM's if you can avoid them.

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    Hi Experts,
    I have a question regarding the file/ftp adapter (sender).
    I have a directory with xml and pdf files. for every xml file there is a pdf file with the same filename. for example:
    Now I want to read the xml file with the file sender adapter. afterwards I want to read the related pdf file. for example: If I read the file file1.xml afterwards I want to read the pdf file file1.pdf with the file sender adapter. For this it is nessessary to get the filename from the xml file so that I can read afterwards the pdf file. How can I realise it?
    Thanks and best regards

    Hi srinivas,
    thanks for your quick answer.
    That the file adapter is not able to read pdf files is clear to me. In this case I only want to transport the pdf. that works fine. I tested it.
    the problem is the following:
    I have a xml file with the name "file1.xml". I read the xml file with the sender file/ftp adapter configured with filename "*.xml". Then I want to import the pdf file with the name "file1.pdf". Therefor I need the filename from the xml you know what I mean? So XI has to know the filename of the xml to import the pdf with the same name ...

  • XSLT mapping to retrieve FileName from FILE SENDER adapter

    I have an File Sender adapter scenario where I have switched on Adapter-specific message attributes (FileName).
    In my XSLT mapping program I need to RETRIEVE the filename and map it. Can anyone help please?
    Thx in advance

    Hi Bohamo
    Refer the following link.It provides the required solution for you.

  • Need help to Configure FTPS connection for File Sender Adapter

    I want to Configure, FTPS connection (Secured Connection) for File Sender Adapter. Could anyone please guide me, what Information I require to configure. I just want to know what Information should I request the team inorder the configure FTPS so that it can be deployed properly.
    I have checked with [SAP Help Link|] and while configuring the communication channel found that I need Keystore and the X.509 Certificate and Private Key.  which needs to be deployed on the J2EE server by using the Visual Administrator.
    Is there anything else, I need to configure.
    Any help would be appreciated in this regard.
    Thanks & Regards,

    The basic things are Certificate/Keys which you already know. Usually it is enough for running a sceanrio.
    However, if you have additional requirements, like FTPS for "Connection Security" for encryption, then you may need additional details like commands. Rest all settings are same as FTP.

  • File sender adapter:FILE to IDOC without BPM, can't see in SXMB_MONI.

    Hi all
    I have a FILE - XI - IDOC Async scenario without BPM.
    I configured FILE sender adapter and IDOC receiver adapter. I made a mapping to transfer file data to the structure of IDOC.
    Now when i am trying to load the file using command prompt, i cud see nothing in the monitoring. Whereas if i go to the communication channel monitoring of runtime workbench, i saw that CC is polling correctly and was reading the file also.
    And also wen i saw in the processed folder which i mentioned in the CC configuration for the ARCHIVE DIRECTORY, i saw that file got transferred to the folder also.
    I don't understand why i cant see anything in the monitoring.
    Could anybody help me to rectify the problem. Is there anything i m missing ?

    TCode:: SXMB_ADM->Integration engine configuration->specific configuration->runtime
    Trace_Level = 3 then you can get all MONI PIPELINE Steps also
    I did this change but cudn't see anything in SXMB_MONI.
    This is how i have configured my process:
    But instead of IDOC splitting i have simple FILE - XI -IDOC scenario.
    I have configured everything exaclty the same way it is mentioned here. But for me the process is not visible at all.
    I can't even see the first request message in the monitoring.
    This is the message i can see in the communication channel monitoring:
    2010-05-24 09:07:41 Success Channel CC_*: Entire file content converted to XML format
    2010-05-24 09:07:41 Warning Channel CC_*: Empty document found. Proceed without sending message
    2010-05-24 09:07:41 Success File "/xyz/ABC.txt" archived after processing
    Is there any problem with the file and that could be the reason it cant convert the file to the request message MT_REQUEST and thus am not able to see anything in monitoring.
    help me guys....this is a simple process and i m stuck...its frustrating

  • File Sender Adapter

    Hello All...
    sysinfo:  files to join,  file1, file2, file3    output after joining the files should be sal.txt and the executable file is run.bat
    We have a File Sender Adapter and we are trying to "Run an Operating System Command Before message Processing" where we execute  run.bat, if we execute it  manually this executable run.bat is ok, but if we try to use it from "run operating System command before message processing" it does not work (it does not create the sal.txt file in the operating system)
    we are wondering if that is because file sal.txt in the field "file name" of  "file access parameters" does not exist in the operating system before the file run.bat runs.
    Any clue about this?.

    HI Maru,
    Why don't you try to run this command from the sender directory specified in your sender file adapter in your command prompt??
    Does that result in success???
    And also, Instead of using a .bat fie, use the following command
    COPY "C:\MyFolder\file1.txt" + "C:\MyFolder\file2.txt" +"C:\MyFolder\file3.txt" "C:\MyFolder\sal.txt"

  • File sender adapter (FTP) - processing mode "Archive"

    Hello all
    We're polling files from an external FTP server. For this I created a scenario on XI according to this thread:
    When setting processing mode to "Archive" in the file sender adapter (ftp) it polls the file, stores it to the archive directory I specified and then tries to delete the file on the FTP server side. This returns me an error because we're not allowed to delete the retrieved files on the FTP server!
    Because of this error the file adapter stops further processing and does not poll all the other files.
    How can I disable this deletion mechanism while keeping processing mode to "Archive"?!?!?
    We do not want to use processing mode "Delete" or "Test" and we don't see other options to influence this behaviour.
    Thanks for any guideance on this one in advance!
    Kind regards,

    Hi Bhavesh
    Sorry for the late answer. Unfortunately I can't ask the application system to provide file names containing a timestamp within. The files are provided by an external partner and are retrieved by several others as well.
    In the meantime I managed to achieve this:
    In repository I created dummy data types, message types and message interfaces. No mapping programs and interface mappings!
    In configuration I created the necessary communication channels (1 ftp sender, 1 file receiver) and the required receiver and interface determinations as well as the sender and receiver agreements.
    The result of this is:
    I'm able to poll some specific files via ftp from remote host. The file names are file1.arj, file2.arj, file3.arj and file4.arj. All 4 files have the same SourceFileTimestamp (e.g. "20060727T053900Z").
    I'm able to store those 4 files 1:1 in a target directory with the same file names. Until here I did NOT need to follow this blog: <a href="/people/michal.krawczyk2/blog/2005/11/10/xi-the-same-filename-from-a-sender-to-a-receiver-file-adapter--sp14: The same filename from a sender to a receiver file adapter - SP14</a>.
    As of this blog it is possible to access adapter specific attributes and make them available in message mapping using user defined functions. This way I'm able to get the SourceFileTimestamp from the polled files and use it in a message mapping. This way I'm also able to use it in variable substitution on file receiver adapter (syntax = "payload:root,1,fileTS,1") in order to dynamically create a directory with this syntax: YYYYMMDD.
    So far so good... but the only remaining BIG problem now is, that as soon as the mapping is activated and assigned in the interface determination, the created files contain the XML payload instead of the original binary content. Where has it gone? How should the target message type look like so that it can carry over the original binary file content?
    BTW: isn't it possible to post screenshots? Would be much more easier to explain things... so sorry to anyone if I wasn't clear enough!
    TIA and best regards,

  • File Sender adapter not reading the first line

    I have a scenario configured from file to jdbc adapter.
    However, I found a problem in my file sender adapter. My file adpater always not picking up the first line from my text even I have set the 'Document Offset' to 0.
    Any Ideas? Thanks.

    Hi Latika Sethi,
    My complete input text file is as below, it contains only 2 testing records:-
    H1|DIZ1                          |A0016507    |10000020|09/2007
    D|P|0001|Gaji Pokok       |   1,000.09
    D|D|0002|Denda              |   1,000.00
    D|P|0003|Elaun               |   1,000.00
    H1|PUA1                        |A0016508    |10000021|09/2007
    D|P|0001|Gaji Pokok       |   2,744.09
    D|D|0002|Denda              |   2,000.00
    D|P|0003|Elaun               |   2,000.00
    After the message mapping, I found the pipeline existed in sxmb_moni as below:-
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <ns:mt_rmp03B_filejdbc_sender xmlns:ns="urn:rmp03:pdrm:ips:jdbcjdbc">
    .... <IC>ABC0001</IC>
    .. </Header2>
    .. <Details>
    .... <Jenis>P</Jenis>
    .... <No>0001</No>
    .... <Deskripsi>Gaji Pokok</Deskripsi>
    .... <Jumlah>1,000.09</Jumlah>
    .. </Details>
    .. <Header1>
    .... <Nama>PUA1</Nama>
    .... <KWSP>A0016508</KWSP>
    .... <NoGaji>10000021</NoGaji>
    .... <Bulan>09/2007</Bulan>
    .. </Header1>
    .. <Header2>
    .... <IC>ABC0002</IC>
    .. </Header2>
    .. <Details>
    .... <Jenis>P</Jenis>
    .... <No>0001</No>
    .... <Deskripsi>Gaji Pokok</Deskripsi>
    .... <Jumlah>2,744.09</Jumlah>
    .. </Details>
    There are 2 payslips as for the top payslip node...Header1 tag is missing. It means that during the file sender step....the first line of my record which is :-
    "H1|DIZ1                          |A0016507    |10000020|09/2007"
    is not read into the xi pipeline. Basically this is the problem i faced.
    Has somebody facing the same problem before? Currently I have no choice but moved the First line of the text into Second line and left the first line of the text become null/ empty line. As such both records can be successfully read by the XI.
    However what I wondered is sometimes clients will do insert the records into the first line and this might made some data loss.

  • File sender adapter is not working

    Hello All,
    We are facing a problems with file sender adapter. Communication channel is not picking the files from the directory, but the status in RWB for that channel is 'Functioning'. We are not sure whether the channel is locked or any other problewm with adapter. (In Alternate option, we have created copy of that channel and when it is activated, it picked the file )
    Can anyone help us how to identify whether channel is locked and any other solutions in this case.

    Hi Srinivas,
    The file adapter ( The respective channel) is definitely locked in PI . Ideally for each polling interval a lock is being created and once the processing is over , the lock should be released/deleted automatically to allow further polling interval. If the lock is not released by the system automatically,further polling will not happen as expected. ( This may affect all sender file adapters as well. I would recommend to do a check in al sender file communication channels)
    You can see/delete the locks in Visual admin.
    Go to Server>Services->Locking adapter  and click refresh
    The entries for file adapter ( with name $XIAFFileAdapter) should be deleted by selecting those particilar entries and click delete selected locks.
    If you have more than one node, then same should be done in all server nodes.
      The temprory solution would be creating/copy the existing channel in ID with same properties and assign it into particular sender agreement.
    But, the lock may be created again which potentailly stops all your file based interfaces. Hence i would suggest to use Timeout parameter avialable in file sender adapter which termiates FTP session as you defined, This should solve your issue permanently.
    The FTP server do have thier own time out settings but if you don't defne any particulat time out in PI, the FTP server forcefully disconnects the FTP sessions which created locks in PI.
    Hope this solves your issue.
    PS: The same bahaviour would expected for all sender JDBC adapter as well

  • File Sender adapter - source file name - weird

    Hi all,
    We have a sender file adapter polling an ftp location. The Dynamic config has been enabled to get the source file name.
    The actual file name is - "hrmd.xml", but in the dynamic configuration node, in sxmb_moni, the fileName is shown as ./hrmd.xml.
    This does not occur with any other file sender adapter comm channels polling ftp locations.
    I guess this has something to do with the ftp server. Did anyone face this issue?

    the fileName is shown as ./hrmd.xml
    The file name surely cant have a / in it....such characters are not allowed.
    is there any way we can change the fileName message attribute once the file is picked up
    Create a UDF for Dynamic Configuration and change the name as per your requirement (in XI)....the source file may be having proper format for name and i assume that you have to change it for receiver file name

  • File Sender Adapter - Multiple Source Directory

    Hi all,
    I have the following file to IDoc Scenaraio:
    The source file might be in any of 3 directories in source system and so created file sender adapter as follows:
    File access parameters:
    Source Directory : Directory1
    File Name         : Filename*.XML
    Addiontal Directory:
    Directory2    Filename*.XML
    Directory3    Filename*.XML
    The porblem we are facing is the file adapter is picking the file from Directory1& 2 and not from Directory3.
    If the change Directory Order in adapter as follows:
    File access parameters:
    Source Directory : Directory3
    File Name         : Filename*.XML
    Addiontal Directory:
    Directory2    Filename*.XML
    Directory1    Filename*.XML
    ... then file from Directory 2 & 3 is getting processed and not from Directory1.
    Any thoughts on this will be greatly appreciated.

    Why use BPM for this?
    Instead write an abap program to pick from any of 3 directories in source directory and place it in the shared XI folder and configure your file adapter pointing to XI shared folder...shecdule the abap report for every 5 min..
    Wanna know more /people/sravya.talanki2/blog/2005/08/23/sender-xi-ftp-adapter-with-regular-path-expression-150-abap
    Or write OS level scripts for doing same.

  • File Sender Adapter - Dinamic Source Directory and Filename

    Hi Experts,
    I have to receive in XI a file and depeding of some info, put it in diferent directories with diferent fieldnames.
    In receiver File Adapter we can set the directory and fieldname dinamically by ABAP-CLASS mapping, but not in Sender.
    I've read Michal's blog
    and sap help
    But, I can't find Adapter-Specific Message Attributes in my File Adapter...:-) I've checked SP version is SP16, where are my Adapter-Specific Message Attributes?
    How can I set Directory and Fieldname at runtime for Sender File Adapter?
    Please help...
    Thanks all in advance,

    Hi Nilesh,
    Your threath is not about my issue...
    Answering to other friends, what I want is not to write p.e.: '/server/dir/' in each File Sender Adapter Channel, and put it with any other way looking some 'customizing' or checking a condition.
    The problem is that frecuently in the Company changes servers and we have to enter to the Directory and change every Channel one by one...We would like to reduce the maintain of the Channels with a mapping, variable, customizing table...or something similar. Do I explain?
    I don't know if its possible but I had the hope...:-)
    Thanks all.


         Please help me.
         I have to read by a file sender adapter a specific file in the directory that its name is Dyyyymmdd, where yyyymmdd is variable according with the current day:
         D      - fixed letter
         yymmdd - year,month and day of the current day.
         I cant´t use D* in the File Name Scheme because I must read only the one file generated in the day.
         How can I configure my file sender adapter to read this especific file in the directory?
          Thanks in advance.

    Hi Krishna,
        I must access only one file by time ( of the current day ), but in the directory I have a lot of them of different dates. I mean, in the of the read ( in the adapter configuration ) , I need to configure the name of the file Dyyyymmdd before of the reading in the directory, in other words, I need to construct the name of file (withe the current date) before the communication channel access the file to read it.
        I think that OS command just can be applicated in file receivers, but if possible, at your purpose, how can I access the name of this especific file via OS command for senders?
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    Message was edited by: Midervilson  Andrade

  • UDF to get the filename for File Sender Adapter

    I had an requirement to get the  the Filename and map to the  target payload.
    I had configured the File Sender Adapter settings in the ID
    This is the following UDF i got from SDN.
    DynamicConfiguration conf = (DynamicConfiguration) container.getTransformationParameters().get(StreamTransformationConstants.DYNAMIC_CONFIGURATION);
    DynamicConfigurationKey key = DynamicConfigurationKey.create("","FileName");
    String ourSourceFileName = conf.get(key);
    return  ourSourceFileName;
    But when iam using this UDF iam getting an error
    RuntimeException in Message-Mapping transformation: Exception:[java.lang.NullPointerException] in class method Filename$[[email protected]]
    Please help me in correcting the error.

    Hi Jayson,
    actually, in the interface mapping, it doesn't give exception.
    The DynamicConfiguration is a constant retrieved from the container object, so it will never be returned as null (given that the container object was instantiated).
    Just the retrieved value will be null (since it was not previously set), but no exception occurs.
    In the message mapping, the container object is never instantiated, and that's the reason for the NullPointerException.

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