Filed suprress ECC NO  in vendor master CIN detail (excise duty tab)

can any body help me in displaying field of ECC
NO in CIN detail in vendor master.

Why you required to display it in Vendor master ? Is it for report purpose only ?
SSI is also part of J1ID - Vendor excise detail.
As per my knowledge there is no such particular field in Vendor master for SSI no.
But if you want it, then you can get it by entering SSI no in some other unusable filed.
Now you have to select one filed which you are not using in Vendor master. 
As per my view you can go with second Control Tab.
Over there you can enter SSI no. It is not standard SAP provision.
If it is report purpose then you can take help of ABAP development.
Hope above will helpful to you.

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    Dear All,
    Where will we do the field settings for the fields in Vendor Master CIN Details Tab?
    Points will be awarded.
    Thanks in advance!
    SAP FC

    U want the Cin tab on the vendor master rite.
    It comes on the address screen.
    In the spro under LG -- tax on goods movement---india...
    drop down and u have a place where we give ur user id ... (new entry) gv ur user id and put a star * and save.
    then when u create vendor master now u will get the CIN tab.
    I have no sap so i could not tell u the exact path.
    Thanks & regards,

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    I want to make PAN No as madatory field in Vendor Master CIN Details.
    Can anyone help.
    Anurag Khanna

    PAN number is not maintained in Vendor master.
    Procedure to maintain is -
    Transaction Code: J1ID
    Step 1: In the u2018Excise rate Maintenanceu2019 screen, select u2018Vendor Excise Detailsu2019 and click u2018Changeu2019 button.
    Step 2: Click u2018New Entriesu2019 and add the vendor PAN details.
    Step 3: Save

  • PAN No as madatory field in Vendor Master CIN Details

    I want to make PAN No as madatory field in Vendor Master CIN Details.
    Can anyone help.
    Anurag Khanna

    OK, I guess you are referreing to J1ID T code where we maintain the PAN # for vendor
    is it possible to create an ERROR message if PAN # is NOT updated?..This is just a thought or workaround

  • Vendor Master- CIN details Upload

    Hello Experts
    I want to upload the CIN details of the vendors. We are working on implementation of CIN, so please suggest what all things should be taken care.
    We are planing to go with LSMW, recording method.
    But when i tried that in ides, the pop up window for cin details was not coming in XK02 transaction. What can be the issue?
    Also, is the concept of small scale industries still maintained in india?
    Also there is a field 'type of vendor' in the excise duty tab in the CIn details. whats its significance?

    go to
    spro - logistics-general - material master - Configuring the Material Master - Maintain User Settings
    here you need to put the SAP user ID. Only these people can view the CIN data at Vendor Master (XK01, 02, 03). For them, the CIN Data button will be displayed.
    You can upload the data by LSMW, but you need to do the above mentioned setting in each and every client. For LSMW the screen should be identical in all clients.
    You need to use the SAP ID for which you have given access of the CIN Data Tab.
    I am sure this will help you. I have used it in my earlier projects.

  • Vendor Master Contact details

    I am currently working on a data migration project to migrate the data from the SAP 4.7 to ECC 6.0.
    We are working on migrating the vendor master data and I am struck up in extracting the comments maintained in the Vendor master Telephone details. In the legacy system Business have maintained the comments in the section along with multiple telephone numbers.
    We are facing similar issue in extracting the Comments section in the Mobilephone and and notes in Fax.
    Please guide me on how to extract the Comments section of the Telephone & mobile phone numbers and the notres section from the Fax details.
    With regards

    adress data of a vendor is stored in adress tables (dont only use on LFA1)  like ADRC, fax numbers in ADR3, telefon in ADR2 table. Remarks to an adress number in ADRCT

  • Vendor master data details

    Hello Friends,
    i have one requirement like...
    We need a download of Vendor master data details with the following data:
    1) Company Code
    2) Vendor number
    3) Vendor Name
    4) Vendor country code
    4) Bank key
    5) Swift code (BIC code)
    6) Bank account
    7) IBAN code
    i have tried to develop one report in SQVI transaction. i have taken tables LFA1,LFB1,LFBK.BKNA and TIBAN.
    But i could not able map Bank account number  between the tables BKNA and TIBAN.
    Could you please help on this topic...

    BNKA is the table of banks, not bank accounts; it doesn't contain bank account numbers.
    You will find swift code in BNKA-SWIFT
    with keys
    and IBAN in TIBAN-IBAN
    with keys

  • SAP Vendor Master Communication Details for SMART FORM Printing.

    Could you please advice Functional module to extract SAP Vendor Master Communication Details for SMART FORM Printing.
    Thanks in Advance.

    Hi Ravi,
    I don't know about a function module, but the vendor master table LFA1 has a field ADRNR pointing to the general address table with the fields for e.g. language and to the tables ADR2 for phone numbers, ADR3 for fax numbers and ADR6 for e-mail addresses.

  • Bank Details by corporation in Vendor Master Additional Details tab

    What is the use of "Bank Details by corporation" in Vendor Master Additional Details tab.
    How & from where the values are getting updated in these fields.
    Do suggest.

    What you are telling in all probablity is an enhancement to std Vendor Master in SAP. There are various BADI which can be implemented to build in as per business requirements in SAP . Some of the BADI available are:
    it is difficult to comment what has been implemented and with what logic. SAP Note 580266 provides details of these BADI. You should also check BADI implementations in SE18 or SE19 with help of your ABAP Colleague,
    Sanil Bhandari

  • Cust master -cin details

    in cust master -cin details tab we have to enter excise indiactor 1
    -is it possiblt to defualt 1 automatically in cin details  instead of manual entry
    pl suggest

    Hi sdquest sd,
    Maintaining this is a one time activity so better do it using BDC or LSMW or manually while creating customer master record, now if you want to have it automatically then again it is a workaround for ur abaper.U decide what is easy for u, i think the first option is good as it is a one time activity.

  • Description  of Filed name to be changed-Vendor master

    Hi Gurus
    In the vendor master a filed name 'BAHNS" its desc has to be changed ,pls tell how to change the desc of a filed .

    You will need an ABAP Person (preferably).
    T-code CMOD
    <i>Go To --> Text Enhancements --> Data Elements --> New DE cust docu</i>
    The description can be changed here.

  • Reg. Vendor creation CIN details

    Dear All
    Even If I create new user the CIN details do not come in XK01 Vendor creation. Please help what setting to be done in user creation SU01

    SPRO -> Logistics General -> Tax on Goods movement -> India -> Master Data -> Assign Users to Material Master Screen Sequence for Excise Duty
    1. Double-click User Screen Reference.
    2. Assign all users who need to see the excise duty information to the screen reference in the Vendor Master.
    In the creation mode or change mode you can find the CIN Details icon in the header screen
    Hope this clarifies

  • Vendor Master bank Details Query

    Hi Gurus..
    i have developed a program from extracting vendor master and vendor A/P transaction.. in vendor master i have to get bank info like bank key and bank account number with respect to vendor number(lifnr).
    i have found the field name
    <b>bnka-BANKL    ---          Bank Key
    bsec-BANKN   ---          Bank account number  ...</b>Now the problem is i fighting hard to relate these fields with respect LIFNR..
    I'm Looking forward to here solutions from you all..
    thanks in Anticipation
    seriesnous is critical.. its has to be transported 2'marrow..
    full points will be rewarded for usefull solutions..

    hi Chandru,
    you have to go to table LFBK, there you'll find all banks for all vendors. Pls. have a look at the table and come back if yuo have more questions. Pls. note that one vendor can have more bank accounts (but I am sure you have seen that in FK03).
    hope this helps

  • Vendor master bank details urgent.........

    Hi Exps,
    In the vendor master under general data, option payment transactions the window opens for bank details.
    Here which bank details i have to maintain? is my company bank details or vendor bank details?
    for bank interface we have to maintain every vendor swift code or only our swift code to assign? if so where we have maintain this?
    Kindly give the answers asap please.. this is very urgent.

    In the option for nak details you have to mantain the bank details of vendor not your bank... you rhouse bank will maintained in company code data tab...
    so for the bank interface you have to give vendor house bank swift code... by which bankers will be able to send through Electronic system...
    If helpful assign points...

  • Automatic Payment Program / Vendor Master Bank Details

    Hi All,
    in Vendor Master we have bank details section.for the vendor to be picked in APP, There the bank should be maintained, which is maintained in FBZP. Please correct me if I am wrong.
    Does the Payment Method have any role to play here?I mean if the payment method is Q(cheques) , is it not needed to maintain  the bank details in Vendor Master?

    Hi Rudra,
    your Question:-
    in Vendor Master we have bank details section.for the vendor to be picked in APP, There the bank should be maintained, which is maintained in FBZP. Please correct me if I am wrong.
    In FBZP, we maintain the Bank Accounts which we own and in vendor master we enter the Bank Account No.'s held by the vendors with their banks and this has got nothing to do with House banks that we maintain in FBZP. In some of the cases, the bank key may play a common role.. but this also depends upon bank key, its usage, design etc..
    Does the Payment Method have any role to play here?I mean if the payment method is Q(cheques) , is it not needed to maintain the bank details in Vendor Master?
    In FBZP, go to Pmt methods in a country.. There you will find a section which says, "Required Master Record Specifications". In configuration, you define for a Payment method, what the system should check, so if you have specified against a Pmt Method, that Bank Details>Account Number Required is a mandatory field, then system will check otherwise not. Usually, in case of Checks, we do not tick this as Vendor Bank Account No. has no relevance in case of check payment.

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