Files will not open on my 6600

I can not open the gallery,file manager and calendar in my nokia 6600, I already change a new MMC.
What to do?

It sounds like data corruption. Please try to format the unit & update it with the latest firmware. For doing this please take the unit to ur nearest Nokia authorized service center.
Try to take a back up of all ur contacts data from ur unit before giving it for repairs (before format and upgrade) b/c after format and upgrade u may loose all ur personal data from the unit. Recommended to restore only contacts data after the firmware update,

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    I want a solution to the problem I was having on Win 7 Pro Service Pack 1 in that links on an open Adobe Acrobat Pro 10.1.12  file will not open in my Firefox Browser 33.0.2. The Error I receive is "Acrobat could not run the web browser.  Unknown Error. (123)"

    Change browsers. See what happens.
    Be well...

  • PDF files will not open in a Safari (v 6.0.5) browser window

    PDF files will not open in a Safari (v 6.0.5) browser window, OS 10.8.5. Version 11.0.04 Adobe Reader and Plug-ins installed. Both local and internet files do not load. What is happening here?

    Ok. I reloaded v 11.0.04 of Adobe Reader after quiting Safari 6.0.5 . Then deleted the 2 plug-ins AdobePDFViewer.plugin and AdobePDFViewerNPAPI.plugin . Relaunched Safari and tried to read a pdf from a repository at the URL mentioned in post 10 . The file was loaded and displayed correctly. Also a pdf file from my local disk store displayed nicely as well. What I do not understand is that there is no listing of an Adobe plug in /Library/Internet Plug-Ins , nor does Safari list any Adobe plug ins. So in that case this means that plug-ins for the display of pdfs in Safari windows are no longer needed!
    Adobe Reader version 11.0.04  is now working for me.
    Thanks for the help and the solution C.F.McBlob

  • Pdf and vector files will not open in Adobe Illustrator after Yosemite Update

    I updated my OS on recommendation from apple. Pdf and vector files will not open in adobe illustrator now. Am i using the latest OS?

    Linda Feltner wrote:
    > I cannot import or open vector files in Freehand 10. I
    just get large
    > Xs instead of the image. I have a MAC OS 10.3.9,
    Freehand 10. I'm
    > trying to import some small files that are either .ai or
    .eps files
    > (all are vector) that open fine in Illustrator 10 (so I
    know they
    > work), but I can't use them in that program. I've tried
    adjusting in
    > Freehand Preferences the 'convert editable EPS files" ,
    on and off. I
    > tried adjusting the 'Embed...." selection on and off.
    Can anyone tell
    > me what thing I'm doing wrong. I have two files, they
    are map
    > boundaries, that need to scale and adjust their color
    and line width
    > over an aerial map. This can't be difficult, but I must
    > overlooking something. Many thanks in advance. Linda
    Freehand can't convert EPS files into editable vectors. I
    usually run
    EPS files through Illustrator and then into Frehand. If you
    don't have
    Illustrator you can convert the EPS into a PDF and that
    Freehand will
    sometimes convert into editable vectors (though it does
    involve a lot
    more clean up than going through Illustrator.)

  • I have just purchased a Canon 7d Mk2 but the raw files will not open in Cs5 and downloads of Adobe Camera Raw 8.7 will not install. What can I do?

    I have just purchased a Canon 7d Mk2 but the raw files will not open in Cs5 and downloads of Adobe Camera Raw 8.7 will not install. What can I do?

    Alternatively, install & use RawTherapee instead to develop your raw files instead (free and open source).

  • I just bought the Nikon D750 and my raw files will not open in CC Photoshop. Is anyone else that has this camera experienced this problem?

    I just bought the Nikon D750 and my raw files will not open in CC Photoshop. Is anyone else that has this camera experienced this problem?
    My Photoshop says it is up to date, but I am hoping that since this camera just came out, Adobe will have an raw file update soon.

    DNG Converter is FREE.  Yes, really.  No subscription needed.
    - Baloney, NOT FREE, it's a proprietary software, not open AT ALL, see Legal Notices, so stop trying to distort the truth here.
    Camera Raw (& DNG Converter) 8.7RC has been available since 2nd October, and opens D750 files in Photoshop & Bridge (& Lightroom using DNG Converter).
    Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw 8.7 Release Candidate | digital camera raw file support - Adobe Labs
    - Still a cumbersome process for this of us that PAID for software and support, the whole point of this discussion is to implement this directly on LR, so we, the PAYING users don't have to waste time doing a useless process that could be EASILY AVOIDED ig Adobe released updates as they are needed, or if they OPENED THE SOURCE CODE so the community could do it.
    Adobe created DNG, which is a well-documented backwards-compatible format, which is free for any manufacturer to use.
    See here for manufacturers who do (it's an old list, but you get the idea):
    - Really? Did you actually read the site? It has PRECIOUS information that illustrate my point: Adobe DNG is an attempt to stop the OpenSource community from achieving the goals of OpenRaw, which is TRUE OPENNESS, Again, Adobe is trying to get manufacturers to PAY LICENSING so they use a PROPRIETARY FORMAT that will HOLD CUSTOMERS on a PAID platform. OpenRaw is he answer for a true competitive environment.
    Ask yourself why other manufacturers don't use a documented backwards-compatible format.
    - Easy, because they are lazy and want kick-back. The SAME answer that I (and the entire OS community) would give if you asked about Acrobat or MS Office.
    If you use a particular piece of software as your main tool, and you buy a camera which isn't yet supported by it, it's your problem. There is an expression used in the industry:
    "Poor Planning on your part does not constitute an Emergency on my part."
    - I agree here, it's MY PROBLEM that I decided to have a better product, it was my choice. I can still use OS Tools, which will be what I do moving forward, and about that expression, that is EXACTLY why Adobe will keep loosing customers, because the sense of urgency to help who pays their bills is inexistent. You are correct, why should they rush something so simple to help a customer right? Screw the customer... Thanks for making my point...

  • A Pages file will not open due to index.xml not found, what is up with that?

    I recently saved a file on Pages 5.5.2. on my IMac hard drive.  Now I find that on attempting to open it the file will not open due to index.xml not found.  Hoe do I correct this?

    I have this issue, as well - although perhaps in a different content.  When I try to open a file I created in the previous version of Pages, I will frequently (but not always), received the "index.xml not found" message.  I am very concerned that I may lose access to some of these files.  The old Pages icon is still on my dashboard, although I've downloaded the new Pages (that icon only appears when I open a new document).  I thought I needed to upgrade the old documents to the new Pages, but this didn't work.  Does anyone have any ideas?  And, I'm not a techie - so you'll need to break it down for me. 

  • .mov file will not open in FCP X?! codec unavailable? help!

    I am trying to edit a short .mov file in FCP X. It was sent to me via YouSendIt. Once it has completed downloading, a message reads:
    " The document “S-T3RRA Video Heads by FLOOD(1)” could not be opened. A required codec isn't available. To see if additional software is available that will enable QuickTime Player to open the movie, click Tell Me More. "
    When I click tell me more, Apple provides me with some additional media support for QuickTime, however I should not need this for a .mov file correct? The file will not open in FCP X or QT. Any ideas? Suggestions?  Was this file incorrectly exported by the creator?
    Thank you!
    Diego Lopez-Videla
    Houston, TX

    Yes, it will be encoded using a codec that's not on your system.
    That is a common misunderstanding with .mov - it's not a format, it's a container.
    It basically contains video & audio streams that may be mp4, mjpeg or just about anything.
    In this case, the "anything" is what we need to find out, so we can work out what  you need to read it.
    You could try opening it using VideoSpec - it will tell you everything.

  • Mov file will not open on Premiere CS6 for Windows

    I am a student working on a project that I started in university on an Apple Mac desktop. I decided to carry my project back home to continue with it on a laptop which is Windows...however the Mov. files will not open up on premeire pro and it is really frustrating as I have done a lot of work. How can I import these videos without losing any work or having to start again?

    Quicktime X does NOT work
    -Premiere Pro REQUIRES Quicktime 7 won't work with Quicktime X

  • My InDesign file will not open! URGENT!

    Hi all,
    One of my InDesign files will not open, when I attempt to open it, I get a message saying "Cannot open file, Adobe may not support the file format, a plug-in that supports the format may be missing or the file may be open in another application." I'm not exactly sure what the issue is as I opened another one of my files previously and that one is still working fine. I'm using Windows 7, if anyone can help me I would really appreciate it.

    Right-click the file and choose Open With, then notepad, and post a screen capture of the first dozen or so lines of text.
    You can embed an image in a post using the coamra icon onthe web page, like this:

  • Mov reference file will not open in QuickTime 7.7.4 for Windows

    I have a mov reference file which opened fine in QuickTime 7.6.2 but since upgrading to 7.7.4 the file will no open. I get the following error:
    Error -2002: a bad public movie atom was found in the movie.
    The file contains one PAL MPEG2 video track and one stereo PCM audio track. It also contains a timecode track.
    See movie inspector below:
    Can anyone help me understand why this file will not open with the latest version of QuickTime. I cannot supply the file but can give any information about atoms etc. which can be read using QTAtomViewer.
    I am using Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008.
    Many thanks,

    For those who want to call, the following menu options will get you to the Quick Time install tech support:
    2 - takes you to the Quick Time submenu
    2 - takes you to tech support
    then, choose 1 for Mac or 2 for windows
    Initially, I was told by tier 1 tech rep Shawn that the update server may not be up or that it may be a firewall issue on my side.
    After telling him that I have confirmed that it is a problem with the update server sending a NULL (0 byte) response to the update query, he said I would have to just download the latest one in order to have the most up-to-date version and "just check back periodically to see if the update server is working".
    He mentioned there was a Quick Time standalone download available (, but that is still ~20MB & doesn't help the fact that probably over 90% of the people who run Quick Time have the option to automatically check for updates set and will never realize they're running an old, vulnerable version of Quick Time.
    He gave me a case number after I asked for one: 58027568
    If you'd like to add to mine and/or Rob's, it surely couldn't hurt.
    I suppose my next course is to try emailing contacts at apple to see what kind of response they have. Considering this problem has been there ever since QT 7 for Windows has been released (I don't remember ever checking for updates when running QT 7 beta), it's strange that it's still a problem.
    hand made system   Windows XP Pro  

  • Embedded pdf files will not open

    Dell Laptop Windows XP up to date, Firefox 4.0, Adobe Reader 10.0.1
    Since updating to Firefox 4.0 certain embedded pdf files will not open forcing me to use my Internet Explorer browser to access these files. Tried all of the FAQ suggestions with no relief.
    NOTE: I can open previously opened files (Firefox 3.___) but not a new one.

    Thank you for the response. I insereted several .pdf files into my MS Word document where they show as Acobat icons. When in MS Word, I am able to double-click on the icons and the files open in Acrobat. I then converted the MS Word document to a .pdf. These icons now only show as pictures and do not open the original inserted .pdf documents.

  • Pdf files will not open upon downloading

    I download a lot of pdf docs for work and want them to open automatically upon download so I can screen them.  Since upgrading to Safari 5.1, when I download files (which has gotten much more cumbersome) they do not automatically open upon download.  Yes, I DO have the "open safe files after downloading" option checked in Preferences.  Any other thoughts?  A solution would be most helpful.  (If anyone has a solution to how I can automatically download files as easily as in prior versions, that would be greatly appreciated also.)

    E Denice wrote:
    PDF files will not open and eratically opens multiple pages and then the laptop freezes up.
    Doesn't make much sense to me. Methinks details are needed.

  • .PDF files will not open without saving first

    Since downloading Adobe Reader 11.0.07 on 5/20/14 .pdf files will not open without saving them first. I want .pdf files to open first BEFORE I save them (using Windows 7 and Firefox 30.0)

    E Denice wrote:
    PDF files will not open and eratically opens multiple pages and then the laptop freezes up.
    Doesn't make much sense to me. Methinks details are needed.

  • Pdf files will not open

    I have viewed through this forum and did not find a problem with similar symptoms.
    I upgraded from Adobe Reader 8 to Reader 9 and then the .pdf files will not open.
    Actions and Observations/Symptoms:
    1)  After I clicked onto the pdf document icon - nothing happens.
    2)  I right click onto the pdf icon and chose "open with Adobe 9" and get the same response.  Nothing happens.
    3)  I go to the the start menu - select Adobe Reader 9 - and the program does not even open.
    I have since removed Reader 9 and re-installed Reader 8.  I tried the above actions and got the same behaviour.  Not a whole lot happens.  It seems like something is broken after the first initial upgrade.
    In fact - I went to the folder:  
    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 8.0\Reader  and
    tried to open Reader by double clicking onto "AcroRd32.exe" and there was no response.
    I'm completely lost!  Can anyone share a fix to my problem?
    Some hardware & OS background info:  Toshiba Laptop - 1.58 Ghz, 3GB RAM - M/S Windows XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 3

    I can't explain the cause to the problem - but I found two "work-arounds" to get me running again.
    Workaround #1:
    I found another program (and there are many) on the web that will also read .pdf files.  I downloaded  "Foxit Reader" , installed it and it works.  I can now view my pdf docs!
    However - I got so used to Adobe Reader - I really wanted to get Reader working again.
    Workaround #2:
    I re-installed Adobe Reader 8.
    Instead of running the usual Adobe installation script that I got from the web, I copied (from another PC's C-drive)  the "Reader 8.0" folder and all its contents into my current C- drive directory structure  C:\Program Files\Adobe\.
    I re-booted the PC and can now open my pdf files using Reader 8.
    It seems to work - but I don't know what the effects of this installation method will have in the future - or the interaction it will have with other programs.  I guess when I need to remove the program in the future  - I'll have to do it manually, since it doesn't even register in the "Add or Remove Programs" under Control Panel.
    Hope this helps out anyone else with similar symptoms.
    In the original problem, it's unfortunate that there were no error messages whatsoever when I tried opening the pdf files.  It was like as if Reader was not even activated or even loaded on my PC.  I'll bug me for a while - but at least I got Reader working again (for now....)!

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