Filter Web Template with URL Cmd: doesn't work with compound infoobject ?

Hello all,
I've to filter the query contained on a web template with URL command, but it doesn't work.
The web template contains only one query, and on the free chars I have 0PLANT.
I call the web template adding to the normal url the following command:
where 33 is the code of the plant I want to filter.
The command is executed, I think, because the  result is "NO APPLICABLE DATA FOUND". The fact is that when I execute this query on the Bex filtering 0PLANT by value 33 the data exists.
May be because 0PLANT on our system is in compound with 0SOURSYSTEM ? In this case, what's the value I can use as filter ?
Thank's in advance,

please see
If the variant with ending 'EXT' is selected, the fully compounded value has to be entered in the external format, for example, 24.12.2000.
If the ending 'EXT' is not used, the fully compounded value has to be entered in the internal format, for example, 20001224 for 24.12.2000.
In the internal display (see table below) you can easily determine the name of the characteristic and the filter value using the URL parameter &snippet_operations=%20 (see also Object Tag for the Properties of Web Templates). Call the Web application with this URL parameter. If you filter using the context menu, the parameters FILTER_IOBJNM and FILTER_VALUE are automatically added to the URL in the Web browser. You can then use the desired values with Command URLs in hyperlinks.

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    - if name of OU in AD is with space (e.g. test, sample) so DN record is still test\,sample and user isn't moved.
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    +Special Characters in FieldValues
    If you have a field value with a comma (,) or double quote (") character, or you want to preserve leading or trailing spaces, you must embed your field value within a pair of double quotes ("field_value"). You then need to replace double quotes in the field value with two double quote (") characters. For example, "John ""Johnny"" Smith" results in a field value of John "Johnny" Smith. +
    (from IDM Business Administrator's Guide, p.77)
    Guided this information I put value of slctOrganizationalUnitUzivatele into "". But this didn't work. Is good idea to have space in DN?
    Thanks for help.
    Edited by: petrklinkovsky on Sep 10, 2009 5:06 AM

  • Impdp work with system but doesn't work with another user

    We have troubles with import of transportable tablespace, when i try to import it with system the import is done currectly, when i try to use another user we receive this message :
    impdp bmcese/***** directory=TTS_DIR dumpfile=RMCCO_RMC_ANA_STS_ABB_CO121001.dmp TRANSPORT_DATAFILES=/data/TTS/RMCCO_RMC_ANA_STS_ABB_CO121001.dbf logfile=tts_imp_proc.log
    ORA-31626: il job non esiste
    ORA-31633: impossibile creare la tabella principale "BMCESE.SYS_IMPORT_TRANSPORTABLE_05"
    ORA-06512: a "SYS.DBMS_SYS_ERROR", line 95
    ORA-06512: a "SYS.KUPV$FT", line 1020
    ORA-00959: tablespace 'RMCCO_RMC_UTZ_PP080531' inesistente
    this happens only on development server and it work into test server, so i don't think that the problem is in grants(i controlled that are the same and i have tried with DBA grant too and we received the error).
    Another strange thing is that tablespace 'RMCCO_RMC_UTZ_PP080531' is not included into the dump that i try to import and it doesn't exist in the database.
    Edited by: user11272630 on 10-ott-2012 8.40

    I've extraced the role/privs granted to BMCESE using this query
    select granted_role from DBA_ROLE_PRIVS where grantee='BMCESE'
    select privilege from DBA_SYS_PRIVS where grantee='BMCESE';
    Result on Server where the impdp doesn't work:
    results on server where the impdp work:
    BMCESE has more grant and privs on the server where the impdp doesn't work.
    I've controlled the grant of read, write on the directory.
    I've tried to give DBA priv too to the user.
    So i don't think in a priv problem, i think that the problem is in the unexistent tablespace reported in the error.
    Someone has another suggest to give.

  • Tabular form with Popuv LOV doesn't work with onchange event

    Hi all.
    I have a problem with tabular forms, Popuv LOVs and javascript.
    I have created one tabular form, I want to put a value in "my_field" field when a user selects a new value from other field called "my_list", I have this code:
    <script type="text/javascript">
    function putValue(pThis)
        var vRow ='_')+1);
        html_GetElement('f06_'+vRow).value = '0000';
    </script>and this for Element Attributes:
    onchange="putValue(this);"Everything works well when I choose "Display as Text Field", but if I change this option to "Display as Popup KEY LOV" or "Popup LOV" it doesn't work, I mean "my_field" stays without any value.
    I'm using Oracle Application Express Release 4.0 and Oracle 11g
    Please help.

    Hi Peter.
    Thanks, yes, in fact the position of my column changes, but it doesn't work even with the correct element, I have made a lot of proves and it seems that APEX constructs POPUPS LOVS in a different way and that's why "onchange" does not work.
    With this thread: Re: onchange not work on popup lov for a field on collection I have a half solution, It works for existing rows, but it doesn't for added rows.
    I have solved this problem calling a function that set the onchange event to every row when "ADD ROW" button is pressed, now it works without problems.

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    I have some data inside a TabbedPanelsContent div, and would
    like to be able to open tabs using links, but it only seems to work
    with static content.
    Clicking on tabs themselves loads content correctly, whereas
    clicking on links does nothing. I tried both - panel number and
    panel ID - neither worked. What gives?
    See code below.
    <div spry:region="ds1">
    <div class="TabbedPanels" id="tp1">
    <ul class="TabbedPanelsTabGroup">
    <li class="TabbedPanelsTab" tabindex="0">Asset
    <li class="TabbedPanelsTab"
    <li class="TabbedPanelsTab" tabindex="0">Mutual
    <div class="TabbedPanelsContentGroup">
    <div class="TabbedPanelsContent">
    <p spry:repeat="ds1"
    spry:test="'{@industry01}'.search(/^Asset Management/) !=
    <div class="TabbedPanelsContent">
    <p spry:repeat="ds1"
    spry:test="'{@industry02}'.search(/^Brokerage/) !=
    <div class="TabbedPanelsContent">
    <p spry:repeat="ds1"
    spry:test="'{@industry03}'.search(/^Mutual Funds/) !=
    <script type="text/javascript">
    var tp1 = new Spry.Widget.TabbedPanels("tp1");
    <a href="#" onclick="tp1.showPanel(0); return
    false;">Asset Management</a>
    <a href="#" onclick="tp1.showPanel(1); return
    <a href="#" onclick="tp1.showPanel(2); return
    false;">Mutual Funds</a>

    Try to declare the variable out side of the region
    <script> var tp1;</script>
    <div spry region ... >
    tab panel stuff
    <script type="text/javascript">
    tp1 = new Spry.Widget.TabbedPanels("tp1");

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    My Apple TV only shows me my purchases from iTunes Store
    All my computers work with iTunes Match perfect
    Have you any ideas?

    My ongoing monologue.
    So I have now discovered that when syncing my ATV with my iMac, it actually IS continuing to sync although ATV disappears from the device list in iTunes.
    I had been thinking that the sync process was failing because the ATV would disappear, as would the sync progress bar at the top of iTunes. So I would quit iTunes again, and the syncing would start, but then it would blip out and disappear again, always after about a minute and 45 seconds.
    I tried an experiment today, syncing only my music (about 2,000) songs, and it synced up perfectly. ATV seems to only disappear from iTunes when syncing big files like movies and TV shows (HD).

  • WiFi Sync with iOS 5 doesn't work with Airport Express used as a wifi extender?

    So in our apartment we have an Airport base station that doesn't reach all the way to the bedrooms, so we use an Airport Express as a wifi extender/repeater. The Wifi sync doesn't work when connected to the Airport Express. My iPhone and iTunes can't find each other. But if I'm sitting next to the base station it works just fine. Is there a workaround for this to get wifi sync working in my bedroom? I've updated both Airports to the latest firmware versions.

    Well, never mind. It magically started working.

  • ExecuteWithParams with URL parameter doesn't work

    There are a lot of posts about executing VO with parameters, but I'm still stuck on it. I have a VO with WHERE condition like this:
    WHERE TABLE.ID = :IdParm
    I want this binded variable to get populated in jspx page by parameter in URL. I've created a binding for ExecuteWithParams in my pageDef like this:
    <action IterBinding="MyViewGIterator" id="ExecuteWithParams"
    DataControl="AppModuleDataControl" RequiresUpdateModel="true"
    <NamedData NDName="IdParm" NDValue="${param.IdParm}"
    and an executable on this:
    <invokeAction Binds="ExecuteWithParams" id="callExecuteWithParams"
    so the executables in my pageDef look like this:
    <iterator id="MyViewGIterator" RangeSize="10"
    Binds="MyViewG" DataControl="AppModuleDataControl"/>
    <variableIterator id="variables">
    <variable Name="parameterURL" Type="String"
    <invokeAction Binds="ExecuteWithParams" id="callExecuteWithParams"
    I have a variableIterator that is binded on outputText control on my jspx just to test if parameter gets read correctly and it does.
    What am I doing wrong that query doesn't execute correctly and I don't have any data on my page? I've also tried with refresh condition "Always" but it doesn't help.
    Any help would be much appreciated.
    Message was edited by:

    do the following:
    - In the pageDef file (Executable section), create a "Parameter". The name of this parameter is up to you.
    - the value of this parameter point to #{param.IdParm}
    - In the ExecuteWithParam OperationBinding, select the agument item and select the NDVaue. Open the ExpressionLanguage editor and select the Parameter you just created
    Here's a working pageDef file example:
    <pageDefinition xmlns=""
                    version="" id="RequestParamTestPageDef"
        <parameter id="param1" value="#{param.param1}"/>
        <iterator id="DepartmentsVOWithBindVar1Iterator" RangeSize="10"
        <invokeAction id="executeDepartments" Binds="ExecuteWithParams"/>
        <table id="DepartmentsVOWithBindVar1"
            <Item Value="DepartmentId"/>
            <Item Value="DepartmentName"/>
            <Item Value="ManagerId"/>
            <Item Value="LocationId"/>
        <action IterBinding="DepartmentsVOWithBindVar1Iterator"
                DataControl="AppModuleDataControl" RequiresUpdateModel="true"
          <NamedData NDName="deptId" NDValue="${bindings.param1}"

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    Hi There,
    just wondering if anyone else has had this problem.
    If I choose "URL Cloaking" from the domain options on my ISP's site, Safari cannot find my site, or links on the site quite often will not work.
    IE on a PC and Firefox on both platforms work fine.
    Does anyone have any suggestions? My Site URL is:
    Any help would be much appreciated as cloaking hides the .Mac address which is kind of useful.

    HI There Tom,
    I turned URL cloaking off so hadn't come back to the forum to see your reply - sorry for this. But now I need to have cloaking back on.
    I'm not an HTML coder so don't know what I'm looking for. I might send this in to Apple and see If I get a response. Anyway, here is the code in case you or someone else knows if the ISP has got something wrong.
    Any help would be much appreciated.
    <!--<a class="jive-link-external-small" href=""> :cloak:</a> --><html>
    <frameset rows="*" cols="*" >
    <frame name="topFrame" scrolling="auto" src="" frameborder="NO" marginwidth="0" noresize marginheight="0">

  • Flash with wmode="transparent" doesn't work with non-US keyboard (like FF)

    Safari has the same issue as FireFox (which they are finally fixing) :
    If you use Flash with wmode="transparent" then it treats all keyboards as if they are US keyboards.
    For example try with a non-US keyboard

    I too am having issues. I am using Shockwave Flash 11.4.402.287 on Firefox 16.0.1. I am running on Windows 7 Enterprise. Disabling the plugin allows me to load pages quickly, but I am not able to view videos or play games. Firefox freezes upon loading a page that uses Flash. It remains frozen for an unacceptable length of time, then it will unfreeze on its own accord. The freeze affects the entire computer. I cannot interact with the desktop or the Windows start bar, and can only close Firefox by forcibly ending the "firefox.exe" process via Task Manager.
    This is not the first version of Firefox that has displayed this problem to me. Firefox 15 also froze upon using Flash.
    I had hoped that the latest Firefox update would solve this problem, but apparently not. Until then, I am forced to use Chrome, which is quite inconvenient for me as I am not at all familiar with that browser and am constantly clicking the settings button when I want to to go to my home page.
    These freezes are incredibly frustrating and annoying. If Mozilla wishes to build a better Internet, they should try to make their browser a program that doesn't tempt me towards rage-quitting YouTube.

  • Sound Blaster ZX works with no drivers, doesn't work with drivers installed...

    Greetings one and all,
    I've just built a Windows 8.1 Enterprise system on an Asus Z9PA-D8 with dual processors installed. When any of the sound blaster drivers (CD or downloaded) are installed the card stops working. Uninstall everything, and it works again.
    I hope this is some simple configuration issue.
    Anybody got any suggestions?

    Okay, it was a configuration issue. I ran diagnostics and configured to output to speakers.

Maybe you are looking for

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