FIM for loading Invoices to Intercompany

Hello all,
I'm currently in a project implementing FIM & Intercompany, but we are facing some issues trying to load Invoices from ECC to Intercompany.
Team decided to connect ECC->FIM->Intercompany, so AP & AR standard extractors doesn't work as delta extractors.
If we run FIM Job for AR, for the first time works OK, but for next time:
If it's executed the same way invoices are duplicated.
If it's executed with Overwrite existing flag, due the client has more than one invoice with the same reference, the amount of the first invoice is remove, so at the end, the accounts are not balanced anymore.
The only solution I thouhgt is adding to the flow, BW in order to get the Delta behavior.
Do anybody has any comment? A better solution?!
Thanks a lot for all your help!

Found a nearly complete solution here:
but in addition I had to
Script Create the Foreign Key  FK_FIMRequestTargetDetailFact_FIMAttributeTypeDimKey_FIMAttributeTypeDim from table FIMRequestTargetDetailFact_2015_Jan (which I suspect the table will be created depending the data being loaded) whic gave the following
USE [DWRepository]
ALTER TABLE [dbo].[FIMRequestTargetDetailFact_2015_Jan]  WITH CHECK ADD  CONSTRAINT [FK_FIMRequestTargetDetailFact_FIMAttributeTypeDimKey_FIMAttributeTypeDim] FOREIGN KEY([FIMAttributeTypeDimKey])
REFERENCES [dbo].[FIMAttributeTypeDim] ([FIMAttributeTypeDimKey])
ALTER TABLE [dbo].[FIMRequestTargetDetailFact_2015_Jan] CHECK CONSTRAINT [FK_FIMRequestTargetDetailFact_FIMAttributeTypeDimKey_FIMAttributeTypeDim]
Delete FK_FIMRequestTargetDetailFact_FIMAttributeTypeDimKey_FIMAttributeTypeDim from FIMRequestTargetDetailFact_2015_Jan
Truncate the table dbo.FIMAttributeTypeDim in the DWRepository database
Then recreate the FK using on the FIMRequestTargetDetailFact_2015_Jan table use the script above

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    There is no specific table for header/item data for vendor invoice. Various information regarding vendor invoice (FB60) are stored in the following tables( note: Ignore the structures in the list ).
    |Table Name               |Table Description                                           |
    |/BEV3/CHKOMPAZVV         |Append Structure CH -> CO PA                                |
    |/CWM/ACCIT               |Append Structure for Enhancement of Structure ACCIT in CWM  |
    |/CWM/KOMP                |Catch Weight Management Enhancement                         |
    |/DSD/TAXJURCD            |Ship From Tax Jurisdiction Code: for Header Prc Comm Str    |
    |/SAPNEA/J_SC_LFA1        |Subcontractor Information                                   |
    |/SAPNEA/J_SC_LFB1        |Subcontracting Management                                   |
    |/SAPPSPRO/A_FI2_LONGNUM  |IBU-PS:  Append structure for structure NONBSEG             |
    |/SAPPSPRO/A_LONGNUMBER   |additional fields for SPIIN number                          |
    |/SAPPSPRO/EADD           |Purchasing Document Header: Additional Data                 |
    |/SAPPSPRO/EADD_DATA      |Purchasing Document Header: Data Part Additional Information|
    |/VSO/R_KNA1_A            |Append to KNA1 for Vehicle Space Optimization               |
    |/VSO/R_KNA1_I            |Additional Data for Vehicle Space Optimization for KNA1     |
    |AACCHD_FMFG              |US federal fields                                           |
    |AACCHD_PSO               |IS-PS: ACCHD Append Structure for Payment Requests          |
    |AACCIT_GM                |Append for Grants Management                                |
    |AACCIT_PSO               |IS-PS: ACCIT Append Structure for Payment Requests          |
    |AACCIT_SSP               |Append for Payment Statistical Sampling Process             |
    |AACCIT_USFG              |Append structure for US federal government                  |
    |AAUSZ_CLR_USFG           |Clearing information for US Fed (Tresury Confirmation)      |
    |ABKPF_PSO                |IS-PS: BKPF Append Structure for Payment Requests           |
    |ABKPF_UMB                |IS-PS: Append Structure for Transfer Transaction FMITPO     |
    |ABSID_PSO                |IS-PS: Data appendix of open items customers                |
    |ABSIK_PSO                |IS-PS: Data appendix of open items vendors                  |
    |ABSIS_PSO                |Local Authorities                                           |
    |ABUZ                     |Help Structure for Line Items to be Generated Automatically |
    |ACCCR                    |Accounting Interface: Currency Information                  |
    |ACCCR_FKEY               |Key: Acctg Currency Data for Line Item Including Currency   |
    |ACCCR_KEY                |Key: Accounting Currency Data for Line Item                 |
    |ACCFI                    |Interface to Accounting: Financial Acctg One-Time Accts     |
    |ACCHD                    |Interface to Accounting: Header Information                 |
    |ACCHD_KEY                |Key: FI/CO Document Header                                  |
    |ACCIT                    |Accounting Interface: Item Information                      |
    |ACCIT_EXTENSION          |ACC Document: Additional Item Information                   |
    |ACCIT_JV                 |Joint Venture Accounting                                    |
    |ACCIT_KEY                |Key: FI/CO Line Item                                        |
    |ACCIT_WT                 |Withholding tax information for FI Interface                |
    |ACCRDF                   |Fields for Posting Small Differences: Preparation           |
    |ACC_DOCUMENT             |Accounting document                                         |
    |ACC_KONTEXT              |Context Info for FI Single Screen Transactions FB50 and FB60|
    |ACERRLOG                 |Return Parameter                                            |
    |ACGL_HEAD                |Fields for Document Header Entry Screen                     |
    |ACGL_ITEM                |Structure for Table Control: G/L Account Entry              |
    |ACSCR                    |Communication Structure for Field Modification SAPLFDCB     |
    |ACSPLT                   |Carrier for Split Information re: Current Account Line Items|
    |ACSPLT_WTNEW             |Proportion of New Withholding Tax                           |
    |ACSPLT_WTOLD             |Proportion of Old Withholding Tax                           |
    |ADDR1_SEL                |Address selection parameter                                 |
    |AEBPP_KNBK               |Additional Fields Bank Data Biller Direct                   |
    |AEBPP_LFBK               |Additional Fields Bank Data Biller Direct                   |
    |AFMIOI                   |Append for new fields ECC50/ERP                             |
    |AFMIOI_USFG              | SD order needs quantity                                    |
    |AFMISPS                  |Additional Fields for Table FMISPS                          |
    |AFM_ACCIT_EXTENSION      |Extension for FM Payment Update                             |
    |AFM_FAGL_GLT0_ACCIT_EXT  |Extension FM Account Assignments                            |
    |AFM_FI_BKPF_SUBST        |Append to Structure BKPF_SUBST                              |
    |AFM_FMFCTF               |Append for Fund Center substrings                           |
    |AFM_FMFINCODE            |Append for Fund substrings                                  |
    |AIFM01D                  |Append for IFM01D                                           |
    |AKNA1_FMFG               |US Federal Government Customer Master Data Additional Fields|
    |AKNA1_PSO                |Local Authority Additional Fields                           |
    |AKNB1_PSO                |IS-PS: Customer Master Record, Additional Data (Co.Code)    |
    |AKNBK_PSO                |Bank Details Dependent on Time and Account Holder           |
    |ALFA1_FMFG               |US Federal Government Vendor Master Data Additional Fields  |
    |ALFA1_PSO                |Local Authority Additional Fields (Address)                 |
    |ALFB1_FMFG               |PS fields for company code-specific master data field       |
    |ALFB1_PSO                |IS-PS: Data Appendix Vendor Master Record (Company Code)    |
    |ALFBK_PSO                |Bank Details Dependent on Time and Account Holder           |
    |ALVDYNP                  |ALV dialog screen fields                                    |
    |ALV_S_FCAT               |Field Catalog (for LVC and for KKBLO)                       |
    |ALV_S_FILT               |Filter Criteria (for LVC and for KKBLO)                     |
    |ALV_S_GRPL               |Group Levels (for LVC and for KKBLO)                        |
    |ALV_S_LAYO               |Layout (for LVC and for KKBLO)                              |
    |ALV_S_PCTL               |Structure for Checking Print in ALV                         |
    |ALV_S_PRNT               |Print settings (for LVC and KKBLO)                          |
    |ALV_S_QINF               |Structure for Quickinfos of Exceptions                      |
    |ALV_S_SGRP               |Field Groups (for LVC and for KKBLO)                        |
    |ALV_S_SORT               |Sort Criteria (for LVC and for KKBLO)                       |
    |ANBZ                     |Help structure for asset line item                          |
    |ANLZACCOUNT              |Additional Account Assignment Objects in Asset Accounting   |
    |ANLZACCOUNT_FKBER        |Account Assignment Objects: ANLZACCOUNT with Function Added |
    |ARC_PARAMS               |ImageLink structure                                         |
    |AT003_XBLNR2             |Append structure for US federal government                  |
    |AUSZ1                    |Clearing Table 1                                            |
    |AUSZ2                    |Clearing Table 2                                            |
    |AUSZ_CLR                 |Assign Clearing Item to Cleared Items                       |
    |AUSZ_CLR_ASGMT           |Assgt of Clrg Items - Cleared Items with Acct Assignment    |
    |AUSZ_INFO                |Open item data for clearing transactions                    |
    |AVBKPF_FMFG              |US federal                                                  |
    |AVBKPF_PSO               |IS-PS: Append Structure VBKPF for Payment Requests          |
    |AVBSEGDPSO               |IS-PS: Append Structure VBSEGD for Payment Requests         |
    |AVBSEGKPSO               |IS-PS: Append Structure VBSEGK for Payment Requests         |
    |AVIK                     |Payment Advice Header                                       |
    |AVIP                     |Payment Advice Line Item                                    |
    |BALHDR                   |Application log: log header                                 |
    |BALMT                    |Application Log: Structure for a formatted message          |
    |BAL_S_CLBK               |Application Log: Return routine definition                  |
    |BAL_S_CONT               |Application Log: Context                                    |
    |BAL_S_MSG                |Application Log: Message Data                               |
    |BAL_S_PAR                |Application Log: Parameter Name and Value                   |
    |BAL_S_PARM               |Application log: Parameters                                 |
    |BAPIASCONT               |Business Document Service: File Content ASCII               |
    |BAPIBDS01                |Business Document Service: Reference Structure for BAPIs    |
    |BAPICOMFIL               |BDS: Command File for Transport Entries                     |
    |BAPICOMPO2               |SBDS: Enhanced Component Information                        |
    |BAPICOMPO3               |SBDS: Enhanced Component Information                        |
    |BAPICOMPON               |Business Document Service: Component Table                  |
    |BAPICONNEC               |BDS: Structure for BDS Links                                |
    |BAPICONTEN               |Business Document Service: File Content                     |
    |BAPIDPROPT               |BDS: Structure for Properties                               |
    |BAPIFILES                |Business Document Services: Transfer Table for File Names   |
    |BAPIPROPER               |BDS: Structure for Properties                               |
    |BAPIPROPTL               |BDS: Structure for KPRO Properties                          |
    |BAPIQUERY                |BDS Structure for Query Table                               |
    |BAPIRELAT                |Business Document Service: Relations                        |
    |BAPIRET1                 |Return Parameter                                            |
    |BAPIRETURN               |Return Parameter                                            |
    |BAPISIGNAT               |Business Document Service: Signature Table                  |
    |BAPISRELAT               |Business Document Service: Relationship Table with Signature|
    |BAPIURI                  |Business Document Service: URI Table                        |
    |BDCMSGCOLL               |Collecting messages in the SAP System                       |
    |BDCRUN                   |Batch input: Runtime analysis                               |
    |BDIDOCSTAT               |ALE IDoc status (subset of all IDoc status fields)          |
    |BDI_SER                  |Serialization objects for one/several IDocs                 |
    |BDN_FKT                  |Business Document Navigator: Functions to be Excluded       |
    |BDWFAP_PAR               |Parameters for application function module - IDoc inbound   |
    |BDWFRETVAR               |Assignment of IDoc or document no. to method parameter      |
    |BDWF_PARAM               |Parameters for workflow methods for IDoc inbound processing |
    |BKDF                     |Document Header Supplement for Recurring Entry              |
    |BKDF_SUBST               |Process Interfaces: Substitutable fields during posting     |
    |BKORM                    |Accounting Correspondence Requests                          |
    |BKP1                     |Document Header Supplement for Update                       |
    |BKPF                     |Accounting Document Header                                  |
    |BKPFBU_ALV               |Document Overview: Display Document Headers in ALV Grid Ctrl|
    |BKPF_CARD                |Credit Card: Append for BKPF                                |
    |BKPF_LINE                |Item Category for XBKPF_TAB                                 |
    |BKPF_SUBST               |Process Interfaces: Substitutable Fields During Posting     |
    |BKPF_USFED               |Append structure for US federal government                  |
    |BLNTAB                   |Document Number Table for Financial Accounting              |
    |BNKA                     |Bank master record                                          |
    |BNKAAPP                  |Appendix to Table BNKA                                      |
    |BNKT                     |Conversion of temporary to internal bank keys               |
    |BOOLE                    |Boolean variable                                            |
    |BSEC                     |One-Time Account Data Document Segment                      |
    |BSEC_LINE                |Item Category for XBSEC_TAB                                 |
    |BSED                     |Bill of Exchange Fields Document Segment                    |
    |BSEE                     |Changeable Fields in the Line Item                          |
    |BSEG                     |Accounting Document Segment                                 |
    |BSEGL                    |Document Segment: Fields Derived for Line Layout Variant    |
    |BSEGS                    |G/L Item Transfer Structure for Single Screen Transactions  |
    |BSEGT                    |Transfer Table for the Tax Postings to be Generated         |
    |BSEGZ                    |Financial Acctg Doc.Segment: Extras and Temp. Storage Fields|
    |BSEG_ALV                 |Document Overview: Document Item Display in ALV Grid Control|
    |BSEG_LINE                |Item Category for XBSEG_TAB                                 |
    |BSEG_SUBST               |Process Interfaces: Substitutable Fields During Posting     |
    |BSET                     |Tax Data Document Segment                                   |
    |BSEU                     |Line Item Additional Information (Update)                   |
    |BSEZ                     |Line Item Additional Information (Online)                   |
    |BSEZ_LINE                |Line Item Category for XBSEZ_TAB                            |
    |BSID                     |Accounting: Secondary Index for Customers                   |
    |BSIK                     |Accounting: Secondary Index for Vendors                     |
    |BSIP                     |Index for Vendor Validation of Double Documents             |
    |BSIS                     |Accounting: Secondary Index for G/L Accounts                |
    |BSIX                     |Index table for customer bills of exchange used             |
    |BTXKDF                   |Fields for Exch.Rate Difference Posting for Taxes           |
    |BVOR                     |Intercompany posting procedures                             |
    |CACS_A_CRM_SALES_COND    |Additional CRM Fields (Construction) From Sales Order Area  |
    |CACS_A_CUST_COND         |Commissions: Customer Fields Condition Technique            |
    |CACS_A_FIELDSPRICING     |Append for Condition Technique Fields from Commission System|
    |CACS_S_CRM_SALES_COND    |Additional CRM Fields (Construction) From Sales Order Area  |
    |CACS_S_CUST_COND         |Condition Attributes                                        |
    |CACS_S_FIELDSPRICING     |Comm.: All Condition Technique-Relevant Commission Fields   |
    |CACS_S_FSINS             |Customer Fields for Condition Technique of Insurances       |
    |CCDATA                   |Payment cards: Database fields relevant to both SD and FI   |
    |CFW_LINK                 |CFW: Link Info of a Container                               |
    |CI_COBL                  |Extension                                                   |
    |CKI_ACCIT_ML             |Transfer from MM to ML in accit-structure                   |
    |CNTLSTRLIS               |Control stream list                                         |
    |COBK                     |CO Object: Document Header                                  |
    |COBK_ONLY                |Non-key fields only in COBK (INCLUDE structure)             |
    |COBL                     |Coding Block                                                |
    |COBLF                    |Coding block: Tax table structure                           |
    |COBL_COKZ                |Assignment types for CO account assignments                 |
    |COBL_DB_INCLUDE          |Include with Additional Account Assignments for DB Tables   |
    |COBL_EX                  |Coding Block for External Applications (Not CO/FI)          |
    |COBL_FI                  |Fields from COBL that Must not Be Overwritten in FI         |
    |COBL_FM                  |Additional Fields for FM                                    |
    |D010SINF                 |Generated Table for View D010SINF                           |
    |D020S                    |System table D020S (screen sources)                         |
    |D020T                    |Screen Short Description                                    |
    |DBSEG                    |Dialog Supplementation BSEG (Taxes)                         |
    |DD02L                    |SAP Tables                                                  |
    |DD03P                    |Structure                                                   |
    |DD03V                    |Table fields view                                           |
    |DD07V                    |Generated Table for View DD07V                              |
    |DD23L                    |Matchcode ID                                                |
    |DD32P                    |Interface structure for search help parameters              |
    |DDSHDEFLT                |Description of a default value for search help fields       |
    |DDSHDESCR                |Interface: elementary search helps of a search help         |
    |DDSHFPROP                |Characteristics of search help parameters                   |
    |DDSHIFACE                |Interface description of a F4 help method                   |
    |DDSHRETVAL               |Interface Structure Search Help <-> Help System             |
    |DDSHSELOPT               |Selection options for value selection with search help      |
    |DDSUX030L                |Nametab Header, Database Structure DDNTT                    |
    |DDSUX031L                |Nametab Structure, Database Structure DDNTF                 |
    |DDTYPES                  |Table of all Dictionary types and classes                   |
    |DFIES                    |DD Interface: Table Fields for DDIF_FIELDINFO_GET           |
    |DISVARIANT               |Layout (External Use)                                       |
    |DOKHL                    |Documentation: Headers                                      |
    |DPPROPS                  |General property structure for data provider                |
    |DTC_S_LAYO               |Structure for Design of Double Table Control                |
    |DTC_S_TC                 |Structure for table controls in the double table dialog box |
    |DTC_S_TS                 |Tab Title Structure                                         |
    |DYNPREAD                 |Fields of the current screen (with values)                  |
    |E071                     |Change & Transport System: Object Entries of Requests/Tasks |
    |E071K                    |Change & Transport System: Key Entries of Requests/Tasks    |
    |EAPS_20                  |Field Enhancements for EA-PS 2.0                            |
    |EDIDC                    |Control record (IDoc)                                       |
    |EDIDS                    |Status Record (IDoc)                                        |
    |EDIFCT                   |IDoc: Assignment of FM to log. message and IDoc type        |
    |EDIMESSAGE               |Transfer Structure with all Sy Fields for T100              |
    |EDI_DS                   |Status record for interface to EDI subsystem                |
    |EDI_HELP                 |Help Structure for Reference Fields in EDI Function Groups  |
    |EK05A                    |Communication Area Purchasing - Financial Accounting        |
    |ESKN                     |Account Assignment in Service Package                       |
    |EUDB                     |Development Environment Objects                             |
    |EUOBJ                    |Workbench: Development Objects                              |
    |EXCLTAB_LINE             |Lines of EXCLTAB with OK Code to be Deactivated             |
    |EXISTING_DOC             |Original Document                                           |
    |F05ACTRL                 |Control Fields for SAPMF05A and Subprograms                 |
    |FAGLBSEGL_S              |Additional Sender Flds from General Ledger for Doc. Overview|
    |FAGL_GLT0_ACCIT_EXT      |Line Information for Document Splitting                     |
    |FAGL_MIG_S_BUKRS_LEDGER  |Combination of Company Code and Assigned Ledgers            |
    |FAGL_SPLIT_FLD_S         |Characteristics Permitted for Split                         |
    |FAGL_S_APPLICATION       |Application and Subapplication                              |
    |FAGL_S_BALDIM            |G/L Characteristics of Document Split in New General Ledger |
    |FAGL_S_BUKRS             |Structure with Company Code                                 |
    |FAGL_S_BUKRS_EXT         |Structure: Company Codes --> Ledgers                        |
    |FAGL_S_CURTYPES          |Currency Types of a Ledger                                  |
    |FAGL_S_MIG_001           |Structure for Table FAGL_MIG_001 & FAGL_MIG_001_S           |
    |FAGL_S_MIG_MGPLN_EXT     |Structure: Extended Migration Plan Information              |
    |FAGL_S_T8G40_BS          |Split Fields with Characteristic "Balance Sheet"            |
    |FCRD_VBKPF               |Credit Card: Include for Appends for BKPF, VBKPF            |
    |FCRD_VBSEG               |Include for Appends for VBSE*                               |
    |FDM_AR_CASE_ATTR_1       |FSCM DM:                                                    |
    |FDM_AR_LINE_ITEM         |FSCM: DM                                                    |
    |FDM_AR_RFPOS             |FSCM-DM: Enhancemt of Line Item Disp. with Dispute Case Flds|
    |FELD                     |Screen Painter fields (internal)                            |
    |FICCO                    |Adjustment Values for External Document Items               |
    |FICCT                    |Totals Information for Interclient Posting                  |
    |FICTX                    |Tax Information for ICT                                     |
    |FIELDINFO                |Field attributes for a specific field                       |
    |FIN1_PARAM               |OBNG: Trans. structure for official doc. numbering (global) |
    |FIN1_PARAM_FI            |OBNG: FI parameters                                         |
    |FIN1_PARAM_MM            |OBNG: MM Parameters                                         |
    |FIPEX_STRUC              |Subfields Commitment Item                                   |
    |FIPOEXT                  |Help structure for line items to be generated automatically |
    |FIREVDOC                 |Transfer Structure for Dialog Module FI_DOCUMENT_REVERS     |
    |FISTL_STRUC              |Substructure Fund Center                                    |
    |FM01                     |Financial Management Areas                                  |
    |FMBLSTRING_COMPONENTS    |Component of the BL String                                  |
    |FMCI                     |Commitment items master data                                |
    |FMDY                     |FIFM: Screen Fields                                         |
    |FMFCTR                   |Funds Center Master Record                                  |
    |FMFG_ACCIT_EXTENSION     |Extention for all fields that have to be transfered into BL |
    |FMFINCODE                |FIFM: Financing code                                        |
    |FMFPO                    |FIFM: Commitment Item                                       |
    |FMHRBA_NEG_DOC_TYPES     |HR Integration: Doc. Types for Negative Funds Commitments   |
    |FMHRBA_SETTINGS          |Integration with HR: Settings                               |
    |FMHRBA_VAD_SETTINGS      |HR Integration: Generate Value Adjustment Docs for Changes  |
    |FMICCN                   |FM: Append Structure for FMIOI (CCN Fields)                 |
    |FMIDATA                  |Common Data for Funds Management Actual Data                |
    |FMIDATAFI                |Clean FI Data for Funds Management Actual Data              |
    |FMIDATAOI                |Clean Open Item Data for Funds Management Actual Data       |
    |FMIFIIT                  |FI Line Item Table in Funds Management                      |
    |FMIKEY                   |Common Key for Funds Management Actual Data                 |
    |FMIKEYFI                 |FI - Key for Funds Management Actual Data                   |
    |FMIKEYOI                 |Common Key for Funds Management Actual Data                 |
    |FMIOI                    |Commitment Documents Funds Management                       |
    |FMIOIKEY                 |Key for Table FMIOI                                         |
    |FMIOI_USFG               | SD order needs quantity                                    |
    |FMIREF                   |Ref. Funds Management Actual Data to Preceding Document     |
    |FMISPS                   |General Parameters for Funds Management                     |
    |FMIT                     |Totals Table for Funds Management                           |
    |FMMRESERV                |Include for the Reduction of Funds Reservations (FM)        |
    |FMRFC                    |Function Modules and their RFC Destinations                 |
    |FMSP_SPLIT_FIELDS        |PSM Fields used in multiple account splitting               |
    |FMT001                   |Additional Customizing for Funds Management                 |
    |FMUP00T                  |Update Profiles                                             |
    |FMUP01                   |Update Control with Value Type Dependency                   |
    |FMUP_INV_KEY             |Extension for FM Update: FI Key of Invoice                  |
    |FMUP_PAY_KEY             |Extension for FM Update: FI Key of Payment                  |
    |FS006                    |Fields for Optical Archiving                                |
    |FTCHECK                  |Foreign Trade: Import Simulation - Ctrl Fields for Pricing  |
    |FTEXTS                   |Communication Structure for Additional Components           |
    |FTGENERAL                |Foreign Trade: General Fields Item                          |
    |FUND_STRUC               |Substructure Fonds                                          |
    |FVD_TZB0A                |Append to TZBOA: Loans Fields                               |
    |GLACCOUNT_CCODE          |G/L Account Master Record: Company Code                     |
    |GLACCOUNT_CCODE_DATA     |G/L Account Master Record: Company Code - Data              |
    |GLACCOUNT_CCODE_INFO     |G/L Account Master Record: Company Code - Information       |
    |GLACCOUNT_CCODE_KEY      |G/L Account Master Record: Company Code - Key               |
    |GLX_ORG_INFO             |Organizational Assignment                                   |
    |GMBSEGZ                  |Grants Management Add-on                                    |
    |GXXLT_H                  |XXL interface: horizontal features                          |
    |GXXLT_O                  |XXL_interface: texts for online display                     |
    |GXXLT_S                  |XXL interface: structure of the semantics table             |
    |GXXLT_V                  |XXL interface: vertical features                            |
    |HELPVAL                  |Restrict Value Range - Transfer Table                       |
    |HELP_INFO                |Transfer Values for the Help Processor                      |
    |HELP_VALUE               |Structure or Function Module HELP_VALUE_GET_FOR_TABLE       |
    |HHM_COBL                 |Include for COBL from FM                                    |
    |IADDR_PSO                |Local Authority Additional Fields (Address)                 |
    |IBKPF_PSO                |IS-PS: Include Structure BKPF Payment Request Doc.Header    |
    |ICDIND                   |Structures for generating change document update programs   |
    |ICON                     |Icons table                                                 |
    |ICONS                    |Icons                                                       |
    |ICURR                    |Interface for Currency Translation                  

  • BAPI for FI invoice parking

    Is there a BAPI for FI invoice parking?
    Arun Mohan

    Hello Arun,
    U can try with these:
    ACC4                           FI/CO: BAPIs for UPDATE
    BAPI_ACC_INVOICE_RECEIPT_CHECK Accounting: Check Invoice Receipt (OAG: LOAD PAYABLE)
    BAPI_ACC_INVOICE_RECEIPT_POST  Accounting: Post Invoice Receipt (OAG: LOAD PAYABLE)
    ACC6                           Accounting: BAPIs for UPDATE II
    BAPI_ACC_INVOICE_REV_CHECK     Accounting: Check Reversal of Invoice Receipt (OAG: LOAD PAYABLE)
    BAPI_ACC_INVOICE_REV_POST      Accounting: Post Invoice Receipt Reversal (OAG: LOAD PAYABLE)
    MRM_BAPI                       Invoice Verification BAPIs
    BAPI_INCOMINGINVOICE_CANCEL    Invoice Verification: reverse invoice
    BAPI_INCOMINGINVOICE_CREATE    Invoice Verification: Post Invoice
    BAPI_INCOMINGINVOICE_GETDETAIL Invoice Verification: display invoice
    BAPI_INCOMINGINVOICE_GETLIST   Invoice Verification: list invoices
    BAPI_INCOMINGINVOICE_PARK      Invoice Verification: Park Invoice
    BAPI_INCOMINGINVOICE_RELEASE   Invoice Verification: release invoice
    BAPI_INCOMINGINVOICE_SAVE      Invoice Verification: Flag Invoice for Background Processing
    If useful reward.

  • Needs a solution for loading Crystal Report

    I have already desiged & loaded crystal reports through SAP B1 Main Menu.
    But I need help (Code in C#.Net) for loading a crystal report template(already created) for a System form (eg; A/R Invoice) immediately after the form load by a menu click(means through UI interface)
    and report generated by identifying the Forms Document Number.

    See  this following link
    Billa 2007

  • Aging report for Open Invoice

    Hi All,
    I need to develop an Aging report for open invoice, there is no indication for open invoice or close invoice since we are using customise DS and DS from third party system. only one key flag we have is clearing date. so kindly let me know how to write the logic for this requirement.. can I use Customer exit for this? I have an Idea to do like
    first logic is
    *If Clearing date = blank than invoice is = open (by using of this logic we can get all open invoice).
    second logic
    total number of invoice = current date - document date.
    but I do not know how to implement this logic in BEx hnece kinnly advice me whether this logic can be work or suggest with different solution ples..

    You can  check few default PO reports wid proper paramater in it
    Can check table EKBE
    Check PO history in the PO doc
    Check the ME80FN

  • XML INVOICE Report RAXINV, Taxline is repeating for each invoice line

    Hi Tim
    Thanks a lot for your blog
    Greeting !!
    I have successfully created XML report for AR invoice Printing learning from your blog but stuck to a problem , whenever Invoice is having multiple lines ,say 20, then for each invoice line there is tax line printing 20 times like this:
    A123 | 34 WELD-ROD | 52 | 22 |
    Tax Exempt @ 0.00
    A234 | 238-AL WIER | 63 | 55 |
    Tax Exempt @ 0.00
    ........ Assume there are 20 lines then tax line also repeating 20 times which i don't want .It should get printed only once if it is same
    pls help me to achieve this

    Thanks Tim for Your Instant reply.
    I have gone through your duplicate line elimination but my requirement is not this
    I'll explain it, I am using LINE_DESCRIPTION tag for printing item description and this tag have two value for it, when the LINE_TYPE =LINE then LINE_DESCRIPTION tag is printing the line description and if LINE_TYPE =TAX
    then LINE_DESCRIPTION tag is printing the taxline information. Now if I have 20 lines in Invoice then the tax line will also repeat for 20 times, and if i use duplicate line elimination logic and I have same item it'll not print that item, some times whole invoice become blank.
    So I want to print 20 lines and out of that 15 lines are have same tax rate then it should print once at the end of 15th line and for remaining 5 lines if tax rate is different for each line then it should print at the end of each line (5lines)
    In the linetreevariable i used <xsl:variable xdofo:ctx="incontext" name="invLines" select=".//G_LINES [LINE_TYPE!='FREIGHT']"/> i.e. I want only line type=LINE and TAX

  • Accounting Document not posted for Cancelled Invoice -error in FI interface

    When I create a billing document then an accounting document gets created automatically in the background and then when I cancel the billing document no accounting document gets generated and the field Posting Status in header Detail of Billing document updated as "Errors in Financials Interface.
    I tried to release it for Posting via VFX3 but failed due to below error message in Log:
    "Incorrect 4900000005. Select document number between 3000000000 and 3099999999"
    I have checked the Number range assignments to the Invoice type and Accounting type.
    The number range is same for both Invoice type (Y0F2) and Cancelled Invoice type (Y0S1).
    The Accounting document type (RV) is also same for both the cases. But it is working fine for Y0F2 (Acounting document generated and cleared automatically). But not working fine for Cancelled Invoice (Y0S1).
    Can anybody please help me find out a solution to the issue.
    Thanks, Ram.

    The error message F5151 refers to the number range of the FI document.
    Please have a look at the note 1259505: FAQ: New cancellation procedure in SD, which covers this issue in detail.
    Question 5:
    Q5. What is the FI document type, generated by the cancellation ?
    In the old cancellation procedure, the FI document type is always
    determined in SD, and passed to FI (the same when a normal invoice  -
    not a cancellation -  is transferred to accounting).
    In transaction VOFA there is the field 'Document type' (TVFK-BLART).
    If this field is filled, then the FI document will have the document
    type maintained here.
    If TVFK-BLART is empty, then the FI document will get the default
    document type 'RV'.
    If the new cancellation procedure is performed, the FI document type is
    always determined in FI, based on the document type of the FI document
    to be reversed.
    In transaction OBA7 the FI document type has assigned the field 'Reverse
    document type' (T003-STBLA).
    If it is filled, then the FI cancellation document will get the document
    type maintained here.
    If T003-STBLA is empty, then the FI document cancellation will get the
    same document type as the cancelled FI document.
    Notice that an unexpected FI document type can cause the error message
    F5 151.
    F2 invoice 90000001 was released, creating an accounting document with
    document type 'RV'.
    This F2 invoice is reversed by the S1 billing document 70000001.
    In customizing of SD there is:
    Billing Type    Document Type
    F2              RV
    In customizing of FI there is:
    Document Type    Number range   Reverse Document Type
    RV               00             AB
    AB               01             AB
    The FI number ranges (object RF_BELEG) are:
    No  From number    To number   Ext
    00  0090000000     0099999999  X
    01  0100000000     0199999999
    Different situations can occur, due to these customizing settings of the
    FI document type, caused by the type of cancellation.
    If the new cancellation is used:
    The FI document type 'RV' has 'Reverse Document Type' = 'AB'.
    Document type 'AB' has number range '01' set as internal.
    So the FI document will have its own number included in
    There is no issue.
    If the old cancellation is used:
    The cancellation billing type S1 has no 'Document type' maintained, so
    the FI document will get document type 'RV'. It has number range '00',
    set as external number range.
    So the FI document should get the same number of S1 billing document.
    But the S1 billing document has number 70000001, not included in the
    interval of number range '01'.
    This will cause error F5 151.
    I hope this information helps you.

  • New Date field for Vendor Invoices

    The business would like the ability to enter an additional date (date invoice is received by AP) for vendor invoices.  There doesn't seem to be any additional date fields available in the BSEG/BKPF tables.  We want the field available in the TCodes where vendor invoices are entered or parked (FB60, FB65, FV60, FV65, MIRO) We are on ECC 6.0.  Can anyone help answer the following questions:
    Are there fields available for this that I am not aware of
    Have others added new custom fields to any of the above TCodes?
    If it is possible, is the field created in a custom table?  Would we need to create new custom TCodes for the 5 programs used to enter invoices?
    Any details or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you
    Cindy C

    Hi Cynthia
    You can use the Header text fields (XREF or XBLNR) to capture this info
    You can make use of the XREF1 to 3 fields in vendor line item as well to capture this info. Make these fields mandatory in the field status group or use a validation in GGB0
    Another option is you can add a custom field to BKPF table and it will be visible to you in all the transactions you need
    Br. Ajay M

  • Calculate Withholding taxes for VEndor Invoices using ABAP program.

    Hi All,
    I have to upload Vendor Invoices using FB60/Fb01 tcodes. I am able to post the Invoices using FB01/Fb60
    but I have to calculate extended withholding taxes also using this program for the Invoices.
    Is it possible to upload vendor Invoices and calculate withholding taxes using Program?
    If yes,
    Does anyone has any idea how do you calculate extended withholding taxes using any BAPI's?
    I have used these two BAPI's
    they are working fine but without withholding tax.
    This is a requirement for country India.

    Imho, you need to get (meaning, extract into separate fields) the different supplier types from Table1 first. Your key for Table1 is the vendor no, which is also the key in Table2 (or the key for Table2 is Vendor no & Type).
    For better performance, better select multiple/all required entries from Table1 instead of doing a select endselect.
    Depending on the format of the vendortypes in Table1, put them in a new itab (for our purpose named Table1New where vendor no & type are the only 2 fields. For example, if the type length is fixed to 2 chars, or divided by space,... use your coding accordingly.
    Next step is to select all vendor no's in Table2 which you have selected in Table1. If in Table2, the vendor no is the only key (and the all vendor types are filled in a single record), then loop check the vendor types from Table1New against the types in Table2.
    If the key of Table2 is vendor no & vendor type, then do a read table for the key.
    The logic in pseudo-code:
    Select from Table1 into table. If you'd like to limit the selection size, add package size statement.
         extract the vendor types in to itab Table1New.
         Select the vendor & types from Table2 by using the for all entries option (better performance).
         loop at Table1New
              check in Table2:
                   if the unique key is vendor no: check all fields for the vendor type from Table1New
                   if the unique key combo is vendor no & type: check by using a read table.
              If not found => add entry to Table2
    endselect Table1 (when using package size)
    I guess the most difficult step is to extract the types from Table1 into separate fields, all the rest seems straight forward. Please keep in mind the itab type definitions for a better performance.
    Good luck!
    Best regards,

  • Duplication Check for Vendor Invoices

    Can we check for duplicate invoices in SAP

    The configuration settings are made in
    IMG>Materials Management>Logistics Invoice Verification>Incoming Invoice>Set Check for Duplicate Invoice
    In vendor master you need to maintain the tick for Duplicate Invoice Check
    Thanks & Best Regards
    Sanil K Bhandari

  • Early Archivelink for vendor invoices

    Dear All,
    I want to use Early Archivelink for vendor invoices scenario.
    I am attaching the scanned document through OAWD by Storing by subsequent entry and i am able to see the work flow item in my in box but i am not able to execute the transaction from here(MIR7).I am using business object BUS2081,method create and task TS30001128.
    Please advice how to execute the work flow item from my in box and create the invoice document.

    After maintaining the TS 30001128 as a general task i am able to execute the transaction from my inbox.

  • Report for Partial Invoice and pendinf Invoices

    Hi all,
    We need a report for Partial Invoices /Pending Invoices done w.r.t. Purchase Orders with PO document type as one of the selection option.
    We have tried ME80FN, please suggest if there is any other report available.
    Prashant Rathore

    check ME2N or ME2M with proper selection paramter value...
    and get results...
    check PO history EKBE table...

Maybe you are looking for

  • F110 Error-Pymt Methods for This Run Not Specified in Master Record

    Hi, I have encountered an issue where the payment program will not determine the payment method correctly.  We have several company codes assigned to a single paying company code.  We do not enter a payment method on the invoice.  The payment method

  • How to fix the excel cell  length in the sap

    hi      i want to fix the excel cell  length in the sap. how to fix perform fill_cell1 using l_row l_col 1 wa_cat-seltext_l. i want to fix the fill_cell1 how to do. Regards, sivakumar

  • Webservice system creation

    Hi, We have recently installed a EP7SP10 system on SQL 2005. We are unable to create a WSDL system on this system and always get the error as <u>Connection failed. Make sure user mapping is set correctly and all connection properties are correct</u>.

  • Can I upgrade my Xserve G5, 2.0Ghz machine with 1Tb drives, currently using 250Gb drives

    I need to replace one of the 250 gb raid drives on my Xserve G5 machine. 2.0 Ghz cpu. I would like to upgrade both drives but sales guy @ OWC not sure if this machine will support 1TB drives. Thanks for the help.

  • Move computer Internet disconnects and won't reconnect.

    My internet works fine if I keep my computer in one place, but the second I move it even an inch to the left or right the internet disconnects and airport shows i'm not connected to any wireless networks and won't let me turn airport back on. The onl