Final cut to Quicktime file is too large?

I've got a project in final cut pro that is about 2.3G. I'm trying to convert it to Quicktime for burning, but it's telling me that the file is now 8.1G...... I'm not sure why this is happening. Can anyone please let me know if this has happened to them?
  Mac OS X (10.3.1)  
- Final cut pro 4.0 HD
- Quicktime ???? (Have ILIFE 05 - not sure if that matters.)
  Mac OS X (10.3.1)  

What I have done when creating DVDs is to make sure the sequence was fully rendered, then Export as a non-self contained QuickTime movie.
DVD Studio Pro can still work with this file in terms of converting it to a suitable mpeg2, and splitting its audio.
This may not be the quickest way to do it, but it worked for me, and also got me round some sync issues I was having with direct mpeg epxorts from the Timeline.
You can also work with this file in Compressor.

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    I use Final Cut Express HD to edit. On more than one occasion, I have exported a movie using quicktime conversion and then used iDVD to burn it to a DVD. Every time I do this, the DVD's picture is shaky, especially when there is fast motion. I have tried burning with both the best performance and best quality settings in iDVD and it doesn't make a difference. The same problem occured when I tried to use a friend's computer to do the same thing. We both have the new 20" iMacs. I am not sure if it is Final Cut or iDVD that is the problem, but quicktime files that are not from Final Cut Express are not a problem. I have a feeling it is a setting somewhere that needs to be changed. Thanks!

    I've personally never used iDVD for any sort of DVD authoring, but the symptoms that you're describing are giving me the impression that there may be an issue with the MPEG 2 encode. Again, I don't know iDVD so you might be better off asking this question in the iDVD forum.

  • Saving as Quicktime or Final Cut Pro Movie File

    More a general question about compression from Final Cut.
    Source - HDV 3 min movie
    I compressed using default settings for Export > Quicktime Movie. (Result - a Final Cut Pro Movie File)
    Also I used default settings for Export > Using Quicktime Conversion, except I boosted to 'Best' quality. (Result - a Quicktime Movie file)
    The latter resulted in a file size twice that of the first (in theory higher quality) but stuttered on playback once burned to disc, although plays fine from Mac hard drive.
    Tried this with more than one movie and same problem of stuttering playback with higher file size QT Movie once burned to disc. Wondered what might be causing this.
    Also what are the pro's and con's of saving either as a Quicktime Movie or Final Cut Pro Movie File?

    You can't "improve" the quality of what is already a digital video. The "data" that makes up the video can't be improved once the camera records it as a file. There isn't even a theory about this. Going from one codec to a higher codec does not "add" any quality. In fact, your method is degrading your quality, as you're causing your HDV data file to be re-encoded twice to another HDV file.
    You're creating a larger size video file, with less quality do to doubling the compression generation with QuickTime Conversion, and it's the unnecessary increased file size that is making the CPU work overtime to play it back.
    Export > Quicktime, self-contained, this is the BEST quality you'll get, the most efficient playback, too.
    If you want it to play back easier, convert it to H.264 (quality set to medium, trust me), or ProRes 422.

  • Export Quicktime movie in FCP comes out as a Final Cut Pro Movie File

    Does anyone know why when I Export Quicktime movie in FCP it comes out as a Final Cut Pro Movie File? I can still play it in Quicktime and it's possible to set the Quicktime Player as the default software, but it still says in my finder window that it is a Final Cut Pro Movie File.
    Does anyone know if there are any settings for the clip to come out as a Quicktime Movie instead? Thank you!

    +Jim Cookman :+
    +"The studio apps "brand" their exports. Actually kind of useful...+
    In the words of the venerable Forest Gump, "Useful is as useful does" ... or something like that.
    I actually use similar "icon" techniques in other areas of my workflow. But most of the time I just modify the file title for quick ID - I also use dashes & underscores to get things to stand out and stay at the top of lists etc.
    But QT is my Go-To App for quick media reference and I have it set up to play almost all types off media when double clicked. I started doing it years ago when iTunes opened up every time I wanted to check a few seconds of an mp3 file.
    I guess the best solution would have been for Apple to leave the "export FinalCut movie" option intact and simply add in an "export Quicktime movie" option as well. Or maybe add another drop down option for the tagging (branding).
    At least we would have been able to make the workflow choices in-the-box rather than doing it with the OS.
    Andy Neil,
    I think using the OS is the better option rather than re-compressing your movie just so you can double click into QT.
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  • Tracklog file is too Large? What

    Attempted to load Tracklog GPX file (11mb), and get file is too large message.
    This is in LR4 Final. I wonder was else slipped though.

    Has this ever been resolved?  We are having a similar issue.

  • ERROR : OpenDoc CR to PDF - File is too large for attachment.

    We are getting the following error in 3.1 using an OpenDoc call when we call a large Crystal Report to PDF format...
    Error : 52cf6f8f4bbb6d3.pdf File is too large for attachment.
    It runs OK from BOE when given parameters that returned 44 pages. (PDF = 139 KB)
    We get the error on a parameter-set that returns 174 pages when run via CR Desktop or as a SCHEDULED Instance. (PDF = 446 KB).
    Client application can't use the SDKs to SCHEDULE Instances - only configured for OpenDoc calls.....
    The BOE server is running on SOLARIS - and it's is a 2 Server CMS-Cluster.
    The problem is SPORADIC, so I am thinking the issue is related to a specific setting on one of the servers.
    Any thoughts on where to start looking...?

    Problem is _not _with the number of Rows returned - it is an issue with the size of the PDF file that it is trying to move.
    Found a possible WINDOWS solution on BOB - need to find if there is an equivalent for SOLARIS...
    Check the on web server D:\Program Files\Business Objects\Tomcat55\webapps\dswsbobje\WEB-INF\classes
    See if you can change any parameter to remove size limitation.
    #Security measure to limit total upload file size
    maximumUploadFileSize = 10485760

  • ReportExportControl  -- File is too large for attachment

    Hi all,
    Back with a exception again.
    Few reports deployed on BOXIR2 SP4 comes with an error as following
    15bf5ea9377e1c1.rtf File is too large for attachment.
    Few reports take date range as input and generates result based on that. When date range is small report is generated without any problem. If is large and has large set of records(approx above 10K records) then comes up with the above error.
    Another set of reports whatever be the case throws this error.
    But when the parameters are set in CMS console and run in console report is generated without any problem what ever be the date range.
    After searching a lot no solutions in hand!!
    Please suggest solutions/possible scenarios / checklist to solve this issue.
    Thanks & Regards

    It turns out the report was so large it was basically overloading everything (disk space, cache sizes, timeouts, etc.) ... Here's the solution from the case:
    1) For page server and cache server
    Make sure location of Temp Files/Cache files has enough free space (more than 500 MB)
    2) For page server and cache server
    Minutes Before an Idle Connection is Closed = 90
    3) For page server
    Minutes Before an Idle Report Job is Closed = 90
    4) For cache server
    Maximum Simultaneous Processing Threads = automatic
    5) In the command line of page server and cache server, add
    "-requestTimeout 5400000" [without " "]
    6) Maximum Cache Size Allowed (KBytes) = set it to an appropriate value (for e.g. for 500 Mb, value should be 500*1024 = 512000)
    (This setting limits the amount of hard disk space used to store cached pages. If we need to handle large reports, a large cache size is needed. Maximum allowed is 2048 GB)
    After all this, an "Error 500 - Java heap space" happened.  The amount of memory allocated to a JVM application can be set using the options -Xms (the initial size) and -Xmx (the maximum size).

  • How can I insert a number of photos in a numbers doc without the file becoming too large?

    How can I insert a number of photos into a numbers doc without the file becoming too large?

    Use smaller photos.
    Seriously, reduce the file size of the photos in Preview, PhotoShop, iPhoto or other application before inserting tehem into the Numbers document.

  • My mac will not copy more than one file at a time and gets locked up if the file is too large, my mac will not copy more than one file at a time and gets locked up if the file is too large

    my mac will not copy more than one file at a time and gets locked up if the file is too large, my mac will not copy more than one file at a time and gets locked up if the file is too large

    So now that you have repeated the same thing three times that doesn't make things any clearer at all.
    You are copying files from where to where?
    How are you attempting to copy files, software or click and drag?
    Any other detail would be helpful.

  • My Final Cut Pro render files seem to end up in seemingly random locations.

    I find my Final Cut Pro render files seem to end up in seemingly random locations on the HDD. for example, they will appear in a sub-folder of an unrelated project. I would like my render files destination to be in a sub-folder for the project I am working on. How do you tell Final Cut where to put the render files? Can't figure it out.

    By default they are put inside your scratch folder, so if you change the scratch disk and forget to change it when you switch to a different project, your render files will be put inside the other project's scratch folder.
    You can change this by going to Final Cut Pro > System Settings. If you click the Set button below your current scratch disk (not the one next to it) you can assign a second location just for the video / audio renders if you desire (this must be on a different disk though).

  • "File is too large for attachment." using the Viewer SDK

    Post Author: CBurger
    CA Forum: JAVA
    I'm using the Viewer SDK to retrieve a report from BOE XI 2 SR2.
    This is done via the a piece of Java code ...
    ReportExportControl exportControl = new ReportExportControl();
    ExportOptions exportOptions = new ExportOptions();
    IReportSourceFactory psReportSourceFactory = (IReportSourceFactory) enterpriseSession.getService(ReportConstants.REPORT_PSREPORT_FACTORY);
    Object reportSource = psReportSourceFactory.openReportSource(report.getID(), Locale.ENGLISH);
    exportControl.processHttpRequest(request, response, getServlet().getServletConfig().getServletContext(), null);
    The report is generated as an Excel file.
    If I call for a small Excel - no problem: a dialog pops up asking me to "save as ..."
    If I call for a larger Excel (about 20MB) - PROBLEM "File is too large for attachment."
    Unfortunatly I don't find any information in the log files.
    Any ideas?

    Has this ever been resolved?  We are having a similar issue.

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    now i am starting a web project of realizing live webcast. i developed a videoplayer based on OSMF.
    the problem is when i deploy my web app on BlazeDS, the released file is too large.
    below is the file list in my BlazeDS server.
    then what shall i do to futher reduce the total size of the webapp released file or what is the unnecessary swf file for my webapp?

    OK. Then it's not an Android sim but just an AIR sim...
    I wish it's possible to debug on the Android emulator. Flash Develop can do that.

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    Hi all,
    I uploaded a small JS script file, less than 2K,  into the Shared Components/Static Files. When I was trying to edit it, I got the error "this text file is too large to edit".
    Anybody experiences this ? Any solutions ?
    My Apex version is

    Interesting. I have an SQL file that is about 4K. I copy this file to two files, one with extension .CSS and one JS then upload these three files into the Shared Components/Static Files. I can then edit the SQL and CSS, but I cannot edit the JS file.
    I guess this has something to do with the extension ?

  • .War file size too large on Sun One WebServer 6.1

    We are using Sun One Web Server 6.1. I am trying to deploy a .war file thru the admin interface, and it fails due to the .war file being too large (over 10 megs). I am new to this server and have been looking around to see if there is a config setting somewhere I can modify, but I can't find anything.
    Can anyone tell me if I can change the max size, and if so where?
    Thanks very much.

    Try this:
    Go to $SERVER_ROOT/bin/https/webapps/admin-app/WEB-INF/web.xml file and make a backup copy. Edit this file and in the servlet webappdeploy, insert an init param named maxUploadSize with a value in bytes specifying the maximum upload size. Example:
    Let us know how it goes.

  • HT5731 how can I cancel or delete a movie i downloaded to my iPhone?  The file is too large and it is hung up during the download process

    How can I cancel or delete a movie I tried to download to my iPhone?  The file is too large and iTunes is hung up during the process of downloading.  I've tried to swipe from right to left but that doesn't produce a delete button....

    Slide your finger across the videos' listing in your iPhone Videos App and tap the red "Delete" button that appears.

Maybe you are looking for

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