Find exact RFC Destination for Multiple backend Systems In SAP Gateway

Hi Gateway developers,
I have requirement,if gateway hub system has multiple backend systems( for example two backend systems: ECC and SRM ) then  how  hub system can get the suitable backend alias for exact entity collection..
Here i have developed two entities one entity regards: ECC and second one regards SRM system..within this when I run the service it is always taking any of the same alias for both the collections..
Can you please suggest me..
Sreenivas Pachva

Hi Srinivas,
You can add the respective system Alias Name: Like logical system name in your URI also.
/sap/Service Name;mo=ECCCLNT210/zentity1?Customer1='0001'
/sap/Service Name;mo=SRMCLNT400/zentity2?Customer2='ABCD'
May this help you.
Saurabh Gupta

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    I have multiple backend systems integrated with GRC box. So far I was using one backend connector as default one for role maintenance but it is not feasible if you have to create roles in variuos backend connected systems. I know one way to do so, i can keep changing the default connectors whenever i need to create roles but that is obviously not at all the onw any one would like to go with.
    So, I tried to create unique connector groups for every individul backend connectors. But the issue is, the moment i assign the backend connector to the respective connector groups, the same gets reflected to other connector groups as well. So, whenever i either add or delete some of the connectors to any connector groups it gets modified/changed from all of the connector groups.
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    Hi Experts,
        I have an application in which i am using two different backend systems. I have used three RFCs  in my application, in which two RFCs are referring same backend system while 3rd RFC is pointing to another backend system .
        Now my doubt is, Is it possible to use a single JCo connection for this application ...?
        OR if i use 2 or 3 JCos then which one will give better performance...?
    Thanks in advance,

    Hi One Jco connection to one R/3 System gives more performance.
    even end users increases also we can maintain based on configurations(by increasing connection pool)
    Re: JCO Performance /Load
    Edited by: Tulasi Palnati on Jan 25, 2009 11:47 AM

  • Multiple backend systems for business package ESS/MSS

    I would like to know whether there is a smart solution for connecting the business package ESS/MSS with multiple backend systems (up to 10 systems).
    I am aware of the possibility using parameter "sap-wd-arfc-useSys", but this implies, that content needs to be duplicated n-times in order to be able to maintain the Jco destination suffix.
    Any hint, also for custom built solutions are very welcome!
    Best regards,

    There is some problem with the link
    See this.
    Connecting multiple SAP Systems
    Thread name is 'Connecting multiple SAP Systems'
    Krishna Murthy

  • RFC destination for Sender System  in R/3 4.6c

    Hi All,
    I am trying create a RFC destination in R/3 4.6 system which will be used as sender RFC communication channel in Xi scenario. However i dont seem to have all the options such as activation type,gateway host and service which used to be there in SAP Enterprise or mySAP ERP systems. Can some one guide me to create an RFC destination in 4.6 system that will be used as a sender RFC system?

    Hi Arul,
           One more important point u have missed.
    Program ID,
    When ur configuring sender service from RFC,The most important point is Program ID.
    Use some name and create it.Use the same name in SM59.
    s such its very crucial .Activate them .make sure the destination for that programID is what u expect.
    chandra shekar

  • Programmatic access to multiple backend systems using adaptive RFC

    The following  link talks about the support to map multiple backend systems by specifying the backend system as URL parameters in a webdynpro application.
    For example:
    Is it possible to programmatically change the backend systems the application connects to? in other words can a single application while executing connect to different backend systems by dynamically changing the model parameters?
    (This should be possible without the portal in the picture)

       [This|JCO connection to multiple R/3 Back end system; might help especially the reply from Bertram Ganz.

  • Creating RFC Destination For UNICODE system From NON-UNICODE system

    how can i create RFC Destination For UNICODE system( XI ) From NON-UNICODE (R/3) system.
    thanks and regards
    Mithlesh Kumar Jha

    Check these blogs , Hope u would be getting some idea
    Sridhar Reddy

  • RFC Destinations for Webdynpro models

    Hello Everybody,
    I am trying to use RFC Destinations for the Webdynpro model.
    I have multiple systems with same RFCs. Based upon the inputs on the screen, I wanted to call respective RFC.
    To achieve this, can I use RFC destinations in my webdynpro application?
    I know, this could have been solved through XI in between.
    That is not a valid path for me right now.
    Have anybody used RFC Destinations in Webdynpro models?
    I am getting exception: NoClassDefFound when I used DestinationService API for this.
    Please help me.
    Thanks in Advance,

    Hi Bhavik,
    RightClick on the project->Goto Properties
    try adding library "tcsecdestinations~interface" in the interface references of WebDynpro reference.
    "tcsecdestinations~service " in the library references.
    Regards, Anilkumar

  • WD Exception when pointing ESS Travel & Expense to multiple backend systems

    Hi All,
    I have a query regarding ESS Travel Management pointing to multiple backend systems.
    ESS MSS is installed on a single portal(Portal1).
    ESS MSS is currently pointing to Backend System1. The requirement is that ESS Travel from Portal1 should point to various multiple Backend Systems therefore making ESS Travel region-specific.
    Is this possible? and if so what are the pros and cons?
    This is what I have attempted:
    1. Followed the documentation from "Multiple Back End Support for the Adaptive RFC Model" []
    Therefore, I created 2 JCOs namely: SAP_R3_Travel_R1 and SAP_R3_Travel_MetaData_R1 pointing to Backend Sytem 2. SSO and JCO tests successfully.
    2. On the iview properties for ESS Travel & Expenses, I added the following to the Application Parameters: sap-wd-arfc-useSys=SAP_R3_Travel:_R1&sap-wd-arfc-useSys=SAP_R3_Travel_MetaData:_R1
    3. I additionally created a system in the Portal under  System Configuration pointing to Backend System2 and adding the SAP_R3_Travel_R1 as the default System Alias. Do I need to add SAP_ITS_XSS and SAP_WebDynpro_XSS system alias, if so how since it is seeing as redundant because it is added in the system I created for Backend System1.
    4. I then tested one of the ESS Travel & Expenses iviews. I have the following error:
    Accessing System XYZ is not possible because RFC Metadata was retrieved using System ABC. Please assure you have configured the RFC Connections properly. A Server restart may be necessary!
    Your help is appreciated.

    Can you please share the solution you got for this problem as we are also facing the same kind of problem.

  • How to create a RFC destination for extracting data to HANA

    Hello All,
    Could someone help me in providing a document or note on how to create a RFC destination for extracting data from SAP data source to HANA using SAP LT replication server ?
    I am able to create a data base connection while transforming data from non SAP data source,but wasnt able to transform data which is from SAP abap tables .

    Hi Venkatesh,
    In SM59 t.code we create RFC destinations.
    Go thru the video link for creating RFC destinations step by step
    How to setup a trusted RFC connection between SAP systems: a step-by-step guide - YouTube

  • RFC destination for synchronous communication (message type SYNCH)

    Hi experts,
    I am trying to configuare ALE settings.waht i did is
    My sending & receiving systems are one server with different clients.By using SALE transaction
    1.crated logical systems.(LS_800 &LR_810)
    2.Assigned those to clients.
    3.Created RFC destination
    4. Created modelview assign sending & receiving
    systems and message type.saved it.
    4.generated Partner profile.Here i am getting below problem
    Target system LR_810
    RFC destination for synchronous communication (message
    type SYNCH)
    Partner profile LR_810 SYNCH does not exist
    Generate partner profile or
    specify outbound partner profiles for message type
    Target system LS_800
    RFC destination for synchronous communication (message
    type SYNCH)
    Partner profile LS_810 SYNCH does not exist
    Generate partner profile or
    specify outbound partner profiles for message type

    Hi Shital;
    Thanks for your replay;
    Still am getting the Same Error;

  • RFC destination for RFC to File scenario

    I m creating a TCP/IP RFC destination in R/3 system for my RFC to File scenario.
    Step 1:
    For this a Registered server program is created in Jco RFc Destinations with,
    Program Id : pgm1
    Gateway host : PI's host
    Gateway service : PI's service
    application server host: ECC's host
    system numer     : ECC's number
    client  : ECC's client
    logon user : ECC user
    password : pwd
    Step 2:
    In SM59, TCP/IP connection the following parameters are given:
    Program ID : pgm1
    Gateway host : PI's host       -
    > is this correct
    Gateway service : PI's service      -
    > is this correct
    Step 3:
    So i am calling the RFC in ABAP program (R/3 system) like:
    Step 4:
    In PI side,
    for RFC sender I am passing :
    Application server : PI server
    Application server service: PI host
    program ID: pgm1 which was created in the previos step
    For RFC Metadata Repository Parameter, i am passing all the values related to R/3
    Please let me know whether the steps and values i given is correct.
    B'cos even if i give ECC's information in Gateway host and Gateway service the scenario works fine and if i PI's info then also it works fine.
    so i am confused as which is the correct method. pls clarify

    Ok I will try to explain....
    Assumptions: R3_TO_XI is the name of RFC which I created in ECC of type T.
    While creating the RFC in ECC we mention a unique name which is called Progaram ID. Now the same program id we mention in our sender RFC CC.
    So now when an ABAP Progarm (where you will call this RFC with it's destination) is scheduled/triggered with the code as mentioned below then since the DESTINATION ('R3_TO_XI') mentioned here contain the same program id which we have mentioned in our sender CC, invokes the adapter in PI and soon after that all pipeline steps get executed in XI.
        comp_detail = company_detail.

  • RFC destination for your third-party tool

    Hello SAP Guru's,
    I have recently established external db connect for an iseries database. Now developers wants to use the open hub destination to extract data to non-SAP systems. They are using API: RSB_API_OHS_3RDPARTY_NOTIFY to connect a third-party tool to the BI system and use this third-party tool to distribute data to other non-SAP systems. To do so they need RFC destination for the third party tool. Could you tell me which RFC connection i have to use in SM59 ? I mean is it ABAP connection or TCP/IP connection or HTTP connection to external server?
    I would highly appreciate any help on this.
    I have already gone through below help link:

    This will be of type TCP/IP.
    You will need to create an RFC server application on the thirdparty system, and implement this function there. You will need to define that server application in your RFC destination definitions (host/Program).
    You may need to read up RFC server help documentation; you can also browse the SAPGUI subfolders for RFC server sample applications and C code (if you have installed GUI in full, there should be such subfolders on your PC). You can also ask for help on 'application server' or 'abap' forums for this.

  • No defineded RFC destination for global trade service----urgency!!!!

    how can i resolve this problem for [<b>STOP]</b> Message, just on one sever, not connect any other R/3 system, when i execute mb1c,input  a material information, and try to save the input messages , the system pop up the [<b>stop</b>] error:
        <b> no defineded RFC destination for global trade service</b>
    my system enviroment is:
        win2003 server + db2 8.2 + sap ecc5

    When you post an R/3 material document, the processing terminates with a system message indicating that no RFC destination has been maintained for Global Trade Services GTS.
    This system message is unjustified since SAP GTS has not actually been activated.
    This is caused by a program error.
    Please read the notes-825448, and do the necessary corrections.
    Hope this helps you out.

  • NO RFC Destination for BAPI

    I am working on ALE for Activity allocation. I am using 3 methods in my distribution model. I need to transfer data from ECC 6.0 source system to R/3 4.7.
    BUS6010 Method POST & CHECK
    BUS2072 Method FINDDETAILS
    I am using the Program RHINLV00_LSO to transfer data.
    When i execute this report it's throwing an error
    " NO RFC Destination for 2 BAPI's".
    An RFC Destination is created in SM59 to link the  two systems and i have distributed the distribution model to R/3 4.7.
    The Function modules are marked as Remote enabled function modules.
    Ramesh K.

    Did you test RFC destination whether the definition is working fine or not?
    You can test the destination,if it's working fine,then Bapis' should be able to execute.
    Mark points if helpful.

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