Find Finder Items doesn't work?

I can't seem to get a basic thing to work...
Find Finder Items (Where "camerafiles" & Whose Name Contains "camera1")
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Always results in ()
Have tried contains, begins with, ends with....nothing works.
The folder contains about 300 files that all start with "camera1-xxx-xxx-xxx"
Any ideas or is it just broken?
Dual Processor 1.4 Ghz   Mac OS X (10.4.9)  

Depends on what?
I don't understand why "where" the folder is located should make any difference. But here's the path:
Macintosh HD:Applications:4DWebSTAR:WebServer:Users:heckman:camerafiles
Spotlight doesn't let you limit your search to a specified folder. I mean, why search the whole hard drive when you know the files you want are inside a specific folder?
I tried a Cmd-F find for the files, they don't come up. I tried a Spotlight find, they don't come up. I open up the "Macintosh HD" drive from another computer on the network, do a Cmd-F find on that machine, they show up.
So I guess the issue is: why can't I find them on the local machine they are actually on? The files are definitely there.

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    According to your description, my understanding is “find an item” search box in a custom list not work in your environment.
    As search box and “find an item” search box in your home page are working, so the search service application is working.
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    Best Regards
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    sudo mdutil -E /
    which rebuilds spotlight and search indexes on the volume.

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    Are you sure?
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    Unaware of any setting to disable search as you type feature.
    If there is a file in your home directory/Library/Preferences, you might try dragging it to the Trash and emptying it.

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    (Thanks to grasshopperus for posting this first at arstechnica:

    Back button behaviour can be pretty wierd. I usually use the keyboard combination, but for some reason it doesn't work on PDF's and I have to end up using the graphical back button.
    There are some websites out there that for some reason or another break the Back button's behaviour. Sometimes I have to hold down the mouse button to get the back button menu in order to work around that problem.
    In another case there was this page in Amazon that wouldn't allow me to go back to. Everytime I went to that page the browser to automatically kick me to the next page. I had to disable javascript to work around that problem.

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    the "apex.widget.initPageItem" will not help you in your case, it's used to register callbacks for $s, $v, show, hide, ... if you have a more advanced item type. You can have a look at the "Star Rating" plug-in which implements several of these callbacks.
    For adding cascading LOV support, please have a look at our own select list implementation in /i/javascript/uncompressed/apex_widget_4_0.js
    Search for
    apex.widget.selectList = function(pSelector, pOptions) {to get a blue print implementation for all the steps you have to add to your widget to add cascading LOV support.
    If you need further help, please let me know.
    My Blog:
    APEX 4.0 Plug-Ins:

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    i switched from 10.5.8 to 10.6.4 and recognized that the "recent items" in the Apple Menu doesn't work proper anymore.
    While OS X is running everything works fine. When i restart the computer all recent items are cleared.
    I want it to behave like it did in 10.5.8, that all recent items where displayed even after a restart.
    I recognized that the "open recent" command in applications like TextEdit or Preview behave the same. While the Program is running everything works fine . If I close and restart the app, open recent is cleared.
    I tried do adjust it under Appearance in the System Preferences, but if i set all Numbers of recent items to "none" for example and restart the computer it will be set for each (Application, Document, Server) back to 10 again.
    Hope someone can tell me a solution because i use "open/ recent Items" alot and it really disturbes my workflow.
    p.s.: I did a quick forum search and did not find any topic about it.
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    Hi Andy,
    thanks..i checked the preferences for the and didn't find one.
    It seems like the system doesn't write down which items i loaded. I trashed this .plist earlier because i
    saw that hint somewhere else.
    i did like you said and created a new user account, tested different apps and documents, restarded and everything was displayed proper in the "recent items" Appel menu and in the "open recent" of every App.
    I searched in the test account for the, copied it to the preferences of my account and restarted the computer. In the "recent items" displayed the Items that i used with the test account but after several tests it is clear that the system doesn't write down the recent items when i open my account. The still showes only the items i used with the Test account and the info of the file says that it wasn't touched sinced i copied it from the test to my account.
    The Terminal command didn't change anything. The question is why doesn't the system write down wich items and documents i used when i'm in my account?
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  • SOCO function "Complete Item" doesn't work

    Please help to solve a problem.
    We have SRM 5.5
    We want to remove positions from SOCO through function "Complete Item".
    But at logon under the Ukrainian language function doesn't work. At logon under English language function in SOCO works.
    How can it be? And why?

    either you need to install the Ukrainian language completely (including supplementation) or if you plan to use the translation workbench for mass translation, you need to translate the texts included in the application you use.
    Please note: If you plan to use Translation Workbench (SE63) for mass translation, supplementation in that system should be avoided (see e.g. SAP Note 353852) !
    Best regards,
    Nils Buerckel

  • Two select commands in one item doesn't work?

    I've created an item in a region which contains one select sentence which goes like:
    select sum(r.amount * price.prices * re.sats * ac.sats)
    from registration r, pricetype price, ressoucecostdriver re, activitycostdriver ac
    r.art_art_id = price.art_art_id
    and r.activity_activity_id = 42
    and re.ressourcecostdriver_id = 47
    and ac.activitycostdriver_id = 53;
    to that sentence I need to add the following select sentence as a sum of this one and the previous select sentence
    select sum(r.amount * price.prices)
    from registration r, pricetype price
    r.art_art_id = price.art_art_id
    and r.activity_activity_id = 22
    So what I really need is the sum (sum(r.amount * price.prices) + sum(r.amount * price.prices * re.sats * ac.sats)) so to say, but without the where sentences is the same.
    I've tried to "rename" the last select sentence to somthing like
    select sum(rr.amount * priceprice.prices) to avoid the where constraints to apply for both of the select sentences, but that doesn't work apparently.
    Can anyone help me?

    If you look closely at the query I posted for you, I have used WITH statements to encompass each of your two queries, I then (in the last line) perform a simple select from those queries, you could simply add the two values together there if you like.
    For example -
    [email protected]>  with tab1 as (select 1 as num1 from dual),
      2  tab2 as (select 2 as num2 from dual)
      3* select num1, num2, (num1+num2) as num3  from tab1, tab2
          NUM1       NUM2       NUM3
             1          2          3
    [email protected]>  with tab1 as (select 1 as num1 from dual),
      2      tab2 as (select 2 as num2 from dual)
      3*    select (num1+num2) as num3  from tab1, tab2

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    hi all my boss has just got himself a nice new mac and wants to connect it on to my windows domain at work, no problems there it’s all connect fine, one thing we done was to map a few of our network drives on our domain so he can easily load them to his mac, works great when it’s on the domain however when he goes home and logs in for each mapped drive it throws up a window saying it can’t connect or when it is connect opens up every drive, even after disabling them at login, now on the apple website the text reads "if you don’t want an item's window to be visible after login, select hide. (Hide does not apply to servers, which always appear in the finder after login), does anyone know any work around that can maybe solve this or point me in the direction where I can find one.
    Network Admin

    hi all my boss has just got himself a nice new mac and wants to connect it on to my windows domain at work, no problems there it’s all connect fine, one thing we done was to map a few of our network drives on our domain so he can easily load them to his mac, works great when it’s on the domain however when he goes home and logs in for each mapped drive it throws up a window saying it can’t connect or when it is connect opens up every drive, even after disabling them at login, now on the apple website the text reads "if you don’t want an item's window to be visible after login, select hide. (Hide does not apply to servers, which always appear in the finder after login), does anyone know any work around that can maybe solve this or point me in the direction where I can find one.
    Network Admin

  • Auto-scrolling of list view in Finder windows sometimes doesn't work

    I've noticed a minor bug in 10.4 that doesn't seem to show up in 10.3.9, and I thought I'd comment on it here because it's mildly annoying, and I'm not sure that anyone at Apple is aware of the issue.
    My Pictures folder is pretty large -- I have over 6,000 items in it, some of which are themselves folders. I've got this folder set to list view. My typical usage pattern is to open a Finder window for my Pictures folder, start typing the first few characters of a file name, and then search from there. In 10.4.3 and later (up to and including 10.4.6 as of this writing), if the file in question is outside the viewport of the Finder window, the thumb on the scrollbar will jump to the correct location, but the actual viewport won't scroll to match; therefore, the file that gets highlighted isn't visible.
    The work-around is to manually scroll the contents of the window so that I'm "closer" to the file I'm looking for; alternately, I can type characters to get the ball rolling, and then hit the up or down arrow key a couple times (once won't do the trick) which will force the viewport to jump to the correct scroll location. Using this second method, I then have to move the selection back to the file, which is annoying since it's forcing me to use extra keystrokes.
    Interestingly enough, if I am careful and click on the scrollbar thumb without moving it too much (after typing the first few characters of the filename I'm looking for), the viewport will usually "snap to" the appropriate position. This suggests that the logic to auto-scroll the contents of a Finder window got subtly broken between Panther and Tiger. It just seems weird to me that the scrollbar thumb would jump without the viewport following suit automatically.
    This wasn't a problem in 10.3.9. I realize that we're being encouraged to use Spotlight and other search features, but since my pictures directory is already an alphabetic list view of files, why should I be forced to do a Spotlight search when I know what it is I'm after?
    Dual 2.0 GHz G5   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  

    I've been having the same problem (though I haven't looked at the console yet to verify the same exact error).
    There doesn't seem to be a situation that I can identify to cause the problem (i.e. waking from sleep mode), so it's difficult to reproduce consistently. The error seems to happen randomly. Last night I was getting the error every time I sent a single message. So I'd create and send a message, and then the next message I'd try to create or reply to, I couldn't. I'd have to quit Mail and start it again to gain functionality.
    When I do have the problem where the compose window isn't created when replying, I also can not start a new message, note, or forward a message. Basically, no new windows can pop up besides the windows that are already there in Mail. When I quit mail, every window I tried to create by replying, making a new message, or forwarding, appears in the draft folder, just before the program closes. Then, the next time I open Mail all the windows appear that I tried to create, with no text in them. Very strange. Looks like this poster has a similar problem.
    I'm curious if this is a bug, or something our machines just can't handle? I see that we all have very similarly spec'd PowerBooks.

  • Find my iPhone doesn't work

    After having my first iPhone stolen, I decided to try the app "Find my iphone" on my friend's loaner iPhone 3GS to see how and if it really works.
    When I turned it on, I ensured that these were all setup:
    - Location Services: ON
    - Find My iPhone: ON
    - Cellular Data: ON (3 Bars Service at the time)
    - WiFi: ON and connected to the router
    - Internet utilizing apps: ON and in use
    Doing all this, I went to and decided to locate the phone, and test out the Find my iPhone feature.  After 5 attempts to locate and 1 attempt to send the phone a message, it still came up as "No Location" and then "Offline".
    I was browsing the internet on iPhone's Safari App, while these "finding attempts" were going on.  What a miserable fail.
    Now I'm wondering if whoever stole my iPhone 4S is actually browsing the internet and having a wonderful time while I sit here miserable, thinking that this feature actually provided a service that I could use to find my phone.  Appears to me, through my experience, that this is a total fluke. 
    My sister's Droid actually has a phone finding app that works.  It was very disappointing to hear that her non-Apple product topped the abilities of my iPhone 4S.  As much as it hurts, I actually decided that I will switch to that new Samsung sIII in the following week.  I feel like I got jipped by my favorite company

    I am having the same issue. I have 3 iPhones in the house and I just lost one.
    I hit find my iPhone and it found two of them immediately.
    The missing one did not show and said it was offline. I tried to play sounds and I hit lock.
    When I finally found it was in the house, full battery, full signal etc and wifi signal. By this time I havd searched other proeprties and got frineds searching for it.
    I then put it in the same room as the other one, only a few feet from the router, so absolutely no connection issues.
    I hit find it - got offline!
    I hit play sound - no sound
    I hit lock - nothing happened!
    It did play a sound about 25 minutes later!
    So karup.meyyappan you are not alone! 
    I checked out the troubleshooting page and there was nothing there that I had not tried. I am not whingeing - just want to know what is wrong so that if I do have a serious incident, I am ready!
    iPhone4S on ios6 & iPhone 3GS on ios5
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  • Find my iPhone doesn't Work on my 3GS - It Works Perfectly on my iPad2

    I just got phone support from apple France where I am located for now but they could not solve the problem. Here are the main Problem elements :
    1/ Purchased iPhone 3GS in France for use worldwide with on my Chinese Telco SIM ( CHINA MOBILE ) as I live in China
    2/ Purchased iPad2 Wifi in same Location.
    3/ Installed Mobile Me account on iPhone and iPad
    4/ Installed Find my iPhone on iPhone and iPad without problems and started the Find my Mobile Page on my PC.
    5/ iPad2 immediately located by app but iPhone NOT located
    6/ Tweaked all possible settings in my iPhone to ensure Mobile Me works to no avail ( 3G and Wifi enabled and working, Mobile Me installed, logged in and running )
    7/ Thought about ONE possible cause for the app not working : CHINA MOBILE may not allow positioning and it does NOT support 3G functionality on iPhone.
    8/ Removed Chinese SIM and placed French one : does NOT work either.
    9/ iOS on both Devices most current : 4.3.5
    So; I'm looking for a solution to this.

    Supported bluetooth profiles

Maybe you are looking for

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