Find mail sent today smart mailbox

How do I make a smart mailbox for emails sent today? I see the find parameter of received today, but nothing for sent today.

This worked for me. You may have to set up something to empty the box daily.

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  • RSS Feeds and a Today Smart Mailbox

    How can I have posts from RSS feeds I am subscribed to Not show up in a Today Smart Mailbox?
    I tried to add a condition to the smart mailbox but I don't see parameters that would cover not showing the feed posts.

    Your Store page is at
    The Store isn't using the feed you linked to, but the one at
    This has three episodes, all of which play in the Store and the two I checked downloaded on subscribing.
    Your feed at has four episodes; it can be subscribed to manually in the Store and the episodes download OK, so I'm not sure what the problem is. However this feed uses different episode media URLs; they are hosted on and are using https rather than http, and although the iTunes application handles them when subscribing it's possible that the Store itself is baulking at them. It would be better if you could provide a direct http URL to the files.
    If you want to move the Store from using the soundcloud feed to the feedburner one you will need to add an 'itunes:new-feed-url' tag to the old feed, containing the URL of the new feed. The process is decribed in detail here:

  • How can I convert Mail rules into smart mailboxes

    I recently posted a report about faults in mail rules that move messages to mailboxes automatically. In light of this, I thought about converting my rules into smart mailboxes. I started, but looked at the number of rules that I have and thought 'there must be an easier way!'
    What I'm after is a script, or hints as to how to write a script, that will iterate over all my mailbox rules and add new smart mailboxes. I expect that the Mail program might provide some programatic interface for this, but don't know where to start looking.
    Hoping that someone can help me.
    Regards, Andy

    Well, if coding help is what you want then this isn't the place to ask. The Applescript and Unix forums are here. These are better places to ask about programming.
    If you do a Google search on "applescript" you should find the two or three major sites for finding prepared Applescripts or Automator actions, although I don't recall ever seeing one for your intended use. But it can't hurt to look. You'll also find the link to the Applescript language documentation site, but you will also need to examine Mail's provided Applescript programming facilities.
    Bash programming manuals abound although nothing necessarily specific to the Mac. OS X implements a reasonably standard Unix implementation of the various supported shell environments. Google searching for "bash tutorial" or programming guides will yield lots of resources.

  • Upgraded from 10.4.11 to 10.5.8 and lost mail in several Smart Mailboxes

    I upgraded from 10.4.11 to 10.5.8. Several of my Smart Mail Boxes lost all email content but others remained in tact. Now the ones that lost content don't accept emails that meet the criteria for the Smart Box.
    Anyone have that experience? Any ideas on recapturing? I didn't back up my mail prior to upgrade.

    Welcome to the Discussion,
    Smart Mailboxes are only virtual mailboxes, and contain nothing -- they are the product of a search list, and messages must stay in their original mailboxes. All the messages will still in the originating mailboxes, unless something else you did impacted those actual mailboxes, so you should be able to rewrite the definitions for these Smart Mailboxes.

  • Mail Rules vs Smart Mailbox

    What is the difference between say making a rule in email that puts all your emails from a person in a mailbox called "Friend" vs creating a smart mailbox which puts all emails from that friend into a smart mailbox called "Friend"...
    Thank you

    Just as Barney said... A Smart Mailbox is just like having a permanent search going on. Say if you type in Johnny Appleseed in the search box of the Mail app in the upper right corner. Then all mail from JA will be visible. Make a Smart Mailbox to show all mails from JA, then that Smart Mailbox is doing that same search for you.
    As for deleting, yes. If you delete a message from the Smart Mailbox, then you are deleting it from wherever it was. If it was in the Inbox, then it will be deleted. Again, simply because it's just a "Search box".

  • Mail: search and smart mailboxes stopped working

    Hi folks,
    In mail the search and smart mailboxes have stopped working.  I have a hunch it's something to do with iCloud as my partner is now logged onto iCloud using iTunes etc. Can you help?

    My accounts are POP. But I have managed to fix the problem. When you mentioned Spotlight, I went into System Preferences thinking I may had accidentally turn off emails as a search option in Spotlight. It was on, but I turned it OFF and then ON again, and now search works in mail as usual. And my Smart Mailboxes too.
    It's one of those things
    Thanks for your help

  • Mail folders and smart mailbox

    Can someone tell me what the difference is between a regular mail folder and a smart mailbox?
    I made a lot of mail folders under "on my mac" and I just found that I can make a smart mailbox. How are they different?
    When do you use one and not the other?
    Thanks, Susan

    a smart mailbox is not a regular folder. it's a saved search. you do a search and save the search parameters so you can repeat the search quickly. that's what a smart mailbox is. no actual messages are moved anywhere when you make a smart mailbox.

  • How to show mail count in smart mailbox?

    I have a smart mailbox that displays messages from a specific local folder/mailbox for the current day.  The counter next to this smart mailbox is only for unread messages.  Is there a way to change the counter so it displays for all messages in the current day (read and unread)?

    It works on a new install on a new computer... so its obviously from the upgrade... it happens on mine as you have described... but setup a new computer for a client and they got message counts on their smart folders...

  • ICloud Mail replacement for smart mailboxes?

    Anyone guide me here on how to have the Mail that is forwarded from my work show in separate organization like I could do in Smart Mail Boxes.  Folders/New Folder and mail rule did not work correctly for me in iCloud mail.  Or is Apple not there yet with something new losing something old?  OS7.2 and iOS5.

    aside from the rules settings there is nothing to manage. Only "archieve", but that's more of a "to keep" folder .

  • My icloud won't let me verify the account!! there is no mails sent to my mailbox/trash or any other filter. is there a fix??

    I have ipone/ipad/apple tv/macbook pro and a imac but none of them will sync with the cloud!!

    I know you said all your devices are signed in, but I meant the actual website.

  • Outgoing mail appearing in Today smart folder

    This isn't a major issue - however - I use smart folders in Mail and whenever I send out an email (reply or otherwise) that email temporarily shows up in the Today smart mailbox as it's being sent before being placed in the Sent folder.
    Any thougths on how to stop that? It didn't do that before but has been doing so for a while. Just a minor annoyance.

    I'm having the same problem, but that checkmark is unchecked for both accounts I have.
    It's a problem that's only recently started happening. Last week I moved to a new computer, and when I moved all my Mail files and preference over, this started happening. I tried deleting the Mail prefs, but the problem still happens. Any ideas?

  • All my Smart Mailboxes disappeared except a TODAY one. Is there a library file somewhere that may have been cleaned up?

    I woke up this morning to find that all my Smart Mailboxes had fone. The generic TODAY was still there. I had severel hundred of them built up over the past few years of client emails.
    All other Folders are still there ... just the Magic ones vanished.... Any thoughts!?

    I am having this same issue, and it surfaced when I restarted my Mac. Mail starts up with the "Mail Upgrade" dialog ("Welcome to Mail, To use the new features in Mail...") which goes away quickly after clicking the continue button.
    I am running Mavericks 10.9.2 on an Late 2012 iMac.

  • Lost Mail in Smart Mailbox

    I tried to edit a Smart Mailbox and lost all my mail in the smart mailbox when I hit the "-" to remove a double entry. The original entry remained and I added another entry and also I reentered the one I had removed. However, nothing now appears in that Smart Mailbox although there are message in the Inbox that meet the criteria.
    Is there any way to recover my lost mail in the Smart Mailbox and how do I get the messages into it that are in Inbox?

    You didn't lose the mail by doing this, you understand. A Smart Mailbox is like Smart Folder in Finder. It just shows you all mail that matches a set of requirements.
    At this point you just need to think it through and re-enter the Smart Mailbox requirements (being careful about the "that match ALL" and "that match ANY").

  • New smart mailbox is missing after Mail restart

    Mail Version 7.1 (1827)
    Create new smart mailbox.  Quit Mail.  Restart Mail.  New smart mailbox is missing.

    Triple-click anywhere in the line below on this page to select it:
    Right-click or control-click the highlighted line and select
    Services ▹ Open
    from the contextual menu.* A folder window should open. From that folder, move the following files to the Desktop:
    Test. If Mail now works, delete the files you moved and recreate your smart mailboxes, if necessary. Otherwise put the files back where they were, overwriting any that may have created in their place.
    *If you don't see the contextual menu item, copy the selected text to the Clipboard (command-C). In the Finder, select
    Go ▹ Go to Folder...
    from the menu bar, paste into the box that opens (command-V). You won't see what you pasted because a line break is included. Press return.

  • New Smart Mailboxes Disappear (again & again)

    There are two smart mailboxes setup in the "Mail" application on my desktop Mac ("All Mail" & "Newspaper"). These mailboxes also exist on my laptop. On my desktop, I deleted the "Newspaper" mail box and created several new smart mailboxes. The next time I looked, the new mailboxes "self-deleted" and restored the "Newspaper" mailbox. I tried this several times with the same result. I then created a new smart mailbox on the laptop and deleted the "newspaper" mail box. Same thing happed; the new mailbox disappears and ther "newspaper" mailbox returns.
    I use use IMAP with my Gmail account and forward my "iCloud" mail to my Gmail account. The "Mail" setting is "checked" in my iCloud system settings (but not sure what impact that has on my setup).   I thought this setting may allow the smart mailboxes to synchronize between the Mac and possibly my iPhone. I am using OS X 10.9.3. I recently returned to mac "Mail" after several years of simply using the Gmail web interface on the Mac (plus iOS Mail) and am a bit unclear how the iCloud sync should work. I am pretty happy with the newer IMAP capabilities after using POP in the past.
    Any suggestions on how I can create (and keep) my smart mailboxes?

    WHAT DIDNT WORK for me:
    I have the problem, but I never had Docs & Data switched on, so Sheppard's solution does not apply for my case (there are no such files as mentioned there). Neither did Beda's move work for me. Causing fresh copies of the two files he mentioned to be created does bring back the Smart Mailbox category and a default Today smart mailbox, but putting the original files back in position, puts the problem back to square one -- no smartmailboxes appear.
    WHAT DID WORK for me:
    What I found worked was moving smartmailbox specifications from SmartMailboxes.plist into a clean SyncedSmartMailboxes.plist file.
    Steps: (This procedure requires something that enables you to open and edit plist files (e.g. Xcode). As always, keep safeties of everything before you mess around.)
    0) Before starting, check this file and confirm your smart mailbox specifications are actually still in there. If not, this won't work.
    1) Taking a tip from Beda, move the following files out and then launch Mail and quit it, to force creation of new copies of these files.
    2 ) Open the new SyncedMailboxes.plist. It contains a single item (a default Today smartmailbox specification). Delete that.
    3) Open your SmartMailboxes.plist. It contains a sublist called 'mailboxes' where all your smart mailbox specifications reside. Copy each of these items over to (the top level of) SyncedMailboxes.plist. You have to do this one at a time if you are using Xcode, because there is no multiple selection available.
    4) Save and close SyncedMailboxes.plist (and close any other plists for good measure).
    5) Launch Mail and your smart mailboxes should be back.
    Hope it works for you as it did for me.

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