Firefighter - SoD Violations Report - not showing any data

We have ECC6 and GRC 5.3 with latest patch. Our RAR is working well also. We recently installed firefighter. All reports are working fine except following two reports,
1: SoD Violations Report
2: Critical Transactions
We want to use RAR critical table and SoD data, therefore In our configuration table we have following paramter set as:
Critical Transaction Table from Compliance Calibrator (VRAT) = YES
Could someone please direct in right direction how to get it fixed. Is there any SAP Note suggesting configuration setup etc.
Thanks in Advance
Masood Akhter

There are a number of settings to be made in order to get this working. The note is helpful but effectively you need the following:
TCP/IP RFC Dest created with a unique report name.
This RFC mentioned in the /VIRSA/ZRTCNFG transaction
The Report name entered into the RAR connector.
The SAP gateway mentioned in the RAR Connectior.
The RAR connector marked as outbound connection.
The SAP Adapter activated.
Set the "Connector ID for Risk Analysis" parameter to the name of the RAR Connector in the SPM configuration table.
You may also have to do a Java system Restart if you encounter error messages when activating the SAP adapter in RAR.

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    Hi ,
    If your query is on multiprovider , then makesure to check there are no restrictions/filters on cubes.
    Also inlcude any keyfigure from the cube,where other characteristics are being assigned from or where u r seeing data, in the query.
    If you dont want to see the Keyfigure, u can hide it using keyfigure display properties in the query designer.
    Hope this helps,
    Aparna Duvvuri

  • Team calendar  My trainings not showing any DATA  on Production Server

    Dear ALL,
    We are facing very critical issue on Production Server.
    We have two Id's for which Team calendar, My trainings is not showing any DATA .
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    now for your information we have check the following things already .
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    All r correct in both system .............even following things i have checked .................which i got from reply from U.
    01.07.2009 - 11:29:52 UK - Reply by SAP
    Hello Pinki
    You need to check the settings in your different systems
    the #group of organizational views# MSS_LTV_EE is maintained
    for the Team Calendar and MSS_LEA_EE for the request mode.
    Check the IMG step
    Integration with Other Components ->
    Business Packages/Functional Packages -> Object and Data Provider
    -> Organizational Structure Views -> Group Organizational Structure vieMSS_LTV_EE (Team: Employee selection): the two organizational
    views MSS_LTV_EE_ALL and MSS_LTV_EE_DIR are assigned.
    MSS_LEA_EE (Leave Request: Employee Selection) the two
    organizational views MSS_LEA_EE_ALL and MSS_LEA_EE_DIR are assigned
    These organizational views are defined in IMG step #
    #define Organizational Structure views#:
    They have the following Object selections:
    MSS_LTV_EE_ALL: MSS_LTV_EE_ALL (All Employees)
    MSS_LTV_EE_DIR: MSS_LTV_EE_DIR (Team: Direct Reports)
    MSS_LEA_EE_ALL: MSS_LEA_EE_ALL (All Employees)
    MSS_LEA_EE_DIR: MSS_LEA_EE_DIR (Absence: Directly Subordinate Employees)Then you have to check the IMG step # Object
    Also check these
    Please use the evaluation path "ORGASS".
    To change the evaluation path kindly go to the view V_TWPC_V , look for
    the ESSDIR view and double click on the ESSDIR.
    Please check the above customisation,
    Tthe evaluation path SAP_MANG is used to determine
    the root objects. "Eval.Path for Root Objects" on the detail
    screen in the view V_TWPC_V "View Definition" for further information onthis topic).
    Also check the customisation using
    report RHSTRU00
    In view V_TWPC_VG, the view group PTESS of view ESSDIR with position
    01 should exist. Please correct it as well
    and ensure that
    In the View Cluster(T-Code SM34) VC_TWPC_ORGVWGRP there should be
    a record for the group 'ATTEND'.
    Hope this will help you.
    Best Regards,
    Siddharth Rajora
    SAP LABS India

  • Popularity Trends not showing any data

    we are using SP 2013 RTM version and it is not showing any data in the usage statistics when we run the popularity trends reports. Is this a bug with SP 2013 RTM version? or am i missing something?

    Per my understanding, Popularity Trends report showing no data in your environment.
    For narrowing down the issue, I suggest you check whether the two timer jobs “Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Usage Data Import” and “Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Usage Data
    Processing” which are handling the usage report runs without issue.
    More information about how to deal with this issue for your reference:
    Patrick Liang
    TechNet Community Support
    Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help, and unmark the answers if they provide no help. If you have feedback for TechNet Support, contact
    [email protected]

  • Search Item drop-down does not show any data for Advanced Search.

    I have a requirement to add a new criteria to the existing Advanced Search region of 'My Employee Information' in Manager Self Service responsibility. I substituted the AdvancedSearchVO to include the new column. Using personalization i did the below steps to show the new column in the page,
    1) Created a 'Message Styled Text' item under Table Layout region to display the result. I associated the View Instance (AdvancedSearchVO1) and View Attribute (AttrColumn).
    2) In Advanced Search Panel created a new CriteriaRow and set the 'Search Allowed' property to True.
    3) In Advanced Search Mappings i tried to create the new mapping but the Search Item drop-down does not show any of the CriteriaRow item. But Results Item shows the 'Message Styled Text' item created in step 1 above.
    Any idea what i would be missing becasue of which 'Search Item' property does not show any data?
    I am using OAF version 12.1.1.
    Thanks, Suresh

    I faced the same situation but i still waiting for the solution.. this is my problem's thread..
    Addition of LOV Search Filter using Personalization
    But when i tried to create a new custom page with advanced table and created a new LOV column via personalization. i was able to create new search mapping.. but this is not happening in the seeded page case :(.
    I m also looking for solution...if any one can provide some inputs on it , will be highly appreciated.

  • Tables & Index not showing any data

    Hi All,
    I have done the db2 upgradtion from 9.1 to 9.7 with fix pack 4.I am unable to see table size after upgrade. I have checked all the sap collector job running fine.
    db02>history>tables& index not showing any data

    Please make sure RSCOL00 running or execute it manually.
    Did you try to run the stats in DB13 ?

  • Sharepoint web analytics does not show any data

    We installed Sharepoint Web Analytics some days ago (separated application pool).
    Installation completed successfully.
    Search works fine and returns expected results.
    But reports still don't show any data :
    Data Last Updated: 15.08.2014 02:00:16 There is no data available for this report. Here are some possible reasons: (1) Web Analytics has not been enabled long enough to generate data; (2)
    There is insufficient data to generate this report; (3) Data logging required for this report might not be enabled; (4) Data aggregation might not be enabled at the level required for this report.
    What I tried :
    connect to website using different users (admin user included)
    checked that needed services on server are started (especially analytics services)
    restart services Web Analytics Data Processing Service and
    Web Analytics Web Service
    checked that all services applications are started (WSS_UsageApplication status was
    stopped so I started it using Sharepoint 2010 Management Shell)
    checked service application associations (especially if Analytics Service Application Proxy is checked)
    manual execution of jobs (Web Analytics Trigger Workflows Timer Job, Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Usage Data Import, Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Usage Data Processing)
    manual start of incremental crawling
    restart IIS
    checked scope of data logging (especially if Enable usage data collection and
    Enable health data collection are checked)
    checked that the .usage file are generated correctly on the disk
    checked in the Logging database (WSS_UsageApplication) that the
    RequestUsage view contains data collected from the .usage files
    checked that data is successfully extracted from the logging database into the staging database (LastLoggingExtractionTime)
    checked that data was successfully copied from the staging database to the reporting database (LastDataCopyTime)
    checked on the website side that Advanced Web Analytics feature is
    recreate web analytics application
    checked for any message in ULS logs that could help... I only noticed that error :
    The SharePoint Health Analyzer detected an error.  Drives are running out of free space.  Available drive space is less than twice the value of physical memory. Can it cause the problem ?
    All appears to work fine but I can't see any data in the reports.
    The thing is that Inventory data is collected successfully and I can see the related reports. Traffic and Search data are still empty.
    Anything else I can try ?

    Yes I have granted application pool identity full control on the Web Analytics Service Application.
    I also checked that Sharepoint 2010 timer service is started.
    I can't see anything in the logs that could help, when accessing the reports. The only thing I noticed is this kind of log which occurs
    regularly and seems to be an exception :
    Enumerating all sites in SPWebApplication Name=SharePoint - 80.
    Site Enumeration Stack:
    at Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPSiteCollection.get_Count()
    at Microsoft.SharePoint.Taxonomy.UpdateHiddenListJobDefinition.Execute(Guid targetInstanceId)
    at Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPTimerJobInvokeInternal.Invoke(SPJobDefinition jd, Guid targetInstanceId, Boolean isTimerService, Int32& result)
    at Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPTimerJobInvoke.Invoke(TimerJobExecuteData& data, Int32& result)
    Maybe it can be the cause ?
    I have also cleaned the drive where .usage file are generated so the error "Drives are running out of free space.  Available drive space is less than twice the value of physical memory." does not appear anymore.

  • GRC AC 10- ARA Risk violation does not show any thing

    Hi Expert,
    GRC AC 10.0 SP14
    Steps to reproduce error
    Reports and Analytic -> Risk violations. The dialog opens up but does not show any thing. Please see the attachment for your information
    We have installed Abode flash player already.
    Any suggestion will be of great help.

    Hi Kailash,
    Does this issue occur with other dashboard reports too or only with risk violations?
    Also, can you check if the batch risk analysis has been successfully completed?

  • XL Reporter not getting any data

    When I am using XL Composer and generating report using it, I am getting data what the fields I have dragged. Not getting any data when generating same report in organizer from composer except the Title field names. Before I got but now I am not getting.
    <b>STEPS Taken</b>  
                     XL Reporter Composer Tool bar
                     Generate(Window)(Name: given Sample & checked Generate report    then ok)
    And having another problem when generating sample reports I am getting data and when editing that report are preparing new with some fields, I am not getting any data.
    <b>Example:</b>   I have made Edit of Bank Book and placed extra field Document No,   saved the report and generated I am not getting any data except titled fields.
         In new report I have taken BP Code and sales Employee I am not getting any data.
    Please Can any one help me,   It is urgent.
    Thanks in Advance.

    If you did not select any "total" field (quantities, totals, etc), XL Reporter will show data only at report composer. It will not work at final XL Report itself.
    This is a normal behaviour of XL Reporter, unfortunetaly.
    If you are trying to create a simple list of records, I suggest to use Query Generator, combined to PLD in order to get a formatted report.

  • Event Management Datasources 0SCEM_1 ,2 ,3 not showing any data in RSA3.

    Hi Experts,
    I am trying to load SC Event Management data into BW.
    On the source system side , I did following thins, Still I'm not finding any data in RSA3. 
    a)  Use Tcode- /SAPTRX/BWGS and
    i) Set the BW upload mode to V1 u2013 Direct Delta Upload
    ii) Activate the BW upload for the extraction structures /SAPTRX/BWTFSEE, /SAPTRX/BWTFSEG, and /SAPTRX/BWTFSEH.
    iii) You must generate the DataSources for all the extraction structures (/SAPTRX/BWTFSEE, /SAPTRX/BWTFSEG, and /SAPTRX/BWTFSEH) for which appends have been changed or created. To generate the DataSources, in the dialog structure, choose DataSources Generation for the relevant extraction structure. If you use the standard appends without modifications, you do not have to generate the DataSources.
    b) Initialize set up tables for EM upload using Tcode- /SAPTRX/BWID
    c) The three setup tables must be filled with the relevant data for the respective event handlers. This enables the initial data upload to SAP NW BI. The parameter for the BW upload has been set to u2018 u2019 for the BW Upload Rule. This indicator specifies that an initial upload is carried out. This is executed Tcode- /SAPTRX/TSC0TR.
    d) Afterwards trigger the initial loading using Tcode- /SAPTRX/BWIU.This transaction sends the BWUPLOAD event to all the event handlers selected according to the
    specified selection criteria. Note that even inactive event handlers can be selected. The system collects all the relevant data (according to the rules in the BW profile) for the selected event handlers (those for which the BWUPLOAD event has been reported) and stores the data in the three setup tables.
    e) You must check if the parameter for the BW upload is set to delta upload using Tcode- /SAPTRX/TSC0TR
    Still I'm not seeing any data in RSA3. Can any one please help me to extract the data into BW side.

    You can below link from extraction , It may help.

  • LISTCUBE not showing any data with SAPKW70110

    Hi all
    we just upgraded our system from SAPKW70107 to SAPKW70110 and now do have the following problem:
    All InfoCubes containing non-cumulatives don't show any data anymore in transaction LISTCUBE.
    All the cubes did work fine before.
    What is curious is that some queries based on these cubes are working and at least showing some data (but not the correct data).
    We couldn't find anything in the notes so far..
    Anything we could do?

    You can use improvised listcube to display data. It can be created by taking help from the following link ;-
    However you should raise this issue to SAP .
    Edited by: navsamol on Oct 11, 2011 8:17 PM

  • Audit log is not showing any data GRC 10 PC

    when we are trying to execute the audit logs
    under reports in process controls,not showing data and getting
    error like no data matching the entere selec criteria.
    do we need any configuration changes required
    GRC Admin

    check the table DBTABLOG if data contains or not,if no data then maintain the parameter rec/client in RZ11 and try the same
    while executing the audit log need to maintain the time frame as HH:MM not HH:MM:SS
    check the below link about DBTABLOG
    Change Log Monitor Enabling by Table log Activation in SAP Production Environment - Governance, Risk and Compliance - SC…

  • CRM Interactive reports not loading any data on WEB UI

    CRM BI client is setup properly by following CRM IR config guide C41.
    /CRMBW/CONFIG_WIZARD doesn't show any major errors. I am able to create
    the custom interactive reports but when these reports are executed no
    data shows up in the report.For example ,we are building interactive
    reports under opportunities area for a user, who has opportunities in
    the system.
    Our CRM Sytem is on CRM7.0 EHP1 SPS3.

    Hi Thirumala,
    if still relevant (sorry for the late reply): check if the user is assigned to a business partner (employee), which is assignet to a correct position in the CRM Org model, and that this business partner is the employee responsible of the sales documents you want him to see in the reports.
    Alternatively, the user's business partner can be a manager of such an employee.
    Best regards

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