Firefox 36.15 not saving history on Snow Leopard

Firefox 36.15 not saving history on Snow Leopard. When I go to show all history nothing is saved, settings in preferences is remembering history

This can be a problem with the file places.sqlite that stores the bookmarks and the history.

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  • Firefox is not saving history even with remember history preference turned on.

    Firefox is not saving history even with remember history preference turned on. I have tried reinstalling Firefox but this has not solved the issue. Any help with this is greatly appreciated.

    * Make sure that you do not use [[Clear Recent History]] to clear the Browsing History.
    * Make sure that the History is set to at least 1 day: Firefox > Preferences > Privacy > History: "Remember visited pages for at least"
    * Make sure that you do not run Firefox in Private Browsing mode (Tools > Stop Private Browsing is grayed, see [[Private Browsing]])
    * To see History and Cookie settings in Firefox > Preferences > Privacy, choose the setting "Firefox will: Use custom settings for history"
    You can look at these prefs on the about:config page to make sure that you keep history.
    * (180) (also affects saved form data)
    * (90)

  • Firefox is not saving history what to do to save history?

    firefox is not saving history even when remember history is selected and im not using any cleaning tools.
    Only history visible is in recent closed tabs. So what to do?

    Please try setting the history to Use Custom settings for history and verify if the following are checked as per the image.

  • Font not working after loading snow leopard.

    My font named Smash is not working after loading snow leopard.  Is there any way to fix this?

    I suspect you're talking about a free font called Smash. Read Kurt Lang's paper on font management
    and especially his strictures on free Windows fonts. The free Smash is a good example of what his talking about. It's a bad, poorly made font. Trash it ASAP.
    If you want to check it with Font Book, use  File > Validate File…, then locate smash.ttf and proceed. You cannot use File > Valide Font, because that command works only with installed, 'working' fonts.
    For the real font, go to

  • Time Machine Not Recognized After Clean Snow Leopard Install

    I've searched for this particular question.
    I was unhappy with Snow Leopard dragging. I wanted a clean install. I did not have the original snow leopard installation for my computer, so I got a different snow leopard DVD. This has apparently caused problems with time machine.
    The clean install in complete. I am now ready to migrate my Time Machine backup onto my iMac24". However, Time Machine is not recognized--at least not in the way I want.
    When I plug my time machine HD into the USB, snow leopard asks if I want to use this for future back-ups. I decline, because I specifically want to restore what has already been backed up. The HD is visible as an external device--and I can in fact see the raw data of my time machine backup stored in folders.
    However, when I enter migration assistant, time machine is invisible. On the page where I am expecting to select time machine, I instead get a perpetually spinning circle icon.
    I suspect time machine is "linked" to the prior snow leopard operating system, rather than to the computer ID. Obviously, this is a bit of a mistake on my part. However, I'm already into the breech and I've got no choice but to go forward.
    Please advise how to redirect my time machine to its new master (same computer, different snow leopard registration)?
    Thanks so very much.

    Retail disk? Yes, it was the snow leopard CD.
    I used a single license snow snow leopard CD install the first time around, when snow leopard was first released. At at that time I "upgraded" my system from leopard.
    This time, I used a different physical disk with snow leopard with a family license. This time I did a "clean" install in which I first erased my hard drive using disk utilities.
    There were no problems with the installation.
    As I say, my time machine hard drive is "recognized" by the computer as an external drive. It just is not recognized when I utilize the migration assistant. It is also "recognized" as a time machine, but only as a potential time machine for prospective use to update going forward, whereas I want it to open up as a time machine for my iMac that I just wiped clean yesterday.
    Thanks for your assistance.

  • Saving attachments on Snow leopard mail loses file extension when saving over an existing document

    Saving attachments on Snow leopard mail loses the file extension when clicking on an existing file to copy the name. Is there something I can switch on in the preferences to fix this?

    I work for a publishing company where our clients send their copy to us in Word documents. We might have several versions sent to us before the final version comes in.
    It is instances like this where we want to overwrite a document on the server with the most up-to-date version (which is usually named differently to the original file). We really don't want to clutter the folder with lots of different revisions. The quick way to do this is to click on the document we are replacing (this copies the document name). Previous versions of OSX Mail used to keep the file extension but Snow Leopard seems to remove it.
    It's annoying as there is no particular logic to this. We just have to manually type ".doc" at the end of the document.
    Incidentally, this happens with any attachment file type.

  • [solved] firefox user settings not saving

    I am a linux noob. So the answer to this is probably very obvious, but I haven't found it through googling, searching these forums or the arch wiki. I am having the same problem with most of my applications actually. The problem is that my firefox personal settings are not saving. When I reboot all of the addons are gone, the tabs are back on top, and everything is reset as if this were the first time I've run the program. I'm having a similar problem with lxpanel. I suspect it has something to do with post-installation home directory config files and not knowing what to do for each program. The only setup I've done for firefox is # yaourt -S firefox-esr. A whereis firefox-esr yields only /usr/bin/firefox-esr. Just the executable file itself I guess.
    Although the arch wiki firefox page doesn't seem to specifically mention losing all settings there is something about setting a download location that caught my eye: XDG directories:
    It says to create ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs and add:
    I'm not sure if this has something to do with the temporary nature of my personal firefox settings, but it seems like a move in the right direction. I get that tip of the iceberg feeling though. I've been meaning to look up all of that stuff including .desktop and .directory files and standard locations. I assume that this is part of that and not only for firefox specifically.
    If anyone could point me in the right direction in terms of how to set up the user directories and files necessary for saving firefox settings I would be very grateful. Or maybe I installed the program wrong?
    I am not using a desktop environmnt. Just (for the moment) pekwm, lxpanel, and idesk. Presumably that's part of the problem. That going modular is much more difficult for a Linux noob. If I were using kde or gnome I'm guessing a lot of this post-installation application setup would be done for me automatically.
    edit: I just found this information on the location of the firefox profile in linux.  It says that profile folders are located in "~/.mozilla/firefox/<profile folder>". At first I thought I didn't have this folder, but I do. So I'm not sure why the settings and addons are not saving.
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    For next time:
    It might be a better idea to change permissions with "chown" :
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  • Problems saving files in Snow Leopard

    I've just upgraded from Leopard to Snow Leopard (I know I'm a dinosaur...) and am now having major problems saving Appleworks files. 
    When I'm doing corrections, I sometimes need to save a file over 10 times and my helpful "Do you want to replace this file?" box has gone and instead it's saving as a new file and adding another 'full stop' at the end of the file name.  It's driving me nuts!
    Is there any way to get back to just over-writing the file?
    Any help gratefully received...
    Take care

    This is turning out to be really crazy. I haven't added any third party application at all.
    Last night I tried Roger's 'command-S' and it worked on a different document I opened.  I tried the same document, changed it, 'Saved As' and it asked me if I wanted to over-write the file. 
    I then opened the original document I was having trouble with, hit 'Save As' and the same thing happened; it just made multiple copies of the file.  It seems to be a problem with this particular client and all his files; unfortunately, he's the client I do the most work for.
    Now I don't know why it's happening on some documents and not on others.
    Any further ideas?  Can I do something to this client's files, re-save them or whatever, so I don't have this problem?
    Thanks again...

  • MacBook will not warm restart after Snow Leopard upgrade

    I just upgraded to Snow Leopard. Did all updates 10.6.2 now. I must say I like Snow Leopard on the surface; however, this is the first time I have been hesitant about Apple. Upgrade was not without problems with Wifi but those were resolved.
    Since doing install, I can not restart the machine from the Apple menu. It does an apparent shutdown to black screen, light on front of MacBook stays constant, but system never comes back. I have to do a hard shutdown holding power button.
    What I have tried:
    Search the Internet for suggestions. Many similar but identical problems.
    Looked at what is running. No apps just standard stuff.
    Tried PRAM reset. No change.
    No USB peripherals attached.
    Any suggestions?

    Problem solved. Reinstalled? Upgraded Flash. Since I don't know what version of Flash I was running under Tiger I don't know if I reinstalled or upgraded. But it fixed all my problems with restarts, shutdowns, FireFox, Safari, general Internet instability.
    Curious: Are there any other "add-ons" floating around on my system waiting to cause me grief?

  • Macbook Pro Will Not Boot to Retail Snow Leopard

    I am a PC tech working on a Macboo Pro mid-2010 15" aka MacbookPro6,2 for an acquaintance (really) and I really appreciate any help/tips on this.  As given to me, the MBP was totally non-responsive.  Also, the owner does not have the original DVDs that came with the machine nor did she have the power adapter (long story).
    Here is the summary:  The MBP will not boot to a retail Snow Leopard 10.6.3 DVD; it only gets to the light grey screen with the darker grey Apple symbol and no spinning gear.
    Here are the details:
    1. After procuring a new AC adapter and installing a new battery, it would boot up and run but displayed an error with Steam startup.  It connected to the internet via wifi, launched and ran a video dvd, etc, etc.  Looked good except for the Steam error screen.
    2. I went to the Steam website and downloaded the current version.  After the software installed I did a normal shutdown and restart and the MBP would not boot, just went to grey Apple screen and spinning gear.
    3. Booted up in single user, ran fsck -fy which reported "Invalid node structure (4, 24755)" which I understand is not good and it also reported that "The volume Untitled could not be repaired".  Just on a whim I ran the fsck a couple more times not expecting anything different and that's what I got - nothing different.
    4. Power up with Command R.  Goes to grey screen and then tries to boot off of the bad hard drive with previous results.
    5. Talked to Apple Care.  To make it short, they sold me a retail Snow Leopard.
    6. Installed a new blank hard drive (500GB, SATA II, WD Blue) and loaded the Snow Leopard into the Superdrive.
    7. Power up and press C.  Just goes to grey screen and grey Apple.
    8. Power up with Option.  DVD is there, click on it to launch, goes to grey Apple and that's all it does.
    9. Just for grins, I popped in a Windows 7 Recovery DVD and did the power up/option to launch that and the MBP actually loads the Windows files and screen but it will not proceed because Win7 recovery doesn't recognize the MBP.  At least the DVD worked.
    10. Installed a different new blank hard drive and tried to launch Snow Leopard install but no dice.
    11. Just for grins number two, I tried a remote install on my local network.  On initial DVD access, the MBP displays a spinning globe along with the grey Apple, accesses the DVD on the remote laptop three times, but then the spinning globe disappears and everything stops.  I left it for an hour and nothing else happens.
    That is where I am stuck.  I really appreciate any ideas on how to proceed.  I can hear Genius Bar already, but was just wondering if I missed any possible steps to take myself.

    You should have better luck with the correct build, as you can't use the installs as backward compatible. I also have an older machine that is for the kids, and was upgraded with the 10.6.3 retail disk which will not work with the Mid 2010.
    Best of luck, and hope it helps.
    If no luck, you may want to investigate hardware issues, as it should boot and install.

  • FCP Studio will not boot up after Snow leopard upgrade.

    Everything was working fine on Leopard but decided to upgrade to Snow Leopard. Now the program stats up and we get to the splash screen then it quits. Anybody help me? so far Snow Leopard has been a complete waste of time, After effects on Mac will not work now either.

    They all work except FCP 6 and After effects cs3. FCP is my main worry. I have a deadline to finish.

  • Why am I not able to install snow leopard on a new hard drive for my macbook pro, which at one point was upgraded to Lion?

    I've just had my hard drive go caput and after purchasing a new one was inclined to install snow leopard but received an error message when attempting to do so.
    I did not create a back up or restore file before I decided to upgrade from snow leopard.
    I'm wondering why am I not able to simply install snow leopard on a brand new hard drive.  What would clue it into me having had ran lion before and why can't I simply delete that kernel or said file.    It makes completely no sense to me.  I come from a pc world where if I choose to format a hard drive, I can do a clean install of whatever OS I choose.  After all I only paid for my laptop as should be able to do with it what I wish. 
    Any suggestions or insight would be greatly appreciated

    1.  Was Lion on the machine and trying to downgrade?
    2.  If so this might be an issue.  Newer machines are done for current OSX.
    3.  If you have Lion on your machine try to install Snow Leopard on another partition or portable HD
    4.  After you format and install SL on the other partition or drive Try to boot from this machine retarting and holding the Option key at boot up.
    5.  See if that work. 
    This is a trial and error way but Mountain Lion is right around the corner and Snow Leopard is 2+ yrs old.

  • Firefox Makes my MAC 10.6.8 Snow Leopard Freeze Often

    I'm using a MAC Snow Leopard 10.6.8 and Firefox 10.0.1. Over the past month, I've had terrible problems with either Firefox freezing or my entire computer freezing when I was using Firefox. Then I have to do a Safe Boot and start all over, losing what I was working on or looking at. Can someone please tell me what the problem is? I tried going back to Safari but I like Firefox better. But I can't have my computer freezing every few hours like this. Thanks.

    -> [[Firefox hangs]]
    Check and tell if its working.

  • My airport on my old MacBook is not working since installing snow leopard.

    I installed snow leopard last week and started having problems maintaining connections to wifi. It got to the point it was not connecting at all. I have tried all the suggestions posted on online forms to no avail. I finally reinstalled Snow Leopard and have the same problem. I find this very upsetting as I have bought uniquely apple products for the past 13 years. I buy only apple software and I think as a loyal customer I deserve better than this....

    I have tried all the suggestions posted on online forms to no avail.
    Please describe in detail all you have attempted to do in order to resolve the issue in case there were things you missed.
    I think as a loyal customer I deserve better than this....
    I'm a loyal Chevy car owner and I am treated no differently than a first time Chevy owner.  Apple is just like any other huge corporation, they treat all their customers the same.  Doesn't matter if you're loyal or not. 
    Mac OS X (10.6)
    Use Software Update to update your os and anything else that needs to be updated.  You are seriously outdated for Snow Leopard.

  • Facetime works on iphone but not on mac using snow leopard?

    Face Time is synced to my iphone 4S, and Face Time works on it. But when I try to make calls on my imac (snow leopard) using Face Time, it doesn't work, it says that the 'call failed'. I've turned off Face Time on my iphone, so that the calls will go to the mac only, and calls i make will go from the mac only.
    Any ideas?

    The Version of Snow Leopard is 10.6
    My only thought as to why Facetime is not working is because of the recent changeover to iOS 6.
    Apple are obviously trying to get everyone on to Mountain Lion, but some users, including myself
    prefer to wait a while to let the gremlins get sorted.
    Any ideas on the above will be welcome

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    Hello! I have an Apple PowerBook G4 Titanium (400Mhz). My system crash when I tried to enter and hang up in the Apple logo. I used Diskwarrior and TechTool Pro to identify the problem, but there;s no error. I inserted the 10.4 installer and format th

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    Hi All, All of a sudden the Datareader component in my ML experiment is not able to connect with database with the following error: [ModuleOutput] DllModuleHost Error: 1 : Program::Main encountered fatal exception: Microsoft.Analytics.Exceptions.Erro

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    I have Flash Pro 8 and the video encoder (which came with it) installed on my iMac. Now I'm trying to export my footage from FCP as an .FLV On my last computer I just went: Export / Quicktime Compression / and there was an option for .FLV export. How

  • Two noob question about unstable and abs

    Hi for everyone, I'm a brand new Arch user, coming from 2 years of Gentoo (because of that long compile times - I don't have a cluster), and earlier some Suse. Got two little(?) problem: 1. I would like to give 'abs' a try, but I'm behind our corpora

  • Understanding pixel preview

    hello people. im trying to understand the whole pixel preview thing in illustrator, as I do make websites and I usually use photoshop because i find the slicing faster and easier. also things on the web are usually pixels so i feel photoshop is more