Firefox doesn't display text of certain gmail messages seen correctly by IE

One email correspondent sends me messages which only occasionally fail to display on my gmail account browsed using current Firefox version. Same messages display fine in IE (how humiliating!). He has no idea what he's doing differently from one message to the next. I suspect it might be something about "pasted" in content. The header looks fine - just the body comes up blank. Forwarding to myself doesn't help. I've seen this about 6 times in 6 months - all from same sender - most of whose email comes thru fine. I'd suspect something else except for disturbing fact that IE reads these messages without any problem.

''davidgoodlad [[#answer-710139|said]]''
How safe is it to delete Lucida Grande from my Windows Fonts folder?
I think it depends on how it got there. If it was dropped by Safari for Windows, which is no longer a product that Apple supports, I think it's safe to remove. If it belongs to some other software, then that software might object to losing the font. I'm not sure of the best way to determine that. I suppose you could hedge your bets by dragging it into a different folder so Windows just doesn't see it.

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    On several websites that I visit regularly (e.g. Fiefox will not display text whilst other browsers do. This is very frustrating because I much prefer Firefox!
    I have screenshots of Firefox v IE but apparently I can't post them until I have a received a reply.

    ''davidgoodlad [[#answer-710139|said]]''
    How safe is it to delete Lucida Grande from my Windows Fonts folder?
    I think it depends on how it got there. If it was dropped by Safari for Windows, which is no longer a product that Apple supports, I think it's safe to remove. If it belongs to some other software, then that software might object to losing the font. I'm not sure of the best way to determine that. I suppose you could hedge your bets by dragging it into a different folder so Windows just doesn't see it.

  • Firefox doesn't display text boxes or windows propertly

    Hello, most of the time on many websites only a portion of the textbox bounadry lines show or none at all.
    This can be difficult when it doesn't show at all when I need to move my cursor to starting inputting text, aside from it looking unsightly.
    Also somtimes windows that were intended to have a lined border don't show or only so partly, I know this because I have another computer running same version of firefox with windows xp beside the computer I am having trouble with to compare.
    The computer os I am using that I am having problems with firefox is windows 8.1.
    All my windows and video drivers are up to date. I've tried disabling firefox hardware acceleration to no effect.
    Thanks for any help.

    Thanks Guys for all your attempts to help...none worked.
    In the process of trying different things my "My PC" icon disappeared because I was trying to change my account settings to Administrative privileges because I was trying to access the firefox file folder that had profiles so I could delete them. Apparently they were hidden in user folder, but that user folder was hidden and in the attempt to make it visible it denied me access because I didn't have admin rights.... in the end I just re-installed win 8.1 and now all the web pages display properly...don't know why..but at least it displays better now.

  • Firefox doesn't display text properly on pages created with email marketing tool (Constant Contact).

    Pages that are built with Constant Contact email marketing application don't display correctly. Different sections of text, usually a paragraph or list group, are readable but "shaded out." This is happening on Mac and Windows platforms.
    The pages are built using standard HTML tags and the problem doesn't appear with other browsers.

    Can you post a link to one or more of such pages?
    * "Clear the Cache": Firefox > Preferences > Advanced > Network > Offline Storage (Cache): "Clear Now"
    * "Remove the Cookies" from sites that cause problems: Firefox > Preferences > Privacy > Cookies: "Show Cookies"
    Start Firefox in [[Safe Mode]] to check if one of your add-ons is causing your problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Tools > Add-ons > Themes).
    * Don't make any changes on the Safe mode start window.
    See [[Troubleshooting extensions and themes]] and [[Troubleshooting plugins]]

  • Firefox doesn't display some text on certain pages.

    I've noticed that on some pages, Firefox doesn't display certain text. I have the newest version of Firefox installed and my flash and java are updated. The text displays fine on Chrome and IE. Please see my example in the screenshots of the webpage. Does anybody know what I can do to fix this problem or if there is some sort of plugin I am missing to display certain content? Thanks.
    Screenshot of Firefox:
    Screenshot of Chrome:

    Many site issues can be caused by corrupt cookies or cache. In order to try to fix these problems, the first step is to clear both cookies and the cache.
    Note: ''This will temporarily log you out of all sites you're logged in to.''
    To clear cache and cookies do the following:
    #Go to Firefox > History > Clear recent history or (if no Firefox button is shown) go to Tools > Clear recent history.
    #Under "Time range to clear", select "Everything".
    #Now, click the arrow next to Details to toggle the Details list active.
    #From the details list, check ''Cache'' and ''Cookies'' and uncheck everything else.
    #Now click the ''Clear now'' button.
    Further information can be found in the [[Clear your cache, history and other personal information in Firefox]] article.
    Did this fix your problems? Please report back to us!

  • My Safari displays text in certains spots on a web page as mixed characters

    My Safari displays text in certains spots on a web page as mixed characters. Is there a fix for this or does anyone have an idea what may be going on? I have looked at my fonts and everything seems to be working just fine. I can't quite figure out why this only happens to certain text and not others. But I can't read half of the pages on the web because of this. I can copy the mixed up text out of Safari and past it in another application and the copy is in perfect english then.
    an example of what I am talking about is below:
    Here is what it says when I copy the same characters out of Safari and paste them below:
    (Item Specifics - Apple Desktops)
    Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated

    I work as a graphic designer so I keep a very clsoe eye on my font library. In fact I don't use font Book, I use Suitcase Fusion. But i went to font book and double checked and I don't have any duplicae fonts in there. Would you have any other ideas?
    thanks for your help!

  • Firefox doesn't display all characters on a webpage

    Firefox doesn't display all the characters in web pages...usually they are symbolic links to other web pages and display as a small black box with 4 numbers/characters inside the box.......

    Type '''about:preferences#content'''<enter> in the address bar.
    Across from '''fonts and colors,''' press the '''Advanced''' button.
    On the bottom, turn on '''Allow Web Sites To Choose Their Own.'''
    Separate Issue;
    Your System Details shows;
    Installed Plug-ins
    Shockwave Flash 17.0 r0
    Shockwave Flash 15.0 r0
    1Password 3.9.20 ([email protected])
    1Password 4.3.1 ([email protected])
    Having more than one version of a program may cause issues.
    Grab the uninstaller from here:
    '''[ Uninstall Flash Player | Windows]'''
    '''[ Uninstall Flash Player | Mac]'''
    Then reinstall the latest version.
    Flash Player '''Version<br>'''

  • I used my Apple ID to activate my teenager's MiniPad. Now he is able to monitor all of my iPhone texts and my gMail messages. How do I separate these devices?

    I used my Apple ID to activate my teenager's Mini iPad. Now he is able to monitor all of my iPhone texts and my gMail messages. How do I separate these devices?

    Start over. Follow the instructions here: What to do before selling or giving away your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch - Apple Support
    Then, have them set it up using their own Apple ID, not yours.

  • When my Firefox language settings are fr_fr or fr_ca Firefox does not display the e with acute accent character correctly when it is displayed in a javascript alert box. However, it does display it correctly when my language settings are just fr. Please t

    Firefox does not display the e with acute accent character correctly from a javascript alert box when my browser language settings are fr_ca or fr_fr. However, it does it correctly when my browser language setting is fr. How do i get it to display e with acute accent and other iso8859 characters correctly in a javascript alert box when my browser language settings are fr_fr and fr_ca?
    == This happened ==
    Every time Firefox opened

    Use Unicode (UTF-8) for those characters.
    Then you will always be sure that they are displayed correctly.

  • Firefox 3.6.6 doesn't display text correctly (looks like draft mode) in web pages (I have compared it sidse by side with IE8)

    Using Firefox 3.6.6 text displays on the screen looking like a draft mode print, or like it was printed with a dot matrix printer. I have compared it to IE8, which displays much better. I was thinking it was a display setting until I compared it to IE8. I have looked thru all the settings in Firefox I can find, but no improvement. Also thought it might be my new (second hand) monitor until I did the side by side comparison with IE8.
    == This happened ==
    Every time Firefox opened
    == Got new computer and updated to Firefox 3.6.6

    I also have this problem and it just started in the last week or so. It seems to be dependent on my home network and the problem only exists with firefox. I have used chrome and IE8 with no issues. I can verify tomorrow that it only exists in my network but one thing I was able to test is that the problem exists even on my linux boot. I am totally dumbfounded with this problem and I can't find anything that will allow the gmail page to load. All other pages I have tried load fine, all be it a little slower than normal but they load. If anyone knows of a difference between firefox and all other browsers on how it goes through the router I would appreciate the info cause I don't know of any differences.

  • Firefox Doesn't display correctly and is very laggy on sites with CloudFlare DDoS Protection

    Since 35.0 and above i have been getting weird behaviour on sites with CloudFlare DDoS protection.
    When i open the site in a new window, it takes a really long time and sometimes doesn't display at all and gives me a blank page. and now it just starts to say "New Tab" and i can't hit refresh.
    When the site actually loads after 20 something attempts, the site is laggy, any action takes upwards of 20 seconds.
    Whenever i try to open something, i get a blank page with the URL at tabs. Whenever i try to like or post anything, it delays by 15-20 seconds.
    Site i am trying to use with much failure.
    Anyone else having this issue?

    ''Gnospen [[#answer-693501|said]]''
    maybe it would help if you open "troubleshooting information" (under help)
    and copy it to clipboard and paste it here
    "application": {
    "name": "Firefox",
    "version": "35.0.1",
    "userAgent": "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:35.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/35.0",
    "supportURL": "",
    "numTotalWindows": 1,
    "numRemoteWindows": 0
    "crashes": {
    "submitted": [
    "id": "bp-267af71f-8bf3-46cc-883e-ff65e2150222",
    "date": 1424594056152,
    "pending": false
    "pending": 1
    "modifiedPreferences": {
    "accessibility.typeaheadfind.flashBar": 0,
    "browser.cache.disk.smart_size.first_run": false,
    "browser.cache.disk.smart_size.use_old_max": false,
    "browser.cache.disk.capacity": 358400,
    "browser.cache.disk.smart_size_cached_value": 358400,
    "browser.cache.frecency_experiment": 4,
    "browser.fixup.domainwhitelist.googler": true,
    "": true,
    "": true,
    "browser.fixup.domainwhitelist.totaldramawiki": true,
    "browser.fixup.domainwhitelist.omegle": true,
    "browser.newtab.url": "",
    "browser.places.smartBookmarksVersion": 7,
    "browser.sessionstore.upgradeBackup.latestBuildID": "20150122214805",
    "browser.sessionstore.max_resumed_crashes": 100,
    "browser.sessionstore.enabled": true,
    "browser.startup.homepage_override.mstone": "35.0.1",
    "browser.startup.homepage": "|",
    "browser.startup.homepage_override.buildID": "20150122214805",
    "dom.max_chrome_script_run_time": 0,
    "dom.mozApps.used": true,
    "extensions.lastAppVersion": "35.0.1",
    "font.internaluseonly.changed": true,
    "gfx.direct3d.last_used_feature_level_idx": 0,
    "keyword.URL": "",
    "media.gmp-gmpopenh264.lastUpdate": 1423171183,
    "media.gmp-gmpopenh264.version": "1.3",
    "media.gmp-manager.lastCheck": 1424516177,
    "network.cookie.prefsMigrated": true,
    "places.database.lastMaintenance": 1424565640,
    "places.history.expiration.transient_current_max_pages": 104858,
    "plugin.disable_full_page_plugin_for_types": "application/pdf",
    "plugin.state.nppdf": 2,
    "plugin.importedState": true,
    "privacy.sanitize.timeSpan": 0,
    "privacy.cpd.cookies": false,
    "privacy.sanitize.migrateFx3Prefs": true,
    "privacy.cpd.sessions": false,
    "storage.vacuum.last.places.sqlite": 1424326926,
    "storage.vacuum.last.index": 1
    "lockedPreferences": {},
    "graphics": {
    "numTotalWindows": 1,
    "numAcceleratedWindows": 1,
    "windowLayerManagerType": "Direct3D 11",
    "windowLayerManagerRemote": true,
    "adapterDescription": "Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000",
    "adapterVendorID": "0x8086",
    "adapterDeviceID": "0x0166",
    "adapterSubsysID": "00000000",
    "adapterRAM": "Unknown",
    "adapterDrivers": "igdumd64 igd10umd64 igd10umd64 igdumd32 igd10umd32 igd10umd32",
    "driverVersion": "",
    "driverDate": "3-26-2012",
    "adapterDescription2": "",
    "adapterVendorID2": "",
    "adapterDeviceID2": "",
    "adapterSubsysID2": "",
    "adapterRAM2": "",
    "adapterDrivers2": "",
    "driverVersion2": "",
    "driverDate2": "",
    "isGPU2Active": false,
    "direct2DEnabled": true,
    "directWriteEnabled": true,
    "directWriteVersion": "6.2.9200.16571",
    "webglRenderer": "Google Inc. -- ANGLE (Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000 Direct3D9Ex vs_3_0 ps_3_0)",
    "info": {
    "AzureCanvasBackend": "direct2d",
    "AzureSkiaAccelerated": 0,
    "AzureFallbackCanvasBackend": "cairo",
    "AzureContentBackend": "direct2d"
    "javaScript": {
    "incrementalGCEnabled": true
    "accessibility": {
    "isActive": false,
    "forceDisabled": 0
    "libraryVersions": {
    "NSPR": {
    "minVersion": "4.10.7",
    "version": "4.10.7"
    "NSS": {
    "minVersion": "3.17.2 Basic ECC",
    "version": "3.17.2 Basic ECC"
    "NSSUTIL": {
    "minVersion": "3.17.2",
    "version": "3.17.2"
    "NSSSSL": {
    "minVersion": "3.17.2 Basic ECC",
    "version": "3.17.2 Basic ECC"
    "NSSSMIME": {
    "minVersion": "3.17.2 Basic ECC",
    "version": "3.17.2 Basic ECC"
    "userJS": {
    "exists": true
    "extensions": [
    "name": "Adblock Plus",
    "version": "2.6.7",
    "isActive": false,
    "id": "{d10d0bf8-f5b5-c8b4-a8b2-2b9879e08c5d}"
    "name": "FastFreeConverter",
    "version": "5.6",
    "isActive": false,
    "id": "[email protected]"
    "name": "Mozilla hotfix",
    "version": "2.0",
    "isActive": false,
    "id": "[email protected]"
    "name": "Updater By SweetPacks",
    "version": "",
    "isActive": false,
    "id": "{8E9E3331-D360-4f87-8803-52DE43566502}"
    "experiments": []

  • My Pre doesn't display text of incoming mail mesages

    in the last few days I noticed that the mail program of my Palm Pre doesn't display any plain text of the incoming messages. It normally connects to mail server and load messages, attachements are displayed and open as usual but no text can be viewed. So I have to use web browser to get email. I've tried to delete and recreate the accounts but nothing changed.
    Has anyone encountered a similar issue? Is there something I can try to solve this before the reset of the device?
    Thanks and merry Christmas to all!
    Post relates to: Pre p100ueu (O2)

    I just got a Pre over a week ago, and after updating to the other day, I began having the same problem. I'm only syncing with one account, Gmail, and it seems (so far) to only be affecting one sender, a google email group list that I'm on. Some messages from the group contain the body text, some do not and are just blank emails. I've talked with one other person on the list who has a Pre and this just started happening to him too.  We both get the email, with sender and everything intact, but upon opening the email, the body of it is not there, it's blank.  But the Google Groups Disclaimer that accompanies any google groups email still shows up.
    Any solutions would be greatly appreciated.

  • Firefox doesn't display content, especially links.

    This is my problem in a screenshot:
    The content isn't displayed and especially links. Links are always not there and sometimes text is displayed but all websites are disfunctional because of this.
    Here's a link to a screenshot displaying how the same website should look like:

    Did you manage to find out which font Firefox is using in the case when text doesn't display?
    You will have to remove or update that font.<br />
    You can also check that font in Fontforge.

  • CrystalActiveXReportViewer  inconsistent doesn't display text

      I have designed report using CrystalActiveXReportViewer in VBA. This report display data in "Cross Tab" format. Currently for one user this report doesn't display column header and row header in Cross Tab, but display all other data in cross tab. This problem started suddenly (last few days) and it is inconsistent , doesn't happen all the time.
    All other it work's fine and they all are printing on same printer.
    Is there any work around/troubleshoot for this issue?

    Compare the dlls loaded by the app. Use modules for that;

  • Firefox doesn't display bookmarks in the sidebar, only in the menu bookmark. It doesn't display bookmarks in the "organize" bookmarks. It doesn't save tabs on exit. Problem began with 3.6.6

    FF 3.6.6 doesn't display bookmarks in sidebar, but a search in the sidebar shows they are still there. It does display them from the menu bar. It doesn't display bookmarks in the "organize bookmark" display. It doesn't save tabs on exit. Doesn't save browser screen size.

    With so many issues with your current profile it would be better to try a new profile.
    Be careful with what you copy to that new profile and it sounds that at least you have problem with places.sqlite and maybe prefs.js and localstore.rdf as well.
    First test that new profile without copying files and installing extensions.
    Create a new profile as a test to check if your current profile is causing the problems
    See [[Basic Troubleshooting|#Make_a_new_profile|Basic Troubleshooting: Make a new profile]]
    There may be extensions and plugins installed by default in a new profile, so check that in "Tools > Add-ons > Extensions & Plugins"
    If that new profile works then you can transfer some files from the old profile to that new profile (be careful not to copy corrupted files)

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    Mr. Powers:  I bought your book, "Adobe DW CS5 with PHP: Training from the Source." I am running MAMP Pro 1.9.6 on a Mac Pro Intel, OS 10.6.8. Following your instructions in Chapter 2, I have changed ALL the settings per Table 2.1, EXCEPT "register_l


    Does the faster processor in the IPAD Mini with Retina Display improve the Face Time quality over regular IPAD Mini? Thanks

  • Word import/linking - index keywords and cross-ref conversion options

    Hi all, there are two options for linking/importing Word documents that seem to have no function. Maybe somebody can clarify what these are used for? * First, the option "Add index keywords to topics" in the link properties is always greyed out, even

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